Chapter 0605: The Path of Pursuit

The nine golden arms were not that coarse, but they were infinitely long.

Upon closer inspection, each arm was comprised of countless golden yellow feathers.

Especially the palm - the pointed claws were keen and sharp, much like those of a male eagle.

The Magical Golden Luan Transformation and the Qian Kun Golden Hell Portal mystiques combined together, lancing out mercilessly. The spectators looked at each other. They felt that Jiang Qijun was planning to destroy Wu Yu beyond all recovery.

"This kid doesn't know that he's stirred up a hornet's nest, does he?"

"Hey, check out those eyes. Looks like some sort of mystique. Could it be he's absorbing the sun's truefire?"

As the voices sounded, Wu Yu and Jiang Qijun faced off in earnest!

From within the Qian Kun Golden Hell Portal, the nine golden arms exploded forth alongside frightful sucking power, intent on drawing Wu Yu into that sealed world.

Wu Yu did not dodge it, but stubbornly resisted the vacuuming influence. He stood firm as the arms whistled towards him!

At that moment, he burst forth, the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean materializing in his hands. His leg stomped the ground, sending a tremor rippling through the grassy plain. And he blurred into a beam of golden light that shot towards Jiang Qijun!

"Sun Vessel!"

The Sun Vessel's power had already reached a peak here. This time, when directly facing the sun, the Sun Vessel's force had reached unprecedented levels! As he burst forth, the golden column of fire from his eyes clashed against the golden arms.

Before this, not many people had expected Wu Yu's eyes to be capable of such force.

What was even more astonishing was the sheer intensity of the Sun Vessel. It was as though a mystical dragon had burst forth. It swallowed the nine arms and then exploded, causing the nine arms to burst in a puff of golden feathers.

This scene raised an uproar of shock.

Even Jiang Qijun's expression wavered. Her fierce gaze was now haunted with a tinge of uncertainty, perhaps even unease. Such a thing had never happened before. Wu Yu's gaze right now caused her to shrink back a little. She had not expected Wu Yu's look to be this sharp.

However, Jiang Qijun still had confidence that Wu Yu would be sucked into the Qian Kun Golden Hell Portal, because Wu Yu was currently heading towards it.

As he shot towards Jiang Qijun, it seemed like he was indeed about to be sucked in.

As though trying to commit suicide.

Jiang Qijun thought so as well.

Weng! Just as Wu Yu seemed to be about to be drawn into the Qian Kun portal, the unimaginable happened!

As Wu Yu neared Jiang Qijun, he employed the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth! In a flash, his body grew to an unbelievable three zhang! At this moment, both Jiang Qijun and the Qian Kun Golden Hell Portal in her hands seemed as insignificant as toys.

After all, Jiang Qijun only reached up to his thigh.

He had become a giant!

His palm alone could cover Jiang Qijun's Qian Kun Golden Hell Portal.

The portal could indeed grow bigger, but it was too late now. It could not suck Wu Yu in. Besides, Wu Yu had sent his staff smashing towards the Upper Qian Golden Rings!


In that instant, he used the Violent Art.

The strongest, most violent swing!


After the Sun Vessel had destroyed the nine arms, the blow delivered with the stupendous support of the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and the Violent Art rang out. Everyone saw the Upper Qian Golden Rings sent flying a good distance away, and they had even cracked!

Jiang Qijun's mystique naturally vanished thoroughly as well!

This was the next moment!

A Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator had broken the ultimate move of a Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator's culmination of three mystiques. Everyone was starting to wonder if they were dreaming.

Perhaps Jiang Qijun felt the same way. She was definitely off-balance now. In that instant, Wu Yu saw her dismay and confusion.

But the third moment was fast upon them!

After using the Violent Art, his body was screaming in pain. But using his tripled strength and his vast Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, Wu Yu still had a few more swings left in him!

After batting a home run with her dao treasure, he sent another punishing blow lashing towards the blank head of Jiang Qijun.

"Golden Sunflower Realm!" In her panic, Jiang Qijun used her third mystique. Sunflowers bloomed to cover her body. But just as the Golden Sunflower Realm appeared, Wu Yu's Godly Sea Steadying Needle connected with it!


The metal clanged in a shrill sound that hurt one's ears.

Many cracks appeared on the Golden Sunflower Realm, but it held, unbroken.

However, Wu Yu was like a berserk demon at this point. How could he be stopped? In short order, he rained down a good number of blows. His unparalleled violence raged against the Golden Sunflower Realm. His body was too huge now, and the Golden Sunflower Realm did not count for much against him. After a few more strikes, the Golden Sunflower Realm broke, revealing Jiang Qijun's ashen face before Wu Yu's Godly Sea Steadying Needle. If not for Wu Yu staying his hand, he could definitely kill her where she stood!


The Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean was one chi thick. It pressed against Jiang Qijun's breast, crushing her to the ground.

At this moment, Jiang Qijun's hair was splayed. Although she was wearing an armor dao treasure, Wu Yu's terrifying strength had even caused this dao treasure to lie silent and dim. If not for this dao treasure protecting her, her body would probably have been smashed to smithereens by Wu Yu. 

Even through the armor dao treasure, she had sustained grave injuries!

It was immediately apparent from the pained expression on her pale face.

Wu Yu was like a giant, towering over her.

She had to be in physical agony. Clearly, being defeated and laid helpless before Wu Yu was a mentally devastating blow. It was unbearable. Although Wu Yu's face was emotionless, this impassive and cold look caused her to tremble even more.

She still remembered that she had not even been bothered to remember this person's name the first time she met him.

And now, she was actually being thrashed, and her life was in his hands. And this was with everyone watching! This process was too excruciating!

Therefore, Jiang Qijun shook, craven tears leaking from her eyes.

"Victory is clear. No one stays above forever, looking down on the rest. Jiang Qijun. After you leave, remember to spread the word of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord."

Wu Yu's voice was cold as he stowed his dao treasure, reverting to his original state.

Although there were many people around, there was silence. Everyone was staring at him, stunned. This was the first time that Wu Yu had fought before their eyes. He had displayed his full power before so many.

Who would have thought that the day would come when the super-geniuses of the Jambu Realm would look upon him with such expressions.

In truth, Wu Yu was enjoying it quite a lot.

However, he understood a truth.

"On the road of cultivation, one must always challenge the next higher peak. The present is but a realization of all your past efforts. Ware arrogance, or face judgment as Jiang Qijun has."

It was exactly because of Jiang Qijun's arrogance and superior attitude that she had fallen fair and square, and before so many. To her, this had to be unbearable.

Deathly silence! Even the gentle whisper of the wind could be clearly heard.

Wu Yu knew what they were thinking. They had to be suspicious and curious of him right now, trying to convince themselves of what had really happened.

However, to him, this was already all in the past. It was behind him. What he would chase now was the next higher peak! To him, cultivation was a pursuit!

Jiang Qijun slowly crawled up from the grass. She was a wretched sight, bleeding all over and disheveled. She was a completely different picture from the mighty Golden Luan Region Lord!

And then her shaking gaze met Wu Yu's.

Her gaze slowly turned to anger, and then hatred. She had truly fallen into the clutches of madness.

"Somebody! Kill him for me!" She whirled back to the Yan Huang Ancient Country people.

Amongst the Yan Huang Ancient Country group, many had similar sentiments. So when she raised such a plea, quite a few stood up. Evidently, they too could not stand Jiang Qijun's humiliation.

"I will do it!"

"Don't let this brat escape."

At least seven or eight people stood up. They were all good friends of Jiang Qijun, and all in the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

Their eyes were menacing.

Although, they were filled with trepidation internally. They had met Wu Yu before this as well, and knew that he was fast, unbelievably fast.

And it seemed that his cultivation level had increased now as well!

Just as they were about to threaten Wu Yu, a voice came over from near the advanced dao treasure.

"Enough. Stop making a fool of yourselves. Golden Luan, as per your bet, let your father know about the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord after you leave."

This was Prince Le's voice, unyielding.

Hearing this, Jiang Qijun's face turned a whole new shade of white. And now the others who were about to help her vent her anger could only stand by bashedly, unable to act.

"Wu Yu is a member of our Yan Huang Ancient Country. He is a bright talent of our future. Do not ostracize our own this way."

Prince Le added.

However, he was still focusing on the spirit design. In truth, he had the situation well under his control.

Prince Le was the absolute leader here. Saying this much left no room for discussion. With her last bit of rationality, Jiang Qijun realized that causing any more trouble here would disgrace herself completely.

"Yes, Prince."

She lowered her head, giving a last look to the friends by her side.

They were clearly frustrated, angry, and unhappy.

Jiang Qijun nodded to them, and they nodded in response. Everyone understood what this meant. If the chance came, take revenge for Jiang Qijun.

Jiang Qijun turned a final, cold look to Wu Yu. She bit her beautiful lip, then crushed her Taigu Immortal Talisman and left.

It was over!

Some cheered for Wu Yu.

Wu Yu knew whose gaze was boring into him. It was Xiao Yili. She was standing somewhere behind Wu Yu.

Perhaps Wu Yu's ability had scared her stiff.

As for Wu Yu's intentions with the Water Source Ancient Crystal, she was very clear about it now....

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