Chapter 0597: Withering Blackfire Talisman

A wildling from a desolate continent had first obtained a Fire Source Ancient Crystal. This was something that brought about great dissatisfaction and dislike from the rest.

If not for Prince Le's appearance, Wu Yu might have been hunted to death!

Now that another piece of news had come to light, that two ancient crystals, utterly precious treasures, were now in the hands of a single weakling that possessed no background, everyone mobilized to snatch what they felt belonged to them.

Whoever could discover Wu Yu's location could very well be the new owner of two valuables. This would definitely be a more effective use of time than hunting mechanical beasts.

Wu Yu could very clearly feel the undercurrents stirring within the Cloud Sea of Time.

Numerous individuals began to search for Wu Yu, but what they usually encountered were just his clones.

"Wu Yu, you should understand your own position and where you come from. With your abilities and backing, you basically do not deserve to own either of these treasures." 

"An innocent man is guiltless. If you covet things you cannot keep, you will endanger everyone you know. Don't be so stubborn." 

Whenever someone encountered one of Wu Yu's clones, they would immediately beseech him to give up the things he had.

"The Fire Source Ancient Crystal truly did land in my hands, but I've used it up already. I don't possess the Water Source Ancient Crystal. Even if you kill me, it's useless," Wu Yu said bluntly.

In the beginning, he had wanted to out Xiao Yili as the one who stole the ancient crystals.

However, Xiao Yili would definitely quibble against his rantings. The people who would believe her would inevitably be a greater group.

In spite of that, if people eventually realized that Xiao Yili might actually be the one who possessed the crystals and if they managed to catch her unaware and stole said Water Source Ancient Crystal away, would that not be letting someone else take advantage of their situation? 

Ultimately, if it lay in the hands of Xiao Yili, he would want to retrieve it personally. Thus, he did not spread the truth of the matter and hid it within his heart.

Of course, that was only because he wanted to take it back some day.

He did not remain distracted and focused on awaiting the sea region demon leaving the Time Control Pagoda.

Suddenly, one day, one of his clones encountered Prince Le. Prince Le was wandering alone and had discovered the presence of one of those clones. In a blink, he appeared in front of it.

"Your clones aren't bad. It's hard to tell the real from the fakes," Prince Le commented with a wry smile. 

Everyone knew that Wu Yu's clones had sequestered themselves all over the cloud sea. In such a situation, finding his true body was basically impossible.

"Greetings, Prince Le." This was one of the most esteemed individuals in the Jambu Realm. Not only was his combat strength frightening, but he had the entire Yan Huang Ancient Country at his beck and call.

This was someone he could not offend.

This was regardless of what he had thought of him before he found out his true identity.

"I heard that the missing Water Source Ancient Crystal is in your hands?" He queried Wu Yu, his two eyes focused on him. It was as though he could read Wu Yu's mind with just his eyes.

Before Wu Yu replied, he smiled. "You seem to have used the Fire Source Ancient Crystal to refine your body. It's possible that the Water Source Ancient Crystal would be attracted to you." Wu Yu's heart skipped a beat. Prince Le was truly omnipotent; he seemed to have guessed the true reason in just a blink.

However, he kept a poker face. "That's weird. I have never even seen a fragment of the Water Source Ancient Crystal. You can imagine the surprise I felt when I heard the news about it. It's unfathomable. At the same time, the Water Source Ancient Crystal is useless to me." 

"It's also worthless to me," Prince Le replied.

He continued to stare at Wu Yu. "This is to say, someone is framing you?"

Wu Yu replied. "I have a few individuals in mind." 

Prince Le replied with interest. "Speak of this name."

Wu Yu's gaze suddenly became focused and serious. "I would think it would be Jiang Qijun."


"Perhaps Prince Le might not know, but when you informed the geniuses of the Yan Huang Ancient Country of your edict, that they should not take any action towards me, one did not take these words to heart. She acted. That person was Jiang Qijun. She felt that I had tarnished her image and wanted me to pay the blood price. If the Prince does not believe me, you can ask her. I don’t think that she would dare to lie to Your Highness."

He did not want Prince Le to know that the Water Source Ancient Crystal lay in Xiao Yili's hands. Thus, he pushed the blame onto Jiang Qijun. Furthermore, she truly had plotted against him - that much was not a lie.

"The Golden Luan Region Lord? She has even disregarded my words? How impudent." Prince Le's eyes squinted before he spoke again. "What you're trying to say is that she felt that you had not paid your dues? By spreading these rumors, it would attract other people's attention and let them deal with you on her behalf?"


Wu Yu did not know just what Prince Le was thinking. Still, this was just a clone, so he was unafraid of Prince Le's retaliation.

Having to engage in a brawl with this expert was nerve-wracking.

