Chapter 0598: One Hit KO

The Blue Ringed Poison Devil indeed had no intention of leaving.

He still stood before the mysterious door, intently examining it. He only finally tore his gaze and attention away from the door when Wu Yu entered.

"You're back again?" The Blue Ringed Poison Devil was startled upon seeing Wu Yu behind him.

"This means that there is indeed some secret here, but you haven't told me yet. For example, you did not tell me about the nine puppet spirit designs." Clearly, the Blue Ringed Poison Devil was very unhappy.

Besides, Wu Yu had scooted off after beating his tentacle to a pulp.

"What's up with the nine puppets? If you don't explain, then don't even think of getting out." The Blue Ringed Poison Devil's face was black as it threatened him.

"Which puppet did you challenge?" Wu Yu asked.

Blue Ringed Poison Devil replied, "I could only fight the red puppet spirit design. What are you saying? Which could you fight?"

So he could only fight the first one. But as a second tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator, he must have fought the Spiritual Trio General.

Saying thus, the Blue Ringed Poison Devil was even more incensed now. He spat out, "You dared to lie to me! There is no difference between the time here and outside! You're already back after 10 days. You dared to tell me 100?"

If you fought your own level, there was no difference in time.

The deception had already turned the Blue Ringed Poison Devil's embarrassment to anger.

Wu Yu could not be forgiven.

"If you don't tell me everything today, I will make your life a living hell! You should know just how many poisonous methods I have."

Saying thus, he was already preparing to act. His body shifted from a human form to his true demon form!

A deep-water octopus, covered in blue rings. Its phosphorescence glimmered, and its demonic aura seeped out. In this sealed space, the dense demonic aura was stifling!

"Speak, Wu Yu. Tell me everything!"

He knew that Wu Yu had come in for a reason. Since he had come in, Wu Yu would not be chased out easily.

He thought that Wu Yu might even have a way of entering the enigmatic door.

Wu Yu had already tolerated him for a very long time. Now that he was back, he had no intention of letting the octopode leave.

Just as the Blue Ringed Poison Devil snaked a tentacle over, ready to use the same mystique as the last time, Wu Yu moved, a step ahead of him!

He reached out a fist which clenched the Withering Blackfire Talisman that Prince Le had given him. It was chock full of Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, activated by a spirit design. The talisman's spirit design could only be used once. The moment he did so, it would rip the talisman paper apart and release the power of the spirit design!

With a twist, the talisman turned into a bunch of black flames that clung to the Blue Ringed Poison Devil.

"What talisman is this? You think your Dong Sheng Divine Continent talisman...."

Without a doubt, the Blue Ringed Poison Devil regarded the Dong Sheng Divine Continent as a poor and barren land that could not possibly have any high level dao treasures or talismans.

However, when the black flames caught on his body, he was stunned. The black flames immediately grew, and his entire bulk was shrouded in it!

"Withering Blackfire Talisman! How could you have a talisman of this level!? Impossible!" The Blue Ringed Poison Devil's cry turned desperate as his expression turned to dismay, then regret, and despair!

"Seems like you do know quite a lot." Wu Yu had been waiting for this moment.

The heat of the black flames burned through bone as if it were maggots. The Blue Ringed Poison Devil could not free himself of the flames and could not stop them from completely incinerating his flesh. As his body was withered as dry as a stick, he immediately turned yellow, losing all of his vitality!

His body was currently shriveling at speed. In a short amount of time, at least a fifth of him had vanished. The burnt parts had already crumbled into ash.

"Wu Yu, I will kill you!" the Blue Ringed Poison Devil howled from within the flames.

Wu Yu had to say that Prince Le's talisman was too good to be true. If not for the fact that he had to use it on the Blue Ringed Poison Devil, he could have skipped eight tiers to fight the last white puppet. At that time, the mysterious door would probably open fully!

The Blue Ringed Poison Devil was still crying for help from within the fire. At this time, he was still resisting the flames with his own Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy as well as his demon techniques. However, Wu Yu wouldn't give him another chance.

At this moment, he pulled out the slightly battered Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean. Grasping it in both hands, he used Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth.

He and the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean both expanded!

Both grew to four times their original size! At this moment, Wu Yu was a giant of close to three zhang tall!

He had to be about as tall as a two or even three story building.

This was a powerful transformation. Besides his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, every other aspect of him was elevated. This included his physical strength. Even without the Violent Art, he had already reached three times his original strength!

Bang! Bang!

Wu Yu quickly reached the Blue Ringed Poison Devil and raised his Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean. The staff whistled through the flames towards the Blue Ringed Poison Devil's body!

His current body was still smaller than the Blue Ringed Poison Devil. After all, the opponent was a gargantuan beast of the sea, and the sea did not lack space to hold them.

