Chapter 0615: Perennial Shark

If Prince Le recruited one, one could only join the team and become the fifth.

In fact, there was not much loss apart from the lack of freedom. After all, there were countless people who racked their brains trying to join this team.

Of course, it would not be very comfortable staying in this team. Prince Le was a complicated man, and accompanying a prince was like accompanying a tiger. Qu Haoyan was righteous but also cold. As for the couple, Baili Zhuihun and Qu Fengyu, they were too young and could not let go of their pride and treat Wu Yu like someone of their level.

But they could not act against Prince Le's wishes and hence chose to ignore Wu Yu.

Wu Yu was also glad for the peace. He trailed along at the end of the team and watched their backs.

"Prince, I have some idea of what's happening. This maze spirit design is indeed complex. All of these surrounding walls are part of the spirit design. At any given moment, they are changing in terms of speed and positions unknown to us. Within a short period of time, there could be over 100,000 changes. It will be extremely difficult to break through. But my ancestors' legacy is in the study of spirit designs. Give me a little more time. This spirit design definitely cannot be broken, but perhaps we can find points for breakthrough."

The handsome, proud, confident Baili Zhuihun was on the left of Prince Le. On the way, he kept investigating the surroundings. This showed his deep understanding of spirit designs.

It was no wonder Prince Le would bring him along.

"I see." Wu Yu also attempted to conduct his own analysis, but he gained nothing. He was still at a loss.

Prince Le said, "Do it as soon as possible. Don't delay. We have yet to find the way, while others might have already found it. I'm not afraid of others finding the exit to this maze, but of others reaching the key destination by accident."

"Yes, my Prince. I'll try my best!" Baili Zhuihun quickly nodded and said, "I would not be at such a loss if I could use my Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy."

Indeed, this spirit design that locked down Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was a great obstruction.

Qu Haoyan said, "Prince, you don't need to worry too much. Inside this tomb, even the Taigu Immortal Talismans cannot be used. Sumeru Pouches cannot be opened either. No matter who retrieves the treasure, they are sure to hold it in their hands. There is no way to hide it. As long as they cannot hide it, then we still have a chance. After all, we possess the greatest weapon in this tomb." After saying this, he looked at Wu Yu.

Prince Le also turned back to look at Wu Yu. He smiled in satisfaction.

They really treated Wu Yu as the ultimate weapon in this tomb.

"Wu Yu, perform well. It is your luckiest moment to appear at a place such as this tomb. Fight to gain the treasure for the Prince. This is an opportunity to escape your fate of being a nobody," Qu Haoyan said.

"I understand." Wu Yu clearly understood what they meant. It was just a coincidence that his physical strength would be useful here. Qu Haoyan and the others probably felt that Wu Yu was too lucky. Not everyone had the opportunity to fight for Prince Le.

"I have trust in Wu Yu's ability. We are well prepared." Prince Le looked at Wu Yu and smiled. After speaking, he turned ahead and continued walking.

After hearing the praises of these two, Qu Fengyu and Baili Zhuihun exchanged looks and both rolled their eyes. Actually, Qu Fengyu had expended a lot of effort before Baili Zhuihun, who was well studied in spirit designs, could present his abilities before Prince Le.

Now that Wu Yu was here, he was a hindrance in showcasing Baili Zhuihun's performance for Prince Le. This young master from the Souls Estate hoped to serve Prince Le.

But other than defeating two people upon arrival, Wu Yu was very low-key. He followed Prince Le on his journey, walked in circles while listening to Baili Zhuihun's analysis, and studied this maze spirit design.

On the way, they saw many other groups of people. No matter who they were, even the demons, they were all very respectful in front of Prince Le. They quickly avoided them and dared not block Prince Le's path.

Of course, they also saw Wu Yu in the team.

Especially for the people of Yan Huang Ancient Country, when they saw that Wu Yu could actually join the team, they were bewildered.

They all thought that they had seen wrongly.

While they were shocked to their core, they dared not question Prince Le. They only spread the news out privately. Everyone became more curious about Wu Yu.

In this Taigu Immortal Path, Wu Yu was not considered strong, but he was famous.

But Wu Yu also met people who did not give up their path for Prince Le.

Some were princes from other countries in the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

Some were the strongest sea region demons in the sea region. Those whose bloodlines were precious and royal! Similar to the mystical dragons!

At least, Wu Yu could not see through their origins.

Everyone was searching carefully for the key to solving the mystery in this tomb.

Everyone was very quiet.

At this moment, Prince Le's team had turned into a deeper, longer, pitch black tunnel. It was very dark inside, and they could not see the end of the tunnel. When Wu Yu entered this tunnel, he heard footsteps coming from the end. Obviously, someone was heading in their direction.

