Chapter 0061: Return to Capital Wu

Wu You's fears were not unfounded. The ripening time of the Lifegiving Fruit could change.

But this was not a good enough reason for Wu Yu to pass up on such a golden opportunity!

Because time was of the essence, Wu Yu brought Wu You to a city nearby. It was not that far from Capital Wu. He found a tavern and ushered Wu You inside, bidding her wait for him there.

"It will be at most a day or two. Wait for me here, and don't go anywhere. Best if you don't even leave the tavern." After all, Wu You had no fighting ability to speak of, and was easily harmed.

The Dong Yue Wu Kingdom's cities were still quite safe. It was practically impossible for anything bad to happen if one stayed at a tavern for a day or two.

And in his haste, Wu Yu could not find any trustworthy people to take care of Wu You.

"Wu Yu."

Wu You stood just inside the door, looking at Wu Yu with worry. Her hands were clasped, but she was clearly uneasy. Her concern was clearly written on her face.

Wu Yu was about to go and challenge Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian!

As his older sister, Wu You definitely regarded his life as more important than hers.

Without question, this was the greatest risk that Wu Yu had undertaken in his life so far. It was not certain if he would come back alive.

"Don't worry."

There was nothing he could say at this time. The only thing would be to take Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian's life and then come back to her. That was the only way to ease her worry.

"Remember not to wander from here. I will come back as quickly as I can."

Having said this, Wu Yu turned. He took the Demon Subduing Staff and disappeared from the city in a flash.

"Little Brother...."

Wu You sat on the edge of the bed, her gaze blank. Her hands clutched at the mattress. To her, it seemed like the whole world had gone quiet, except for the thudding of her heartbeat.

The first floor of the tavern had about 10-odd tables which were filled with martial artists and businessmen. Their attention was also towards Capital Wu.

"I hear that those two immortals belong to different sects. That's why they fought, and I heard that Upper Qian Hall was demolished! That's too crazy!"

"I have a distant cousin working at the palace as a guard. He saw the Upper Qian Hall collapse with his own eyes!"

"I hope that the fight between immortals won't affect us commoners."

Wu You leaned beside the door and listened to the chatter of the tavern's customers, with no thought for food or drink.

"He must have reached Capital Wu by now!"


That's right. Wu Yu had already reached Capital Wu.

As expected, neither Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian nor Jiang Junlin were around.

It was still the early dawn, and many things were bustling. Capital Wu was starting to become lively. Many businesses were just opening for the day. People of commerce busied around, while the mortal commoners toiled on the streets, earning their living.

Dawn in Capital Wu had a unique peace and beauty to it.

Looking at this spacious place, Wu Yu was conflicted. He was standing on a tower, gazing out at the palace. That golden, shimmering palace should have been his but was now occupied by thieves.

"Hao Tian, Yuan Xi, Yuan Hao!"

He gripped the Demon Subduing Staff. The fire in his heart heated the Demon Subduing Staff to a glowing red. The moment he had awaited had finally come. The Spirit Severing Powder that night had ruined everything for Wu Yu. After struggling on the brink of death so many times, he had finally returned today!

“Father, this is the heritage that you left me. Even if I do not want it anymore, I will not let it fall into the hands of outsiders.

"This is the legacy that my Wu clan ancestors toiled and bled for."

From the day he had returned to Capital Wu, he had been hidden behind the Demon Ape Mask. Now, Wu Yu had had enough!


In that moment, Wu Yu whooped from the top of the building and leapt down into the palace. He stood on top of a hall. With a loud cry, he shattered the peace of the entire Capital Wu!

"Yuan Xi, Yuan Hao, come out before me!"


Given Wu Yu's chest power, this cry shook half the palace. Half of Capital Wu itself could hear him.

Instantly, everyone put down what they were doing and looked apprehensively towards the Imperial City.

"That sounds like Heavenly Immortal Sun Wudao's voice!"

The entire Capital Wu was silent. Upper Qian Hall's demolishment a few days ago had been unnerving enough. Could it be that today....

"Sun Wudao!"

At this time, Yuan Hao was still in morning court, and Yuan Xi was also present. They had simply moved to another palace.

When Wu Yu's voice rang out, a bunch of aristocrats rushed out of the palace. At their fore were the Empress Dowager Yuan Xi and Emperor Yuan Hao.

Amongst them were other generals and ministers. Even Martial Wu had returned as well.

"Sun Wudao, what do you want?"

Yuan Xi was dressed richly, her makeup grand. She looked like a tyrantess and had a temper to match. She was not flustered by Wu Yu's arrival.

And Yuan Hao was pretty arrogant as well. Relying on the protection of Hao Tian, he not only did not bow upon seeing Wu Yu, but took up an arrogant poise.


Wu Yu laughed coldly. He landed on the ground and walked towards them. Many ministers fell to their knees in response, while only Yuan Xi and Yuan Hao remained standing. They started to fidget upon seeing that Wu Yu seemed like he was about to cause trouble.


Wu Yu gripped a neck in each hand. With everyone watching, he lifted Yuan Xi and Yuan Hao up.

