Chapter 0601: Lightning Blood General

At the very least, he would have two times the acceleration if he entered it now. 

"I should have entered that mysterious door later. In that case, I would have a few more years. Now, I can forget about having 70 to 80 times acceleration." 

If he had to rely on himself, it would be impossible for him to get such time. After all, the Floating Dreams Pagoda had now recognized him as its master. 

"However, it is still best to get a treasure like this earlier. My mind is more at ease.

"I should enter it first and break through to the sixth tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea before acting." 

After several years of refining immortal medicines and crafting spirit designs previously, he could have increased his cultivation level long ago.

He still had some Inner Sea Essence Pills with him as he had refined a substantial amount over the past few years. They would likely be sufficient for him to reach the sixth tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea. 

However, if he wanted to strengthen his doppelgangers, he would likely not have many Inner Sea Essence Pills remaining. Since the end of the Battle of Ghosts and Gods in the East Sea, he had not replenished his coffers, and the result of that was he that might very well be broke once again. 

Cultivation resources were indeed crucial. 

“Previously, not many people noticed the Time Control Pagoda despite its huge size. Now that the Floating Dreams Pagoda was less than one chi, it should be harder to find.”

Therefore, he entered it with peace of mind. At least for the current him, he would be absolutely safe in it. 

With just a thought, he was sucked into the Floating Dreams Pagoda in his hand. 

When he entered, he lifted his head and observed the surroundings. The interior of the Floating Dreams Pagoda was identical to the Time Control Pagoda. 

The only difference was that there was a mysterious door in the Time Control Pagoda, while the Floating Dreams Pagoda didn't have one. After all, Wu Yu had completed the challenge and obtained the Floating Dreams Pagoda. 

Other than that, everything was the same. Everything within the Floating Dreams Pagoda, including the markings and statues, he had no idea of their uses. 

Within the interior, other than having two times acceleration, he could still choose to challenge the puppets. 

What he did first was summon all 18 puppets. At that instant, 18 spirit designs of various colors appeared on the ground, and a total of 18 puppets emerged from them. 

They were all under Wu Yu's control. They would do whatever Wu Yu wanted them to. 

Among them, the one that was more useful to Wu Yu was the Spiritual Trio General, followed by the Panther General. As for the rest, they would likely not be of much assistance in battle. Nonetheless, they could help Wu Yu with some errands. 

Wu Yu let them remain where they were. He wanted to focus on breaking through to the sixth tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea first. 

For him, this wasn't difficult at all. After all, he had suppressed himself to the maximum. All he needed was to consume Inner Sea Essence Pills. When he reached a sufficient number, he would naturally become a sixth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator with greatly enhanced Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy and Violet Kingdom Primordial Fire! 

In fact, he could even reach the brink of becoming a seventh tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator! 

He probably wouldn't take long to reach the seventh tier now. After all, these were the results he had achieved over close to four years previously. 

Within the Time Control Pagoda, he had not experienced an increase in cultivation level for 1,300 days. 

"This cultivation level is still insignificant when compared with people like Prince Le. That Prince Le is just several years older than me and yet he has reached the sixth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. He's too far ahead of me! In terms of cultivation level, I'm still miles behind." 

This had something to do with the Great Way of Immortality Art that pursued the highest quality. Luckily, he was practicing the Invincible Vajra Body at the same time. Together with his three great mystiques and the 72 Transformations, he could then possibly go against those Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators. 

Fortunately, with the Floating Dreams Pagoda, he could definitely shorten the time substantially in the future. After all, the truth was that only a month or so had passed since he entered the Cloud Sea of Time. 

"Next, let's try to hit the seventh tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea!"

He released all his doppelgangers and let them consume Inner Sea Essence Pills. Since Wu Yu had grown stronger, it also increased their upper limit. 

However, when he depleted all his Inner Sea Essence Pills, a large majority of his doppelgangers had not reached the strongest state. He needed large numbers of immortal medicines currently and would be in even greater need for them in the future. 

"There's no other way. I can only pillage from others. I finally have some capital to snatch things from others!" 

Wu Yu chuckled when he recalled Jiang Qijun, Xiao Yili, and others. It was especially so for Xiao Yili. The Water Source Ancient Crystal was still with her. He might not be weaker than her currently. Even if he was, the difference wouldn't be substantial. It was time to get back something that belonged to him. 

"Regardless, I should still try to reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm as soon as possible. Only then can I create an avatar. A body that would be similar to the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord! Based on what Ming Long said, it will be even more precious than the Floating Dreams Pagoda!" 

At this juncture, he had extreme hunger and desire to reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. 

He was prepared to leave the Floating Dreams Pagoda and look for opportunities. After all, cultivating all day wouldn't be the way to go. 

Nonetheless, before he left, there was still something important he had to complete. 

At this point, his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy had increased substantially. Therefore, he should be able to take care of the Spiritual Trio General easily. He possessed the qualifications to challenge the puppet after the Spiritual Trio General! 

When he last saw that puppet, it was on the white spirit design. When Wu Yu was about to challenge it this time, it had moved to the black spirit design, while the Spiritual Trio General was relegated to the purple spirit design. 

It was easy for Wu Yu to challenge the puppet guards. All he needed was a thought since that was about the only thing he could do within.

With a change in thought, those 18 spirit designs of various colors sank into the ground with the puppets above them, including the Spiritual Trio General. At the same time, nine separate spirit designs of different colors arose. Wu Yu still chose to step towards the black spirit design and challenge an opponent seven tiers above him! 

When he chose the black spirit design, the other spirit designs went silent with their puppets. The black spirit design flickered and disappeared suddenly. An entirely new puppet appeared before Wu Yu eyes! 

