Chapter 0600: Floating Dreams Pagoda

Completed the challenge? 

Cannot master me? 


A very limited portion of me? 

These words rang in Wu Yu's ears. 

The flow of time circled and rushed constantly, flowing towards the end that one couldn't see. 

Looking at the extreme top of the long river, one also couldn't see the origin of it. 

When Wu Yu digested and understood that sentence, he was naturally exhilarated! 

That huge beast in the long river of time was most likely the immortal treasure spirit of this dao treasure! 

"At this moment, I can control ordinary dao treasures. Yet it claims that I can't control him. This only goes to show that the level of this dao treasure is at least at the level of an advanced dao treasure! Perhaps, it might even be a seraphic dao treasure that has 500,000 spirit designs or more!" 

Although it wasn't as precious as the Ruyi Jingu Bang, Wu Yu could at least use it. 

Moreover, the other party had recognized him as its owner. It was just that it felt Wu Yu didn't possess the capabilities to control it and therefore he couldn't maximize the full effects of this little white pagoda. 

Nonetheless, it didn't matter. He would have the time to slowly discover it in the future. 

In this world of the endless river of time, Wu Yu felt like it was hard to speak. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his finger and looked down. A ray of light had penetrated his finger. From his finger, a droplet of fresh blood oozed out and flew towards the river of time that was shrouded in white mist. 

In the end, that minute droplet of blood assimilated into the river of time. The river of time shook violently for a moment and the mist that shrouded it rose. From that very moment, Wu Yu could feel a vague connection between the dao treasure and himself. It was the same form of connection as when he was forming a blood bond. 

Typically speaking, Wu Yu would have full information of the dao treasure after forming the blood bond. At the very least, he would be clear of how many spirit designs it had and the names of these spirit designs. 

However, it was different for this little pagoda. Wu Yu didn't even get to know its name. When he tried to sense it, the feeling he got from the little white pagoda was blurry and extremely mysterious. He could only see a small portion of the spirit designs, or roughly 10,000 of them. However, he couldn't decipher these spirit designs and couldn't understand them in detail. All he could do was trigger them. 

Indeed, he only had very limited usage rights currently. 

"This pagoda is also known as the Floating Dreams Pagoda. The Time Control Pagoda was just an alias of it." 

Floating Dreams Pagoda. 

Wu Yu remembered all the words that the huge beast had spoken. 

"Currently, you can only activate a minor part of these two abilities. When you improve in strength, you will naturally be able to control more.

"These two abilities are time control and puppet guards." 

Within the long river of time, the ancient voice of that huge beast was constantly ringing in Wu Yu's ears. 

When it spoke, unknowingly, through his connection with the Floating Dreams Pagoda, some information started surfacing in Wu Yu's mind out of thin air. This information was regarding what the huge beast had spoken of and the two usage methods of the Floating Dreams Pagoda. 

"First, time control. When I'm inside the Floating Dreams Pagoda, the time passage inside it is two times faster than the outside world. This is similar to some other Ancient Pagodas of Time. However, as my strength and battle prowess increase, the flow of time will definitely increase. When I can fully control it, it might just have 10 times the acceleration!" 

Previously, the the time passage speed in the Time Control Pagoda was 70 times. However, that was a one-off event and wasn't something that was within Wu Yu's control. That was hard-earned. After he leaves the Taigu Immortal Path, it will be impossible for him to have such an encounter again. 

Although it was just two times currently, Wu Yu was able to bring this out of the Taigu Immortal path and could use it for the rest of his life! Giving it more thought, even if it was just two times acceleration, it would also be insane. 

This would mean that in terms of lifespan, he would have twice the time others would have. 

Even if they had similarly long lifespans and one would exhaust one's lifespan twice as quick within the pagoda, what Wu Yu really needed was the time to catch up with others. This was because he had obtained numerous precious treasures recently. However, he was too weak and required more time to strengthen himself! 

The key was that the Time Control Pagoda had now shown that it was capable of giving 70 or 80 times acceleration. It was hard to tell if the Time Control Pagoda would possess similar time acceleration after Wu Yu truly gained control of it. 

When the time came, who could possibly compete with him? Others would only see that Wu Yu had made breakthroughs in cultivation level in a short span of 10 days. However, the truth was he might have taken several years! 

Getting the Floating Dreams Pagoda, which he needed dearly, whilst he was still in his developing stages, it was only natural that Wu Yu was agitated by the truth. Undoubtedly, this was his first precious treasure other than the Ruyi Jingu Bang in his body! 

In the past, he had never obtained a dao treasure of this level. 

"Moreover, the second ability is equally insane!" 

Time control was already incredible enough despite being just two times acceleration. 

"I wonder how many puppets like these are in the Floating Dreams Pagoda! When Prince Le entered, there were probably puppets eight tiers higher than him. The reason why it was called the ‘Floating Dreams Pagoda’ and not the ‘Time Control Pagoda’ is because it isn't just capable of controlling time. It can also repair puppets." 

The truth was that although Wu Yu had defeated the Spiritual Trio General twice previously, there was actually only one Spiritual Trio General. 

Within the Floating Dreams Pagoda, there was always only one of each type of puppet. 

When the Spiritual Trio General was smashed by Wu Yu, it was retrieved by the Floating Dreams Pagoda. The spirit designs within the Floating Dreams Pagoda were triggered and repaired the puppet through mysterious means. If the destruction was more complete, the time for repairs might be a little longer. 

