Chapter 0602: Gravel Path

After reaching the sixth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea and having the Lightning Blood General to assist him, his battle strength was now average amongst those in Taigu Immortal Path. He would no longer be the one who could be pushed over by anyone else. 

Nonetheless, Wu Yu clearly understood something. 

"Prince Le probably hasn't seen the Lightning Blood General. After all, the Lightning Blood General would be a rather low level puppet relative to his cultivation level.

"Other than that, only the Blue Ringed Poison Devil has challenged the Time Control Pagoda. I didn't force him to leave the Taigu Immortal Path previously and simply let him out of the Time Control Pagoda. However, when he made the challenge, it should have been against the Spiritual Trio General and not the Lightning Blood General. Therefore, it is likely that he has not seen the Lightning Blood General in detail.

"However, Prince Le and him both know about that mysterious door. If I manipulate this puppet openly, they might deduce that I have discovered the secrets of that mysterious door. The Blue Ringed Poison Devil hates me to the core. If he spreads the news around, I will be in trouble. As for Prince Le, his desire to know the secret of that mysterious door isn't any less intense than mine was." 

In the end, Wu Yu's conclusion was that even though he had the puppet guards, he shouldn't expose them currently. Instead, he should rely on himself first. 

After all, he was from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Unlike the remaining geniuses of the Jambu Realm, he had no authority or backing. He would be free for them to slaughter. 

Now wasn't the time for him to be arrogant and forget who he was. 

Nonetheless, he couldn't remain in the Floating Dreams Pagoda forever, or others might find it. Moreover, he still had several doppelgangers outside. Once he entered the Floating Dreams Pagoda, he wasn't able to sense their presence. 

When he couldn't control them, his doppelgangers were no different from being dead. 

One of the doppelgangers was still holding on to the core-tail talisman from Prince Le. 

"I have entered that door and obtained the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Yet we are still stuck within this Cloud Sea of Time. Could it be that there are other secrets?" 

He had doppelgangers and therefore had a huge advantage when it came to searching within this Cloud Sea of Time. 

Therefore, after finishing off the Lightning Blood General, Wu Yu left the Floating Dreams Pagoda. 

In the blink of an eye, he appeared amidst the clouds. The first action he made after exiting was naturally to store the Floating Dreams Pagoda in his Sumeru Pouch. 

"Look at you! Acting just like a miser," Ming Long said with spite. 

"You must be green with envy." Wu Yu chuckled. 

"Cut your crap! What are your plans now?" 

Just as Wu Yu was about to say he would like to find out about the current situation and walk around... All of a sudden, several moments after he exited, the entire Cloud Sea of Time started undergoing major changes! 

Wu Yu immediately summoned his remaining doppelgangers over. Some were already killed and had turned into golden hair. 

However, it was too late. 

The entire Cloud Sea of Time was experiencing the same changes as the endless seas previously. Turmoil suddenly erupted and the clouds started turning into currents. In fact, the entire world was collapsing as chaos descended. 

As for Wu Yu, he felt as though he was a mortal swept into a deluge. He had no means to resist at all. It wasn't just him. With such huge changes happening to the Taigu Immortal Path, it was hard for the young geniuses to control themselves. Perhaps even people at the level of Prince Le were no better than the rest. 

"Why are we being sent to another place so suddenly again?

"Could this have something to do with me getting the Floating Dreams Pagoda?" 

Wu Yu wouldn't know the real reason behind it. 

What piqued his interest now was where they would be sent to after experiencing space, an endless sea, and a sea of clouds. 

There's no regularity to speak of in the Taigu Immortal Path. Anything could happen. In fact, they might be sent to different places. As long as they weren't dead, could withstand the changes, and were within the time limit of one year, the truth was that they could possibly roam many areas of this Taigu Immortal Path. 

Regarding where he was headed, Wu Yu was anxious but also filled with anticipation. 

"It would be best if it could send me to a land filled with precious treasures and without many trials," Wu Yu thought to himself. 

This was his wishful thinking. Historically speaking, there were numerous people who had such encounters. In fact, it might have happened this time. After all, there were lots of people who came in. No one knew where the others might have been sent to. 

Where Wu Yu was at currently should most likely be where the majority of the people were sent to. 

Within the turbulence of the clouds, no one could tell top from bottom. Vaguely, one could still hear others screaming while being flipped around in the turbulence. The noises were loud and their visions were masked by the white clouds. Towards the end, the changes were dramatic and they seemed to have sunk into the vortexes in the deep seas. However, they emerged from these vortexes soon after. At this moment, what Wu Yu felt was a sense of loss of gravity! 

He escaped from the vortexes, but he was falling. 

He immediately scanned his surroundings with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. 

He was indeed falling downwards. 

Above him, huge pieces of white clouds were aligned neatly and densely scattered across the sky. 

Approximately 500 zhang below him, it was a boundaryless, jade-green grassfield. 

White clouds were in the sky and jade-green grass was on the ground. 

Other than that, there didn't seem to be anything else. 

