Chapter 0594: Toxic Plague

Wu Yu didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

His luck was sometimes good, but at other times horrendous. It was something unfathomable.

Sometimes, when he felt that the winds were finally blowing his way, a typhoon would erupt!

Other times, when he was feeling doomed, a lifeline would appear.

Just when he was about to grasp the opportunity to enter the mysterious door, he encountered this Blue Ringed Poison Devil!

It was a creature that came to prominence in terms of toxicity amongst the sea region demons. The domain was a massive area, and even then it was still a resoundingly frightening title!

Thus, when Wu Yu looked into his opponent's gaze, he could see a gloomy sort of spirit in it. He was also deadly calm, as though he had been desensitized to murder.

Who would know just how many had fallen at this creature's hands.

There was one saving grace however. The opponent might be a peak grade demon, but his cultivation level wasn't ridiculously high - merely at the second tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

However, in terms of lethality, he was clearly significantly greater than the Spiritual Trio General.

After giving it some thought, although the opponent was dangerous, there was still a chance. Perhaps he could knock the opponent out flying, much like what happened to Jiang Qijun.

"Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator? Such puny cultivation. I am guessing you're the famous Wu Yu? The one that obtained the Fire Source Ancient Crystal," the opponent said as his blue eyes calmly watched Wu Yu.

His low cultivation level was the most identifying point of him. Regardless of who stood in front of him, just identifying an individual with a low cultivation level would likely point out that the individual who stood unaccompanied in front of him was the notorious Wu Yu!

"That's right. How should I address you?" Wu Yu replied.

The creature's eyes were nonchalant as they swept past Wu Yu, inspecting the location. He did not both to reply but mused to himself, "This white pagoda seems to be a little different from the black Ancient Pagodas of Time. Tell me, what mysteries exist in this place?" Although Wu Yu's aim was to chase the opponent away, things had not devolved into a full scale brawl. He may not have to fight, but perhaps he could fool the demon into leaving. Furthermore, it looked as though the opponent was completely indifferent. He replied, "Not much difference." Speaking more wouldn't disadvantage him and thus he replied.

The opponent sauntered around the area as he observed. "In that case, then I will just defeat you and I can remain within here. How much time can pass with 10 days here?" 

"100 days," Wu Yu replied.

This was a number he had considered before replying. On the one hand, it would show that the white pagoda was different from the ones outside. On the other hand, it hid the fact that there were nine puppets and nine different levels of challenge.

"10 times acceleration isn't bad. It's the highest here. However, there doesn't seem to be any spirit designs to obtain. Even if I defeat you, I would just waste 10 days of time here." It was clear that the demon had entered due to a spat of curiosity. If there were no clear rewards, he might not even waste his time here.

The demon looked directly at Wu Yu. "I heard that Prince Le has passed down an edict. All of the Fire Source Ancient Crystals belong to you. It's mind-boggling. If I wanted to snatch away your ancient crystals, what could you do?" 

Wu Yu laughed mirthlessly. "If it's a battle of life and death, then I will just leave the Taigu Immortal Path." 

The Blue Ringed Poison Devil gave a cold smile in reply. He had also heard of Wu Yu triumphing over Gongshu Ku. Snatching his belongings would not be an easy task. He was uninterested in staying in this place and started making preparations to leave.

Wu Yu was pleasantly surprised. He was about to start preparing himself for the battle against the Spiritual Trio General.

At this point, as the Blue Ringed Poison Devil's eyes continued to scan the area. They finally rested upon the location of the mysterious door. He quickly approached it, resting his palms on it, even attempting to push it open several times. He could vaguely feel the difficulty of opening the door before turning to look at Wu Yu. "Tell me, just what lies behind this door?" Wu Yu was feeling a little depressed. It seemed that this door had piqued the opponent's interest. He could only reply. "I'm not sure. After Prince Le entered, it seemed as though this door had not budged at all." 

"Why don't you go out? For the sake of finding out this secret, I will stay here for the next 10 days," the Blue Ringed Poison Devil declared.

From the reaction, it seemed as though he was not planning to leave.

However, Wu Yu did not leave. He could only stake it all on a fight with the Blue Ringed Poison Devil.

The opponent had already assumed Wu Yu would beat it. But after a moment, he realized that Wu Yu had not moved. Irritated, he said, "You don't plan to leave? Not sending you out of the Taigu Immortal Path is already a tremendous grace on my behalf." 

At this point, he surveyed the area. "Or could it be that there‚Äôs a secret that you don't want revealed? Something that you have not told me?" 

Wu Yu shook his head. "I have a lot of treasures on me. Thus, I want to hide here and not leave." The Blue Ringed Poison Devil moved away from the sealed door and walked towards Wu Yu, his gaze becoming increasingly sharp. His blue tongue whetting his azure lips, he spat, "Are you going against me? Well, that's meaningful. If you don't want to leave, then based upon the rules of the Ancient Pagoda of Time, I have to be victorious. Perhaps I might even have the fortune of obtaining a large hoard of Fire Source Ancient Crystals!" As he spoke, he hastened his footsteps.


Without speaking further, he directly launched an attack! 

However, it was clear that he was underestimating Wu Yu, as he had not even transformed into his true form. He did not utilize any of his dao treasures, only his Primordial Energy, a fist lancing towards Wu Yu.

