Chapter 0591: Strange Developments

The sudden increase in body size and the boundless physical strength were sufficient to enlarge the Upper Qian Golden Rings. This was followed by sudden shrinking. 

Jiang Qijun had never heard of a mystique like this and had never imagined she would encounter it. 

It was also because of this that her reaction was slow. As a result, she couldn't stop Wu Yu from charging out of the Upper Qian Golden Rings and appearing before her. 

Escaped from captivity! 

Having used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth for the very first time, the effects were great. 

However, this was just a portion of Wu Yu's plan. When his shrunk body charged out of the Upper Qian Golden Rings, he enlarged his body to the maximum within an extremely short time once again! 

He became just like a giant and stood right before Jiang Qijun's eyes! 

Although he was rather slow at this juncture, his physical strength was at the maximum! 

The opportunity would only be there for an instant! 

The truth was, he had taken Gongshu Ku's Gold and Jade Dragon Staff. However, the Gold and Jade Dragon Staff was just slightly better than the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean. There wasn't meaning for him to use it. Therefore, what was in Wu Yu's hands was the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean!

The enlarging and shrinking of a dao treasure was actually easy. However, it wasn't the same case for one's physical body. A demon could alternate between his main form and human form. However, a demon wouldn't be able to change their size at will. It was especially so for shrinking one's size. Shrinking was actually a lot harder than enlarging! 

The key was the changes to speed and strength. That was the main effect of the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth! 

Wu Yu suddenly appeared before her, and the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean in his hands was a zhang long. 

"Violent Art!

"Immortal Ape Transformation!" 

With two Immortality Arts, coupled with the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, Wu Yu's physical strength had reached an unprecedented pinnacle! 

At this moment, both of his arms grew thicker and larger. The Violent Art increased his physical strength by two times. Therefore, his current strength was four times his usual level! 

Four times the strength of the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body! 

Even Wu Yu wasn't aware of the immense strength he could possibly bring right now. 

Nonetheless, he was burning with adrenaline. This was strength that gave him confidence in defeating Jiang Qijun! Even if the Violent Art could only be used once! 


The rod swept across and towards Jiang Qijun! 

Jiang Qijun was taken aback for a moment. However, she snorted soon after. She was never worried about a direct confrontation with Wu Yu. She was indeed a little surprised by how Wu Yu had escaped previously. However, this wouldn't mean that she was fearful of Wu Yu's attack.



She pulled back her arm, and as Wu Yu's swept the rod towards her, the Upper Qian Golden Rings swooped back and smashed towards Wu Yu's back. 

The Upper Qian Golden Rings rotated as they flew and carried with them horrific strength and speed that could even penetrate a mountain! 

At the same time, the Golden Sunflower Realm before her shimmered once again between Wu Yu and her. This was an enclosed ball of light, and it was covered in golden sunflowers without any openings at all. 


Wu Yu growled furiously, and the soundwaves caused tremors throughout the Time Control Pagoda! 

At this very moment, one end of the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean smashed brutally onto the Golden Sunflower Realm! 

An unbelievable thing occurred. 

The Golden Sunflower Realm shattered upon contact! 


Wu Yu's brutal strike had broken through the Golden Sunflower Realm, resulting in numerous golden sunflowers shattering into pieces and scattering everywhere! 

Jiang Qijun was nonchalant and conceited initially. However, when her Golden Sunflower Realm shattered, she was truly frightened. 

At that split second, the long, golden robe she was wearing transformed into a dazzling suit of armor. It was also a dao treasure and was way more complicated and tougher than the Battle God Armor of the Prime Heavenly Emperor that Wu Yu previously had. Its value would at least be 10 times higher! 

Naturally, this was befitting of Golden Luan Region Lord's status. 

The dao treasure armor appeared in an instant and shone dazzlingly. Amidst the golden light, Jiang Qijun's long hair was fluttering and her expression was cold but beautiful. She was just like an immortal that had descended into the human realm. 

However, Wu Yu still smashed the rod towards her slim waist heavily! 


The clash of dao treasures resulted in sharp rumbles. At that instant, all the spirit designs on the dao treasure armor lit up! 

Wu Yu knew that although he had hit Jiang Qijun, over 90% of the power had been dissipated by the Golden Sunflower Realm and the dao treasure armor. Only roughly 10% had hit Jiang Qijun. 

It was entirely impossible to injure her. Despite the power behind his strike, she wouldn't even have suffered light injuries behind her double layers of defense. 

However, Wu Yu had a different plan in mind. Moreover, he was successful this time! 

To put it simply, he had treated her as a ball and the door to the Time Control Pagoda as the goalpost. He had never thought that he would defeat or injure Jiang Qijun, considering the huge difference between their cultivation levels. 

His objective was to take the hidden advantage that Jiang Qijun didn't know about - his strength - and sent her flying out. 

Jiang Qijun wasn't far from that door initially and had her back against it. 

While she was resisting Wu Yu's attack, she pulled back her Upper Qian Golden Rings. Her Upper Qian Golden Rings were just about to open up nine wounds on Wu Yu's body from the back. 

She was burning with anger and almost lost all rationality when she was sent flying by Wu Yu. All her attention was placed on the Upper Qian Golden Rings. At this moment, she had the desire to kill and was seeing her Upper Qian Golden Rings about to hit Wu Yu! 

