Chapter 610: Sorry, My Heart Belongs to Another

Xiao Yili was feeling some trepidation regarding Wu Yu's Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body, and was also exasperated and vexed.

If not, she would already have led the other three and fought their way out, where they could cram humble pie down Wu Yu's throat.

Wu Yu was feeling extremely relaxed. This place was just perfect for him. He looked at Xiao Yili. "How about the Old Mulberry Region Lord be my dao companion? We'll roam the ends of the earth and cultivate hand in hand."

"Go to hell!"

"Wu Yu, you dare to spout such nonsense!? Despicable! You wretched brat, you dare to be impudent to the Old Mulberry Region Lord?! You've committed a great wrong, and you must die!"

"You dare to speak such rubbish? Aren't you afraid that I will leave the Taigu Immortal Path right now, and bring people to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent to kill your father, mother, wife, masters, and brethren all?!"

Those final words were said by the only guy.

Xiao Yili's eyes were flat and her teeth were bared. A pity that her Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was inhibited. Otherwise, her aura right now would be even more frigid.

"Anyone who mocks me will fall. You think you are qualified to be my dao companion? The progeny of the Demon Sealing Continent, you aren't even fit to be my grandson," Xiao Yili said.

She was truly moved by her anger.

Wu Yu spoke equitably. "Forget it. I won't taunt the Old Mulberry Region Lord anymore. The Region Lord asked me what I wanted. Actually, the Region Lord should know. All I want today is to take what belongs to me. As for what that is, the Region Lord should know this very well."

Xiao Yili naturally knew Wu Yu's intention. She was even more incensed now, and could not help a derisive laugh. "I see that you've swallowed the guts of a leopard. You think that you can bully us just because we're here? What makes you think you can get the Water Source Ancient Crystal?"

"Region Lord, this person is sick in the mind! He's an imbecile who does not know his own place. And he thinks he can snatch away what is ours!"

"Yes, a laughable fool. Can you be a little wiser? Do you truly know who you're facing? Wu Yu, don't forget. Your Demon Sealing Continent is not even worth a single state in the Dark North Kingdom. You dare pit yourself against us? Think carefully. Don't come begging on your knees once we bring your home to ruin."

Each time they threatened the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, they crossed Wu Yu's bottomline!

In truth, Wu Yu had given them many chances. But each time, they answered him with threats below the belt! Finally, Wu Yu made his decision. And it could not possibly change.

His opponent would not hand over the Water Source Ancient Crystal, and was still trying to act superior to him!

He smiled coldly, his gaze turning sinister. "It seems to me that if I don't make a move, the Water Source Ancient Crystal won't return to my possession. Is that right?"

The four of them burst out in derisive laughter, scorning Wu Yu's rotten brain.

"Get out of the way, or you will be in the worst state you've ever been!"

It seemed like even if they handed over the Water Source Ancient Crystal, he would still not be satisfied.

They had to taste some pain to understand their current predicament.

But once they tasted pain, they would hold a grudge. And then there would truly be no way back.

Even if he casually hurt them, and shook the Water Source Ancient Crystal loose from them, they would probably hustle furiously towards the Dong Sheng Divine Continent the moment they were let out.

For his kin, for the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, Wu Yu no longer had any intention of coming to a peaceful resolution with them. Such a conflict was cruel, but he had no choice.

Unless he gave up on the Water Source Ancient Crystal.

But that was impossible. It was Xiao Yili herself who had pushed their relationship beyond the brink, pushing his limits again and again.

That was why as they continued to rain scorn on Wu Yu to get out of the way. But Wu Yu instead came down, descending from above their heads.

"You dare to come in?! We'll go out!" As Wu Yu moved away from his spot blocking the entrance, they seized the opportunity. Their eyes lit up, and all four scattered, charging towards the entrance!

Just then!

Wu Yu was like the ultimate overlord. He showed off his fearsome speed and strength. In terms of corporeal strength, he was the absolute unit. To him, these four were no different from kittens and puppies.


Wu Yu appeared before the man. Their eyes met for a brief instant, and Wu Yu seized his legs with both hands, snapping his legs at the knees with a loud crack before he even had the chance to cry out.

"Argh!" Fresh blood spurted, accompanied by ringing howls.

Wu Yu carelessly threw him back to the ground. This person could not possibly escape now. His legs had been directly broken, and he was incapacitated.

This was just the beginning.

Next was a girl.

Wu Yu entered, and his already sub-par Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy had been completely dampened, and he could not call it up at all. This meant that he could not even open his Sumeru Pouch. After all, the Sumeru Pouch was also an immortal treasure. And in fact, the Sumeru Pouch of the others were at dao treasure level, and contained vast spaces within.

So he could only use his hands.

