Chapter 0608: Mysterious Tomb

Looking more closely, this advanced dao treasure was a silver spear. The spear resembled a silver mystical dragon, covered with dragon scales. Its point was embedded into the ground and couldn't be seen. However, just from the engravings on the shaft of the spear, one could tell that with such an uncommon appearance, the core, and its speartip, it would undoubtedly be a godly treasure!

There were approximately 10 individuals grouped around, not all of them friends. Thus, a hint of competition could be sensed between them. However, at this point, it was every man for himself attempting to obtain the silver spear.

It was fine if they didn't get it. In the unlikely situation one of them succeeded, they would have struck it rich! What the rest were most afraid of was that once the treasure was obtained, they would use the Taigu Immortal Talisman to leave the place. Once that was done, their entire clan would definitely celebrate and treat them as a hero.

"What lunacy! Just what sort of place is this? Everything here can cause one to go crazy! There are advanced dao treasures everywhere!" 

"Indeed! I have received news that others have also spotted advanced dao treasures! I can almost guarantee that all the treasures here are advanced dao treasures!"

"So many of them? No wonder people have always touted the Taigu Immortal Path as the land of wondrous mysteries! Anything can happen! Could the many marvelous encounters in the world all have a relation to this Taigu Immortal Path?! Furthermore, since the time we have entered, only miraculous treasures and occurrences have happened. This is a first in many years!" 

"I have never even heard of such a scene!"

"Although I have never heard of such a scenario like this happening, the more important fact is that none of us are able to obtain anything! All of them are surrounded by terrible spirit designs that prevent us from obtaining anything. There's nothing different about this place. Not only us, but the strongest experts are baffled too!" one person said discouragedly.

"Unimportant. There must be a way! Perhaps one of us might just hold the key to breaking this spirit design?"

"Stop daydreaming. I'm going to go look around."

Some were disappointed, while others were excited. Some were willing to brave the dangers and try their luck. Perhaps when they had separated from the crowd, they would strike it big.

Everyone hungrily gazed at the dao treasure within the spirit design.

Even Wu Yu's eyes were glazed red, but he knew that doing just that was pointless. Coupled with the fact that he knew that these advanced dao treasures were plentiful, he was not particularly fixated on any. He continued to explore the entire grassland to find out what other secrets it hid!

After making his decision, he dispersed all his clones to search the grasslands. Just him alone was four times the number of the rest of the cultivators. 

This way, if there were any opportunities, he would likely be the first one to spot them!

Before long, Wu Yu's clone noticed a certain individual. Xiao Yili.

Xiao Yili was still with her companions. However, the despotic Liu Zichen had already thrown his life away, leaving only three remaining. 

Xiao Yili was in the lead in the group of four. They had just escaped the grasp of the experts. The people from the Dark North Kingdom were plentiful, but she only stayed with her own people.

This was because she knew that if she gathered with the rest, there were numerous others with superior backgrounds. Even if anything good was obtained, it would not be left to her.

Wu Yu's Water Source Ancient Crystal was still in her hands, so he naturally sent a few clones to tail her.

Between Xiao Yili, Jiang Qijun, and the Blue Ringed Poison Devil, Wu Yu still put her at the top of his list for people he had to deal with. This was because she had crossed his bottom line.

But there hadn’t been an opportune moment to settle this in full yet.

He spent a slight amount of attention on her, while the rest of the clones continued to scatter and explore the grasslands. Naturally, many had spotted Wu Yu's clones, and not just once.

It even seemed a little over the top.

However, people already knew of Wu Yu's capabilities and thus did not find the scene too odd.

"There are at least eight locations!" Now that the clones had dispersed, Wu Yu had noticed there were eight locations that contained advanced dao treasures.

Although his clones hadn't personally verified the scenes, just seeing the mob gathered around the areas was sufficient.

Without any exceptions, all were surrounded by terrifying spirit designs.

Following which, he travelled even further away from these locations. Many were still fixated on the original area where they had appeared in, so the further he went, the sights he saw gradually changed.

"Xiao Yili..." As he was still quite dissatisfied at the previous situation, Wu Yu's main body remained in her vicinity.

Their group was quite daring, flying and bounding without pause. The place they were in could be considered the furthest location anyone had travelled thus far.

All of a sudden, the group paused.

Perhaps they had discovered the presence of one of Wu Yu's clones. Although Wu Yu was far away, this grassland was vast, broad, and flat. If someone were to earnestly search, discovering his traces would not be difficult.

Without a word, they located the clone and destroyed it!

"Are you hoping to steal the Water Source Ancient Crystal by following us? Laughable!" one of the girls mocked.

Xiao Yili replied icily, "He did not even spread the news of us obtaining the Water Source Ancient Crystal. This is because he hopes to snatch it back. Do you not know of such a simple ploy?" The group guffawed.

