Chapter 0606: Truncheon

At this moment, it had been a mere dozen days since Wu Yu had handed over the Water Source Ancient Crystal to Xiao Yili!

Xiao Yili could be sure that if Wu Yu had been this strong back then, he would not have handed over that treasure so compliantly.

How could one evolve so quickly?

And he was a mere Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator. How had he done it?

It was not just her. Everyone was equally stumped.

"This person has several astonishing mystiques, and is also a trailblazer. Although his cultivation level is not high, he has forged an unbelievable physical body, which facilitates such performance."

"Even if he were placed in the Yan Huang Ancient Region, he would be considered quite a remarkable talent. Which is strange. If the Demon Sealing Continent is as barren as the legends say, how can it have birthed such a character?"

"This kid has something special about him. No wonder Prince Le has taken notice of him, treating him as one of the Yan Huang Ancient Country."

"Although Prince Le is young, his talent is exceptional. He is stronger than many other princes, and must have the ambition to match. Right now, he is still young, and it’s a good time for him to grow his follower contingent. Perhaps he thinks well of Wu Yu's accomplishments in the future?"

Sometimes, the gossip of others helped Wu Yu become clearer of where he stood.

It seemed like the merits of the Great Way of Immortality Art, the Invincible Vajra Body, his three mystiques, and the 72 Transformations could not be concealed. Even within the Jambu Realm, he could still become a talking point, although he was at a much lower cultivation level compared to the other geniuses. Perhaps many had dismissed him at the outset, but now they could not resist sneaking a few more glances at him.

As for the companions of Jiang Qijun, they were seething inside, but had no recourse at present.

While the attention was on him, Wu Yu seized the chance. "As you can see, Jiang Qijun was kicking up a fuss about nothing in the matter of the Water Source Ancient Crystal. I can swear now: if the Water Source Ancient Crystal is in my hands, then let my sons be born without their gonads. Does that satisfy all of you? And whoever holds the ancient crystal now - let them die a horrible death. How's that?"

Since it was Xiao Yili who had snatched it away, he could speak however he pleased.

Such casual words being tossed out caused a majority to believe that he indeed did not have the Water Source Ancient Crystal.

Only Xiao Yili and her companions knew the truth. When they heard Wu Yu say the words “horrible death,” they frowned and exchanged looks. Their faces were grim. Those of the Dark North Kingdom were merciless, and the ultimate example was the Old Mulberry Region Lord, Xiao Yili.

Regardless of whether they believed him or not, Wu Yu's words were enough to disperse the crowd.

Everyone gathered in groups. Besides the Yan Huang Ancient Country people, no others would dare to step forward to actively harangue Wu Yu. Which was why no one replied at this time.

The few hundred people stood relaxed at their positions. Some still looked longingly at the advanced dao treasure, unwilling to go further. Some more resourceful ones had seized the chance to escape during the commotion, fleeing the control of the experts.

After all, this grassy plain was very vast, and they had only explored a small part of it.

Being trapped here would make anyone chafe, even if they were on the same side. This was the despotic manner of the elite experts! They did not want any others to obtain treasures.

In this aspect, the experts were unanimously united.

In this period, Wu Yu was also observing the group. The changes in mood of the experts. As more time passed, everyone grew increasingly tense.

At this time, the only one who appeared by Wu Yu's side was actually the Blue Ringed Poison Devil. This blue-skinned sea demon actually came up to Wu Yu. He looked ahead shiftily, as he said, "Wu Yu, I don't recall you being so powerful just a few days ago, when you forced me out with a talisman. In a few short days, you went through such a metamorphosis. Tell me, did you open that enigmatic door?"

He could not let anyone else learn of this matter, especially Prince Le. Wu Yu calmed himself, and fixed him with a cold eye. "You're right. I did indeed open the door. Behind it, I found a large turd. It looked like you."

The Blue Ringed Poison Devil was thrilled to hear the first half, but then the second half was clearly not right. His face reddened, and he said in a low, hoarse voice, "I guessed that the Sea of Clouds' shift was hidden behind that door. In the time that you were inside, we came here. You must have found the way to open that door. If I were you, I would share it with me. Otherwise, if news of this gets out, it will be your life on the line."

"Don't try to scare me. If I could really open that door, I would have done so long ago. Would I have let you see so much of me? Right now, I have nothing on me. If you want, I'll open my Sumeru Pouch to show everyone."

