Chapter 0592: Spiritual Trio General

Wu Yu long had a strong impression of this puppet. 

This was because when he first entered this place, it was on the white spirit design. It was the last and also the strongest puppet at that time. 

Wu Yu had never expected himself to challenge it so soon! If one were to use the time that passed in the outside world, the truth was that only a month had passed. 

However, he had been in the Time Control Pagoda for more than three years! 

"It would be great if I could own this Time Control Pagoda forever. The shame is that this is a mysterious object in the Taigu Immortal Path.” He wasn't even able to take away the Ancient Pagoda of Time that gave him two times acceleration, let alone this Time Control Pagoda. 

He didn't have the option to ponder deeply about this, because for him, the most crucial thing right now was to defeat this three-headed puppet!

It was definitely stronger than the Panther General, and this would definitely be a fight to the death! His opponent was an elite puppet that wasn't afraid of death and was hard to kill. It was made of dao treasure materials from top to bottom and was imbued with over 10,000 spirit designs that could give birth to endless uncertainties. This puppet had three heads with three emotions. The one in the middle was happiness. The one on the left was anger and had blood-shot eyes, while the one on the right had a sorrowful expression and looked dejected. However, these three emotions were constantly alternating on these three heads. 

"I'm the Spiritual Trio General. You are just an ordinary man and yet you dare to challenge me! Prepare to die!"

He had not expected the puppet to be capable of speech. Although the voice was mechanical, this was sufficient to prove that the puppet was already identical to dao treasures, which possessed immortal treasure spirits and a certain level of sentience. 

As it completed its words, the entirely white figure of the Spiritual Trio General charged ahead, leaving a snow-white trail of light on the floor. Instantly, the puppet camouflaged with the surrounding white walls. At that split second, Wu Yu found it hard to identify where the Spiritual Trio General was! 

"What insane speed!" 

Fortunately, he had the Eyes of Fire and Gold! Even if it turned illusory and disappeared in a split second, it still couldn't escape Wu Yu's eyes. Wu Yu's eyes were even able to see the circulation of various spirit design within its body and how they were interconnected. 


As the Spiritual Trio General approached Wu Yu, the three heads suddenly made the same sound. This sound was a form of spirit design attack. When the voice reverberated, the entire Time Control Pagoda shook. Wu Yu felt his whole head go dizzy, sending him reeling in shock! 

"How strong!" 

Before the attack came, the voice struck first. 

A puppet like this was worth way more than a dao treasure. This was equivalent to a dao treasure capable of attacking on its own! Wu Yu could roughly see six offensive spirit designs on its body. Each of these spirit designs could separately trigger over 10,000 spirit designs to assist and reinforce itself. In fact, the combinations of these spirit designs would allow it to explode with even more terrifying and insane effects! 

"Who's the one who could create such mysterious spirit designs? If only I could craft a puppet of this level right now. As long as I had sufficient materials, I would be able to create an army of Spiritual Trio Generals...." 

Obviously, this was just wishful thinking and unlikely to happen. 


To confuse his opponent, he summoned all his doppelgangers. At that instant, 1,000 identical Wu Yus appeared within the Time Control Pagoda and surrounded the opponent. It was indeed hard for the Spiritual Trio General to differentiate the real Wu Yu, considering that it was made of spirit designs and had no unique spirit design that enabled it to differentiate the real from the fakes! 

All the abilities of the puppet were predetermined, and new ones couldn't be added. And if the spirit design that granted a certain ability was destroyed, the puppet would lose that ability. 

It would also have a most central main spirit design. However, the main spirit design of exceptional puppets would often be be hidden or existed in other forms that were well concealed. After all, once its main spirit design was destroyed, the entire puppet would stop functioning. 

Its concealment method could even hide from Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold. If he were to decipher it, he would still require deep research into spirit designs of this level. Wu Yu was still far from that level. 

Bang, bang, bang!

The speed of the Spiritual Trio General was frighteningly quick. Although Wu Yu had hidden himself within his doppelgangers and was participating in attacks and transformations, there were still lots of doppelgangers that were forcefully destroyed within a short period! 

The few offensive spirit designs were released in sync and had terrifying powers! Its six eyes could explode with white lightning. As the lightning blast passed, Wu Yu's doppelgangers would be destroyed batches by batches despite executing the Prime Heavenly Lord Supreme God Technique! 

Wu Yu realized that he was most likely not a match for the Spiritual Trio General in a direct clash. Only by hiding within his doppelgangers, waiting to ambush, and being prepared for a protracted battle could he possibly defeat an opponent like this. 

"My will might not even be enough in a battle against this puppet. After all, it doesn't even have the concept of death. The only thing I can rely on is intelligence!" 

Therefore, when he lacked the strength to crush something seven tiers above himself, he would need intelligence and cunning to circumvent this flaw. 

Using his doppelgangers to mask his location was a display of intelligence. 

From time to time, he would pop out from the back of the Spiritual Trio General and ambush it. 

The doppelgangers created chaos with the Ten Thousand Furnace Lords' Supreme God Technique and turning the Time Control Pagoda into a sea of black flames. With this, the Spiritual Trio General would only be more confused! 

As for Wu Yu, he hid himself within while executing his other two mystiques! 