"Region Lord underestimates us. It has to be said that even though he defeated Jiang Qijun and gave us a fright, I'm not even sure he can beat our group within the Taigu Immortal Path! Just threatening the Dong Sheng Divine Continent will cause him to beg on his knees, akin to an obedient dog wagging its tail." After which, the group sniggered. They were entertained at the thought of their ploy, how Wu Yu had seemed so indignant and full of grief, yet completely helpless in that situation.

What they didn't know was that Wu Yu had yet another clone not far away, listening to each and every word they said.

"Go. Look in all directions. Perhaps there might be something else other than advanced dao treasures in this place." On the surface, everyone else was going crazy over those advanced dao treasures. Yet their group still maintained emotionless expressions, walking calmly. 

Anything they saw would be a prized treasure. If they could bring them out of this place, they would undoubtedly be treasures that could call the winds and shake the earth! Their values far exceeded the three large ancient crystals.

Wu Yu's clone had discovered even more dao treasures. Through probing them, he discovered that they were all protected by spirit designs. As the search area expanded, he encountered more and more dao treasures. 

Before long, he made an unexpected massive discovery!

However, the one that first realized it was actually Xiao Yili and friends. They were the group that had diverged furthest from the pack of cultivators. They roamed as they pleased across the prairie, bringing about untold chill wherever they stepped.

They were the ones who had found a tombstone!

This tombstone was pitch black in color. It possessed a height of three zhang and a width of one chi. It was clear that this was just the part that was peeking out of the ground.

After the group of four discovered this, they quickly moved in front of it. As Wu Yu's clone was too far away, he could not read the words engraved on the tombstone.

As Wu Yu's main body was not far away, he utilized the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, shrunk to his smallest, and made a mad rush towards it with his Swift Art.

"This tombstone seems abnormal." Wu Yu had numerous clones observing the area, and other than grass and dao treasures, this was the only exception!

He made haste.

The clone was sprawled on the ground, quietly observing and eavesdropping.

"What does it say?"

"These are ancient characters. It might be someone's grave.  Or perhaps a tomb. The tombstone's material is unknown. Perhaps it might be a treasure, or something special."

"Dig out the tombstone?"

"Don't be impetuous and act rashly. If some mighty existence is entombed here, then the treasure wouldn't only be this tombstone. It would be the tomb or grave itself.  Let's look carefully. Is there an underground mausoleum or palace?" In the end, it was Xiao Yili who had foresight and the guts to poke around. 

They circled the tombstone.

"Quickly set up a spirit design to conceal us and this tombstone," she ordered one of the group members.

Behind the tombstone was a hill. Xiao Yili's instincts were telling her that underneath this hill was likely something that would shock all! Just because she was calm on the outside, it did not hide the fact that she was truly excited at this point.

"Anyone who finds precious treasures and helps my Xiao family will rise in rank tremendously!"

She harnessed the power of a dao treasure and, with her group, began to unearth the hill behind the tombstone, tossing aside vast amounts of soil and grass. Very quickly, a large hole 10 zhang deep was dug. Even now, they had yet to discover anything, and they were beginning to lose hope. But their hard work paid off and Xiao Yili discovered something extraordinary.

After cleaning dirt off it, she exclaimed, "Everyone, take a look!" 

The group surrounded her. Under her feet was actually a wall. This wall was also filled with ancient runes and traces of spirit designs.

Perhaps due to the passing and weathering of time, even the walls were full of potholes. Xiao Yili was feeling extremely bold at this moment. She used her dao treasure to bash the wall, and it crumbled immediately, opening a large hole. There was a cavity within! If her guess was right, this was a tomb, and it was an exceptionally large underground palace! This was because the fragments of stone that had crumbled and landed below had fallen for some time before a thud could be heard.

Looking at the hole beneath them, the four were exceptionally excited.

"From ancient times till now, our Yan Huang Ancient Region has always buried the dead with their treasures as per tradition! Whoever is buried in the Taigu Immortal Path is definitely not simple!" 

"There should be countless treasures within!"

Xiao Yili sucked in a deep breath before saying, "Reasonable. However, we should err on the side of caution. Although much time has passed and the spirit designs seem to have faded away, we should remain alert. Let's not waste time and go in." 

"Yes!" The four glanced at each other before hopping in.

They had already set up a concealment spirit design outside. This grassland was too wide, and noticing just this location would be difficult without knowing what they were looking for.

At this point, Wu Yu had already arrived. He gently entered the spirit design and saw the tombstone and the area around it desecrated. Soil and earth were overturned and there was a deep trench dug out with a hole inside. It was dark, and one could not see anything from where he was.

"Disturbing the rest of the dead. They truly are full of virtue." Ming Long sneered.

Wu Yu's mind was blown by this sight.

Just who was buried here?!

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