He said nonchalantly, affecting an unconcerned air. In truth, Wu Yu knew that someone like the Blue Ringed Poison Devil was still very dangerous to him. He also could not show off the Lightning Blood General before him.

"You!" Actually, the demon was simply guessing and suspecting, he had no proof.

However, he felt that there was something fishy about Wu Yu returning to the Time Control Pagoda.

However, after thinking about it, it seemed like no one cared about the Time Control Pagoda. His eyes narrowed. If Wu Yu had truly gained some reward, and he did not raise the alarm, then he might be able to snatch it for himself. Thinking of this, he no longer threatened him with spilling the beans, but instead snickered coldly. "Care that you don't burn yourself playing with what doesn't belong to you. We'll see about this."

Saying thus, he withdrew from Wu Yu's side unobtrusively, vanishing back into the crowd.

In truth, everyone's patience was wearing thin, and people were getting jumpy. Even Prince Le and the others. After a while, Wu Yu noticed that they had tried a multitude of ways. Whether they attacked it brutally, or underground, or attacked the white and golden sword with their dao treasures, there was no result. Even dao treasures were reduced to dust when hurled in. 

After a few fruitless days, the tension rose to a boiling point, but still no one had made any headway. The white and golden sword remained plunged into the ground, and no one could take it away.

Wu Yu had also seen these experts try methods that were beyond comprehension for someone of his cultivation level.

Suddenly, a demon spoke up from within the camp.

"Forget it. Perhaps this is but one of many. Stop slacking here. Let's go! Who knows - there might be many more ahead, and they might not have this spirit design!"

Someone replied, "If you're willing to give up, give up. No one's forcing you! I'm staying here. I don't believe I can't break this spirit design!"

They descended into a heated squabble.

In truth, they were actually competing against each other. Once the spirit design was undone, they would definitely have an epic fight over this advanced dao treasure.

"Alright, then we are leaving! You lot slowly look at this one! Don't you dare think of stopping us!"

From the start, it had been those dozen people who had banded together to stop anyone else from leaving.

At this time, because there had been no returns, they had divided into factions. Some were willing to leave, while some wanted to stay. Evidently, those that wished to continue examining it could not stop those who wished to leave!

On the one hand, they wanted the advanced dao treasure before their very eyes. On the other, they were afraid of missing out on even more easily obtained dao treasures that they might obtain by leaving.

Those who wished to stay certainly did not want the others to leave. But now the factions were evenly matched in power, and they could no longer force everyone to stay.

As some took the lead and left, those who had been lurking took the chance to leave as well. Instantly, everyone scattered to every direction, free of the control.

Prince Le remained here. By right, the Yan Huang Ancient Country people should not leave his side. However, everyone was worried that other goodies would be snatched up, so many of them left. They could not possibly resist when so many had left.

They must have regarded this advanced dao treasure's spirit design as impossible to crack. Which was why another portion of the super geniuses who had planned to stay a little while longer left as well. Right now, all was chaos. Those who wished to leave ducked out of sight, and could not be stopped.

In the end, a scant few remained by the white and golden sword. Before long, they too left, and Prince Le had gone with them.

As for Wu Yu, he had used the Swift Art at the start of the mess - he was the first one out of there. He did not follow the limestone path. After all, this grass plain was vast - there was no need to stifle himself!

In short order, hundreds of people spread out over the grass plain. They looked as insignificant as ants within the infinite, grass plain.

This place was different from the dark sea and the Sea of Clouds. Both places had seemed to have no end, although they actually did. Which was why everyone had been unable to stray too far away. But this grassy plain was different. After they dispersed in different directions, it would be very difficult for them to meet again.

After Wu Yu had gone out a few hundred kilometers, only a few strangers remained in the vision of his Eyes of Fire and Gold.

Some wanted to chase Wu Yu, but he disappeared in a flash. He could not be bothered to fight those he did not know. Right now, the most important thing was to investigate the secret of this grassy plain!

After obtaining the Floating Dreams Pagoda, and also completing the mission of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, he felt that anything extra was a bonus, as long as he did not die. Given this reckless attitude, he naturally dared to go further than the others!

After pushing ahead for a spell, he surveyed the grass before him, and discovered a truncheon-like dao treasure. It might very well be an advanced dao treasure!

Could there be so many advanced dao treasures here?

Wu Yu stood before this advanced dao treasure, afraid to act rashly.

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