Chapter 0595: Old Mulberry Region Lord

When Wu Yu escaped from the Time Control Pagoda, it once again vanished in a blink.

Luckily, no one was around.

Wu Yu was only surrounded by white clouds.

"When Jiang Qijun went in, I had close to no hope of succeeding. Miraculously, I managed to knock her out.

“This time, against a sea region demon that I had hopes of besting, I was forced out by his venom."

Wu Yu didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

The Blue Ringed Poison Devil remained within to investigate the mysterious sealed door. It was clear that he would not obtain any results. Wu Yu was confident that the demon would rush out once his time was up.

"Thankfully, it's just 10 days! Almost four years have passed for me, but it's been barely a month." Although he was frustrated, Wu Yu still quickly scattered his clones throughout the cloud sea to search for the Time Control Pagoda yet again.

Even if the Time Control Pagoda were to teleport elsewhere after the Blue Ringed Poison Devil left it, at the very least Wu Yu would know that it was unoccupied. He had to know if the demon had even left.

Either way, his doppelgangers had nothing better to do.

A month had passed since his first encounter with the Time Control Pagoda. These days, everyone else was relentlessly killing mechanical beasts and obtaining their spirit designs. It seemed that nothing else significant had happened.

Wu Yu's one friend, Lan Tianyu, had already left. If he wanted to obtain any news on the situation, it would not be so simple.

His doppelgangers encountered numerous Yan Huang Ancient Country cultivators during the course of searching. As ordered by Prince Le, they did not harm Wu Yu. However, their gazes were icy and they avoided him completely.

Four days later, he successfully located the new position of the Time Control Pagoda. No one else had discovered it yet and thus no one competed with him. He left several clones in the surroundings whilst his main body remained nearby.

"Just what sort of transformations are hidden in this Taigu Immortal Path?

"There are still six more months before the full year's duration is up. If I'm careful, just how long can I remain within here? Furthermore, it seems I've been quite lucky and have yet to suffer an annihilating blow." 

It was rumored that a group of cultivators had encountered an indefensible situation. In the short span of a few days, they were overwhelmed and sent out of the Taigu Immortal Path.

Wu Yu glanced around furtively. When his clones had searched this area, he had not found anything of note. This place had no end, and regardless of the situation, the clones returned back to their original positions to remain on guard.

This one mystery of the cloud sea could very likely hold its answers behind that door.

"Just six more days." Wu Yu continued to wait patiently.

As he remained nearby, approximately two days passed, and he had not noticed anyone else approaching. Yet on this day, he noticed some movement from afar. Widening his eyes and utilizing the Eyes of Fire and Gold, his gaze pierced through the clouds.

He suddenly saw that an object was barrelling towards him from within the cloud sea.

It did not seem to be a threat to him. In fact, it seemed to be attracted towards him, vaguely winding and bobbing through the clouds. It seemed to be a huge stone. To be precise, a water crystal, as it seemed extremely beautiful and transparent whilst exuding gleaming light. 

After looking at it closely, Wu Yu felt a suffocating feeling welling within him. 

Within the depths of the cloud sea, it was fluttering like a butterfly towards him. If he was not wrong, this might very well be the Water Source Ancient Crystal that had gone missing!

The one from the Water Source Crystal Beast King! One that was 100 times larger than a normal Water Source Ancient Crystal.

Wu Yu remembered that when the Water Source Crystal Beast King had died, the bottom of the sea immediately churned and turned into a maelstrom. Everyone had been sucked in and no one had managed to obtain the treasure.

When he had first arrived, everyone was still searching for it for a period of time.

Till today, he had not even heard a whiff of who had obtained this.

What was most ludicrous was the fact that just by remaining here, he had discovered it? It was even flying towards him!

Wu Yu was originally frightened but quickly became exuberant at his luck!

"Luo Pin is one from the mystical dragon tribe. Her position, identity, and strength all far exceed me. I once declared that I had to catch up with her. When I meet her, it seems I will have a worthy gift.

"The Water Source Ancient Crystal may not be that important to her, but it's the most precious gift I can come up with. Additionally, it's extremely pretty. Any girl would like it!"

These were the thoughts that filled his mind. He eagerly awaited this ancient crystal. He had already imagined Luo Pin's expression when she received it...

Every interaction he had with her was highly cherished and memorable.

After recovering, she had regained her sense of nobility and shook off the shackles of normality. He was afraid that she would look down upon him, but the truth was that if he wanted to have a sincere talk with her, he first had to cross that divide and gain enough strength. This was his other impetus for becoming an immortal, to cultivate even greater might.

He had wanted to see her on numerous occasions.

She was definitely surrounded by many. Wu Yu wanted to meet her openly and without prejudice when he gained sufficient speaking rights. He didn't want to be looked down upon by those around her.

Thus, this gift was, at the very least, appropriate and important.

"People say that dao companions have to be comparable, to seek life and death together. The distance between me and her is currently too vast, let's not even talk about seeking life and death."

