Chapter 0599: The Huge Beast in the River of Time

Thump, thump, thump!

This was the sound of his heart beating nervously.

He had appeared before this door in a trice, so the enigmatic door had yet to open by the time he reached it.

If the logic held, the enigmatic door would not let him down.

Wu Yu had again passed seven levels to defeat the Spiritual Trio General. All he needed was for the mysterious door to open as it had before.

He had prepared for at least four years for this moment.

Before, his greatest preoccupation had been to increase his cultivation level. But for this moment, he had even suppressed it. Or he would definitely already be a sixth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator.

Finally, the moment he had been waiting years for! The enigmatic door finally budged!

With his titchy stature, Wu Yu was already standing ready by the door. The moment it cracked open, he squeezed in madly.

First his arm and a leg, and then the rest of his head and chest.

As long as these two could go through, his entire person could enter.

The enigmatic door was still opening! The door cracked open from one cun[1] to two cun!

At its widest point, Wu Yu had already passed through easily, although he had to turn sideways a little.

He had already entered before the enigmatic door reached its widest.

Immediately after he entered, the door reached its widest point and then closed rapidly. By the time Wu Yu had realized his success, the enigmatic door had already shut behind him.

"I finally got in!"

Wu Yu was delirious with joy! He had been waiting for this moment for too long! He was bursting with curiosity!

However, he understood that it did not mean that there was nothing dangerous here. Which was why the first call of action was to scan his surroundings alertly, to protect himself.

His Eyes of Fire and Gold very quickly swept the perimeter.

Everything was clear.

Simply put, the space here was actually very small. It was a small chamber, with the six walls, floor, and ceiling all a pure white, as pristine as jade. It glimmered with a faint glow.

These jade walls were unblemished, without even a single mark or sign.

There was only one thing within the small chamber!

In the exact middle of this small chamber was a raised platform of white jade. On the white jade platform was the only thing behind this enigmatic door.

Wu Yu's eyes were very quickly drawn to this object.

It was no taller than one chi[2], a conical object with its circular base between two and three cun wide.

There was a total of nine levels from top to bottom.

All completely white.

This was a mini pagoda.

"What the hell, isn't this the Time Control Pagoda?" Ming Long asked.

Another Time Control Pagoda within the Time Control Pagoda?

Wu Yu thought about this. It was indeed so. This was a miniature Time Control Pagoda. Besides the size, it was exactly the same as the Time Control Pagoda within the sea of clouds.

Its color was pure white. It was flawless, and was exactly like white jade. Austere and ancient.

Wu Yu stood before the small pagoda. He stared at it closely with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. Ming Long suddenly exclaimed, "There IS a difference! From the outside, the Time Control Pagoda looks like a special architecture of the Taigu Immortal Path, and is a part of the Taigu Immortal Path. It cannot be taken away. But this small pagoda seems like a dao treasure. You can blood bond with it, and you can take it away."

"What!?" Wu Yu had not imagined that this would be a treasure one could port. He was still guessing that this was the core of the Time Control Pagoda or something, and that it was a part of the Time Control Pagoda.

But a closer look with the Eyes of Fire and Gold did indeed give him the feeling that this was a dao treasure, although he could not clearly see if there were spirit designs etched on this small pagoda. It was truly different from the Time Control Pagoda outside.

It was said that there were unimaginable riches on the Taigu Immortal Path. If he finished the challenge of seven tiers beyond his cultivation level and obtained this dao treasure as a result... It was definitely possible! Besides, given the ordinary settings on this Time Control Pagoda, one had to complete the eighth challenge before they could enter, right?

While he scrutinized it, he mused, "If it is an ordinary dao treasure, can I try blood bonding with it?"

Ming Long rolled her eyes, saying, "You scum, if it has been designed so carefully, how can it be any ordinary dao treasure!? The way I see it, you got yourself something really valuable, punk! The value of this dao treasure must be much, much higher than hundreds of those ancient crystals! Ordinary dao treasures are not at all protected in such a way. After all, even the puppets outside are worth much more than ordinary dao treasures. If I'm guessing right, this is at least an advanced dao treasure, or perhaps even a seraphic dao treasure!"

Wu Yu was completely at a loss listening to all this. However, he felt the excitement. He asked, "What are these advanced dao treasures and seraphic dao treasures?"

Given the chance to flex her superior wisdom, Ming Long immediately puffed up. "I said you were an imbecile, but you didn't believe me. A country bumpkin like yourself, ignorant about everything - no wonder others look down on you."

"Cut the crap," Wu Yu said.

"You dare speak to Granny like that?" Ming Long glared at him.

Right now, Wu Yu was in a great mood, so he didn't offend her further. He quickly pacified her, mollifying her until she conceded to explain, "You already know that the world of dao has immortal treasures and dao treasures. Of which, dao treasures are fundamentally superior to immortal treasures in their nature. This is the difference between imitations and true spirit designs. The spirit designs on dao treasures are all true spirit designs.

