Chapter 0609: Inhibitor Spirit Design

This tomb had persisted for simply too long.

If not for Xiao Yili opening a hole in the ceiling, it would be so dark that you could not see your fingers on your outstretched hand.

Even having done thus, all was dark. As a result, all four employed some minor dao techniques when they descended, so that dozens of little balls floated around them, illuminating this underground tomb.

They were currently in a hall. They did not know if it was a side hall, the front hall, main hall, back hall, or some other minor hall. Even with the balls of light, it was still very dim, and the smell here was bad, compelling Xiao Yili and the others to employ other dao techniques to cut off their sense of smell.

"How many years has this place existed? It stinks everywhere!"

"It's been so long, what treasures could it possibly have?"

Xiao Yili frowned. At this time, the four had already landed on the ground. Their feet made loud, crunching noises against the black stone floor, which seemed to be on the verge of crumbling. It gave them a scare.

But besides the bad smell, this place was still pretty clean. They again sent out more light balls to circle the space. It took a few hundred balls of light to light the place. Their eyes widened. It had seemed empty, but the four walls were that of a palace, covered in patterns. These patterns were mostly of strange beasts, as though they roamed the seas and skies.

All four walls had passages that led deeper into other places.

"This shouldn't be the main hall, and probably not somewhere central. It probably isn't the place of burial either. The four doors lead elsewhere, and this door is the biggest. We'll head that way?" After coming in to see that this underground palace was in a state of decay, Xiao Yili regained her composure.

Obviously, the other three had no opinions. The hundreds of light balls refreshed them, giving them a sense of security.

They had just walked a few steps when they suddenly stopped. They could see that the light balls circling them were dimming, independent of their control! In short order, the light balls actually disappeared completely, plunging them uncontrollably back into darkness. Even the light streaming in from outside could not pierce the darkness here!

All four were shocked!

"How is this possible? We can't control it!"

"My god, my Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy is useless. My Violet Kingdom seems to be sealed. It's completely suppressed, and severed!"

"Me too! My entire Violet Kingdom doesn't move, no matter what I do! It's as if the power is no longer mine! I've never felt like this before. Old Mulberry Region Lord, what is happening!?"

At this point, the woman wailed, broken by her fear.

They had just entered the underground palace, and already they had been dealt a devastating blow!

And they thought that there would be no threat in an ancient and dilapidated place like this....

Xiao Yili's voice trembled. "I know! This is a spirit design that limits our Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy! And it is of a very large scale! I've heard of such spirit designs before. They are out of this world, and not many people can fashion such a spirit design. To beat it, it either needs to be shattered, causing the spirit design to lose effect, or one must use Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy that surpasses the limitations of the spirit design. Otherwise, one will be doused by the spirit design, unable to use Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. Even if we can force it out, we will constantly be battling the spirit design's effects. It's torturous!"

As she spoke, her voice started to tremble more and more. If only they were outside, one would have been able to see just how pale her face was.

Pale faces, shaking bodies, and they were all breaking out in cold sweat.

"Force it out? Why can't I utilize even an iota of my power!? I've completely lost control over my Violet Kingdom! My entire Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea is like a pool of stagnant water, and won't budge an inch. At this time, besides our physical bodies, what is the difference between us and mortals?"

The three subordinates were hysterical.

Xiao Yili stammered, "This means that the restrictive abilities of this spirit design against Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy are even stronger than I expected! This is truly a frightening spirit design. If we cannot even use a modicum of our Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, then even my father would be helpless here! This spirit design is ancient, but of the highest order!"

"This means that anything that employs dao techniques and mystiques will not work. Even dao treasures will be ineffectual - reduced to mortal weapons. They cannot even change their size, and even talisman spirit designs' basic Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy will also be inactive. This means that at this moment, we cannot even activate the Taigu Immortal Talisman!"

Anything related to spirit designs required some Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy in order to activate, which was why dao treasures and talismans were sidelined.

With even the slightest sliver of Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, they could activate their Taigu Immortal Talismans and leave with no problems.

But now, their final escape route had been cut off!

"Is this revenge for us desecrating others' tombs? Will we die?!" One of the girls broke down and bawled.

Xiao Yili thought about this. Such a terrifying spirit design - to completely nullify Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. One could not even leave the Taigu Immortal Path if there was danger. Even if one could obtain some great treasure here, the risk was too high. Frustrated, she made her decision. "It is not wise to linger here. Let us go away quickly!"