This puppet was extremely huge. Although it had the form of a human, it was three zhang tall! It was similar to Wu Yu when he enlarged himself to the maximum. His body was slender, agile, and had a red shade throughout. The most obvious feature of it was that although it had a human form, it had the skull of an eagle with a razor-sharp beak. Behind his back, he also had a pair of majestic wings. When fully extended, they spanned over seven zhang and looked extremely hardy and forceful. 

An eagle beast with a human body. It had razor-sharp looking eyes, was extremely fast, and insanely frightening! 

The puppet was entirely made of precious treasures with over a dozen types of materials. Each of these had seven spiritual marks. On it, there were 53,817 spirit designs, and the main spirit design was known as Crimson Blood Thunderbolt Design! 

Beneath the main spirit design, there were various elite offensive spirit designs. The three main kinds were the Soul Chasing Blood Shadow Lightning Design, the Blood Sea Upheaval Extinction Thunder Design, and the Soul Shattering Annihilating Lightning Design! 

From this, one could tell that this puppet specialized in mighty thunder-related spirit designs. 

Its name was the Lightning Blood General. 

This information was what the Floating Dreams Pagoda allowed Wu Yu to know. When Wu Yu chose to challenge the Lightning Blood General, this information surfaced in his mind immediately. 

At the same time, there were thousands upon thousands of blood-colored lightning sparks running throughout the metal body of the Lightning Blood General. Its arms, thighs, chest, wings, and even the razor-sharp claws had blood-colored lightning buzzing around. 

The strongest feelings Wu Yu felt from this puppet were razor-sharp, violent, and swift. 

It was clear immediately that it was stronger than the Spiritual Trio General. 

"I have to defeat it to gain control of it!

"Having the Lightning Blood General by my side would be equivalent to having a third tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm assistant. Moreover, it would be entirely loyal to me and couldn't be killed or vanquished. Perhaps it might not be as agile or have as many means as cultivators of the same level. However, it would be great to have it assist me in battle!" 

To own it, he had to defeat it! 

As he grew stronger and stronger, he would be able to control more puppet guards in the future. 

The moment the Lightning Blood General appeared, violent blood-colored lightning erupted all over its body. This human-shaped eagle beast let out a deafening, sharp scream. Without showing any restraint, it charged directly towards Wu Yu! 


When it flew within the Floating Dreams Pagoda, the interior of the Floating Dreams Pagoda was shrouded in savage, blood-colored lightning. Although Wu Yu had the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body, he would suffer greatly if that blood-colored lightning landed on him. 

He couldn't be careless in this battle. 

Wu Yu executed all three of his mystiques at the same time. 

Around him, his doppelgangers were on standby. They executed the Prime Heavenly Lord Supreme God Technique, followed by the Ten Thousand Furnace Lords' Supreme God Technique. Countless attacks landed on the Lightning Blood General! 

His eyes were already accumulating the Sun's Truefire. That's right! The tip of the Floating Dreams Pagoda also had a sun. Moreover, it had nothing to do with the real sun. Instead, it was the sun of the Floating Dreams Pagoda. No matter where Wu Yu was, the sun of the Floating Dreams Pagoda would be there. 

Perhaps this sun was also a secret of the Floating Dreams Pagoda. 

“Floating dreams” referred to one's entire life. The pagoda of one's lifetime might have gathered all the encounters of someone. For example, the time control, or the puppets, or the sun... This was Wu Yu’s conjecture, and he wasn't sure if he was right. 

Unshackled Doppelganger and the Eyes of Fire and Gold were executed immediately. 

"Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth!" 

Wu Yu's body also grew as large as the Lightning Blood General. Even if Wu Yu got slower, he still had the Swift Art. Overall, he wouldn't be slower than others. However, the Lightning Blood General was still quicker than when he enlarged to his biggest! 

A bolt of blood-colored lightning was swooping around, making it hard for Wu Yu to attack! 

The Lightning Blood General executed its Soul Chasing Blood Shadow Lightning Design. The next instant, the surroundings were filled with blood-colored lightning shadows, making it hard for one to spot its real position. With numerous lightning bolts gathered on the body of the Lightning Blood General, it circled Wu Yu. The more it spun, the greater the might of the lightning gathered. Moreover, layers and layers of blood shadows swooped around, making it impossible for one to dodge! 

However, Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold weren't to be trifled with. 

No matter how fast the other party was or how many illusions it created, it couldn't escape his eyes. The crux of this spirit design was using extreme speed to create illusory figures. However, these illusory figures weren't effective against Wu Yu at all. 

When the Lightning Blood General was about to deal the fatal blow to Wu Yu with the countless bolts lightning it had gathered within the illusions, the truth was that Wu Yu had long identified its true position. As it swooped down, Wu Yu immediately stepped back and released the intense Sun Vessel to clash with the Lightning Blood General violently. 


The Lightning Blood General was sent flying back. 

Wu Yu took the opportunity and gave chase. Having executed the Violent Art, he flattened the Lightning Blood General in one smash. 

Obviously, this combination was the strongest attack Wu Yu currently had. With the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth coupled with Violent Art, he was capable of flattening anything in a single strike. 

The Lightning Blood General couldn't withstand the attack. 

Therefore, Wu Yu won. 

Naturally, Wu Yu knew that the Lightning Blood General had two other offensive means that were more frightening than the Soul Chasing Blood Shadow Lightning Design. It was especially so for his last move. The only shame was that it didn't have the opportunity to use it against Wu Yu as Wu Yu had finished it off rapidly and accurately. 

However, he could still let his enemy experience an attack like this.... 

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