The distance from the white clouds to the grass field was only 500 zhang. Typically, white clouds wouldn't be hanging so low. At Wu Yu's quickest speed, he could charge into the white clouds in the blink of an eye. 

"Could the white clouds above us be the Cloud Sea of Time we were in previously? When I tried to dive into the Cloud Sea of Time, I would always end up at the top. Could it be that we have really fallen off it this time?" 

This was Wu Yu's conjecture. He had the feeling that the clouds above him were no different from before. Finally, he was below the white clouds. 

However, it was too vast and broad below the white clouds. One could see the entirety with a single look. He immediately stabilized his fall and charged upwards in hopes of getting into the white clouds once again. 

However, he felt as though he had collided into a piece of mirror this time as he was stopped. Even through several attempts and getting dizzy from the impacts, he still couldn't make it back into the white clouds above him. There was now a transparent barrier that he couldn't cross between him and the white clouds. 

There were numerous people with the same idea as Wu Yu. They still preferred to hide themselves within the white clouds. Therefore, when they arrived at this place, they tried to turn back. Their outcomes were similar to Wu Yu. All of them clashed into the white clouds but failed to get in. 

There were several strong existences among them. 

"Very clearly, the Taigu Immortal Path has no intention of letting you guys back after making you guys fall off the white clouds to this place, which is only 500 zhang tall and can be seen in one glance. You can save your energy," Ming Long interrupted. 

Wu Yu stopped his attempts and looked around him. There were roughly 200-odd people around him. Basically, everyone that was in the Cloud Sea of Time was sent to this place. Furthermore, no one could hide themselves any further and they were close to one another. It was clear with one glance who was around you. Taking Wu Yu as an example, he could easily spot Prince Le, the Blue Ringed Poison Devil, Jiang Qijun, and Xiao Yili. 

It was just that not many people were paying attention to him. 

"This isn't a great place. With everything clearly in sight, the advantage of my doppelgangers will vanish." 

Below him was a vast and level grass field. Anyone in this place was clear to others. It would also be easy to look for someone. Everyone was exposed to everyone. 

It was also because of this that a solemn killing intent was starting to spread above the grass field and below the blue sky. 

With only a height of 500 zhang, they couldn't fly high even if they wished. They might as well land on the grass field as it was more comfortable. These geniuses, who had not felt land for a long time, flew down to the grass field one after another. 

Perhaps none of them had expected to be sent here so abruptly when they were collecting the spirit designs to craft those mechanical beasts. 

While everyone was still shocked, Wu Yu retracted all his doppelgangers. He placed Prince Le's core-tail talisman into the Floating Dreams Pagoda. That was a completely sealed and isolated space. It would likely not be easy for Prince Le to find him with the core-tail talisman. 

Soon, everyone landed on the ground and started discussing. 

"Where are we?" 

"I don't know. It looks peaceful and safe. The grass field extends in all directions." 

"A place like this is more dangerous than one thinks." 

"Yeah. For example, everyone could hide themselves previously and wouldn't have to clash directly. Now that everyone is exposed in others' view, once there is a conflict, their clashes will be direct and open for all to see." 

They discussed, and those who knew one another started congregating. They had probably formed an alliance to attack and defend together. 

Everyone was observing their surroundings and thus no one was paying attention to Wu Yu. Wu Yu only felt that someone was looking at him from behind. When he turned around, the only person he knew was Prince Le. However, he was leading the people of Yan Huang Ancient Country and gathering them. He didn't seem to have noticed him. 

"Who is paying attention to me?" 

Just as the thought arose in Wu Yu's mind, he suddenly heard someone speaking. 

"There seems to be a small, rocky path below us that is leading towards a faraway place. Is this the direction we should be headed?" 

Wu Yu looked over immediately. To his astonishment, he saw a small, gravel path on the lustrous grass field. Where they were standing was the starting point of a small, gravel path. The gravel path extended towards the east, and one couldn't see its end. When the crowd descended, the fiery-red sun happened to be rising from the east. The rays penetrated the clouds and illuminated the land. That gravel path appeared to be leading to the sun. 

"This sun rises and sets here, while the sun in the Cloud Sea of Time wouldn't move an inch. This is stange." 

Seeing this gravel path, everyone was exhilarated. They felt that this was the Taigu Immortal Path giving them a sign. At that moment, numerous people charged in that direction. 

Some were more anxious and moved quicker. 

Among them, the strongest batch of people, like Prince Le, would definitely be at the very front. 

Wu Yu's speed was indeed not inferior to theirs. It was especially so if he had used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth with the Swift Art. The issue was that he couldn't be too conspicuous. Therefore, although he could be at the very front, he controlled himself and remained at the back of the pack. 

"What can we find at the end of this gravel path?" 

This was clearly what the crowd was most curious about and desired to find out. The grass field appeared to be safe and peaceful. This inevitably made the people be less vigilant than before. 

However, Wu Yu felt that this place would at least be more terrifying than the previous three places. This was his intuition screaming out to him. 

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