Chapter 0593: Blue Ringed Poison Devil

The reward this time was a time flow of 70 times acceleration, 700 days, approximately two years.

This was another two years of time gained. Although he wasn't able to pass through that mysterious door, this was still a fortunate result.

Looking back, the battle with the Spiritual Trio General had also brought about a lot of benefits as Wu Yu had never undergone such a lengthy and arduous battle. It was a priceless experience gained over a day. 

After the mysterious door closed fully, Wu Yu felt a little absent-minded. He had just missed it by a smidgen.

"Just a little more and I could have found out what was behind that door..." However, there was now great hope for him. So long as he could attain the second tier of the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, there was no suspense in the result.

He was so distracted that he completely forgot about the treasure left behind by the Spiritual Trio General. This golden, white cloth contained numerous records of spirit designs and the blueprints for crafting the Spiritual Trio General.

If this were to be found in the Yan Huang Ancient Region, it would definitely be a priceless treasure, capable of fetching an inordinate amount of money. Its value would definitely be at least 10 times that of the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean.

Many powers would definitely be itching to snatch it. With enough materials, an expert crafter would be able to create an army of Spiritual Trio Generals!

The Yan Huang Ancient Country, one constantly fighting and struggling for hegemony amongst the other kingdoms, would definitely covet a method to create a fearless army.

Meanwhile, all of those geniuses on the outside of the pagoda, within the Taigu Immortal Path, were spending their time challenging the mechanical beasts. They were no longer interested in the Ancient Pagodas of Time.

"Just destroying these puppets and mechanical beasts will allow one to gain the method to craft them. Just who designed these minor games? Just how many mysteries are left in this Taigu Immortal Path? I heard that the trials within have never repeated. Just how many secrets are lying around? Just how large is this place?" If one were to pay attention, they could feel the infinite vastness and possibilities this place contained.

"At the very least, I believe that the secrets behind the Cloud Sea of Time lie behind this door!" Wu Yu held high hopes and curiosity behind the possibility of discovering the secret of this cloud sea. He stowed away the blueprints for the Spiritual Trio General as he wholeheartedly focused on gaining enlightenment of this Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth.

The brief encounter with Jiang Qijun had given Wu Yu a taste of the profoundness of the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. The best mystiques could be used in battle, and, true to Ming Long's word, it had given Wu Yu the chance to experience the most basic form and also mysteriousness of this technique. 

With sufficient time, attaining the second tier would not be difficult.

Wu Yu spent three months of time, almost a 100 days, to finally break through to the second tier of the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth with the enlightenment he had gained in battle.

His body could now reach a height of three zhang! Four times his original height. Interestingly he was also about 20 times heavier than before. Even his calves were almost the size of him when he was in normal form.

At his largest size, he had basically become a giant! Wielding an enlarged Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean was a terrifying sight for any opponent that dared to cross him. Even the true form of a demon might not be as large as he was.

Even when walking through the pagoda, he would create large rumblings and shockwaves.

Of course, the important part was that now he could shrink even more! He would shrink to the size of his calf and his body would be about three cun[1]. His chest width was barely two cun. Such a tiny person would move three times as fast! He moved in a flash, like a shadow. Combined with the Swift Art, whether it was to travel or to battle, there was probably no one in the Taigu Immortal Path that could match his speed.

Most importantly, he could choose to switch behind strength and speed at will!

He could transform into his largest size with thrice the strength, which, combined with his Violent Art, would enable him to deliver a mighty blow six times stronger than usual. The Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth's core strength was transformation. The 72 Transformations were also about change. When these abilities were combined, their effects were not additive, but multiplicative!


This was why he could shatter the Golden Sunflower Realm like glass - he had previously managed to deliver an unexpectedly strong blow.

Honestly speaking, the Swift Art would have the same multiplied effects.

As he continued to improve his Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, the effects combined with his Violent Art and Swift Art would just become a terrifying force of nature.

However, to continue improving it would be even harder! Currently, Wu Yu had no idea how to progress to the third tier!

"There are still 600 more days of time. I don't have a new dao treasure or dao technique. I can only improve my own cultivation level and refine my mystiques. In terms of cultivation, I'm approaching the sixth tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea. However, to guarantee my entry through the mysterious door, I cannot afford to raise my cultivation level. It's probably better for me to use the next period of time to improve my understanding of spirit designs. Understanding more can never be a bad thing. I will temporarily halt my cultivation.

"In terms of mystiques, my Unshackled Doppelganger requires me to possess a primordial spirit. Reaching the third tier of the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth might require more than 600 days, but I can still spend time on it. All that's left is the fourth tier of the Eyes of Fire and Gold, World of the Golden Eye. However this is a realm that even Ming Long has not reached!" Ming Long's Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and Eyes of Fire and Gold had only reached the third tier.

Thus, Wu Yu spent the rest of his time practicing medicine refining, understanding spirit designs, and spending some effort on his mystiques. 

