Chapter 0586: Strange Prince Le

10 days had passed.

The Time Control Pagoda had been traversing in an unknown place throughout these 10 days. Everyone was rushing to and fro to kill the mechanical beasts and obtain Mechanism Spirit Designs. They did not devote any attention to it, so no one had discovered it yet.

The time was almost up, and Wu Yu had left a clone here, his emotions tied up in a knot.

If Prince Le appeared here after the time had passed, then this would affect his subsequent plans and goals. He, more than anyone else, needed the luxury of time that the Time Control Pagoda afforded him.

The closer the time drew, the more he felt like time had slowed to a crawl.

In the world of clouds, the Yan Huang Ancient Country people had become even more incensed after learning that Wu Yu had forced Gongshu Ku out of the Taigu Immortal Path. If they met Wu Yu's clones, they would kill them immediately without a word.

Even his real body had a few close encounters. Fortunately, he had the Eyes of Fire and Gold, and could detect them in advance and leave.

It was as Jiang Qijun had said. The ancient crystals were secondary. What was more important was their pride.

But Wu Yu did not care about such intangible things.

He focused only on the appearance of Prince Le.

The time had come. It was precisely the moment when Prince Le had entered the Time Control Pagoda.

Wu Yu held his breath.

But very quickly he laughed. Because as the door to the Time Control Pagoda opened, an extraordinary youth strode out, with a strange rune on his brow, and long hair that grew to his waist. His presence and qualities were indisputable.

Wu Yu's Sun Vessel had not caused him the slightest bit of harm. That he had been able to escape from within had been an unbelievable stroke of good fortune.

Just by looking at him, he could tell how terrifying Prince Le was. On a closer look, he clearly surpassed the Yan Huang City Lord. A person of the caliber of the Taixu Sage Master, who could champion the divine continent, and yet he was not even 50 years of age. Even in the cream of the entire world's crop, he was a special being.

A prince of the human realm!

He had exited, and the white Time Control Pagoda disappeared behind him without a trace, as Wu Yu had guessed.

This was a rare opportunity for Wu Yu. He hurriedly controlled his clones to search for the vanished Time Control Pagoda, while his real body stood ready to go anywhere.

The clone near Prince Le was concealed, and watching him.

Wu Yu could not possibly not hold enmity against him! Because if Jiang Qijun had told the truth, Prince Le wanted to scry his memories. And even get rid of him after doing so! Just the scrying of his memory meant that he did not even see Wu Yu as a messenger.

If the Ruyi Jingu Bang and the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal came to light, then he was doomed for sure.

Unfortunately, just as Prince Le was preparing to leave, he suddenly discovered the presence of Wu Yu's doppelganger! With a flash of his pure gold eyes, this youthful king amongst men, who exuded an awesome power, stood beside Wu Yu's clone.

"So this is your clone, Wu Yu," Prince Le said casually, as though he was familiar with Wu Yu.

"Prince Le." Wu Yu frowned at him.

"Oh, so you know me. So someone has told you. Have they also told you that I will scry your memories?" Prince Le's mouth twitched in a smile.

This person had probably surmised the truth of things in their short conversation through the expressions on Wu Yu's face.

Indeed, he could feel the intelligence shining out from his eyes. Wu Yu could also make out that the mark on his brow was the “Le” character.

This was an ancient word, orthographically complex, and with its own unique style.

It was said that their family had the purest bloodline. From birth, their name would be placed on their brow, and their parents did not even need to give them a name. They bore the mark of their ancestors, and Prince Le was exactly thus.

"That's right. However, I think that this is no way to treat a messenger who risked death to bring the news. Not at all befitting a grand prince." Wu Yu had already bested him once with the Sun Vessel. He had not cowed before this person, who far surpassed him in status, identity, and ability.

He would say anything if it helped.

In his bones, he did not have the capacity to bow to anyone.

He did not expect Prince Le to laugh. He said, "You are right. I was indeed impertinent before. But I underestimated you. And now I know what kind of person you are. A person like you would not lie. Of course, you are not stupid either. You must know how grave the consequences would be if you lied about something like the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. Isn't that right, Wu Yu?"

Wu Yu was serious as he said, "On the matter of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, I am willing to guarantee it with my life. A Dual World Life Sealing Incarcerating Talisman was given to the Yan Huang City Lord by those of the Yan Huang Ancient Region. Right now, the two puppets of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord are trapped within, and we do not know when they will be able to escape. If those of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent cannot stop them, then the entire divine continent will soon be a living hell. Of course, it is not far from the entire Jambu Realm becoming a living hell. I'm sure the Prince knows how frightening the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was five yuan ago. There might be times when immortals make mistakes too."

