Chapter 0612: Life and Death Fright!

With just a distraction and a second of delay, there were others on the outside who found this place. 

The main reason was that when Wu Yu entered the place, his mystique had completely dissipated. This led to him losing all connections with his doppelgangers. As expected, the doppelgangers turned into golden hairs and scattered across the grass fields once they lost connection. 

It was also because of this that when others approached this place, Wu Yu didn't notice at all. 

The truth was that Wu Yu wasn't afraid of anyone who entered, as long as they remained within this spirit design. The reason why he was slightly nervous was because he was worried that others would have seen him killing Xiao Yili. 

However, now that Xiao Yili and their corpses were gone, this wouldn't be likely. 

As such, Wu Yu felt as though a huge stone was lifted off his chest. 

When those people discovered this place, they would definitely come down immediately. Wu Yu hid himself deep inside one of the tunnels rapidly. He wanted to see who had discovered this place. 

In a moment, several people entered the place with anticipation, and they were discussing fervently. Wu Yu took a closer look and had a brief collection of them. They were from the Yan Huang Ancient Country. 

"Who would have expected a tomb like this to be here! Send out a core-tail talisman immediately! Tell Prince Le! If this is a treasured place with precious and valuable treasures, we will be making a huge contribution!" 

The other person said, "Send it now? Since we are the first few to find this place, shall we look around on our own first?" 

"Don't. This place is abnormally creepy. Let's not let greed blind our eyes. Informing Prince Le about this as soon as possible would be meritorious too. There were a few others around us before. I believe that they will find this place soon. We have to act quickly!" 

With the few of them coming to a consensus, they wanted to send a core-tail talisman immediately. At this moment, to the astonishment of the group, they realized that they couldn't activate their Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy at all! This truly frightened them! 

"Shit! This place is too creepy. No one would have thought that this was a spirit design that inhibits one strength as recorded in the legends. I couldn't trigger my Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy at all and couldn't send the core-tail talisman!" 

"This is too creepy. Let's get out of this place first!" 

They knew their limits. After learning that their Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was inhibited, they got afraid and left rapidly. After leaving, they recovered the use of their Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. They had probably informed Prince Le as soon as possible. 

However, it was still really noisy outside the tomb. Most likely, after they got to the surface, others had seen them. When the others saw the entrance to the tomb, they also wanted to enter. The group definitely wanted to stop the others, so a quarrel erupted outside the tomb. 

"Don't blame us for not reminding you. After you enter, your Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy will be inhibited. You can only use the strength of your physical body! The most important thing is that you won't even be able to use the Taigu Immortal Talisman." 

"Don't try to scare us. We will know once we get in and give it a try." 

"This is a place discovered by our Yan Huang Ancient Country. You dare to go against our Yan Huang Ancient Country?! Do you not believe that our Yan Huang Ancient Country can raze your country to the ground?!" 

"Let them give it a try and they will experience what terror truly is" 

Both parties held their ground. In the end, the people from Yan Huang Ancient Country allowed them in. Wu Yu didn't have an impression of the new batch of people that entered. The group instantly noticed that they couldn't use their Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy and couldn't use their Taigu Immortal Talismans even if they wished. This gave them a bad scare, and they fled out of the tomb immediately. 

They seemed to have left. 

"Although they have left, they will likely inform the rest. Moreover, the people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country are heading over. They will definitely draw the attention of the others. This place has been exposed. I believe it won't be long before lots of people swarm into this place." 

Wu Yu was still calm and composed at this moment and therefore turned around and headed deeper into the tunnel. Although he couldn't use his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, he could still release flames from his body and had clear vision. 

The tunnel he was in had a width of roughly 10 zhang and height of 20 zhang. It wasn't particularly spacious and therefore many demons wouldn't be able to take their true forms in this place. There were various carvings on the surrounding walls. Some were beasts and some were people. These people were wearing animal hides and fur. They were probably from a distant era. 

As he headed deeper into the tunnel, the route ahead was pitch-black. Wu Yu was agile and light-footed and therefore hardly made a sound. He couldn't help but recall the incident where the body of Xiao Yili disappeared. At this moment, he felt a little nervous. 

After a short while, he came to a three-pronged road leading to the left, front, and his right. 

He chose to move ahead directly. However, what was frustrating was that shortly after, he came to a multi-pronged road once again. This time, it was leading to four different directions. 

When he chose the route to his top left and continued walking deeper, he realized that this underground tomb was actually a huge network, or perhaps even a maze. After walking around for a long period, he was surprised to see himself back at the starting point! Clearly, he was lost. 

These tunnels weren't particularly complicated. Wu Yu knew that it was a maze and therefore was careful. However, to his astonishment, he was back at the starting point once again. 

"This shows that the maze isn't as easy as you expected. There might be spirit designs within that were changing without regularity, thereby leading you to lose your sense of direction and being trapped within," said Ming Long. 

That's what Wu Yu had felt too. 

"In other words, the disappearances of the corpses might be the effects of the changes to the maze? Why is this tomb a maze? Is It for preventing others from entering this place?" 

"That should be the case." 

