Chapter 0614: Great Brahma Nine Flames Warrior Body

Because he did not evade, their shoulders collided head-on.


Baili Zhuihun felt like he had hit a block of steel. That powerful force knocked him back three steps and he could barely stand properly!

Even his chest seemed blocked, and he grunted.

Because of this incident, Prince Le and his group stopped. Both Prince Le and Qu Haoyan turned back, while Qu Fengyu was just beside them. She saw that Wu Yu had actually knocked Baili Zhuihun away, and her expression darkened. She scolded in anger, "You lowly servant, how dare you be so rude to Young Master Baili Zhuihun!"

She did not know that Baili Zhuihun had done it on purpose and thought that Wu Yu had walked into him on purpose. Actually, Wu Yu simply had not dodged. 

After she said this, she tried to reach out and give Wu Yu a slap.

Wu Yu easily blocked her palm, and at this moment, her hand was over one chi away from him. Her wrist was grabbed by Wu Yu steadily. She could not move at all!

Wu Yu's frightening strength shocked Qu Fengyu. Her expression was grim as she struggled without avail to free herself. She said furiously, "Let me go! You dare to touch me? Are you courting death!"

After she spoke, Wu Yu looked at her coldly and loosened his grip slightly. Qu Fengyu lost her balance for a few steps. If not for Baili Zhuihun, who held her from behind, she would have fallen to the ground.

Honestly, he knew that these people had high statuses and great power. However, everyone had their own dignity. There was a limit to his patience and tolerance. Hence, when the other party was blatantly provoking him, as long as he was not at fault, he dared to defend himself.  

"What is the trouble?" Prince Le was mildly annoyed.

Baili Zhuihun and Qu Fengyu were still respectfully afraid of him. At this moment, the two of them quickly bowed their heads low. Baili Zhuihun's heart was unsettled. He knew that his small action had not escaped Prince Le's eyes. He quickly explained before Qu Fengyu spoke and hurriedly said, "Prince, forgive me. Zhuihun heard that this person is physically strong enough to possess battle power equivalent to that of a Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator. I was curious and wanted to test his true ability. I did not expect this person to be really extraordinarily strong."

He actually did not expect that he would be knocked away.

Of course, he had just tried to push Wu Yu recklessly and had not used much strength. He believed that he would not be on the losing end if he had.

Prince Le said, "Oh? Since you have this desire, then I'll let Wu Yu display his true strength. If not, the three of you will not be satisfied. Wu Yu, let this proud young master take a look at your strength."

Prince Le was still displaying a caring facade for Wu Yu.

Even when Wu Yu defeated Jiang Qijun, he had also helped Wu Yu.

Baili Zhuihun was alarmed. He did not expect Prince Le to stand on Wu Yu's side. While he was upset, upon thinking more, he knew that Wu Yu's only value was in his extraordinary physical strength. Whereas he had his own value. If Wu Yu was weaker than him in physical strength, then they would not even need to bring this status-losing burden along. Hence, he nodded and said, "Zhuihun is willing to test Wu Yu's level for the prince."

Wu Yu seemed to have no other options left. However, since there was someone asking for a beating, he would not hold back. It would prevent this person from belittling him for the rest of the journey.

He did not want to join this team, but Prince Le was appreciative of him, so what could he do?

"Hmph!" Qu Fengyu helped Baili Zhuihun tidy his clothes and whispered encouraging words to his ear. The two of them were a good-looking couple. They made people envy them. Prince Le and Qu Haoyan stood aside. Prince Le smiled, while Qu Haoyan crossed his arms. His face was cold, but fiery passion burned in his eyes.


Baili Zhuihun took his dao treasure from his belt. He had taken out this dao treasure before he entered this place. Of course, Wu Yu was the same. His dao treasure could only be used like an ordinary mortal weapon at the moment.

It was a dark purple spear. This spear body was like a river of stars. Countless stars dotted it and the tip was shiny like the stars in the Milky Way. It was unbelievably shiny and very sharp! In the hands of Baili Zhuihun, that spear looked unpredictable.

"I have cultivated a Thousand Stars and Ten Thousand Lives Body. Since young, I have forged my body with the cosmic qi of the stars. Now it has been 38 years! Ordinary demons with physically strong bodies are not my opponents!" Baili Zhuihun was probably making such a fuss to scare Wu Yu. However, Wu Yu did not pay much attention to him. Now he held the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean in his hand, glanced up a little, and asked, "Can we start?"

When facing Wu Yu's attitude, no matter how experienced this young master was, his heart would be full of anger. Baili Zhuihun did not say anything and rushed towards Wu Yu with pure physical strength and spear in his hand!

Wu Yu's eyes narrowed!

In fact, he knew that this was also what Prince Le wanted to see, how much strength he had in this Primordial Energy-sealing spirit design.

So he would not hold back.


His physical body made a buzzing sound, and his whole body seemed to be shaking. Every inch of his body was like a mystical dragon. At this moment, there was a sound of a dragon's roar.

Baili Zhuihun's spear was like a dragon, piercing towards Wu Yu.

Wu Yu was as swift as a tiger. He seemed to have returned to the era of martial arts. Suddenly, he rushed forward and made a sweeping move. With overwhelming force, he kicked away Baili Zhuihun's spear directly!