Since Prince Le was willing to chat with him, he would boldly speak clearly.

After hearing him out, Prince Le actually nodded, saying, "If things are as they are, you have indeed done great work for the Yan Huang Ancient Country. I was indeed rash towards you before. For that I apologize, and ask for your forgiveness. I will arrange for another to leave the Taigu Immortal Path and convey this matter to the elders. Rest assured."

Wu Yu had not expected him to say such things.

Was this the Prince Le that Jiang Qijun had spoken of? Jiang Qijun had said that he would completely disregard the value of Wu Yu's life!

But he had said that he would arrange for someone to inform the elders. Given his status, this matter was a done deal. But no matter what Prince Le had been thinking of before, his current disposition was a great boon for the divine continent. He hurried to say, "Prince Le sees the greater picture. That is a blessing for the entire Jambu Realm. There is no need to apologize to me. If the divine continent can be saved, it is I who would be grateful."

Prince Le nodded. He suddenly said, "I hear you stole their ancient crystals?"

As expected, he was not around that day. Probably uninterested.

Wu Yu said, "Everyone was fighting for it. I was but the last to snatch it up. I too am of the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Why can I not take it for myself? Besides, I have already used them."

"Haha...." Hearing this, Prince Le burst into laughter and then continued, "Your words make sense. At least this treasure landed in the hands of a Yan Huang Ancient Country countryman. Alright, it is considered yours. I will have them stop giving you trouble. We are all one family. Given your talent, you will definitely come to Yan Huang Ancient Country in the future. That is your home in the future, and you are welcome to seek me out when the time comes. Of course, if the matter of the divine continent is true, I believe that the elders will bring you back directly, and shower you with rewards at that time."

Wu Yu could not believe his own ears.

This was the Prince Le whom he had attacked with the Sun Vessel.

He remembered that he had even tried to grab Wu Yu, and it was Wu Yu who had narrowly secured his own escape.

And now, he would not only have the others not bother Wu Yu, but was even inviting him to seek him out in the Yan Huang Ancient Country? This was clearly a case of enlistment.

The princes of the immortal kingdoms would often enlist the formidable warriors they encountered, to fortify their own entourage.

But in such a situation, Wu Yu wondered if he could truly join the ranks of Prince Le....

This was all too sudden, and he needed some time to consider this rationally.

"Many thanks to Prince Le." The Prince had helped him solve his crisis immediately. The fact that he no longer needed to hide was a great favor indeed.

Prince Le said, "If that is all, we will meet again when fate decrees."

After saying so, he turned without a word, disappearing from Wu Yu's sight.

"What is going on? Have I misunderstood that person? Prince Le's manner is princely and befits his station. But I was once a prince as well. The psychological techniques of nobility are familiar to me."

"Perhaps he saw your ability, and also wants to inspect your secrets. He might be using such gestures of goodwill to get close to you and to make you lower your guard."

"To give him the benefit of the doubt, I would think that Prince Le is not a bad person, and does not hold enmity against me. To think more cynically, it is as you said. And considering that he wanted to scry my memories from the start, what you said makes more sense."

"No matter what, you cannot go near him."


No matter what kind of person he was, it was still risky to casually go near him.

Right now, he put that matter aside and turned his full effort to looking for the Time Control Pagoda.

All of his doppelgangers sprang into action, searching high and low.

Before long, he realized that the Yan Huang Ancient Country people no longer seemed to be searching for him, and had instead turned to killing mechanical beasts.

Of course, they still looked resentful, but they must have been overruled by Prince Le.

At least on this matter, Prince Le had helped Wu Yu.

As for Jiang Qijun, Wu Yu's clone had met her once. She no longer destroyed Wu Yu's clone as she did before, but only stared at him coldly before turning to leave. From the spite in her golden eyes, she did not seem satisfied either.

Wu Yu could not be bothered with her. He had to quickly find the Time Control Pagoda before someone else went in and cost him 10 days' time!

His efforts paid off. After two days, a clone finally found the Time Control Pagoda. And Wu Yu retrieved all his clones and headed there. This time around, he was lucky. No one discovered that he had gone in.

But 10 days later, there might very well be someone waiting for him outside. Maybe. For example, when Prince Le had gone in, no one had been waiting outside.

"I wonder what level of puppet Prince Le fought when he was inside?

"Also, I wonder if he knows of the mystery of that door. And perhaps even opened it?"

Wu Yu headed into the Time Control Pagoda musing on these questions.

It was still sunny here, and nothing seemed to have changed. And then the nine differently colored spirit designs began to float. From within the spirit designs, a shadow appeared....

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