At this moment, Wu Yu could hear a loud commotion from the surroundings. There were lots of people above him, and he had seen other brave souls entering this place. Perhaps they had searched the outside and still couldn't find a way to break the spirit designs around the advanced dao treasures. When news of a tomb being discovered got out, it spread like wildfire. Perhaps all the people were heading and gathering in this place. 

In fact, many people had entered the maze. 

And there were many who were fighting to get in from time to time. 

Wu Yu hid himself immediately as he moved within the maze. He wasn't afraid of more people entering this place. On the contrary, the more people that had entered, the more people would share the risk of this tomb with him. 

"Maze! Maze!" 

When he stepped in this time, he remembered his route clearly and formed a map within his mind. However, he soon found areas where there were conflicts. As he walked, he found himself in areas where he had left markings. Although this was the starting point, it was still somewhere close. One could only say that although the maze appeared to be rather simple, Wu Yu didn't make it deep. 

"This isn't right. The tomb must be constantly moving. It is just that we can't sense it moving." At this time, Wu Yu heard footsteps directly ahead of him and heard people discussing. 

"Yeah. This is strange. However, the more strange a place is, the greater the rewards." 

"Everyone, pay attention! Although we made a pact outside that we wouldn't start a war, a fight, or even kill others, everyone will risk their lives if they are pushed into a corner and an extreme treasure is discovered. We shouldn't lose our lives in the Taigu Immortal Path. Now that we have entered this place, we should still be careful. Regardless, staying alive is the highest priority." 

"Yeah! The demons are especially threatening. With their strong physical bodies, why would they give up on this opportunity? I still feel that the tomb is too dangerous and not worth taking the risk for. Why don't we get out?" 

"What are you going to do when you get out? Almost everyone has entered this place! What if we miss out on an extreme treasure?" 

He had not expected so many people to come. 

Wu Yu dashed into another tunnel and went past them. No one in the entire group had seen him. 

"So everyone's in! It seems like everyone's the same in the face of a treasure. When it's time to take a risk, they won't back off.”

Within this maze, Wu Yu had a feeling of standing at the top of the mountain. Regardless of whether it was the humans or the demons within this maze, even Prince Le would likely not be his match without any unique means. 

However, everyone was getting frustrated as time passed. 

They roamed around constantly and found themselves back at the starting point countless times! 

It was as though everyone was lost, and no one made a breakthrough at all. Wu Yu met Prince Le on one occasion. His team consisted of only four members including himself. However, every single one of them was an elite expert from the Yan Huang Ancient Country and was way above the level of Jiang Qijun. 

Even they were looking solemn and sorrowful. 

The only girl lamented, "What kind of damn place is this? It restricts our Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy and we can barely move freely. After taking over 10 paths, we are still lost!" 

"Everyone is making these rounds. Don't throw your temper. Prince Le will definitely come up with a solution." 

As they spoke, they walked through the tunnel. Wu Yu hid himself a long distance away again and didn't want to face them directly. 

He had a huge advantage in this place, and others would find it hard to notice his presence. 

Everyone was getting frustrated because they couldn't find a thing and couldn't enter the core of the tomb. It was especially so as time passed. 

Wu Yu was feeling bottled up as well. 

However, he did not give up and continued exploring deeper. He concluded his experiences and realized that he would likely have to depend on luck if he wished to make the breakthrough. 

However, no one was that lucky. 

Just when he was feeling bottled up and was even prepared to get out, he suddenly heard sounds of a battle. In this place, all battles were purely physical battles. However, if no one discovered anything, why were these people fighting? 

Could it be that they had found something? 

Wu Yu was afraid of nothing currently. He dashed toward the source of the sounds immediately. When he made the turn, he happened to see a beautiful figure swooping by his eyes and into the tunnel on his right. This person was insanely quick! Even Wu Yu couldn't get a clear look. However, from the body size, hair, skin color, and contours of the face, he vaguely felt that this person was identical to Xiao Yili! 

He stopped moving immediately and looked in shock at the direction where the person had disappeared. The more he tried to recall what happened, the more he felt that the figure resembled Xiao Yili! She even had blood stains on her body! Moreover, there were numerous spots! 

However, he knew clearly that Xiao Yili was dead. Moreover, Xiao Yili definitely wouldn't have such speed within this tomb. 

He looked in the other direction immediately. To his surprise, he saw two other corpses. These were two cultivators who had not reached the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. Wu Yu had seen them previously but wasn't familiar with them. 

"Someone died!" 

He took a step forward to take a closer look. Both of them had eyes wide open and fresh blood covered their throats. Looking down, blood had drenched their chests and their hearts appeared to have been gouged out! 

However, the key was that their Sumeru Pouches were still around. 

From the surprised expressions of the two people, they had likely not expected that person to kill them. They had a quick death and couldn't put up resistance at all. 

After all, their Taigu Immortal Talismans were still with them. 

"How could that be Xiao Yili?" He dashed in that direction immediately. Having a moment of delay, he wanted to see if he could catch up to the other party. 

After dashing out for a moment, he suddenly noticed something behind his back. He turned around abruptly. 

Those two corpses had disappeared. 

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