His emphasis was on spirit designs, with a large amount of time mulling over them. The Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon was the basis of his foundation, and he also spent time pouring over the designs attained in the Taigu Immortal Path.

He had never had this much spare time. This allowed him to discern the mysteries of the spirit designs and to learn.

The experiences of his predecessors and his own merged together, allowing him to learn an unprecedented amount. Even though he did not directly raise his cultivation level, there was no contradiction, as he continued to build a foundation for it.

"The World of the Golden Eye is too difficult to learn. Even Ming Long was unsuccessful." Most importantly, the spiritual art for the World of the Golden Eye was not complete and he had to find a way to commune with the Ruyi Jingu Bang.

It was a pity that the Jingu Bang had not reacted to Wu Yu. It was as though it had vanished.

Perhaps he needed the appropriate opportunity. He was patient at the very least.

On the other hand, he had actually made progress on the third tier of the Unshackled Doppelganger, but at the rate he was going, he would probably require another four years or so to attain the next tier.

This could be fast or slow, depending on how one saw it.

Regardless, it was still quicker than Ming Long.

"Without this Time Control Pagoda, being able to reach this stage would truly be too difficult!" With the flow of time, Wu Yu would occasionally chat with Ming Long while spending the majority of his time pondering the abstruseness of spirit designs. As he had gained these two years almost for free, he was very relaxed. He was no longer on edge like the time he was being hunted down. 

Meanwhile, in the outside world, it was as though nothing had happened.

"Soon, soon! If no one challenges you this time, once the time is up, you can once again challenge the Spiritual Trio General. At that point in time, entering the door will be of no concern. The only thing that's unknown is how long you will have to wait if no one challenges you."

Wu Yu could be considered unlucky as someone had always entered the pagoda right after him. Honestly, having 10 days to locate the Time Control Pagoda was no mean feat and was certainly not easy. He had been fortunate enough to locate it each time.

Especially since the one who had entered last time was Jiang Qijun. It was truly a frightening sight.

700 days had just passed like that.

The World of the Golden Eye had no progress as the spiritual art was incomplete. The Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth was about halfway to the next tier and required more time.

What advanced the most was his abilities in crafting spirit designs and refining immortal medicines. Especially in terms of spirit designs, his ability to craft Heaven and Earth Spirit Designs, Mechanism Spirit Designs, Talisman Spirit Designs, and Immortal Treasure Spirit Designs had all progressed by leaps and bounds! He could create numerous kinds of Heaven and Earth Spirit Designs. The only issue was that he had yet to gain a primordial spirit. Only with one could he fully draw out the potential of a spirit design.

It could be said that below the Primordial Spirit Realm, there would be almost none that would be his match in spirit designs.

His understanding was so profound that if he possessed enough Inner Sea Essence Pills, he could reach the sixth tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea within a day.

Yet he resisted this urge. What lay behind the mysterious door held incomparable allure to him. Towards the end of the 700 days, he felt very jumpy and often stood near the entrance in a daze.

This was to a point that during the last 10 days, he gave up on cultivating and just rested in anticipation.

The day had finally come.

Wu Yu stood up, his back facing the mysterious door. He was staring in the direction of the Time Control Pagoda's entrance, butterflies in his stomach.

Truthfully, he hoped no one would enter, as he would have to engage in yet another fight. This was the turning point! Regardless of who came in, he would definitely not give up so easily.

The entrance opened.

Frankly speaking, if no one immediately stepped through the entrance, it would likely imply that the chance of someone else coming through would be significantly smaller. This was because if they had discovered the pagoda earlier, they would definitely want to enter as soon as they can!

Thus, after a period of time, as no one had entered, Wu Yu finally thought to himself that his luck wasn't that bad after all!

But just as that fickle thought crossed his mind, a humanoid shadow passed through the entrance and appeared right before Wu Yu's eyes.

It was a blue-colored individual.

His skin, blood and flesh, eyes, hair - basically his entire countenance was blue like the sea. It was incredible.

As soon as he entered, a strong wave of demonic qi rushed over, filling the interior of the Time Control Pagoda. He clearly did not attempt to hide the fact that he was a demon.

It was a sea region demon to be specific!

With his Eyes of Fire and Gold, Wu Yu could see his true form. It was a blue-ringed octopus, his entire body riddled with lumps on his skin.

His body was massive beyond compare, and if he were to revert to his true form, he would undoubtedly take up at least half of the entire space. Meanwhile, the rings on its body were extremely eye-catching.

"This demon is known as a Blue Ringed Poison Devil, a poisonous beast of the seas, with extraordinary longevity. Even when it's in its infancy, its poison can probably reap the lives of an entire swath of the sea! It truly lives up to its namesake." Ming Long was well read and travelled after all.

Judging by the seriousness of Ming Long's tone when facing this opponent, it was clear it was no walkover. It seemed as though Wu Yu's plans had clearly been affected.

1. Apparently one cun is three and one-third centimeters or 1.312 inches. Let me know if you guys want me to just simplify these old measurements.

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