Chapter 0611: Fright in the Tomb

Wu Yu was merely jesting in the beginning. Xiao Yili had actually thought it to be true right now.

"The river flows east for 30 years and then it flows west for 30 years. In this world, things change rapidly. You could never have imagined this with your arrogance and tyrannical personalities. Every dog has their day."

No one could have imagined this tomb would have contained such a spirit design.

Xiao Yili was as white as snow, her whole body shivering with tears and mucus flowing profusely across her face. She had lost all of her previous dignity and composure, much less the other two female cultivators. 

Perhaps they were willing to do absolutely anything at this point.

In this deserted and dark tomb, they continued to crawl backwards in trepidation.

Their terrified gazes reflected Wu Yu's unrelenting and chilly shadow.

"Wu Yu! I admit my loss! Don't kill me. I can promise you that once I'm out, I will never look to trouble you again. All of our enmities can be written off in a single stroke.

"Furthermore, don't think that no one would find out if you were to kill me here One day, something will be leaked out and the consequences will be beyond your comprehension.

"You... don't force us onto the path of no return!" Xiao Yili continued to chide.

"On the contrary... I have already embarked on it."

He no longer hesitated. If he spared a blink of compassion, it would only endanger his friends and family. Thus, he was clear. He would sweep these pests clean. At the same time, he would take away all of their Sumeru Pouches and retrieve their Taigu Immortal Talismans.

This way, he would have five Taigu Immortal Talismans. Four of which would send him to the Dark North Kingdom.

Wu Yu killed the other two, leaving behind only Xiao Yili. This was also a form of revenge. The one that remained would undoubtedly struggle and suffer the most torment.

Wu Yu stood in front of Xiao Yili, looking at this despairing beauty. She was once icy and aloof, haughtily standing before Wu Yu. With a wave, she had taken away his ancient crystal and looked down upon him with contempt. But she was quivering in front of his might today. 

"Wu... Wu Yu, I... I, Xiao Yili, will not die here. I am the Old Mulberry Region Lord. You... You cannot kill me! I refuse to die!" At this point, she had basically crumbled apart mentally. 

It was enough. He would no longer torture her any further.

"In your next life, remember to give people a way out. You sealed my only retreat and crossed my bottom line. If I don't kill you, I cannot ever face my family and friends." Even Xiao Yili did not dare believe that Wu Yu would be completely unchallenged in this location. He swung his staff down onto her head with practiced ease.

A drop of blood appeared on this arrogant lady's forehead. It slid past her brows and landed on the floor. Xiao Yili, with eyes wide open, froze in a state of panic while looking at Wu Yu. Her gaze contained unexplainable expressions of disbelief. In the end, her body gracefully slumped onto the cold floor with nary a sound coming from her after.

Since entering the Taigu Immortal Path, Wu Yu had not killed anyone. But now, in one go, he had disposed of five, killing intent surging.

His principles were simple - If others don't offend me, I won't offend others. If others offend me, I’ll retaliate with no end.

After easily getting rid of this group of four, he began to plan what he was going to do next.

"Within the grasslands, only this area possesses a tomb. It's very likely that this is the core of this world!

"If I were to delve and solve this mystery, I would very likely garner untold treasures. Just like the Floating Dreams Pagoda. This grassland contains numerous advanced dao treasures that incite people into a frenzy. It is clear that if a secret does lie here, the rewards will undoubtedly be plentiful. I'm the first to enter, and I have a significant advantage with my immensely powerful body. I have to first explore this place. It's hard to say what I might just discover..."

A person's greed was infinite. Wu Yu was no different. He felt that he was not good enough and yet a humongous opportunity had dropped right in front of him. As he possessed numerous clones, he was able to be one of the first to capitalize on this opportunity.

Now that he knew he was alone, although danger lurked around any corner, he could not help but to explore.

"You better think this through. This tomb is full of strange and evil occurrences. Although we are only in the exterior of the compound, there is already a spirit design that inhibits Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. This is a place where the Taigu Immortal Talisman cannot be utilized. The same goes for much of one's strength. If a dangerous situation that you cannot mitigate arises, then you will lose your life, putting all your efforts thus far to waste. Your only advantage is that if everyone is in the same situation, your mighty fleshly body trumps over others. However, this does not mean to say that there is nothing within this strange tomb that is capable of dealing with you." Ming Long spoke like an elder lecturing a brash youth.

Looking deep into the tomb, each and every passageway was akin to the gaping maw of a giant beast, gloomy and dark, instilling fear in all who stared.

No one knew just how ancient this tomb was. Listening intently, the beating of Wu Yu's heart sounded like footsteps in this abyss. 

Ming Long indeed was right.