In that instant!

Wu Yu brandished his Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean and directly clashed against the Blue Ringed Poison Devil's fist! Ka cha! 

The opponent's limb was smashed apart by the impact, blood and flesh smattering in all directions!

The Blue Ringed Poison Devil had also been knocked flying, colliding heavily against the wall.

"Unimaginable. What a mighty body you possess. It has to be said that I am looking forward to your struggle." The Blue Ringed Poison Devil sneered, completely oblivious to the injury on his body.

Wu Yu had to pull out all his cards to defeat this enemy. First, he had to use his three mystiques. The Unshackled Doppelganger was activated, creating 1,000 clones that surrounded the opponent, his true body hiding within.

"Prime Heavenly Lord Supreme God Technique!" At the same time, all the bodies started emitting radiant, gold light.

"Many clones. Interesting. However, in this tiny space, what's the point?" At this point, the Blue Ringed Poison Devil transformed into his true form! It was a gigantic octopus, its tentacles flailing in all directions, blue rings shining with fluorescent light. These blue rings clearly secreted something exceptionally toxic!

This was one of the most poisonous things known to the world. It was said that some even hunted the Blue Ringed Poison Devil to use its poison to coat their weapons!

This was a heavenly gift innate to this demon.

The Blue Ringed Poison Devil had immediately taken up half the space within the Time Control Pagoda.

Even the exit had been clogged up by his body!

The octopus inhaled and spat out liquid. The originally sealed location was now filled with water, and Wu Yu himself was also submerged within.

"Be obedient now, Wu Yu. This isn't a place where you can prance around." After transforming, the Blue Ringed Poison Devil laughed as he activated his mystique!

His Natural Mystique would unquestionably be some sort of lethal poison!

At this point, Wu Yu could see that the entire body's tens of thousands of blue rings had left the body and directly fused with the water. In a blink, the entire Time Control Pagoda's interior was filled with bright blue water! As the blue water attempted to surround Wu Yu, it was temporarily forced back! However, even so, Wu Yu could feel a numbness running through his body. It was as though he could no longer move.

"Haha!" At this point, the Blue Ringed Poison Devil frenziedly swung his tentacles, inciting the waters and spreading the venom in all directions!

With the assistance of Primordial Energy, the force at which the water moved was also massive, crashing towards Wu Yu with force capable of smashing a mountain. Unable to retaliate, Wu Yu could only hide.

Even in that moment, a small amount of blue poison had latched onto Wu Yu's body. Even with the Invincible Vajra Body, a portion of flesh immediately withered and began to rot, sizzling with white fumes. The wound immediately became numb and the remaining poison left within the body immediately started spreading throughout Wu Yu's body.

"Now that you've been afflicted with my venom, you're doomed! Even if you leave the Taigu Immortal Path, it's of no use." The Blue Ringed Poison Devil chuckled as his amusement echoed throughout the surroundings.

Wu Yu felt extremely sullen.

The battle had yet to truly begin, but before he had utilized any of his moves, the opponent had taken control of the area. Just how could he fight? If the location was big, perhaps it would not have been such a problem. The key thing was that this location was completely submerged in the opponent's deadly poison. One wrong move and he would turn to ash, corroded by the poison. Even leaving the Taigu Immortal Path would be impossible.

This sort of acute poison could destroy dao treasures. Even Wu Yu's Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean was slowly being eroded. 

"To face such an opponent, you have to strike fast and hard. You cannot let him release more poison. Especially in such a cramped space. At the rate this battle is going, with the opponent's endless Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, I would die without even knowing why. I think it's best for you to retreat," Ming Long suggested.

"Is there no other way?" Looking at the sealed door before him being blocked by the Blue Ringed Poison Devil, Wu Yu felt extremely unwilling.

"None at all. This entire space is under his control. You can only wait for him to become bored and leave, much like Prince Le. Relax. It seems as though the opponent is not interested in lingering for long. Furthermore, he definitely will not be able to discover the secret." Wu Yu really wanted to challenge the Spiritual Trio General, but the situation was dire for him. A large portion of his combat strength was suppressed and he couldn't even approach the opponent.

"Forget it! Next time it is!" Looking at the almost completely deteriorated Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean, he could only rush towards the entrance.

It was currently being blocked by one of the Blue Ringed Poison Devil's tentacles.

"Sun Vessel!" The sun's truefire pierced through the veil of poison and descended upon Wu Yu's eyes as he gathered his power while rushing towards the exit. He utilized his Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to shrink to his smallest size and, with terrifying speed, moved towards the exit before the opponent could react.


The Sun Vessel exploded outwards, bathing the tentacle of the Blue Ringed Poison Devil with flames, completely disintegrating it and exposing the exit. The Blue Ringed Poison Devil immediately screamed horrifically as he retracted his tentacles, giving Wu Yu the opportunity to escape.

"Wu Yu! Just wait for me to come out! I will have my revenge!" After being injured by Wu Yu, the Blue Ringed Poison Devil raged.

Wu Yu snarkily replied, "Sure. I will await you outside. In the open, you aren't my opponent." Frankly speaking, he felt even more depressed than the Blue Ringed Poison Devil. Furthermore, he had been so close to successfully finding out what was behind the door. All of his plans had been laid awry!

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