Chapter 0603: Advanced Dao Treasure

Wu Yu had the Invincible Vajra Body. If he had not restrained and controlled himself, it would have been obvious that he was different from others.

His demeanor, aura, disposition, and many other aspects would be exceptionally unique.

However, through thorough control over various parts of his body, he could adjust his body to be roughly similar to his doppelgangers.

What he showed was still the Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy of a sixth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator.

Therefore, he wasn't too outstanding while mixing in the crowd.

However, with so many people entering the Taigu Immortal Path, the differences between the experts and the weak were still rather astronomical.

The figures ahead had disappeared and yet the people behind were still trying to catch up. Wu Yu hung around this group of people and could only witness with his own eyes the disappearance of Prince Le and the rest.

The Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators were all right behind Prince Le and the rest. Wu Yu was roughly behind those Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators.

He was thinking about making a detour forward or heading in another direction so he wouldn't miss out on any treasures.

It was then that the group ahead suddenly stopped. More and more people gathered at a location, and the people behind caught up rapidly.

Wu Yu got closer and closer to that location. With his Eyes of Fire and Gold, he probably could see further than the rest. Looking down from above, he could roughly tell what appeared ahead!

Strong vibrations swept towards him from that direction. That was a piece of ordinary land deep into the grass field. Vaguely, Wu Yu seemed to have seen a sword buried into the ground.

It was a white and golden longsword that was stabbed right into the earth like a signpost.

However, the strange thing was that the group didn't charge forward to fight for that sword. Everyone stopped before that sword and surrounded it without further movement.

When Wu Yu got closer, he finally heard someone saying, "There's a Heaven and Earth Spirit Design around the dao treasure! Don't get too close! They said that this Heaven and Earth Spirit Design has extremely powerful destructive force."

So that was why no one was fighting for it.

Wu Yu arrived soon after and mixed into the crowd. The crowd formed a circle roughly two hundred zhang away from that sword. However, even Prince Le and the rest didn't take a step closer.

Shortly after, several hundred people arrived at the location. They were pushing and shoving as they tried to catch a glimpse of that sword. The people who arrived later had no idea what had happened and were constantly asking those who were before them. Wu Yu was also carefully observing that sword that was buried in the ground. The white and golden color gave off an extremely holy and majestic feel. The longer one stared at it, the easier one would find how magical and profound this dao treasure was. At the very least, no one could tell how many spirit designs were on it.

Taking a closer look, the surface of the sword was rather rough and appeared to be formed from countless microbeads fusing together.

"Prince Le and his men haven't left the place and are still researching the spirit design! Clearly, this might be an advanced dao treasure!"

“It is an advanced dao treasure! I heard it from them before you guys arrived. We better not get any closer. When the elite cultivators fight it out later, we might suffer collateral damage."

"Advanced dao treasure!" When the word was said, almost everyone heard it. At that time, everyone's expressions changed substantially. Their gazes at that white and golden sword had turned completely different.

Lust. Greed. Desire.

These were the basic instincts of all humans. Martial cultivation is plunder. If there was an opportunity for them to do so, everyone would want to get it! Wu Yu was no exception. After all, he knew how to use a sword and was rather adept in it.

Wu Yu wasn't sure if the Floating Dreams Pagoda was an advanced dao treasure or a seraphic dao treasure. Nonetheless, it should be of a higher tier than this white and golden sword. However, this white and golden sword was an advanced dao treasure after all, and even Prince Le wanted to possess it. This was proof of its exceptional value.

There was no one on the grass field who wouldn't want to get it!

Many people stared blankly at that dao treasure. Some even swallowed their saliva unconsciously.

"Collateral damage.... That's not the way to see it. Luck is also important to gain possession of a treasure of the world. If I manage to get my hands on it, I'll crush my Taigu Immortal Talisman right away. No matter how strong they are, they wouldn't be able to do anything to me...."

Someone commented softly.

No one answered but this was undoubtedly the thought process of the weak. They were inferior to Prince Le and other sixth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators. Therefore, they could only employ such means. The Taigu Immortal Talismans were the sources of their courage.

"For an advanced dao treasure, it is worth offending everyone in this place. Advanced dao treasure... even my father and seniors don't have a dao treasure like this...."

Many people were whispering.

"What kind of spirit design is that? To intimidate them and stop them from fighting for it?"

"I don't know. When I arrived here, I heard them saying there's a spirit design here. However, I couldn't sense it. Could it be that this was just a farce?"

"It shouldn't be...."

Many people were discussing it in secret. Initially, they were rather far from the white and golden sword. However, many of them had a change in mind at this moment and were constantly trying to make their way closer to the center. In fact, some even possessed thoughts of charging past Prince Le and the rest, directly snatching the blade.

"Don't go in! There's indeed a spirit design here, and it's probably something you guys can't resolve," Ming Long reminded.

Wu Yu nodded.

He retreated to the back, while the majority of the people were eager to move ahead. Ever since they entered the Taigu Immortal Path, a portion of the people had not seen an extreme treasure of this level yet.