As for where she was flying towards and where she would land, she didn't give it much thought. After all, she was within the Time Control Pagoda. In the worse case, she would collide with a wall. This wasn't as important of taking this opportunity to kill Wu Yu. 

It was also because of this that due to her carelessness, her back flew beyond the door before Wu Yu's anxious eyes. 

This was the effect after Wu Yu calculated the direction well and put all his strength behind that strike! 

When Jiang Qijun left the Time Control Pagoda, Wu Yu couldn't tell how much shock, fury, and even embarrassment she would be suffering outside. 

The Upper Qian Golden Rings only gave him a moment of life-and-death risk. Wu Yu had still thought that after Jiang Qijun left, the Upper Qian Golden Rings would lose control. To his astonishment, those nine Upper Qian Golden Rings gave up on attacking Wu Yu, made a detour past him, and followed Jiang Qijun out of the Time Control Pagoda. 

After which, the door to the Time Control Pagoda slammed shut. 

Ming Long was dumbfounded and filled with disbelief after witnessing the entire development. 

"Is this even possible?" 

This wasn't because Wu Yu was stronger than Jiang Qijun. The difference in cultivation levels was too huge, and it was entirely within reason that Wu Yu wouldn't be a match for her. 

However, he relied on his composure, sudden moment of brilliance, and logical use of his three mystiques to accomplish his objective. 

"After Jiang Qijun entered, she never paid attention to her back. Moreover, my all-out strike sent her flying back really rapidly. Furthermore, she was fully focused on killing me at that moment." 

All these factors resulted in Jiang Qijun being smashed out of the Time Control Pagoda. She had to be feeling ridiculous about the entire development. 

"Haha! That girl must be fuming mad outside." Ming Long laughed out loud hysterically. 

The truth was, Wu Yu was thinking of giving her ten days in the Time Control Pagoda and not clashing with her directly. However, the other party was too furious from the moment she attacked and hadn't given him the time to escape. He was also struck by a moment of brilliance. He had never expected that he would be the one that remained in the Time Control Pagoda. 

He stood on the spot and rested for an hour, until changes restarted in the Time Control Pagoda. The nine spirit designs from before with nine different colors of red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, blue, purple, black, and white emerged from the ground once again. After which, the nine puppets also surfaced. 

Looking at the nine puppets that surfaced slowly before him, Wu Yu was slightly nervous. It was time for his trial once again. 

"So this is the rule of the Time Control Pagoda. If there isn't anyone in the pagoda when I enter, I can challenge the puppet right away. If there is, the victor between the two parties challenges a puppet to choose his time. I just executed a plan to force Jiang Qijun out and therefore didn't have to leave the Time Control Pagoda. It's surprising that I get a second chance and at least 600 more days!" 

What he felt conflicted about was that this opportunity had come too quickly. Should he once again challenge the puppet on the purple spirit design for 600 days of cultivation, or should he go and challenge seven tiers above him and go for the white spirit design? Go for the opportunity to enter the mysterious door? 

He analyzed and thought to himself, "If I choose to challenge the Panther General, there is almost no uncertainty and I would gain 600 days. 600 days would definitely allow me to reach the second tier of the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. And in terms of cultivation level, advancing to the sixth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator wouldn't be a problem at all. However, I cannot enter the sixth tier before I challenge the black spirit design. Otherwise, my opponent will grow stronger." 

In that case, 600 days would feel a little weird. With such a long period, he might be wasting time. 

"If I challenge the level seven white spirit design and lose, I'll be forced to leave. I will also have to look for the Time Control Pagoda again. If I win, there are two scenarios. One would be as I wish - I'll enter the mysterious door based on the current circumstances. The second scenario of a successful challenge would be that I still won't be able to enter but will still gain 700 days. The outcome would be similar to me challenging the Panther General." 

What he wanted was naturally to win the challenge successfully. Moreover, although he was just at the first tier of the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, he wanted to enter that mysterious door successfully! 

This would be the perfect outcome. 

"Reward lies within risks. Even if my challenge fails, I won't suffer any grave consequences. Let's just give it a try. Even if I fail, I will have experience for my next challenge. Moreover, I can also see if that mysterious door will be opened in this manner! Besides that, the puppet will definitely not be as strong as Jiang Qijun. I just forced Jiang Qijun out. I won't have to worry about this dead object that relies on spirit designs to move!" 

Wu Yu sorted out his thoughts soon after! 

Even if the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth wasn't successful, he still wanted to challenge the puppet on the black spirit design. At the very least, he would have the experience! 

At the very least, he wouldn't die. 

As long as he could complete this challenge, the Time Control Pagoda would be his to rule! 

Naturally, after fighting with Jiang Qijun previously, he still had to recover, especially considering the fact that he had executed Violent Art. Therefore, he wasn't in a rush to make his decision. He had rested for an hour and bought some time for himself. Another hour passed and he could feel that the puppets in the spirit designs were getting restless. It felt as though all of them wanted to step out of the spirit designs. Wu Yu got a scare and walked towards the black spirit design immediately. 

This was a challenge that required him to fight seven tiers above himself! 

For anyone else, this would be impossible. 

At this time, the other puppets disappeared. That black spirit design flickered once more and dimmed gradually. An entirely white puppet with three heads appeared before Wu Yu. Each had a different expression of happiness, anger, and sorrow respectively. 

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