Chapter 0607: Supreme Speed

With Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold, he possessed an exceptional observational ability. Thus, he was likely the first to have discovered this dao treasure.

Based upon his intuition, this truncheon was a peerless craft, riddled with hidden spirit designs, and thus was not as eye-catching. However, Wu Yu's intuition told him that it was not inferior compared to the white and golden sword in the least.

It was overshadowed and concealed, probably because it had already sunk into the ground gradually over time, as though it was fast asleep and hibernating. It just needed that push to awaken.

However, if it truly was that priceless, it might very well be surrounded by a spirit design that even the likes of Prince Le could not unravel. Thus, he was not hasty lest he meet a quick demise like Liu Zichen.

"There must be a spirit design!" He removed a weapon from his Sumeru Pouch and lobbed it at the truncheon. Approximately 30 zhang away from the weapon, it suddenly burst into white flames and, in a blink, the treasure was completely annihilated, not even leaving ash behind.

"As expected!" Even Ming Long sighed. "An advanced dao treasure would naturally be as such. How could it be that easy to obtain, considering its immense value!" The white and golden sword, and now this truncheon, were hiding in plain sight. Everyone who saw it understood that this was an insurmountable chasm.

"I haven't gone very far, and I've already encountered a second advanced dao treasure. It seems that this location is filled with them.”

"Every location is filled with items that would fill anyone with greed. More importantly, has no one managed to obtain any?" 

If anyone else saw a second advanced dao treasure, they would likely become restless and their mood might change monumentally, eyes red with desire.

"What do you plan to do? Do you plan to continue searching, or remain here and think of a method to obtain this treasure?" Ming Long asked.

Just as Wu Yu wanted to leave, he suddenly heard a rustling behind him. The Blue Ringed Poison Devil had rushed to him.

He had been tailing Wu Yu and had finally caught up with much effort.

"It's clear that he believes I have gained quite the treasure from behind the mysterious door," Wu Yu mused.

"These sorts of individuals cannot be left alive. Once they blabber or come up with ludicrous thoughts, their very existence will endanger you," Ming Long replied.

Wu Yu had thought of this as well.

In a blink, the Blue Ringed Poison Devil appeared in front of his eyes. Just as he approached, he noticed the dao treasure behind Wu Yu.

He was not an idiot. With a glance, he could tell that the truncheon was a true treasure, most likely an advanced dao treasure.

"Another dao treasure! An advanced dao treasure!" The Blue Ringed Poison Devil glinted with light and directly dove past Wu Yu, preparing to grab the dao treasure. Yet at this very moment, he remembered the prior situation and hastily came to a stop. He stared at Wu Yu warily before similarly throwing a useless object at it. In front of his eyes, the object combusted into ash and disappeared into the skies.

He had been too careless. He was almost within the range of the spirit design.

Cold sweat poured down his back. If not for his abrupt stop, his life might very well have abruptly halted.

He turned his head and said, "You definitely knew that there was a perilous spirit design here. Why did you not warn me?" 

Wu Yu icily glared as he replied, "You're still alive, aren't you?" This demon had been tailing him and was definitely displeased at his previous response.

"Wu Yu, I have yet to settle things with you after bearing the brunt of your talisman." The Blue Ringed Poison Devil's expression was cruel and his gaze seemed to have become more feral.

His innate form was a poisonous creature of the sea, naturally possessing a tyrannical disposition. Now that he had entered the Taigu Immortal Path, he was forced to tone things down.

"How do you want to resolve things then?" 

The Blue Ringed Poison Devil racked his brains and paused to consider. "Just what was lying behind that door!? If you don't tell me, I will tell everyone that you entered the Time Control Pagoda repeatedly. You definitely have obtained something. I know that you are mighty and have even managed to beat Jiang Qijun. The fact is that I can leave the Taigu Immortal Path any time and your threats are meaningless to me. However, I know where the Dong Sheng Divine Continent is, and I've even gone near there before... hehe..."

The last sentence was naturally a threat. He was a sea region demon, and he spent his time in the area between the Yan Huang Ancient Region and the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Going to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent was easy.

Under such duress, if Wu Yu did not tell him the truth, the situation might devolve messily. The Blue Ringed Poison Devil was not exceptionally intelligent. However, within the Taigu Immortal Path, he was determined to figure out what had happened within the Time Control Pagoda. Much like Prince Le, he wanted to find out what was the real mystery behind it.

The one insult Wu Yu could not take lying down was an existential threat to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

It was because of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord that he had no choice but to tell everyone from whence he came. However, this had brought about countless troubles! This was especially so for his enemies. They all knew his weak point.

This was hard to tolerate.

He was originally hesitating and considering if he ought to take a risk and fight the Blue Ringed Poison Devil to the death. 