"For this advanced dao treasure, there will definitely be a bloodbath today! We had a hard time getting to this part of the Taigu Immortal Path. Instead of running around like a headless fly, I might as well take the risk this time. If I'm successful, I'll have achieved more than many others.... Even if I don't, I still have the Taigu Immortal Talisman. I wouldn't lose much...."

Wu Yu retreated to the back as the mob basically began to froth at the mouth over this treasure. Their eyes were filled with endless greed.

At this time, those dozen-odd strongest experts that were closest to the white and golden sword also couldn't stop the feverish eyes of the 200-odd people. If they were to charge ahead at the same time, Prince Le and the rest would most likely fail to stop them.

"Whoever wants to charge ahead and lose their life can be my guest, don't blame us for not giving you a warning. If the spirit design were truly fake or was weak, we would have charged ahead to snatch the advanced dao treasure by now. Do you think trash like you guys would even have the opportunity?"

One young man beside Prince Le remarked harshly.

His words intimidated a huge portion of the people and caused some to regain their composure.

This was because he spoke about losing one's life and not leaving the Taigu Immortal Path. There was a chance they could lose their lives in a truly desperate situation. Even the Taigu Immortal Talisman wouldn't help in such scenarios if they died before they could react.


Just as the young man finished his words, a person charged towards the advanced dao treasure to the astonishment of the crowd.

"Liu Zichen!" Wu Yu heard a familiar scream. That should be Xiao Yili. She was rather close to the dao treasure, but she didn't have the thought of taking the risk. At this very moment, someone beside her was overcome by greed and charged towards the advanced dao treasure!"

Prince Le and the rest looked at him coldly but didn't attempt to stop him. Whoosh!

That young man named Liu Zichen overtook all the people. At the instant his body entered the range of the spirit design, a buzzing sound reverberated across. On this peaceful grass field, the wind blew past. Liu Zichen was reduced to powder. Even his clothes, Sumeru Pouch, and everything on him, including his dao treasure and even Taigu Immortal Talisman, were instantly reduced to powder and scattered onto the ground.

Without even screaming, Liu Zichen was gone.

No one would think that he had crushed the Taigu Immortal Talisman at the last moment and left the Taigu Immortal Path miraculously. Everyone knew that he had paid the price for his recklessness with his life.

There was nothing wrong with greed and desire. However, showing no restraint with his actions and thoughts would be his lethal mistake.

This person had used his life to pay a price, scaring those with similar ideas as him out of their wits. Even Prince Le, who had witnessed the incredible might of the spirit design, retreated a large distance from the spirit design out of fear.

The rest also retreated fearfully.

At that moment, everyone was exchanging glances and could easily see the pale faces of those around them.

Prince Le retrieved a sword and threw it into the boundary of the spirit design. At that instant, that sword was turned into powder instantly and scattered onto the grass field.

"I believe everyone has already seen it. Who is still thinking of taking the risk?" Prince Le scoffed. A test like this scared the crowd once again.

"Ming Long, what kind of spirit design is this?"

"I don't know. After all, this is the Taigu Immortal Path. Undoubtedly, it will be really hard for this group of people to get this advanced dao treasure! Rest assured. This advanced dao treasure won't be taken away so easily."

Wu Yu had his conclusion in mind.

At this time, Prince Le and the rest were deep in thought. Clearly, all of them desired that advanced dao treasure dearly. However, they were all able to restrain themselves. This was a testament to how troublesome this spirit design was.

Not a single person had the thought of escaping the Taigu Immortal Path once they got their hands on the advanced dao treasure. This method wouldn't work.

However, what would the rest do while some of them were thinking of ways to break the spirit design?

Some people were thinking that they might be able to snatch it once the spirit design shattered.

Some people were thinking that the grassfield was extremely huge and that the gravel path had no end. There might be other treasures somewhere. Therefore, they wanted to leave.

Wu Yu thought about it and felt that he should be heading deeper into the grassfield.

Just as he was having these thoughts, the strongest dozen-odd experts gathered together. They discussed and then suddenly announced, "Before we break this spirit design, no one is allowed to leave this place. Otherwise, don't blame us for not being courteous!"

Every single one of them was basically a leader of various forces. This order instantly limited over 80% of the people present. For example, all the experts of the Yan Huang Ancient Country had to listen to Prince Le.

The reason why they didn't want anyone to leave was because they were worried that these people would find other treasures while they were breaking this spirit design! This was an advanced dao treasure after all!

Their actions were undoubtedly overbearing!

However, they had the authority to do so, considering their strength. Like Prince Le, who controlled over 30 people alone. This included Jiang Qijun. Not only were they not leaving, but they also didn't want the rest to leave!

"Everyone has to remain here. Feel free to try leaving this place right now."

With their influence spanning wide, everyone lowered their heads at this moment. Naturally, even if someone was thinking of leaving, this wasn't the time. When they exhausted their energy on the spirit design, that would be the opportunity to do so.

Wu Yu wasn't able to leave either.

"Wu Yu!" Suddenly, Jiang Qijun stood right behind him when she finally saw him.

"How dare you frame me and even have the audacity to suggest I've gotten the Water Source Ancient Crystal." Wu Yu could tell that she was seething, like a volcano about to blow.

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