"For immortal treasures and their sentience, they are classified into ordinary immortal treasures, spiritual immortal treasures, and supreme immortal treasures. Supreme immortal treasures are close to dao treasures in power."

"As for dao treasures, their spirit designs, potency, and caliber also differ greatly, and are classified into a few tiers. In principle, the more spirit designs, the more complex it gets, and the more powerful the dao treasure becomes. That's why any dao treasure with more than 100,000 spirit designs is classified as an advanced dao treasure. To fashion 100,000 spirit designs, even the most elite experts in the world today would need to spend more than a decade. That is why there are still relatively few advanced dao treasures in the world today. Each possesses uncommon power."

"What about seraphic dao treasures?"

Ming Long answered, "Seraphic dao treasures are even more terrifying. A dao treasure has to have more than 500,000 spirit designs before it can qualify as a seraphic dao treasure. In truth, there have been very few people throughout the course of history who could forge a seraphic dao treasure. Even those who became immortal might not be able to forge a seraphic dao treasure. After all, you would have to spend more than 50 years on it. Maybe this person was forging immortal treasures in order to glean some understanding of dao from it, and using it to increase their cultivation level. That is why the seraphic dao treasures of the Jambu Realm today are essentially passed down through ancient martial cultivators, through the long river of time."

500,000 spirit designs was indeed a mind-boggling number. The greater the number of spirit designs, the more tricky it became to balance.

"If this little pagoda is an advanced dao treasure, you just made it big. If it's a seraphic dao treasure, then I doubt anyone in the history of the Taigu Immortal Path travelers have paralleled your gains. That does seem unlikely. After all, the seraphic dao treasures of today are all held by those who can potentially reach immortalhood."

But no matter what, Wu Yu did not feel that it was an ordinary dao treasure.

"Actually, above seraphic dao treasures, there is another tier, the divine dao treasure. It demands a minimum of 1 million spirit designs! This sort of divine dao treasure is very rare in the mortal world, virtually non-existent. And even if they exist, they don't make an appearance often. At least, in my era one yuan ago, I never heard of any divine dao treasure. I wonder if there are any in your time."

"Divine dao treasure?" It indeed made one salivate.

"Of course. You don't need to turn green. If you can use the Ruyi Jingu Bang one day, that will be true awesomeness. That is an immortal's weapon. Even a divine dao treasure cannot compare."

"That's true."

That was why Wu Yu was still not that worked up.

Of course, it was incredibly difficult to wield the Ruyi Jingu Bang. That was why it would be much more helpful if he could have an advanced dao treasure in support.

That was why his eyes fell on this little pagoda.

"That's right. After I take this dao treasure, how should I leave this place?"

He looked about him. Besides the door behind him, there was nothing. No exit. If no one came to challenge, did that mean that he could only leave via the Taigu Immortal Talisman?

"If I have truly gained a valuable treasure, then leaving the Taigu Immortal Path is no great loss."

Wu Yu thought. Right now, he hadn't the foggiest idea as to what to do with the little pagoda. Besides, he felt that he was not powerful enough to master this dao treasure. That was why he decided to take it first. Perhaps if he took it, he could return outside, and could spend 700 days studying it.

He reached out a hand, preparing to take the little pagoda and put it within his Sumeru Pouch.

At this moment, he was very tense as he touched the mini white pagoda.

When he grasped hold of it, the entire world rang out. His consciousness was pulled into the pagoda! He could not resist!

Bang, bang, bang!

All around him was a deafening wail.

Wu Yu could not stand steady. After being shaken violently, his eyes were thrown open! He was stunned to see that he was in a boundless world!

Black, starry sky all around him, with no end.

In this endless space, a huge object appeared before Wu Yu! It was an enormous river. Within the river, the waters coursed, and mist accumulated above the river surface that resembled that above the Cloud Sea of Time.

From top to bottom, this river was a spiral. It looped within space a good number of times. Finally, he saw that there were nine loops, which formed a pagoda shape.

"This is time. The flow of time. The river flows from top to bottom, and never rests. Nine turns later, it forms a white pagoda...."

From afar, Wu Yu marveled and came to this revelation.

Suddenly, his mind was flooded with thoughts.

He felt that something was hidden here, within the history of the river. He used his eyes to observe and scrutinize.

It seemed like there was a huge beast that roamed and traversed the river of time.

"Wu Yu, you cannot master me, and yet you completed the challenge, and thus you are my master. I will give you the privilege of using a very limited portion of me, until the day you have the ability to master me."

Suddenly, the huge beast in the river spoke....

1. 3.33cm or 1.312 inches

2. 10 cun or ⅓ of a meter or 1.094 ft

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