Chapter 0596: Dark North Kingdom

It was quite normal for the geniuses that entered the Taigu Immortal Path to not put Wu Yu in their eyes.

The Old Mulberry Region Lord and her four compatriots had already surrounded Wu Yu. They had heard that Wu Yu was a tough one to catch and that he had even escaped the encirclement of the cultivators from the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Thus, they slowly shrunk the encirclement.

All five stood near Wu Yu.

Their posturing was aggressive.

The sharp-chinned male even shouted out, "Wu Yu, I know you don't recognize us nor know who we are. You better listen up. We are individuals from the Dark North Kingdom. The Dark North Kingdom occupies the majority of the Dark North Emperor Continent. The Old Mulberry Region Lord, Xiao Yili, who stands in front of you, is the daughter of the Underworld Stream Palace Lord. Our Dark North Kingdom are people who are big-pictured and decisive. If you offend us, we will consign you to eternal damnation. Do you understand? We don't ever bother with small rules." The Yan Huang Ancient Region was truly large, with over 10 continents. Even now, Wu Yu had only heard of a few.

This Dark North Emperor Continent ought to be near the Northern Hell Snow Continent. All part of the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

This was yet another martial cultivation kingdom, the Dark North Kingdom!

"The Dark North Kingdom still exists? It has been tens of thousands of years. All those who plotted against me were people from the Dark North Kingdom!" When Ming Long heard the titles of these individuals, she immediately fumed.

"When I was young, I grew up on that continent. But I am not someone from the Dark North Kingdom. My entire village and parents were murdered by this Dark North Kingdom. It was a pity I was unable to avenge them. Till today, we still don't know how many have died by their hands.”

Time was the scariest, forever inching forward, with no chance for recourse.

A place which Ming Long hated was not something that elicited goodwill from Wu Yu.

At this point in time, Old Mulberry Region Lord Xiao Yili lightly pursed her lips, her face completely emotionless. "I know, you can escape from the Taigu Immortal Path. To you wildlings, being able to receive two of these treasures is an unprecedented, heaven-defying fortune. Even if you were dreaming, the satisfaction would drive you awake. However, if you want to own a treasure, you need to possess an appropriate amount of strength and title. Otherwise, you won't be able to retain it. My meaning is simple. If you choose to escape, I will send someone back to the Dark North Kingdom and inform my father. He will definitely dispatch individuals over to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Even if you want to escape, there will be traces of you there, and you won't be able to hide for long. This treasure doesn't belong to you. Give it to me and we will let you leave," she threatened.

Furthermore, this was a despicable threat.

She even seemed as though she had given Wu Yu a good opportunity instead.

"Wu Yu you need to know that Prince Le allowing you to take the Fire Source Ancient Crystal is already the biggest fortune of your life. This Water Source Ancient Crystal is useless to you. It never belonged to you either. My region lord has spoken to you with sincerity. Do you know how rare a sight that is? If I were you, I would quickly hand over the Water Source Ancient Crystal. Like this, we can even be friends. My region lord will definitely take care of you. Otherwise, if you were to break off all relationships, you might even implicate your family. The choice is clear, isn't it? Although cultivators are said to be unfettered beings, if their close relatives and teachers were to be unjustly slaughtered, unable to pass through the cycle of reincarnation, that obviously wouldn't be worth it. Don't you agree?" a long and narrow-faced cultivator said.

"What is your name?" Just after he spoke, Wu Yu glared at him.

"This humble servant is known as Liu Zichen," the sharp-chinned cultivator arrogantly replied.

"Wu Yu, I will give you 10 breaths of time. Think it over carefully." On the other side, the Old Mulberry Region Lord had already lowered her hand. The gaze from those blood red eyes needled Wu Yu; it was as though her very sight could pierce through him.

10 breaths of time passed just as quickly.

Wu Yu was still weighing his options.

"How can I give up something I've gained so easily on the path of cultivation?

"However, the opponent is shameless, to use such an underhanded method to threaten me. If I were to choose not to give it up and leave... That Xiao Yili may not just be posturing. These people from the Dark North Kingdom might very well go to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent in search of my Water Source Ancient Crystal. If they are unreasonable, all of those who are related to me might very well face a disaster...

"On the other hand, she might not really carry out her threats. This might just be a ploy to scare me. However, I cannot wager the lives of those related to me like this! Ultimately, it's because I don't possess the might of a genius from the Yan Huang Ancient Region. If I did, they would not be looking down on me!" The opponents had yet to act, but verbal barbs had long been exchanged. The situation had forced them into an absolutely irreconcilable position as they had crossed Wu Yu's bottom line.

This Water Source Ancient Crystal was supposed to be a gift to Luo Pin. Yet this woman wanted to snatch it away. Although this Xiao Yili might be pretty, she could not be compared to Luo Pin.

10 breaths later, Wu Yu had yet to decide, and Xiao Yili's frosty voice resounded. "Liu Zichen, go back and tell my father the information. You know what to do." 