Although their physical strength was nowhere near Wu Yu's level, leaping out of this was a piece of cake for Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators.

The other three heaved a collective sigh of relief when Xiao Yili made her decision. They had been worried that Xiao Yili would want to go deeper in this situation.


With their Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy sealed, the four prepared to leap out in one go.

After all, they could not even send a Message Talismans here. What would happen if someone died?

But actually, Wu Yu was standing outside. He had heard every last word of their exchange.

He was even more aghast. He thought, "There actually is such a spirit design?"

He had once dreamed that if there was a place completely based on physical flesh, he would be the undisputed king! Invincible! Even if demons entered, they would be crushed by him.

Of course, that had been just a flight of his imagination. In truth, Wu Yu had never seen even a record of such a spirit design. After all, to completely seal someone's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was predicated on a very complex, high level spirit design. It was not something that any ordinary Heaven and Earth Spirit Design could achieve.

There were probably not many people who could fashion such a spirit design, perhaps even in the entirety of the Jambu Realm. And there might not even be anyone who could make one of this level.

"I have only heard of the existence of such spirit designs as well. I haven't seen one before. Perhaps it is only in the Taigu Immortal Path. This tomb was probably intended to be left unmolested. Therefore, someone set this spirit design to restrict access. There might even be other spirit designs, although they might have faded with time. But perhaps because of stability reasons, this spirit design still persists," Ming Long said wisely. 

"If I go down there, will it be dangerous?" Wu Yu queried.

"It's alright. But I don't suggest you barge in. If even the Taigu Immortal Talisman can't be used, then it's truly placing yourself in a dead end. You might lose your life," Ming Long said scarily.

Wu Yu laughed. He looked at the four below, saying, "Well, this opportunity comes once in a blue moon. I would not have thought that my vow for vengeance would be fulfilled so soon!"

Below was the one person he hated the most on the entire Taigu Immortal Path!

They had taken away the Water Source Ancient Crystal that he had planned to give Luo Pin, and had even threatened the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, reducing him to a helpless position.

And right now, the four were below him, and probably intent on escaping. This tomb unnerved them. Even if there were precious treasures below, this spirit design that inhibited their Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy had thoroughly put the fear in them.

After reaching the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, although one's Primordial Spirit could not die, and one could still exist in a soul form, the Primordial Spirit was frail. Without a corporeal body, it was very difficult to defend against any threats and attacks. The slightest falter would see one crumble into ash and smoke.

They were afraid of dying.

And at this time, they were leaving together, going upwards. Naturally, Wu Yu would not let them. Without a word, he stood at the entrance of the hole, blocking their path.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you're already here. Why not stay a while longer?" Wu Yu knew that if he passed on this opportunity, it would be nigh impossible to retrieve the Water Source Ancient Crystal!

That was why he could not help but act on it.

Wu Yu's sudden appearance had truly scared the souls out of all four. When they saw that it was Wu Yu, they flew into a rage. "Wu Yu, get out of our way. Don't you dare obstruct us!"

"I know you have made some breakthrough recently, but the four of us can still beat the soul out of you!"

"Scram!" Xiao Yili was irritated as well. She was assuming that this was one of Wu Yu's doppelgangers. After all, they had met a few of his doppelgangers up till now.

However, Wu Yu smiled down upon them. "Today, I came here and saw the four of you stuck in a swamp. This is an opportunity too good to pass up, and Wu Yu cannot possibly let you all leave so easily. What say you leave something behind?"

It finally dawned on Xiao Yili that this was Wu Yu's real body.

She did not have much patience. Nodding to the three by her side, she commanded, "Charge!"

"Yes, I'll deal with him!" Amongst the four, the only guy felt like it was time for him to shine. Stamping the ground, he burst upwards, sending a fist flying towards Wu Yu with all his strength backing it.


The fist connected with Wu Yu's face, ringing out as though it had hit metal. The man howled and clutched his fist, rolling on the ground. He looked at Wu Yu, stupefied.

That's right. He had hit Wu Yu, and had ended up injuring himself.

All his fingers were almost broken.

Only now did they recall that Wu Yu had been able to stand level with Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators because of his formidable physique.

Xiao Yili frowned. In such circumstances, Wu Yu was truly a formidable enemy. Therefore, she calmed down and asked, "Wu Yu, what on earth do you want?"

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