As long as he remained in the exterior of the tomb, he could still return to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. However, once he entered its midst, and if he were to encounter any danger in this narrow, strange, and weird tomb, he would truly lose his precious life.

But Wu Yu was not one to give up. He was not willing to lose to the geniuses of the Jambu Realm. They had always looked down upon him, and Wu Yu sought to exceed them. The Floating Dreams Pagoda and other beneficial opportunities here would be his chance to supercede them!

If he did not enter and others did, obtaining the treasures, he would be filled with a lifetime of regret.

Thus, he was a little hesitant.

"Right, I forgot that you already possess the Floating Dreams Pagoda. The Floating Dreams Pagoda might even be a seraphic dao treasure. Such a dao treasure should not be affected by these spirit designs. Perhaps the interior space might also remain unaffected by this. If this is the case, you might have hopes of protecting yourself," Ming Long explained.

"Really?" The Floating Dreams Pagoda was still within his Sumeru Pouch. He did not possess Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy to open it and thus he had to first escape the tomb. After which, he quickly inspected the Sumeru Pouches of the four. She was truly a true blue member of nobility. Xiao Yili had possessed a large amount of treasures, an almost uncountable sum. Even Wu Yu was dazzled at the sight. 

The Water Source Ancient Crystal was also within the hoard.

There were also four Taigu Immortal Talismans that were complete and undamaged, able to be freely utilized. He stored three of them and kept one, along with his original, on himself, ready to use at a moment's notice.

"If I have no choice but to leave, should I instead head to the Dark North Kingdom? Would they be able to trace that I killed them?" With regards to this point, Wu Yu had no solution.

Lastly, he drew out his Floating Dreams Pagoda and placed his Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean by his side. He first had to test if it could even be used. The Floating Dreams Pagoda was one chi large and could be placed in a pocket if necessary.

He descended into the tomb and began to test if it could be utilized.

Honestly, Wu Yu could only utilise the Floating Dreams Pagoda in a very rudimentary way. He only could tap upon two powers as he wasn't the true owner of the item yet. He had never activated any of the spirit designs on it, much less used Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy to power its functions. Entering the Floating Dreams Pagoda only required one thought from him; it was more like asking for permission instead of activating it.

Within the effect of the spirit designs, dao treasures could still be used, it was just that their spirit designs could not be activated without the presence of Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. It was Wu Yu's fortune that the Floating Dreams Pagoda did not require any Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, and it truly seemed that the spirit design could not suppress it. Thus, Wu Yu could enter it at any time.

Most importantly, once he entered, his previously suppressed Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy could be activated once more.

"Success! There are no issues!" This way, if there were any dangers he could not handle, Wu Yu had a choice to hide within the pagoda, and he didn't believe that the traps would be able to destroy it.

"Time to test the other abilities!" The Lightning Blood General belonged to the Floating Dreams Pagoda, and it appeared at Wu Yu's call. There were no issues. It was clearly unaffected by the spirit designs within, and if it came to a fight, Wu Yu would probably not be its match.

The Lightning Blood General's strength was substantial. This spirit design in the tomb could not suppress the Floating Dreams Pagoda and prevent it from absorbing the energy of the heavens and earth to replenish itself.

He now not only had a shell to hide within, but a Lightning Blood General that was virtually at full strength. Wu Yu prepared to rush forward before others came.

He wrapped up his Floating Dreams Pagodas and placed it by his waist using his robes to cover it. No one would notice it being hidden like this.

His preparations were complete.

"That's weird. Where did their bodies go?!" Ming Long suddenly let out an alarmed cry. Wu Yu, upon hearing it, turned around. His attention had been on his Floating Dreams Pagoda, so he he hadn't noticed his surroundings. However, at this point, he realized that the corpses had all vanished.

Wu Yu had been too distracted, and he originally wanted to dispose of the four dead bodies.

Before he could act, they had disappeared.

What was most unimaginable was that there had been no movement in his surroundings. It was a wide, empty space, and despite the dim lighting, it was not enough to obscure sight. Yet these bodies had clearly dissipated into thin air! 

He inspected the area closely, and it only confirmed the fact that the place was empty. Even the bloodstains had ceased to exist.

This sight sent a shiver down his spine.

"There shouldn't be ghosts, right?" Ming Long asked cautiously.

"So many kinds of evil spirits and ghosts exist within the ghostly dao. Ghosts aren't scary! What's truly frightening is this creepy place!" Just who or what had brought the corpses away?

Wu Yu was sure it wasn't the cultivators on the outside. None of them had the ability to do this or were nearby.

Even then, they would not do so even if they could….

Frankly speaking, this situation shocked him so much that he could not react. Cold sweat was pouring down his back. It was then that he thought he felt something staring at him from within the darkness.…

Suddenly, a shrill wail could be heard from outside!

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