However, with the Blue Ringed Poison Devil's one sentence, he had given Wu Yu no opportunity to retreat. The opponent was now feeling quite smug about himself. He could tell that Wu Yu truly placed a lot of emphasis on his home and family.

"Hurry up. Don't waste my time." The Blue Ringed Poison Devil stuck out his azure blue tongue and licked his lips, a bemused gaze in his eyes.

Wu Yu made his decision then!

He directly struck out!

His third mystique, Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, was already second nature to him. 

At this point, Wu Yu did not choose to expand, but rather to shrink. In a flash, he was in his smallest state.

He had turned into a person one chi tall in front of the Blue Ringed Poison Devil.

Such a transformation could be considered even more shocking than if Wu Yu were to become large. When the Blue Ringed Poison Devil saw that Wu Yu had shrunk to such a size, he had no idea what Wu Yu was plotting.

"This..." In that momentary daze, Wu Yu took action.

His body was moving thrice as fast and, coupled with the Swift Art, his speed was absolutely miraculous!

In a blink, his body flickered and he appeared right in front of the Blue Ringed Poison Devil's eyes.

The Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean, although small, possessed ridiculous might thanks to the momentum of his terrifying speed. Although it was merely the size of a chopstick, when it landed on the Blue Ringed Poison Devil's chest, the strength was explosive.

One’s Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy would not change, despite the loss in size.

His heaven-defying speed might come at the potential cost of greater strength, but the momentum of his strike was sufficient to make up for that difference. Most importantly, this attack was something that the Blue Ringed Poison Devil was unable to defend against.

The most daunting aspect of that attack was its speed. The Blue Ringed Poison Devil was knocked flying before he could even figure out what happened.

To him, Wu Yu had already vanished as he could not keep up!

The Blue Ringed Poison Devil lanced through the air.

That forceful strike had smashed his flesh into a pulp and shattered even his bones. 

Greater speed brought about greater impact force.

The Blue Ringed Poison Devil's first thought was, how had Wu Yu managed to hit him?

The next thought was, where had he gone?

This was followed up by the third thought. Why did he dare to strike? Was he not afraid of the consequences?

The fourth thought that raced through his mind was that of absolute fear as his mind quickly adapted to the situation. But it was at this moment that he realized that Wu Yu had always planned to knock him into the spirit design protecting the truncheon dao treasure!

This very thought caused his scalp to go numb!

This very thought caused him to shudder from head to foot!

This very thought caused his expression to turn pale and panic to arise!

Yet by the time he realized it all, it was too late. Wu Yu had not given him time to reach, nor given him a chance to turn the tables.

Death would descend swiftly.

He had been knocked flying with terrifying speed before he had even noticed Wu Yu's killing intent. He realized that he had underestimated Wu Yu's strength and ability to scheme. He had overlooked his ability!

Wu Yu had grasped the opportunity and knocked him like a pinball into the spirit design.

"No..." At this point, the Blue Ringed Poison Devil hurriedly searched for his Taigu Immortal Talisman. It was a pity it was too late.

Wu Yu personally saw the regret, terror, and despair in the Blue Ringed Poison Devil's eyes. When he was engulfed by the spirit design, he completely disintegrated into ash, leaving nothing remaining. 

Furthermore, no one had noticed.

Blue Ringed Poison Devil. Killed!

"Your mistakes were your own. You should never have used the Divine Continent to threaten me."

Xiao Yili had done something similar and even robbed the Water Source Ancient Crystal from him.

This was why he possessed such overbearing killing intent towards them. He had no choice.

If not for this incredible slaughtering spirit design, Wu Yu would never have even touched a hair on the Blue Ringed Poison Devil's head. If he was forced out of the Taigu Immortal Path, the consequences would be too dire to bear as he would inevitably seek revenge.

This spirit design was his one opportunity, and he had capitalized on it.

Solving the issue of the Blue Ringed Poison Devil had not even caused a ruckus.

No one had noticed.

This way, the Blue Ringed Poison Devil had perished with all of his unfulfilled grievances and with no one to avenge him.

However, the speed granted by the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth was shocking even to him. If he were to escape, even Prince Le might not be his match.

Wu Yu was now a face of complete calm. He inspected his surroundings and heard numerous hoots and shouts. Many were like him, discovering that the ground was pervaded with advanced dao treasures!

"Just how many dao treasures are buried within this grassland?" Wu Yu couldn't help but to gasp. These treasures were so precious that even someone like Prince Le craved for one. If there were truly so many, that would be insane!

He created several clones and dispersed them towards the areas full of cheers and shouts. Before long, he saw a patch of grass 300 kilometers away. A group of cultivators were surrounding a seemingly ordinary dao treasure. Based upon their conversation, they felt that this, too, was an advanced dao treasure. 

However, all of them were full of hopes and depression as through their trials, no one had managed to penetrate the spirit design to obtain the priceless treasure!

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