On several occasions, the Sun Vessel of his Eyes of Fire and Gold could blast the heads of the Spiritual Trio General directly! This was because the other party was pursuing and killing his doppelgangers and didn't notice that Wu Yu's main body was approaching silently! 

Using the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and shrinking his body, the Spiritual Trio General couldn't catch him at all. Even when it discovered Wu Yu, there was nothing it could have done! 

Moreover, Wu Yu would enlarge his body from time to time and turn around to attack. With the combination of Violent Art and the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, the terrifying strength that was released could even crush the body of the Spiritual Trio General if it chose to defend without spirit designs! 

The only shame was that he would require at least two hours to recuperate after using the Violent Art. 

This resulted in the war of attrition between Wu Yu and the Spiritual Trio General to last for a whole day! He kept hiding and didn't clash directly with the Spiritual Trio General. Although many of his doppelgangers were destroyed, they were replenished and appeared again after some rest. For the Spiritual Trio General, Wu Yu was an object that couldn't be fully killed and eliminated! 

The Sun Vessel and the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth were capable of truly damaging the Spiritual Trio General, and so was the Emperor's Pagoda! 

In this battle, Wu Yu relied on his exceptional patience to overwhelm the Spiritual Trio General's intelligence. Through countless small strikes and exhaustion, he finally crushed the three heads of the Spiritual Trio General after spending a full day and night. He was completely exhausted then and his doppelgangers were almost completely annihilated. 

The body of the Spiritual Trio General was also grotesque and full of holes and dents from Wu Yu's ambushes. 

Looking at Wu Yu, he wasn't in great shape either. His complexion had paled and he had bloody wounds all over his body. Even his eyes looked extremely dim. Having fought to this stage, he was utterly exhausted. It was especially so after executing the Violent Art numerous times within a day. He felt sore and painful throughout his body and couldn't wait to just lie on the floor and sleep to the end of time. 

However, he would only be able to reap the rewards through the toughest perseverance! The Spiritual Trio General finally fell amidst anger and indignance. It was indeed hard for it to accept the outcome. From the beginning to the end, he couldn't face an opponent that would fight him head-on and openly. His opponent was just ambushing him all along! Once the strike connected, he would run away. At the same time, numerous doppelgangers would charge ahead to confuse the Spiritual Trio General. 

Wu Yu understood that despite the fact that he could defeat the Spiritual Trio General within a day, this wasn't proof that he could now fight against a second tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator. It was just a testament that he had defeated his opponent through intelligence and patience. When fighting with a real second tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator, the other party would also not be dumb and wouldn't let Wu Yu dictate the flow of the battle. 

Nonetheless! A win was a win! 

For Wu Yu, the most crucial moment had arrived! 

The instant he defeated the Spiritual Trio General, no matter how fatigued he felt, he seemed like he had been injected with adrenaline. He was energized instantly and charged towards that mysterious door by using the Swift Art. At the same time, he executed the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to shrink his body to the smallest! 

When his body shrank, he became lighter. Together with the Swift Art, he appeared before the mysterious door in less than the time of one breath! 

At this moment, just as he envisioned and conjectured, the mysterious door was opening! 


That huge door moved inwards and gradually opened the width of a finger... Two fingers... 

Wu Yu stood before the door seam and looked inside with anticipation. At this juncture, he wouldn't be able to enter. He had to wait until it was as open as possible, and at that moment, he would shrink immediately! Everything would depend on how he could make the best use of this opportunity! 

That familiar feeling that made his heart throb surfaced once again. Whatever was within that door was attracting Wu Yu and making him forget the fatigue of his body. His eyes widened as he executed the Eyes of Fire and Gold to see everything in it! However, the mysterious thing was that he could only see illusory clouds despite having the Eyes of Fire and Gold. He couldn't see clearly at all. 

Nonetheless, he could clearly feel that there was something important in it. 

"Quick! Quick!" 

He was already trying to squeeze in. At this time, his heart was at his throat. His body was approximately three to four inches thick. This was the length from his chest to his back. As long as the door seam extended to three to four inches, Wu Yu would be able to squeeze himself in! 

In fact, even if it didn't reach this width, he still could squeeze himself in at the expense of a broken chest and lungs. 

This was undoubtedly a stressful moment. Even Ming Long didn't dare to make a sound as they waited for that mysterious door to continue opening! 

However, it didn't seem to be that easy and wasn't as per Wu Yu's initial expectations. 

That was when the mysterious door opened to a width of five to six fingers, or less than two inches, it stopped moving. After which, it started closing. This was the moment when the door seam was the largest! 

Compared to the previous time, it was twice as wide! 

However, the width of Wu Yu's chest to the back was two times the width of the door seam. Although he had shrunken himself substantially, it was impossible for him to squeeze himself in within such a short period. The mysterious door closed with great strength. Before Wu Yu could squeeze himself in, the door started shutting and crushed his elbow directly in the process! 

"Wu Yu, you can't get in! Get out immediately!" 

Ming Long shouted anxiously! 

At this moment, he had to give up. Wu Yu knew that he would have the opportunity again. At the very least, he had defeated the Spiritual Trio General. 

Although that was a narrow victory after a day of battle. 

At the very last moment, he pulled out his arm. The next instant, the door was slammed shut. 

"Don't be discouraged. When you reach the second tier of the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, you would definitely make it in." 

That would definitely happen next time! 

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