Chapter 0604: Magical Golden Luan Transformation

With full certainty, Jiang Qijun's face turned unprecedentedly ugly.

It was clear that Wu Yu had managed to frame her, and perhaps even Prince Le had given her a good verbal lashing.

Clearly. she was able to explain that she had absolutely nothing to do with the rumors that were spread.

However, as the Golden Luan Region Lord, she too possessed sufficient stature within the Yan Huang Ancient Country. It was because Wu Yu came from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent and was an insignificant ant to her that she acted the way she did. Thus, she was scolded, and her mood could be seen on her face.

Most importantly, she knew that she had been plotted against.

Jiang Qijun was probably the most arrogant individual Wu Yu had ever met. This arrogance was thoroughly hammered by Wu Yu's moves.

Under the curious eyes of many, Prince Le and the rest began researching how to bypass the spirit design. The rest were trapped and unable to leave. When Jiang Qijun screamed Wu Yu's name out loud, the crowd became restless. This Wu Yu was notorious. He was weak yet had managed to steal two priceless treasures.

Even though no one could tell the truth of the matter, many still chose to believe. Furthermore, who would even want to frame him?

Facing Jiang Qijun's inquisition, Wu Yu was a face of calm. He knew that the one who had spread the rumors was just nearby. She was within the group observing him. However, he was not planning to reveal the news either.

He clenched his teeth and replied, "Within this Taigu Immortal Path, only you have something against me, often trying to go against me. You even ignored Prince Le's warnings and spread such vicious rumors. Other than you, who else would do such a thing? Who else has any motive?"

More and more curious gazes focused their attention on him as more people were attracted to the scene. He naturally had to make use of this opportunity to clear his name.

However, words without action were useless. Everyone had their own suspicions.

"Why don't you reveal the contents of your Sumeru Pouch? We can then see the truth of the matter," someone within the crowd said.

"Shut up!" Jiang Qijun raged. She stomped towards Wu Yu with an icy glare. Looking at her stance, she seemed to want to teach Wu Yu a lesson.

The people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country were numerous. Basically all of them were behind her. Thus, she seemed even more imposing. Ignoring everyone else, she declared, "None of you are to interfere. This is a personal matter."

Someone beside her whispered, "Golden Luan Region Lord, didn't Prince Le say not to touch him..."

Jiang Qijun glowered with a chilly expression as she allowed him to talk back.

Prince Le was currently attempting to undo the spirit design and was fully focused. He completely ignored the goings around him.

"Wu Yu, if you truly have the balls, then stand up for your words and pay the price. Since you framed me, I will tear off that filthy mouth of yours. This is truly what you deserve. I'm sure you wouldn't disagree," Jiang Qijun solemnly said.

The people of the Yan Huang Ancient Country were despots. At this point, they surrounded him, and even those who suspected that he had the ancient crystals could only watch at this point.

When it reached the point where the struggle for the ancient crystals began, they would act.

Now they would simply watch a show.

"This brat from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent not only spread the news of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, but even managed to stay alive till now. It must not have been easy."

"This just means that he has his own trump cards. Why else would he gain the appreciation of Prince Le? Based upon this logic, if he really did obtain the Water Source Ancient Crystal, with Prince Le not saying another word, that too would seem unlikely. Perhaps Prince Le wants him to have it and it is truly not meant for us..."

"In this case, then the whole fiasco might be fake."

"Keke. To infuriate the Golden Luan Region Lord to such a point truly demonstrates that this Wu Yu has a little skill." Everyone was basically entertained by this sight.

"However, it looks like this brat has been surrounded. He's definitely screwed."

"Yeah. It all depends on whether Prince Le will bother to give him a lifeline. This insignificant ant is clearly not worth an Advanced Dao Treasure. Prince Le won't be pushed to act." Just as the discussion raged on, Jiang Qijun had already equipped her Upper Qian Golden Rings. She was going to act.

Right before everyone's eyes.

One couldn't feel pity for Wu Yu. After all, he had truly been waiting for this day.

When Jiang Qijun attempted to suppress him yet again, Wu Yu laughed, "Golden Luan Region Lord. Now that your lies have been exposed and you've been shamed into anger, you wish to avenge your humiliation in public?"

"You finally understand what it means to fear?" Jiang Qijun retorted with a chuckle.

"Aren't you scared of being scolded by Prince Le yet again?" Jiang Qijun glanced backwards at this moment and could see that the prince was still focused on his task and dealing with the cultivators around him. He was definitely not paying attention to this altercation. With that, she calmed down slightly and replied, "You bumpkin. Do you truly believe that Prince Le cherishes you?"

It looked as though Prince Le had no longer warned her from acting. Otherwise, she would not have been so brave.

Adding on to that, Prince Le was clearly not paying attention. This further bolstered her confidence. At this point, she was no longer as meek and directly rushed towards Wu Yu.