"Yes, Region Lord!" That male cultivator had received his orders to leave the Taigu Immortal Path and lost his opportunity to remain just like that. However, he actually seemed excited, his face full of exuberance.

This way, it was possible that the people from the Dark North Kingdom would arrive before those from the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

These people were truly shameless. Even the Yan Huang Ancient Country's Jiang Qijun wanted the Fire Source Ancient Crystal but would not stoop to the level of threatening one's family, much less go to the extent of completely eliminating them from reincarnation completely.

It was no wonder even Ming Long hated this kingdom!

The scum by the name of Liu Zichen was grinning wolfishly. He was about to crush his Taigu Immortal Talisman and return to the Dark North Kingdom.

Old Mulberry Region Lord Xiao Yili also smirked. Her pressurizing gaze was locked onto Wu Yu. This was Wu Yu's last chance.

"Wu Yu, you might not be familiar with us, but the people of the Dark North Kingdom are true to their word. Whatever we can do, we will execute it flawlessly." Xiao Yili spelled out each word viciously.

The moment she gave the signal, Liu Zichen would carry out the task.

"Enough." Just as Liu Zichen was about to carry out his task, Wu Yu spoke out.

He was placed between a rock and a hard place. The Water Source Ancient Crystal was precious, but he was faced with utterly reprehensible individuals. The him now had no choice.


He would never gamble the lives of the Imperial General, the Sword Immortals, his master, Wu You, and the rest of his brothers. This was a mistake he could not bear.

The Yan Huang City Lord had already left and Wu Yu could not bear letting anyone else suffer.

Despite his inner struggles and indignation, he chose to give up! This Xiao Yili had found his reverse scale.

The only problem was that he didn't feel that this was the end of it.

"Take care of it for me. One day, everything that belongs to me will return to my hands," Wu Yu said grimly as he stared at Xiao Yili before removing it from his Sumeru Pouch.

Xiao Yili laughed. "Firstly, it doesn't belong to you. Secondly, I knew you would say that. At the very least to save yourself some face. Since you're smart, I will leave you with a little dignity. Should I reply that I'm awaiting your eventual return?" Wu Yu was definitely one that spoke for the sake of face. This was what he stood by. He may be young and weak now, but who wasn't once like that? He was born with a relatively low stature compared to the immortals. It was something that could not be helped. However, under duress, he had been forced to give away his treasures. This was something he would never forget.

He would snatch it back one day.

Perhaps this Xiao Yili might have already used it up or given it away by then. In that case, he would retrieve something of similar value. He would not speak more, as this was his own inner resolution. Something that would not budge, ever.

This ancient crystal was being safekept by her as far as he was concerned.

"How clever. Let us go." Xiao Yili's mood seemed to have improved distinctly. After easily retrieving the ancient crystal, she cawed with laughter, waving her hand and signalling to her compatriots. Humming a happy tune, the group left, leaving only Wu Yu in their shadows. 

The ones surrounding her all guffawed, and he could even hear their conversation. "That Wu Yu was truly terrified. We had yet to act and he was frightened into giving us the ancient crystal."

"I heard that he even escaped from 30 cultivators from the Yan Huang Ancient Country. I think it's just that the Yan Huang Ancient Country cultivators are useless." 

"They are truly incomparable with our Old Mulberry Region Lord."

"With this ancient crystal, the Region Lord's strength will definitely rise by another level!" They laughed unrestrainedly before leaving in the distance.

"This old mother truly wants to murder those thieves. People from the Dark North Kingdom are all the same. They have not changed even after so many years!" Ming Long was so incensed, she was trembling, jumping around angrily in front of Wu Yu in her spiritual form.

On the other hand, Wu Yu was calm. The egg in his Sumeru Pouch had once been snatched away by the Ghostly Emperor but ultimately still returned to him. He could only say that it was too early to determine who would have the last laugh.

There was a strong belief that he would retrieve what belonged to him. Especially since it was a gift for Luo Pin.

More importantly, the sealed door was the most important thing at hand.

The mysteries hiding behind that door were what truly attracted Wu Yu's attention.

"Aren't you angry? If I were you, I would definitely force these children to grovel before my feet in pain, begging for forgiveness! If only I was a male then. How great would it be?" Ming Long once again derailed...

Wu Yu committed this memory to heart. This was not the most important thing in his life, but rather a defining experience. It would not control him, but merely seek to remind him of what was important.

Patiently, he awaited the opening of the Time Control Pagoda.

A few days later, his doppelgangers heard people discussing that Wu Yu had actually managed to steal the Water Source Ancient Crystal. He had even managed to escape Xiao Yili's encirclement and escaped without a trace.

"What a venomous bitch. She not only stole the ancient crystal, but spread news that I did. This is already on top of the Fire Source Ancient Crystal that I had before. This Xiao Yili is truly capable..." This news spread extremely quickly. By the time Wu Yu had heard it, almost all of the cultivators were aware that he was apparently now in possession of two massive ancient crystals.

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