Wu Yu pondered as he charged towards the ancient crystal. In a blink, he was in front of the massive ancient crystal. Gazing at the dreamy, dazzling crystal in front of him, Wu Yu felt fascinated at this sight. 

"Why are you hesitating? Quickly send this beautiful gift to that little female dragon. She'd take you to bed immediately." Ming Long sneered.

"I was just wondering why this thing flew towards me. How could things be so coincidental?" Wu Yu's two hands wrapped around the Water Source Ancient Crystal. Yet upon touching it, he felt as though his own body and the ancient crystal had a certain connection, a certain resonance between the two.

This connection had attracted the ancient crystal, causing it to appear in front of his eyes.

Otherwise, how could no one, including Wu Yu's clones, have discovered it? How else would it appear in front of him?

His eyes shone with light. "I understand. The Fire Source Crystal Beast King and the Water Source Crystal Beast King were a pair. When I refined the Fire Source Ancient Crystal into my body, perhaps the two spirits still possessed some yearning towards each other. Thus, when I reappeared in the cloud sea, it was attracted to me." 

"Perhaps you might be right. It's a more reasonable explanation than luck at the very least." Ming Long drawled.

Wu Yu's main body could also feel a sense of happiness within the ancient crystal when he held it. The Spirits of the Universe were mysterious existences after all.

He no longer hesitated and immediately opened his Sumeru Pouch, storing the ancient crystal within.

This was a massive windfall.

After putting it away, he continued to contemplate. Perhaps he would have to polish this crystal slightly, make it more presentable before passing it to Luo Pin. 

"I saw it." Just as he was still dreaming in a state of bliss, he was immediately snapped back to reality by the cold, sharp voice of a female, giving him a fright.

His attention had previously been fully focused on the Water Source Ancient Crystal and thinking of Luo Pin. He had not realized that there was a group of individuals nearby.

The one who spoke was a female within the group. Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold identified that, luckily, it was not Jiang Qijun.

The female wore a long robe of black, wrapping around her slender physique, hiding an exquisite shape. She possessed a refreshingly bright set of pupils, curvy brows, and long, fluttering eyelashes. Her flawless, white skin held a tint of red around her cheeks as her delicate thin lips graced her countenance, akin to rose petals. Her egg-shaped face was indeed alluring and charming. Combined with her fragile-looking skin that might even break apart from the touch of falling snow, her entire visage seemed ethereal. 

Paying closer attention, her pupils seemed to contain several strands of blood red lines within. It was purely due to these red streaks that she seemed even more dignified and brutal compared to Jiang Qijun.

Her composure, expression, and bearing was no worse than Jiang Qijun’s. Her frigid iciness gave the feeling that she was born from the depths of the cold, dark sea. She was awe-inspiring and imposing, standing from a position high above, one that could not be simply associated with. She also seemed cold-blooded and ruthless. Although she was far away, her voice resounded far. Wu Yu was clearly being half-baked by the sun, yet her very voice seemed to submerge him under a freezing watery grave.

Behind her were four others. Two males and two females. They too were of similar stature, their eyes containing a tint of blood. Their bodies gave off a cold aura, and killing intent cloaked them. 

Just as the lady spoke, the four immediately scattered and surrounded Wu Yu. They seemed to be attempting to block him off.

Wu Yu felt extremely gloomy. Good news and bad news often came in pairs. The good news was that he had obtained the Water Source Ancient Crystal. The bad news was that this lady had clearly spotted him obtaining it. He felt a pang of regret. He had been too distracted by the situation with Luo Pin, and if he had acted quicker, he might have managed to sneak the crystal away.

However, who would have expected this development? There was no medicine for regret in this world. Wu Yu's Fire Source Ancient Crystal had not been stolen from him as of yet. At the same time, just what could these people do to him? At the very least, with his speed, no one could catch him. 

In a blink, that black-robed lady appeared in front of Wu Yu's eyes. Her body seemed to exude a fragrance that would cloud one's mind. It was extremely thick, and whoever inhaled it would want to get closer to and even possess her! Yet her frigid expression served as a bulwark, warding off all.

"I saw you take the Water Source Ancient Crystal away," she repeated once again.

"Regardless of who you are, give up the Water Source Ancient Crystal. The Old Mulberry Region Lord will definitely give you a way out. Otherwise, even if you escape from the Taigu Immortal Path, your entire family and all your friends will be slaughtered!" a sharp-chinned male icily said.

His threat was domineering, and he was not scared of Wu Yu leaving the Taigu Immortal Path. Their influence would not relent just because they had left this place!

Suddenly, another female, one with a sharp jaw and slitty eyes, akin to that of a snake, spoke out. "Region Lord, I know who he is! Fifth tier Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator. He must be Wu Yu! The one who stole the Fire Source Ancient Crystal! Dear lord! He has actually managed to snatch away both ancient crystals!" 

Hearing Wu Yu's name, the Old Mulberry Region Lord was also shell shocked.

She looked towards Wu Yu, raising her arm with her palm upwards. Her intention was clear. Put all the ancient crystals on her hand!

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