"Let go!"

The spear flew out and, with a loud sound, got stuck on the wall. At this time, Baili Zhuihun's arms were already numb, and the part of his hands between the thumb and index finger was bleeding.


An ear-piercing sound reverberated through the air. At the last moment, Wu Yu's Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean stopped an inch above the top of his head. At this moment, if Wu Yu had not stopped, it was obvious that his head would have exploded on the spot!

This was the ending!

This was Wu Yu's domineering power in this Primordial Energy-sealing spirit design!

Here, he was invincible!

If he was ruthless, he could even kill everyone in the tomb!

This place belonged to him. Here, he was the supreme king that could take on thousands of enemies!

Baili Zhuihun, of course, felt the crisis of death now!

Here, no matter if it was a third tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator or a sixth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator, there was no difference in Wu Yu's eyes.

Outside, there were many ways to defeat Wu Yu, but here, he was a pathetic weakling in front of Wu Yu.

At this time, his face was pale, and his arm holding the spear was still shaking. At that moment, he smelled the stench of death. Wu Yu's expression was calm, but the aggressive killing intent in his eyes made Baili Zhuihun retreat quickly and escape from Wu Yu's pillar.

Pa pa. In the dark passage, there was applause. Wu Yu did not need to look back. He also knew that Prince Le was very satisfied with the lethality of his attack. In front of Wu Yu, Baili Zhuihun and Qu Fengyu, such geniuses of the heavens, were all confused. They probably had not recovered from the shock yet.

"Good. You used your actions to teach a challenger a lesson, and it was free too," Prince Le said with a smile while clapping.

"Powerful." Qu Haoyan was a little restless. He asked Prince Le, "Prince, it's rare to have such a body. I have some confidence in my physical strength, and I'm itching to fight. Let me have a try."

It was Wu Yu's performance that had surprised him. This aroused his intent to fight. Of course, he was not targeting Wu Yu. He was not as childish as his younger sister and Baili Zhuihun. It was just that Wu Yu's performance had given him a strong desire to fight.

"You need not hold back. Go," Prince Le said.

He then turned towards Wu Yu and said, "Another person for you to torture. This is a rare opportunity, because if you go out, he can crush you with one finger. This Qu Haoyan, who cultivates the Great Brahma Nine Flames Warrior Body, is the first in the Yan Dragon Army. His body is like a dragon’s. He can split mountains and break the seas with only one arm. I don't know what would happen if he battled with you!"

Another opponent, and even fiercer than before!

However, in this tomb, Wu Yu had his own dominance. His response to Qu Haoyan was to point to his opponent with the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean.

"No weapons, we will use our fists."

Qu Haoyan roared like a fierce, golden tiger and suddenly appeared in front of Wu Yu. He had a dao treasure but was not intending to use it.

At this time, Qu Haoyan's muscles exploded with power. His body and face were burning. He was like a demon stepping out of the flames. He seemed to always have nine-tiered flames on his body. An overwhelming suppression swept towards Wu Yu.

"Brother, slap him in the face!" Qu Fengyu gritted her teeth. Her beloved had been defeated by Wu Yu. She was really angry.

After all, Wu Yu would really be nothing when he exited the tomb. She did not even think that he was qualified to speak.

When she spoke, Wu Yu said nothing and nailed the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean to the ground. It was like a real dragon. It suddenly burst up. At that moment, he and Qu Haoyan stood in the dark passage and collided violently!

Ping, ping, ping!

Both of their physical bodies were strong, and fast in speed. They exchanged punches several times in the air quickly. It was a dazzling scene. It was like two giant beasts fighting, a fight between a dragon and a tiger!



With Qu Fengyu's exclamation, Qu Haoyan's massive body fell to the ground, and when Wu Yu landed, his fist swung towards his face and stopped before his nose.

Wu Yu was unharmed. It was as if his whole body was casted in gold. At this time, there were many bruises on his opponent's body, all made by Wu Yu. At this time, Qu Haoyan was panting. When Wu Yu finally stopped, he waved his hand and said, "I'm convinced and admit defeat."

Wu Yu reached for his hand and pulled him up. Actually, Qu Haoyan was a good person. Wu Yu liked his temper. If he lost, he lost. If he won, he won. After losing, he also had some appreciation and respect for Wu Yu in his eyes. He was not like Baili Zhuihun and Qu Fengyu, who were angry sore losers.

"Go away!" Qu Fengyu pushed Wu Yu away when she went up to help her brother up.

Wu Yu did not care about her. He took back the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean and tied it around his body. Then he turned to face Prince Le. At this time, Prince Le smiled at him and continued to applaud. He could see that Prince Le was very satisfied.

Qu Fengyu and Baili Zhuihun had nothing to say at this time. After all, they knew the real reason why Prince Le had allowed Wu Yu to join the team.

"Let's go." Prince Le did not say much. He also did not challenge Wu Yu personally. Maybe he knew that even if it were him, he would still suffer losses.

"Wu Yu, don't think you can do anything if you win. Know your place. Don't think too much. After you go out, you are just a dog in our eyes. Do you understand?" Qu Fengyu said softly beside him.

"Dogs are quite cute, don't you know?" Wu Yu smiled.

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