"Indeed. I will look for the Golden Luan Region Lord. Oh, yes, since you're someone from Yan Huang Ancient City you can be considered someone from the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Seeing that your talent isn't bad and you're also pretty brave, I have an obligation to protect you. Take this talisman. If you encounter a danger you cannot handle, you can request aid from me. We are all from the Yan Huang Ancient Country. All descendants of Yan Huang. You do not need to stand on ceremony with me."

Following which, he placed a core-tail talisman in Wu Yu's palm. He took the tail talisman and left the core with Wu Yu. This way, Wu Yu could communicate with him.

Although Wu Yu had no idea what Prince Le was plotting or thinking, he still accepted the gift.

Just when he thought that Prince Le had left, Prince Le took out a talisman. It was ink black in color and riddled with tiny spirit designs. These spirit designs were clearly extremely complicated, and just the fluctuations that were let out were terrifying. Black flames could vaguely be seen circulating around the spirit designs. 

"This is a Withering Blackfire Talisman. Its power isn't shabby. It will give you an extra life some time. Keep it." He had actually gifted such an exquisite talisman to Wu Yu!

If Wu Yu had not found out that this Prince Le had originally planned to scry through his mind, he would have felt endless gratitude towards him! 

However, the first impression was key. It was difficult to change. Hence, he was perpetually on guard against him.

"I truly want to see just how far you can go on this Taigu Immortal Path. The mysteries of this Taigu Immortal Path are aplenty." After providing Wu Yu with the Withering Blackfire Talisman, he smiled and flew off, disappearing from Wu Yu's view in just a flash.

"Ming Long, what do you think is up with that guy?"

The core-tail talisman and the Withering Blackfire Talisman were temporarily left with the clone. He was concerned there might be some sort of inscrutable trap lying within. 

"No idea. Though it must be said that this brat cannot be underestimated as he has wielded unparalleled power and influence since young. He has a reason for every action. I have a feeling that he has fashioned a sort of cage for you, whereas your aim is to leave it." 

"At the very least, I will not use these two talismans." Wu Yu nodded.

He would leave it in the hands of the clone.

If Wu Yu used the core talisman, the one who owned the tail end would definitely know his position.

Ming Long mused, "Forget about the core-tail talisman. If you truly come across a perilous encounter that you cannot solve, you have to heed his words and use it. Perhaps let the clone use it. That Withering Blackfire Talisman is indeed quite the gift."


"The Blue Ringed Poison Devil is most afraid of talismans like the Withering Blackfire Talisman. It has a certain suppressive effect on him. Combined with this talisman, your chances of beating him in combat are large. Of course, if the Blue Ringed Poison Devil were to leave the Time Control Pagoda, there would be no need at all for this." This was a risk after all. 

Of course, ultimately, he was just concerned that the Withering Blackfire Talisman contained some sort of trap or secret.

"This talisman is much better than the ones I’ve seen before. It's better to inspect it clearly. Direct your clone to bring it over. The core-tail talisman can be ignored." Wu Yu was currently near the Time Control Pagoda, still biding his time.

If the Blue Ringed Poison Devil truly refused to come out, he would send his greetings in a fiery fashion.

The clone that had received the talismans delivered them to Wu Yu's main body. After Ming Long inspected it, she replied, "There's nothing wrong with this. It has not been tampered with. This is a simple offensive talisman. If there are any hidden intricacies, it would be placed onto the core talisman. So long as you don't keep it on you, you should be fine." Ming Long's words were as good as gold, considering her ample experience. Wu Yu had also done his own inspection, and it truly seemed that it had not been meddled with. Honestly speaking, this talisman possessed a truly potent attack. 

"It looks as though Prince Le truly desires to help me. If the Blue Ringed Poison Devil doesn’t come out, he will have to say hello to my little friend. This way, I won't be forced out again." Time was quickly approaching, so he retrieved all his clones, except for the one holding the core talisman.

He waited outside the pagoda expectantly.

For the sake of uncovering this mystery, he had waited a long time! These 10 days seemed more like years.

Without the interference of the dratted Blue Ringed Poison Devil, it was very likely he would have already succeeded.

When the door to the pagoda opened, Wu Yu watched from afar. If the Blue Ringed Poison Devil was unsuccessful and felt that this was a waste of time, he would definitely have escaped quickly.

Wu Yu waited patiently.

Yet with the flowing of time, and considering the fact that time passed quicker inside the pagoda than outside, if the opponent was determined to leave, he would have already made haste and escaped.

If no one were to enter, the pagoda would close its doors on its own.

"Is he truly not planning to leave?" Wu Yu felt a little depressed. The demon had no reason to remain.

"I guess there's no choice." He could only swiftly enter the pagoda himself.

Once more, he appeared within the pagoda!

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