Chapter 0590: Upper Qian Golden Rings

The truth was that he had made huge improvements in his cultivation level and the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. It was just that he was stuck at the bottleneck. 

It was especially so for the mystique, Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, which was more illusory than the Eyes of Fire and Gold. It was also because of this that as he got more anxious, the more he couldn't identify the crux within. 

As the final day approached, Wu Yu realized that challenging seven tiers above him successfully and entering the mysterious door directly wasn't too realistic. 

Moreover, who knew if there would be others entering the place after his time was up. 

If there was, the person would definitely challenge Wu Yu. 

"All of this is hard to predict. However, I can only take things as they come and react accordingly. This mysterious door might just be the crux of the secrets behind this sea of clouds. Entering it will clearly not be that simple. Although I have the opportunity, I still have to be careful of being too impatient." 

Through constant hints and mental adjustments, he had finally gotten some clues for the second tier of the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and had reached the edge of making the breakthrough. 

However, the shame was that his 600-day period was about to end. The close to two years he had gained could be considered a pleasant surprise. 

"If I could remain here all the way and make up the difference in cultivation time with the remaining people, it would be a great choice too!" 

The only unknown was that when the time was up, would he be sent out of the Time Control Pagoda, would the Time Control Pagoda allow him to challenge the puppets again, or would there be people entering? 

At this juncture, he still wasn't aware of the rules of the Time Control Pagoda. 

On the last day, he wasn't too far off from the breakthrough. He just needed a moment of brilliance and enlightenment. 

However, he had to stop. This was because the very last moment had finally arrived. 

Wu Yu calmed his mind and waited for the changes of the Time Control Pagoda. 

To his astonishment, the moment the door to the Time Control Pagoda opened, a figure entered, just like his previous experience. That figure scampered in and suddenly appeared before Wu Yu's eyes. 

"Wu Yu! You are indeed here." The person who came in had a pair of golden eyes. She instantly locked on to Wu Yu and imposed great pressure on him. 

She was none other than the Golden Luan Region Lord, Jiang Qijun. 

Someone had probably found the Time Control Pagoda and told her about it. As she had failed to find Wu Yu, she had come to this place. When the time was up, she entered immediately. 

The truth was, she wanted to enter the previous time. It was just that Prince Le had entered before her. 

Seeing her, Wu Yu was slightly surprised. However, he wasn't panicking. After all, it was different now. In the worse case scenario, he would only be forced out of Taigu Immortal Path. Nonetheless, he was rather confident of escaping here, even in the face of Jiang Qijun. 

"Didn't Prince Le tell you not to go against me? Could it be that you are going to disobey his orders?" Wu Yu remarked plainly. 

Speaking of this, Jiang Qijun's expression had clearly turned gloomy. She paused for a moment before answering in a solemn tone, "Don't threaten me with him. Do you really think you are that important? Disregarding all others, you can forget about leaving this place unscathed due to the very fact that you have desecrated me. As for Prince Le, I will explain things to him. Did you actually think that you would be more important to him than me just because you informed him about some evil creature?" Her conflict with Wu Yu was the deepest and she was the most indignant after Wu Yu had snatched away the ancient crystals. She was indeed shocked by Prince Le's orders. However, this wasn't enough to make her give up. It was especially so when such a great opportunity presented itself to her. 

"Since Prince Le was compassionate to let you off, I won't make things difficult for you. Hand over the ancient crystals and I will allow you to get out of this place with dignity," said Jiang Qijun emotionlessly. Within the white space of the Time Control Pagoda, her long, black hair was swaying gently without wind blowing. She had an imposing demeanor and a pair of beautiful eyes that were relatively perceptive. 

"Get out of this place? Are you referring to this pagoda or Taigu Immortal Path?" 

"Wishful thinking! I'm obviously referring to the Taigu Immortal Path." Jiang Qijun scoffed and looked at him with contempt. 

Truly overbearing. Not only did she want the ancient crystals, but she also wanted Wu Yu to leave Taigu Immortal Path. 

However, without a doubt, Jiang Qijun was really strong and indeed had the strength to take care of him. 

"Forget it. You don't look like a guy who knows what's best for him. If you dare to remain in this place, you will just be caught in a trap of your own making. You might be able to escape outside, but you can forget about escaping from my hands while you are in this place." 

Jiang Qijun was direct and struck with dominance at this juncture. She flexed her arms and nine golden rings appeared around her arms instantly. 

Wu Yu recalled that she had only shown one golden ring in the past. Who would have expected this dao treasure to consist of nine golden rings! 

"Upper Qian Golden Rings! A dao treasure that could kill you nine times over! Are you afraid now?" Jiang Qijun chuckled with contempt. 

Clearly, Jiang Qijun was way stronger than the puppet on the white spirit design that Wu Yu wanted to challenge. However, this wasn't a reason for him to escape without putting up any resistance. While Jiang Qijun had the intention to strike, Wu Yu was actually even more decisive than her!

Although Wu Yu was far inferior in terms of Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, he at least had three insanely terrifying mystiques! 

"Sun Vessel!" At this time, he gradually got closer to his opponent. The sun in the sky formed a huge, golden fire pillar that fell on him and assimilated into his eyes! 

Wu Yu's eyes were just like the blinding sun at this moment. No matter how strong and overbearing the pressure that Jiang Qijun's eyes could induce on Wu Yu, she was blown away by Wu Yu at this moment. 

Jiang Qijun couldn't look straight into his eyes at all. All she could do was lower her head and avoid Wu Yu's gaze at this moment. 