The good thing was that he had anticipated this, and had pulled out the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean beforehand, adjusting it to a comfortable size. At this moment, he twirled the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean, using it as a weapon. It swept towards the woman, his staff shattering her legs. Another person fell to the floor like a kite with its strings cut.

Before Wu Yu, they were truly pitifully hapless.

Wu Yu felt like an absolute martial god. He felt like he was facing mortals who did not even have the strength to wring a chicken's neck.

Two left.

They could not escape either. One more followed the others' fate in the next moment, screaming as her legs were smashed. She lay screeching on the ground, her body covered in dust.

Finally, Xiao Yili had almost made it out, when Wu Yu appeared before her!

"Wu Yu!" Xiao Yili bellowed. Her eyes were flashing with anger, but it was useless. Wu Yu seized her by the neck and casually tossed her back down. She landed punishingly on the floor, her bones smashing hard as she spouted a huge mouthful of blood. Without Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy to protect her body, they shattered.

All of this was over quickly. They had not been able to escape, but had been thrown to the floor by Wu Yu. They were as weak as chickens and ducks. At this moment, no amount of anger could douse their fear. Their physical pain had stunned them, and they saw Wu Yu stand unharmed before them, Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean in hand. Their hopes dimmed.

Actually, the entrance was not far away. But at this moment, with their legs broken and body battered, they might as well be separated by a chasm. 

"Wu Yu, you dare to hurt us!? You dare to wound the Old Mulberry Region Lord!? You're dead! Not just you! Your entire family is dead! You're doomed! No matter where you run to, our lord will not let you get away!" The man with both his legs broken was in the most wretched state. His legs and face were all drenched in blood, and his anguished voice rang out as he stared at Wu Yu hatefully.

"Shut up!" Xiao Yili hurriedly called.

But she was too late. Wu Yu turned, and a single staff strike cracked on the man's head. With a loud thunk, his head seemed to be unharmed, and he continued to stare up at Wu Yu with large eyes. But it was actually completely dismembered, turning into a mushy mess.

He was, of course, dead.

Perhaps he had not thought that Wu Yu would have the guts to kill him.

How could he know just how many times he had tested Wu Yu's sore spots?

And now, Wu Yu picked up his Sumeru Pouches, his face bleak. He turned back to Xiao Yili and the other girls. They had watched the guy die before their eyes, and his corpse was displayed before them.

All three were thunderstruck and furious. But that soon turned to fear and horror. They could not even retaliate - they could only scramble backwards with all their might. They were shaking with horror right now. Wu Yu's terrifying fighting power, his cool guts, and his decisiveness in killing the man without hesitation....

The other two girls had already lost their heads in fear. Only Xiao Yili very quickly saw the reality of things. She hurriedly took out her own Sumeru Pouch and threw it over to Wu Yu. She said begrudgingly, "Wu Yu, I admit defeat. You're awesome. This Water Source Ancient Crystal is yours. I was wrong. I should not have underestimated you. I apologize. I'm sorry! It is my loss this time. I guarantee that if you let me out, I will not hold today's events against you. I will definitely not target the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. I, Xiao Yili, am a woman of my word. Today, I accept my defeat with no complaints!"

She had truly grasped how dire the situation was.

But it was too late.

Within the effects of this spirit design, they could not even send a Message Talisman. If they died, no one would know that they had died by Wu Yu's hand, and no one would know of their whereabouts. No news meant that they would die in vain. Her father did not even know of someone like Wu Yu, because no one knew of the interaction that they had shared.

That was the good thing about the spirit design within this tomb. It was Wu Yu's only chance to defeat her.

Wu Yu hefted the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean and walked step by step towards the three. Xiao Yili had made the clever move, and he took her Sumeru Pouch. But he laughed, saying, "Region Lord, neither you nor I are stupid people. You should know that from my first move, there was no way back. Perhaps even you would find it unbelievable if I were to accept your guarantees. But remember that it was not me who forced us into this path of doom. It was you."

From the moment that Wu Yu had attacked, it was life or death.

Whoever relented would die. To Wu Yu, this would only bring trouble for his kin. Because Xiao Yili and her ilk were the kind who would definitely seek revenge.

Wu Yu's words crushed Xiao Yili's hopes, and the other two girls screamed even louder. At this time, they would say anything.

"Wu Yu, don't kill me! I will wait on you, and serve you from this moment on. I will do anything at your beck and call."

"Me too, I will be yours, and do anything for you. Oh, don't kill me!"

Before, they had not thought that Wu Yu would kill someone, but Wu Yu had already shown them an example, and they had no other choice.

Xiao Yili even called out in a quavering voice, "I- I consent to be your dao companion. Don't kill me...."

Wu Yu was taken aback.

"Sorry, my heart belongs to another."

His slaughter could not be stopped.

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