Both faces drained of color. Yuan Hao was so scared he pissed his pants. He said fiercely, "Sun Wudao, what are you doing!? You dare to touch the mortal emperor? Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian will eviscerate you!"

"Sun Wudao, release us at once! Speak civilly!" Yuan Xi's face was also pale.

"Heavenly Immortal!" The other aristocrats had completely lost their heads.

"I have nothing to say to either of you."

They had not expected such a chilling response from Wu Yu.

Just at this moment, Wu Yu lifted them up and suddenly turned. He morphed into a golden shadow in front of their eyes and vanished.

"Empress Dowager! Emperor!"

The aristocrats were stunned.

"Quick! Notify Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian! Heavenly Immortal Sun has gone crazy!"

Instantly, the palace was in an uproar.

However, they did not know where Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian was. They ran after the direction that Wu Yu had disappeared in, in a panic.

At this time, Wu Yu had already reached the top of the imperial city’s walls.

When the citizens and guards of Capital Wu saw the Heavenly Immortal of legends bearing the Empress Dowager and Emperor aloft, it immediately caused a stir.

Such a scene frightened the imperial guards so much, it sent them rolling, and they retreated hastily.

The citizens of Capital Wu were both fearful and curious. More and more people gathered from afar, whispering to each other and trying to figure out what was happening.


Wu Yu threw the pair to the ground and then pulled out two thick ropes from the nearby flagpoles.

"Sun Wudao, what on earth are you up to? Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian will be here shortly. If you torture us, he will slay you on the spot when he comes!"

At this time, Yuan Xi could already dimly sense Wu Yu's enormous bloodthirst. She could only hold him back with verbal threats.

"Sun... Sun Wudao, you don't know what you are doing," Yuan Hao blustered. Despite his threats, he had already peed his pants. There was a wet puddle below his dragon robes, and even Yuan Xi could smell the acrid stench.

"I am waiting exactly for that."

Seeing these two who had once changed his life irrevocably, he thought back on all they had done, and he laughed soundlessly to himself. At present, he had captured them so easily.

"Martial cultivators are so superior compared to mortals.

"Fortunately, I ended up on the dao path!"

And that was why he could bully these two enemies now.

As Wu Yu was speaking, he was tying dead knots into the rope. He looped them around Yuan Xi and Yuan Hao's necks. With their strength, it was impossible to get loose.

"Sun Wudao, you're asking to die!"

Yuan Xi had struggled in the harem for many years. Although she was a mortal, she was a powerful and impressive one. This turn of events would have made any normal mortal piss their pants with fear.

But Wu Yu seemed to not hear her. He tied the other end of the rope to the bracket of the imperial city, and then heaved them over the edge of the castle walls.


Only now were both truly broken by their fear. Yuan Hao was shaking all over, howling ceaselessly. Yuan Xi also took up with wailing, no longer concerned with her image or threatening Wu Yu.

Both were dangling in the air, the rope around their necks. As the rope tightened, it became impossible to remove from their necks! 

The aristocrats had finally caught up, as well as the imperial guards and citizens. Upon seeing this scene, all were so shocked, they could barely breathe!

"Empress Dowager! Emperor!"

The aristocrats were pale. A few swooned, collapsing to the floor.

The citizens had also not expected that Wu Yu was about to kill them. He was about to hang them off the imperial city walls for all to see!

Just as everyone's hearts were in their throats, and even Yuan Xi about to piss herself, Wu Yu knelt down. Before the rope tightened, he caught both of them, then tossed them up on a protrusion on the wall.

Both were huddled closely together in a crevice. If they were not careful, they would fall off the wall and be hanged!

"I... I...."

"Mother Dowager!"

Yuan Xi and Yuan Hao hugged each other desperately, both shivering violently. They howled for their parents, wailing like demons and wolves. They looked wretched.

"Back then, you betrayed me, forcing me to take Spirit Severing Powder. And then you sent Wan Qing to kill me. You didn't think this day would come?" Wu Yu laughed to himself. All he had done was merely the prep work.

Now he had the upper hand of hanging them at will. He called loudly to the aristocrats, "Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian is at Raw Sun Mountain Range. Get word to him immediately. Ask him to return. I give him a day's time. Tomorrow, at this time, if he has not returned, I will hang these two wretched worms before all!"

"Yes! Yes, Heavenly Immortal!"

They had not thought there was still hope.

At this moment, everyone understood that Wu Yu's real intention was for Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian to return.

This was the only way that Hao Tian would hurry back. If he killed them immediately, then he would not be so inclined to hurry back.

The aristocrats dispersed, sending out messengers to Raw Sun Mountain Range.

"You cannot leave. Kneel."

Wu Yu remembered the ministers that had accompanied Imperial Concubine Xi on that night, including Prince Qin and Wu Yuanshuai.

"Right, right!"

A few ministers prostrated themselves on the floor. They were also pale and trembling. But they were still quietly thankful that they were in a better position than the two on the castle wall. They were better off than Yuan Xi and Yuan Hao, who could be hung at any time.

After this was done, Wu Yu hugged the Demon Subduing Staff and closed his eyes to rest, awaiting Hao Tian's return.

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