Wu Yu immediately retreated.

One advanced and the other stepped back.

"Why don't we have a gamble?" Facing Jiang Qijun's suppression, Wu Yu gave an idea. He was still calm and was still in the mood to banter.

"On what basis do you have the right to barter with me?" Jiang Qijun smiled coldly. The nine Upper Qian Golden Rings started to rotate and orbit around her. Sharp whistling sounds could be heard as immense light radiated off them.

"Let us have a fair fight. Whoever loses will leave the Taigu Immortal Path. If you dare to do so, I won't hide." Wu Yu continued to increase his speed and, with the Swift Art, dodged around. Jiang Qijun's numerous attacks had completely missed.

She was unafraid of Wu Yu's continuous dodges. However, if he truly chose to face her head-on, she would be more than willing. Furthermore, she was also concerned about Prince Le finding out. She had to settle this with haste.

Wu Yu's words had caused a stir.

Everyone thought they had misheard. Wu Yu actually dared to speak such words and challenge Jiang Qijun? Much less make a gamble where the loser would leave the Taigu Immortal Path?

There was a large gap in their cultivation levels. Although the audience had heard that Wu Yu possessed all sorts of miraculous methods...

This was akin to an adult fighting a toddler. There would be no chance of victory.

"If I were to lose to you, I would have lost the face to remain here. I don't even need to accept your bet," Jiang Qijun said emotionlessly.

"In that case, when you leave the Taigu Immortal Path, remember to tell your elders about the issue with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. The Jambu Realm's fate lies in your hands." Wu Yu's one sentence was completely insulting, directly poking fun at the Jambu Realm. They had yet to fight, but he had already made a low blow.

Honestly, Wu Yu was the happiest one here right now. He had been constantly suppressed by her and now he could finally return the favor. It was just a simple reminder about what was important once she left.

It would also be good to remind the audience of the situation here and there.

Hearing Wu Yu's rude words, Jiang Qijun's expression turned steel green. She only had one thought in mind: to kill Wu Yu today!

She had to explode with full strength in order to kill him. Jiang Qijun had to act decisively and ruthlessly to regain any semblance of face.

"Magical Golden Luan Transformation!" Jiang Qijun directly activated her mystique. On this vast plain, piercing rays of spiritual light radiated in all directions. Jiang Qijun's body glowed even more ferociously! This was a clan legacy mystique. It was countless times stronger than the Golden Sunflower Realm.

This mystique allowed Jiang Qijun's entire body to be wreathed in gold light as countless golden feathers akin to sharp blades covered her body. Furthermore, two wings made of countless golden feathers gradually unfurled from behind her back.

This was the Magical Golden Luan Transformation. In terms of strength, speed, and defense, they all had received a massive boost!

There were few mystiques that allowed one to transform. The current Jiang Qijun was a completely different beast!

In front of Wu Yu's eyes, she flashed into the air and disappeared. Her dao treasure, the Upper Qian Golden Rings, gradually converged and combined before her very eyes.

A terrifying strength could be felt from the fusion of all the rings.

Clearly, Jiang Qijun wanted to utilize her strongest means possible to instantly obliterate Wu Yu!

When the Magical Golden Luan Transformation appeared, it shocked many.

"The Golden Luan Region Lord had previously demonstrated the frightening might of her mystique, giving her her current title."

"This is truly a peak-level mystique. I feel so envious!"

"You guys don't know that she has a sure kill mystique known as the Qian Kun Golden Hell Portal. That is true fear! Jiang Qijun clearly wants to utilize it!"

"I understand now. She wants to suck Wu Yu into the Qian Kun Golden Hell and seal him within forever! That way, Wu Yu won't even be able to escape! Furthermore, the Qian Kun Golden Hell is apparently very small. It's desolate and empty. Once one enters, there's no way out. They have to be able to endure endless loneliness and solitude until they die and fade to ashes!"

Everyone was fervently discussing when Jiang Qijun showed her hand. What no one had noticed was that Wu Yu's eyes were already trained on the sun. By the time his opponent had completed her Magical Golden Luan Transformation, he had already gathered a tremendous amount of the sun's truefire. Massive amounts of raging flames had been condensed into his eyes. What others could see now was only that Wu Yu's eyes were burning hot, perhaps hotter than even the sun!

It was then that they realized that Wu Yu wasn't that simple.

However, this Jiang Qijun was incomparably vicious!

Indeed she had reached her ultimate state and utilized the Qian Kun Golden Hell Portal.

In her hands, the nine Upper Qian Golden Rings had first combined then expanded in size, turning into a massive circular gate in front of Jiang Qijun.

It was then that the golden gate gradually began to open!

When it opened, a pure golden space could be seen with numerous runes warping within.

At this point, a terrifying suction force could be felt from within while nine golden limbs stretched out!

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