Even without using the Violent Art, his current physical strength was terrifying. Each blow from the staff left the Blue Ringed Poison Devil howling.

Wu Yu did not use any other dao technique. He simply used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth mystique alone to rain down brutal blows in succession. The Blue Ringed Poison Devil had taken dozens of hits, which caused it to crumble in pain! It was beaten to a pulp, and the Withering Blackfire Talisman burned its way into each new opening. The flames soon spread to its insides, causing the octopus to be in even more fiery misery!

The Blue Ringed Poison Devil screamed and yelled, no longer as arrogant as it was.

"Wu Yu, spare me! I won't do it again. Spare me!"

He cried, his voice pleading.

"Spare me, and I will go out myself. I don't want to leave the Taigu Immortal Path yet. Spare me, Wu Yu. I promise never to cross you again!" the Blue Ringed Poison Devil wailed. If Wu Yu did not let up, he would be compelled to leave the Taigu Immortal Path, or die.

Wu Yu was thinking, "If I force him out from the Taigu Immortal Path, there is a possibility that he will go to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent to take revenge. Since I've already more or less taken him down, I might as well leave him on the Taigu Immortal Path. Since he's sure to look for revenge, I might as well keep him away from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent."

No matter how hard things were on the Taigu Immortal Path, Wu Yu still had some control over it. Outside, he was helpless.

So he made his decision.


"Yes, yes!" The Blue Ringed Poison Devil was over the moon at not needing to leave the Taigu Immortal Path. His current form was too big, so he had to change back to human form to flee to the exit. When he reached it, he vehemently turned back, baring his teeth. "Wu Yu, just you wait. Everything you have given me today, I will return one day manifold! MANIFOLD!"

His last scream was accompanied by an evil look that would curdle blood.

His last leap saw him clear of the Time Control Pagoda. As he left, the Time Control Pagoda shut, leaving Wu Yu alone again.

The Withering Blackfire Talisman had not expended much of its potency after defeating the Blue Ringed Poison Devil.

As for the Blue Ringed Poison Devil and his friends on the Taigu Immortal Path, Wu Yu did not care too much. After all, he already had too many enemies, and everyone was fighting for themselves anyway.

Xiao Yili for example. Wu Yu would have to deal with her eventually.

Although she might not think so.

Now that the Blue Ringed Poison Devil had been kicked out, Wu Yu could finally turn to the most important moment! To defeat the Spiritual Trio General!

And then to enter that enigmatic door!

He had waited for this moment for all too long. Today, he would finally have a shot at success!

At this moment, Wu Yu was a little nervous. After all, who knew what was behind that door?

After an hour of nervous waiting, the nine spirit designs appeared again! Wu Yu did not hesitate, walking straight to the black spirit design. After he chose it, the other puppet spirit designs faded, leaving Wu Yu and the Spiritual Trio General alone!

This Spiritual Trio General was exactly the same as the last!

Without a word, it attacked!

Wu Yu was very familiar with the Spiritual Trio General. He clearly remembered fighting it for a full night and day, and he still had its moves well within his memory.

However, this time, Wu Yu did not intend to stall for so much time.

Previously, he did not have the ability, and therefore had required that much time.

"Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth!"

His mystique activated, he towered over the Spiritual Trio General. The Spiritual Trio General seemed like a small toy before him!

"Violent Art!"

Instantly rocketing to six times his strength, this ungodly strength made Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy pale in importance. At this time, his two arms were ridiculously thick. His muscles bursting with strength, combined with the Immortal Ape Transformation, made Wu Yu a god of the flesh!

There was probably no one in this world who could compete against him in physical strength. If everyone in the entire world lost their Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, then he would be the absolute lord over the world. What Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, what Heaven Devouring Evil Lord? None of them would be his match.

Before his eyes, the Spiritual Trio General seemed frail and pitiful!

Without a word, Wu Yu brought his staff down on the Spiritual Trio General's head after activating the Violent Art!

The Spiritual Trio General activated its tens of thousands of spirit designs, changing its moves to an attack combination to meet Wu Yu!


A single hit from Wu Yu had smashed the Spiritual Trio General into metal pulp, twisted and wrecked on the floor.

From his previous epic battle of a day and night, to a one hit knockout. This was the power of Wu Yu's third mystique - the power of Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth!

It was no slouch compared to the Unshackled Doppelganger and the Eyes of Fire and Gold!

However, defeating the Spiritual Trio General did not count for much. At this time, its destruction was the most important moment for Wu Yu!

He shrank his body from its largest to its smallest size. He was not even one chi[1] tall now. He was a midget, and he arrived in front of the enigmatic door with chilling speed.

1. 1 chi = one-third of a meter

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