"Small feat!" Jiang Qijun snorted and was nonchalant towards it. 

At the same time, the nine Upper Qian Golden Rings were lined up before her. She could release fatal attacks towards Wu Yu any moment she wanted. 

At this time, Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold had gathered a sufficient amount of the sun's truefire. He suddenly accelerated and released his attack before Jiang Qijun to her astonishment! 

"How brazen! Insolent!" Jiang Qijun shouted furiously with dominance. 

She was born in the Golden Sunflower Palace and possessed absolute authority, at least within the Golden Sunflower Palace. This innate demeanor could indeed frighten many other people. However, she wasn't able to scare Wu Yu. 


At this moment, Wu Yu disregarded Jiang Qijun's dominance completely as he charged to roughly 10 zhang before her. The might of the Sun Vessel from his Eyes of Fire and Gold exploded instantly! 

At that split second, the entire Time Control Pagoda was illuminated by this mystique. Suddenly, every corner was filled with a sea of golden flames. At the most central area, an extremely condensed fire pillar blasted on Jiang Qijun's chest! 

"Wu Yu!" 

Jiang Qijun was most likely caught by surprise, as her voice became extremely sharp. After all, she hadn't made a move yet. 

"Golden Sunflower Realm!" 

Facing the stifling pressure from the Sun Vessel, Jiang Qijun let out an angry roar. She flipped her hands and executed a mystique. Her mystique turned into a golden ring and shrouded her surroundings instantly. On that golden, round ring, densely packed images of golden sunflowers surfaced. Those flowers seemed to be made from steel and instantly isolated her from the Sun Vessel!


Wu Yu realized that her mystique, the Golden Sunflower Realm, was insanely frightening. The main reason was because Jiang Qijun's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was too strong. Therefore, Wu Yu wasn't able to break the Golden Sunflower Realm and truly hurt Jiang Qijun despite accumulating truefire to his maximum for the Sun Vessel. 

The might of the Sun Vessel splashed onto the surroundings harmlessly instead! 

This was the first time Wu Yu had faced her in a direct confrontation. The other party was indeed someone who was comparable to the Imperial General and one with more capital than him. Wu Yu was truly convinced of her strength.


When she stopped Wu Yu's mystique, Jiang Qijun herself was actually truly shocked. She couldn't understand why a Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator could be strong to this extent. 

However, this wasn't sufficient to intimidate her. After stopping the attack, her anger had only grown. The nine Upper Qian Golden Rings broke out of the Golden Sunflower Realm. When the might of Sun Vessel dissipated, they instantly arrived above Wu Yu's head before swooping down. Wu Yu was wrapped throughout from his neck to both of his legs. In the blink of an eye, Wu Yu had fallen completely into her hands and wasn't able to move an inch. 

The Upper Qian Golden Rings possessed immense strength. Every single ring had trapped Wu Yu tightly. If Wu Yu didn't have such a tough body, he would likely have been severed into 10 parts. 

After trapping Wu Yu, Jiang Qijun finally smiled. However, her smile was chilling. She suddenly appeared before Wu Yu and said with a smile, "Although you aren't bad, you are still miles away from me. Your life is now within my control. It's time you bow down to me and give up on pointless resistance. If you infuriate me further, I will send you to the afterlife immediately and no one will do anything to me." 

Wu Yu gave it a try. The strength of the Upper Qian Golden Rings was indeed overwhelming. Under normal circumstances, it would likely be hard to escape with force. 

"Are you going to take out the ancient crystal, or do you want me to take it myself?" Jiang Qijun's eyes looked towards Wu Yu's Sumeru Pouch. Although she was asking, she had already extended her arms towards Wu Yu's Sumeru Pouch. 

"Scram!" Wu Yu suddenly shouted. His voice was full of energy, and this stunned Jiang Qijun directly. While she was fuming from this, she saw Wu Yu gathering strength and attempting to break out from the Upper Qian Golden Rings. 

She broke into laughter and said, "If you can break free from my Upper Qian Golden Rings, I'll take your surname!" 

"Remember what you just said!" Wu Yu snorted. After which, he executed the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth! Although it was just at the first tier, it was still insanely powerful. One could see that Wu Yu's body was becoming bigger and thicker. This was different from the Immortal Ape Transformation as he had truly grown larger. Even his fingers were turning long and thick. 

However, Wu Yu didn't break the Upper Qian Golden Rings. When his body enlarged, the Upper Qian Golden Rings also expanded. Moreover, he was still tightly held down and the rings had sunk into his flesh. 

"How can this be possible!?" Although the Upper Qian Golden Rings had still locked Wu Yu tightly, she had witnessed how Wu Yu had turned into a giant that was one zhang tall! Although she was rather tall, she wasn't even at Wu Yu's waist at this moment. She was totally surprised. 

Moreover, his strength had to be violent and savage in order to force the Upper Qian Golden Rings to expand like this! 

At the very least, Wu Yu had not started escaping. Therefore, Jiang Qijun was at ease. She was just about to laugh when there were changes once again. At that split second, Wu Yu's body suddenly shrank. He didn't stop at his initial size. Instead, he shrunk himself to less than his usual self. 

This transformation was rapid. In fact, it was so rapid that the Upper Qian Golden Rings had not reacted to it. 

Shrinking was different from enlarging. This was because one wouldn't be struggling against the rings. 

While he was shrinking, Wu Yu instantly charged out from the nine rings. 


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