Chapter 0613: Qu Haoyan

"How is this possible?"

He had not walked far when he turned back to take a look. There was no change at all to the tunnel behind him, but the corpses had disappeared.

Even the blood stains on the floor had disappeared.

Wu Yu returned to the spot where the corpse laid and inspected the area. There were really no signs of them at all.

His hairs stood.

This feeling was similar to the time he heard ghost stories when he was a young mortal.

It was mysterious, strange, perculiar and hair-raising.

"That's really creepy. I've lived for so long, but I've never seen something like this," Ming Long said with surprise.

"Perhaps there is a spirit design in this tomb that specially absorbs corpses?"

"That's possible."

"But how could it have been Xiao Yili just now?"

Wu Yu was sure that he had killed Xiao Yili. Xiao Yili could not have revived.

He definitely checked and double-checked. After all, he could not leave Xiao Yili alive to take revenge on him.

"Creepy, very creepy! You should just leave this place before something happens. There are too many things out of our control." Ming Long was also nervous.

Where had the corpses disappeared to? Where was the exit to this maze? Was that person Xiao Yili. If it was, then what had happened? Why did she have to kill these two?

If there were no fights, they would not choose to kill.

Ming Long suggested leaving, but Wu Yu could not agree. He heard voices heading in this direction and quickly left.

He was still thinking about what had happened.

Previously, he was recording the route in his brain. Now he realized that doing so was useless. He was better off walking about randomly.

He met others on the way, and everyone was travelling cautiously. The Yan Huang Ancient Country citizens did not like Wu Yu. Hence, when they saw Wu Yu, they looked at him coldly.

"Xiao Yili...."

Wu Yu was still recalling that shocking scene.

He entered another tunnel carelessly and someone entered the tunnel opposite him. They bumped into each other.

Since they had bumped into each other, they could not leave anymore.

Because the leader of the four people opposite him was Prince Le, the most honored and powerful of the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

There were two men and one woman beside him. They were all top-notch talents of the Yan Huang Ancient Country, the strongest of the team. Only these three were qualified to accompany Prince Le.

Wu Yu had seen them before when he was hiding.

It was the first time they had seen Wu Yu. After bumping into each other, Prince Le waved to Wu Yu and said, "Wu Yu, come here."

Inside here, Wu Yu was not afraid of him. But Prince Le was powerful, and once out of this tomb, whether it was ability, position, or other factors, Wu Yu could not compare to him. Faced with such a powerful person from the Yan Huang Ancient Country, Wu Yu needed to be polite.

If he could be friends with someone like him, it would only benefit him. However Wu Yu was afraid that he was plotting against him.

Wu Yu was forced to go over, and he greeted him respectfully. "Prince Le." 

He was born in a mortal immortal kingdom. He knew the power this person had in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. He was like him when he was in Dong Yue Wu. The degree and danger of the power struggle in a country was above even that of martial cultivation.

Prince Le was smiling and did not appear to be targeting him. When Wu Yu stood before him, Prince Le sized him up and said, "You are quite brave to dare to enter this mysterious tomb alone."

"Everyone has entered, I'm also here to try my luck," Wu Yu said humbly. 

"Very good," Prince Le said, but he did not seem to want to let him go. He actually introduced Wu Yu to the three behind him. The first was standing by his left, a slightly older man. This person was in tight, pale gold clothes. His hair was short and his build was very muscular. His eyes were cold and sharp. He was very authoritative.

He looked to be the silent and stern type, but the authoritative aura on him was strong. He was like a cold and fierce soldier. He was slightly weaker than Prince Le in terms of authoritative aura. Other than Prince Le, he was the strongest in the team.

"This is the son of our Yan Huang Ancient Country’s Yan Dragon Army General. His father guards the capital and has made great achievements. He is one of Yan Huang Ancient Country's most important generals, an honorable and loyal man. Of course, he is no weaker than his father. He has been very talented since young and has followed his father in wars. He also has many war time achievements. He is the role model of the youths of Yan Huang Ancient Country, a famous person in the country. He is Qu Haoyan. You can just call him Sir Qu."

His heritage, position, background, and even his own ability, talent, and will were all top-notch. This Qu Haoyan was indeed someone just below Prince Le. He was a relatively powerful person.

"Sir Qu." Wu Yu bowed slightly. This was the rule he had to follow. Only the powerful could ignore manners.

"Sir Qu is a fifth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator, almost the same as me. Fe's strong, right?" Prince Le laughed.

When Qu Haoyan heard these words, he said with a strong voice, "Prince, you are too generous. I cannot compare to the Prince."

This person was very formal and spoke seriously. He had the makings of a soldier and was like a stuffy old man. He was a little boring. 