But Prince Le and the others did not react and continued to move forward.

Both parties neared each other.

The other party's footsteps were very heavy. Just based on the footsteps, Wu Yu could tell that the other party was also very physically strong. The other party was strong enough that he could sense the strength.

From the breath and aura, the other party was likely a demon. This level of aura could make his Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body feel threatened. He was probably the topmost, strongest ultimate demon in the whole of Taigu Immortal Path!

And he definitely also sensed that they had a strong person among them, yet he did not hide or attempt to give up the path. This showed how confident this demon was.

Soon, when those heavy footsteps became heavier, Wu Yu could see a one-zhang-tall, hefty giant emerging from the shadows in front of them! This man seemed very valiant and domineering. The most obvious thing was his pale body. It was not pure white, but had some blue stripes. It looked a bit like the skin of a shark or a whale in the sea region. Thick and cold, so it should be a shark.

He had a bald head that was very shiny. Looking down, he had a sharp, straight, cold, and spear-like nose. His mouth was narrow and long. When he grinned, it almost reached his ears. One could also see that his mouth was full of sharp teeth. From this sharpness and the several rows of teeth, one could guess that this sea region demon's true form should be one of the overlords in the sea - sharks.

The shark's status in the sea was similar to that of a tiger in the jungle. Most other creatures would not win against it, let alone after becoming a demon.

Although he had a human shape, he was obviously a cold-blooded and ferocious shark from his looks, body, and skin. Anyone who was in his sight would be deemed as prey.

It was this man who came straight up, knowing that he was very strong, but had no intention of clearing the path.

At this time, he also saw Prince Le, but he seemed fearless. He grinned and said, "I was wondering who it was, so reckless and not afraid at all. It turned out to be Prince Le. And you have so many helpers around."

Prince Le did not stop. He led Wu Yu and the others forward. As he walked, he smiled and said, "Perennial Shark, you seem to be full of confidence. If you see me outside the tomb, you will have to give way."

"Unfortunately, we are inside the tomb," the man, who had been called Perennial Shark by Prince Le, said lightly.

Perennial Shark, such an impressive name, was definitely a demon with one of the mightiest bloodlines amongst demons.

Suddenly, Qu Haoyan stopped. He held Wu Yu's shoulder to stop him from going forward. However, Prince Le, Baili Zhuihun, and Qu Fengyu did not stop. They followed Prince Le and went forward, passing by the Perennial Shark.

"No choice, we demons have some advantages in this tomb. Prince Le will certainly admit it, right?" The Perennial Shark smiled coldly. He stood in place, watching Prince Le and the other two pass by.

Prince Le said, "That is not necessarily the case."

After hearing this and then seeing Prince Le behind him, and Wu Yu and Qu Haoyan at the front, the Perennial Shark's expression began to turn grim. He said in a deep voice, “Looks like you want to battle with me."

Wu Yu also saw what was happening.

Otherwise, why surround him?

He did not know how this Perennial Shark had offended Prince Le, but he knew that even though Prince Le looked relaxed now, there was a hint of killing intent in his eyes. Obviously, he was going to target this Perennial Shark!

Prince Le nodded with a smile. Instead of responding to the Perennial Shark, he nodded at Qu Haoyan.

Qu Haoyan understood the signal and whispered into Wu Yu's ear, "The Perennial Shark is among the top five among all the demons that came in. A fifth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator. Stronger than me. But here, you can kill him."

It was what he expected. Prince Le wanted Wu Yu to kill someone!

Moreover, it was this Perennial Shark in front of him, and his strength was probably about the same as Prince Le’s!

If he was outside, Wu Yu would certainly not dare to do anything to him. The other party could send Wu Yu to hell easily. This was an opponent that Wu Yu dared not challenge at the moment, and to make Prince Le have the intention to kill him, the status of this demon was no less than that of Prince Le!

His father or mother was definitely one of the overlords!

At that level, he could easily destroy the divine continent.

If they were outside, the Perennial Shark and the powers behind him could kill Wu Yu countless times. He would be like an ant facing giants.

"Wu Yu, this Perennial Shark has provoked Prince Le several times. Prince Le wanted to kill him long ago. This is the Prince's chance, and the best chance in your life. Perform well. If you succeed, I can guarantee that you can stay beside Prince Le in the future, and achieve great heights. At least in the Yan Huang Ancient Country, no one will dare to harm you,” Qu Haoyan added.

After that, he retreated to the entrance. He was probably standing guard to prevent others from coming in and seeing the situation inside.

Baili Zhuihun and Qu Fengyu also disappeared in the dark. They were probably on the other side of the tunnel.

All that was left was Prince Le and Wu Yu, surrounding the Perennial Shark in the middle of the passage.

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