"In other words, the Floating Dreams Pagoda has the ability to craft puppets with various major spirit designs in circulation. Obviously, this only applies to puppets that are within the Floating Dreams Pagoda." 

Wu Yu didn't know how many puppets were within the Floating Dreams Pagoda. 

However, he knew all 18 puppets weaker than the Spiritual Trio General clearly. He could control all  18 of them, including the Spiritual Trio General. He could release them out of the Floating Dreams Pagoda, give his instructions to attack or defend, or other complicated commands. 

The Skysilver Protector, the Panther General, and many others were included too. 

Naturally, the weakest was the equivalent of a Jindan Dao cultivator, and Wu Yu had no use for them. There was only one of each type of puppet, and each one of them would correspond to a certain cultivation level. 

The Panther General would correspond to a first tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator, while the Spiritual Trio General would correspond to a second tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator. 

"I could send these puppets out of the Floating Dreams Pagoda. If they are defeated or destroyed, I just have to retrieve the remaining materials. After several days, or perhaps a dozen-odd days, the Floating Dreams Pagoda will have repaired these puppet guards to their original forms. This would be equivalent to having puppets that couldn't be killed and vanquished completely.

"Moreover, whenever I challenge and defeat a new puppet, such as the puppet on the white spirit design, all the puppets weaker than it, including the puppet itself, will be under my control. It's exactly because I have defeated the Spiritual Trio General that I'm able to control the 18 puppets currently.

"If I get stronger, the number of puppets that I can control will only increase.

"However, I cannot use talismans or other means not relating to my true strength when challenging the puppet. In other words, if I had used the Withering Blackfire Talisman against the Spiritual Trio General, that mysterious door would likely not have opened. I might also have been sent out." 

Fortunately, he had used it on the Blue Ringed Poison Devil. 

"This means that I will gain a strong assistant that I can defeat. Moreover, it will be completely loyal and cannot be killed and vanquished! This will be even more useful than the doppelgangers! This Floating Dreams Pagoda is truly too incredible!" 

Regardless of whether it was time control or puppet guards, this was a precious treasure that every single person in the entire Jambu Realm would be keen to possess. 

Naturally, the effects of the Floating Dreams Pagoda would only be greater in the hands of stronger experts! 

"Wu Yu! I'm an ancient mystical object. Please take good care of me and use me appropriately. When you reach a point where you can fully control the pagoda, I will naturally appear again to speak more. Before that, do not disturb me. Otherwise, I will undoubtedly take my leave." 

"Yes! Junior will definitely not disturb Senior!" Wu Yu answered in a hurry. He would definitely not let such a treasure leave him! 

"Senior, what cultivation level do I need to reach to..." 

Before he could complete his question, Wu Yu was forced out of the world and returned to the small room. 

He could only shut his mouth. Naturally, he knew that after getting out, it wouldn't be easy for him to converse with the huge beast in the river of time. Nonetheless, it didn't matter. He would just let nature take its course. Although the two effects were seen as limited to the huge beast, Wu Yu still felt he had benefited greatly. 

He had never expected himself to obtain such a precious treasure in this place! At the very least, he knew that there was probably no one among those that entered the Taigu Immortal Path that had reaped rewards as handsome as he had.

Looking down, the tip of the Floating Dreams Pagoda had pierced his finger. His blood dripped on the tip of the pagoda and was absorbed by this little pagoda that appeared to be made from white jade. 

Wu Yu placed the Floating Dreams Pagoda on his palm. The spirit designs he could control were limited. For example, he couldn't even enlarge or shrink the pagoda. He could only do two things. Either he entered the pagoda or released the puppets. 

Naturally, he could also enter the pagoda to challenge the puppets. 

When Wu Yu regained his consciousness, Ming Long asked with anticipation, "How is it? What the hell is this?" 

Wu Yu reiterated what he experienced inside to Ming Long. 

Ming Long was astonished and said, "It sure knows how to put on a front! In that case, it should be really incredible. Perhaps it might just be a seraphic dao treasure! If so, you got yourself something really valuable this time. If it is normal for the Taigu Immortal Path to change the passage of time, a dao treasure that could change the passage of time would be really incomprehensible. It has probably never appeared in the annals of history. Moreover, it definitely hasn't ever appeared in the entire Jambu Realm. This doesn't make sense. Why would a greenhorn like you have such great luck? In the past, I was brilliant, talented, as beautiful as a flower, and enchanted numerous people. Why didn't I have such fortune?

"How infuriating! Could it be that the heavens only take care of ugly monsters like you?" 

Wu Yu was too lazy to answer her. She was definitely jealous of him! 

When he placed the Floating Dreams Pagoda on his palm, the surrounding scenery appeared to have vanished. Suddenly, mist started swarming into the small room. The Time Control Pagoda also vanished in the next instant, or rather, fused into the Floating Dreams Pagoda in Wu Yu's hand. After all, the Time Control Pagoda was a part of the Floating Dreams Pagoda from the very beginning. 

He appeared within the Cloud Sea of Time with the Floating Dreams Pagoda on his hand. 

"If only I could change its size freely. Once I encounter danger, I could shrink the Floating Dreams Pagoda to the minimum and hide inside it. An ordinary person probably couldn't break this dao treasure! If I enter it now, it will be too obvious. Others could take the pagoda away easily. At that time, I won't be able to escape." 

Therefore, hiding in it wouldn't work. 

Other than time control and puppet guards, there was nothing Wu Yu could do with it. 

At this time, he did want to enter it to see if there was any difference from the Time Control Pagoda he was in previously! 

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