Wu Yu was confused over why the Prince was introducing him to others.

After introducing Qu Haoyan, Prince Le immediately turned to the other two and faced the woman, saying, "This is Qu Haoyan's younger sister. You have seen her. She's very pretty and also a top genius of our country. She is no worse than her elder brother. She is young but already a fourth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator. She is even more outstanding than Haoyan was at her age, ha ha...."

Prince Le laughed then paused before continuing, "Qu Fengyu, how should you be addressed? How about Madam Qu?"

The woman called Qu Fengyu was proud. She glanced at Wu Yu and said, "That's horrible, don't call me that. I'm not interested."

Qu Fengyu's personality was totally different from her elder brother’s. She was very proud and there was an aristocratic flair in her actions. She was different from Jiang Qijun's coldness. She giggled and smiled. She was very enthusiastic, but her attention was not on Wu Yu. She was focusing on the other man.

This Qu Fengyu was proud and cute. She was alluring and passionate. While she and her elder brother looked alike, their personalities were opposite. But this Yan Dragon Army General's daughter was indeed very attractive. No matter where she went, she would be the center of attention.

"This is Baili Zhuihun. He is the young master of the Souls Estate in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. He is also a young genius. He is already a fourth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator at such a young age. In the whole of the Yan Huang Ancient Country, he is already considered quite strong."

This Baili Zhuihun was wearing a long, blue robe. He looked very cool and confident. However, there was a hint of slyness within his brows and he seemed very proud. He was probably popular among the girls. He and Qu Fengyu ignored the others and were very intimate with each other. Prince Le and the others seemed used to them. Even if these two were not dao companions, they had to be lovers.

The introductions were complete.

Now Prince Le should be announcing his purpose. Actually, his introductions were peculiar to the other three as well. After all, their statuses and his were like heaven and earth. Why would Prince Le personally introduce the three of them to Wu Yu? This was no different from a crown prince introducing powerful officials and generals to some village farmers.

Prince Le quickly looked at Wu Yu and said, "Wu Yu, I heard that your physique is quite tough and strong. In this tomb, everyone's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy is sealed, mine as well. The power of the physical body is now the only factor in battle. I'm giving you an opportunity to join our team, to solve the mystery of this tomb together. If there are treasures to be found, I'll not forget to reward you."

He was the son of the Emperor of the grand Yan Huang Ancient Country! He was powerful and also very strong! All of the people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country, no matter their strength, had to listen to his orders. Wu Yu came from the borders of the Yan Huang Ancient Country and could barely be counted as a citizen of Yan Huang Ancient Country. At this moment, Prince Le had actually granted him the opportunity to follow them. In reality, this opportunity was already a reward.

Other young masters wanted to follow Prince Le, but even they did not have the chance to do so.

Hence, Prince Le was not using a bargaining tone, but ordering him gently. He did not think that Wu Yu would reject the offer or even think of rejecting it.

However, the other three beside him were slightly shocked upon hearing Prince Le's decision. Qu Fengyu was especially dumbfounded. She said, "Prince, you are the honorable prince, how could you let him...."

She meant that Wu Yu had no qualifications at all.

"Fengyu, shut up. How dare you doubt the Prince's decision." Qu Haoyan was more experienced and quickly stopped his sister. Prince Le might be angered should Qu Fengyu continue her sentence. After all, with his power, no decisions he made should be doubted.

Qu Fengyu also realized that she had spoken without thinking and quickly shut up. However, she stared at Wu Yu unhappily. After all, she had tried so hard before she was allowed to follow Prince Le, and it was also because Prince Le was close to her brother that she had this opportunity.

He had even allowed her to bring Baili Zhuihun along.

Wu Yu had a headache. So the truth was that this Prince Le appreciated his physical strength and wanted to use him like a weapon. And if he could befriend Prince Le just like this, it would be great. However, a person of great power and high position would be difficult to serve.

Besides, if there were really great treasures, they would never be passed to him. Also, he was afraid of exposing his own secret. After all, the Floating Dreams Pagoda was still on him.

But if he dared to openly reject Prince Le here, then he could never survive in the Yan Huang Ancient Region. Since he had no other way, he could only nod and say, "Your servant Wu Yu will definitely use his strength and fight for the Prince."

"Great, let's go. Follow us," Prince Le said with satisfaction.

He walked past Wu Yu and was prepared to proceed. At this moment, Baili Zhuihun and Wu Yu crossed each other's paths and he seemed to use his shoulder to knock into Wu Yu on purpose. He wanted to force Wu Yu to hide and dodge. Or perhaps he wanted to see how strong Wu Yu's physical body was.

Wu Yu did not evade.

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