Chapter 0584: Nine Stygian Purgatories Design

Actually, Wu Yu was very satisfied with his birth in a mortal kingdom of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

It was precisely this sort of birth that allowed him to clearly see the many tiers of this world.

At the same time, he could preserve his respect and curiosity towards this boundless world.

And not arrogance and pride. Or even conceit and disdain for others.

Only when he treated himself with respect could he unleash his full potential during battle. Otherwise, if his belief in himself was shaken, he might end up self-defeating, and this would give his opponents chances.

For example, Wu Yu had seen that a majority of the super geniuses within the Taigu Immortal Path were largely conceited. For example, Prince Cloud, Jiang Qijun, and even Gongshu Ku in front of him right now.

Gongshu Ku's arrogance was tinged with anger. He might have envisioned himself as a wild tiger, and Wu Yu was a bold mountain goat who dared to challenge him. Or even a rabbit!

"Kowtow to me!" Gongshu Ku howled. He used his Body of Nine Titanic Suns and the Mystical Taia Flames Transformation. With his Gold and Jade Dragon Staff dao treasure in hand, he cut an awesome figure. Backed by his energy of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, his battle will and presence filled the air! The Gold and Jade Dragon Staff whirled with the roar of a dragon that reverberated all around!

"Tsk." Wu Yu was even quicker than he was. He had already passed through the clouds, and his own Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean clashed against his opponent's weapon!


Clash of the staves!

Gongshu Ku was also strong at head-on clashes. Bettering his opponent with absolute strength and the staff dao techniques that were his forte. A similar approach!

Their first head-on clash. He had wanted to send Wu Yu flying back hurt with a single strike! Instead, he did not expect the Gold and Jade Dragon Staff and Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean to clash like that. Although his opponent had not resisted his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, his strength was fearsome to behold. But all of his energy was unable to beat Wu Yu backwards!


Only the clouds all around them were blown backwards.

"Gongshu Ku, are you a woman? Is that all the strength you have?" Of course, Wu Yu laughed, having fended off his opponent's attack with the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body. He roughly knew his own strength now.

He had not been able to gain the upper hand on Wu Yu in one hit, and had instead been mocked. This made his anger rise through the roof. With a roar, he again smashed towards Wu Yu forcefully. The two shook the very earth with their fight across the clouds! The two were exchanging all kinds of moves, the mystiques and dao techniques flying thick and fast. Sometimes it was a physical clash, the Mystical Taia Flames Transformation and Immortal Ape Transformation even similar. They had a life and death battle, with no one gaining the upper hand!

"Who would have thought that the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body could actually allow me to stand against a Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator!"

Wu Yu was overjoyed. Great confidence once again returned to him.

"You're asking to die!"

Being unable to take down Wu Yu not only frustrated Gongshu Ku, but also unsettled him. Wu Yu's physical formidability instilled fear in him. He knew that he was only able to suppress Wu Yu because of his own Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. However, his physical strength was formidable as well, and he found it hard to believe that this youth from the scrubs could have such capabilities and further his physique to such an extent!

The more they fought, the more he experienced Wu Yu's endless arsenal of moves for himself, and the more startled he was. Even though he held the advantage, he discovered that even when his Gold and Jade Dragon Staff landed a square jab to Wu Yu's chest, his opponent was unshaken. More importantly, his opponent very quickly healed such an injury. This unkillable body left Gongshu Ku in both admiration and dread. The more they fought, the more he wavered. His initial condescension was being taken apart piece by piece since the start of the battle!

"Impossible! It's impossible!"

Gongshu Ku was reeling inside. When you thought about it, he was one of the geniuses of the Yan Huang Ancient Country, while this person was a fifth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator. How unbelievable it was for such a person to fight him to a standstill!

Wu Yu could see the panic in his eyes.

And his answer was cold laughter. He had been waiting for this moment. His chance had come.

To kill someone through their heart!

In order to defeat a person, first you had to destroy their will! The panic and fear of Gongshu Ku at being unable to take him down did not escape Wu Yu's eyes.

Just at that instant, Wu Yu used the Violent Art on an ordinary strike!

Instantly, his already robust physique was strengthened twofold. His doubled strength would even break Jiang Qijun. With a roar, Wu Yu sent the clouds scattering. His staff crashed down, to be met by a block from Gongshu Ku's Gold and Jade Dragon Staff!


This time around, he held the advantage in strength. He caused Gongshu Ku's limbs to spurt blood, and the Gold and Jade Dragon Staff was sent flying far away! It was calculated perfectly that Wu Yu had a clone in that direction, which scooped up the Gold and Jade Dragon Staff without hesitation.

"Come back!" Gongshu Ku was shaken, his face contorted with fear. He quickly beckoned to the Gold and Jade Dragon Staff. The Gold and Jade Dragon Staff exploded forth with a burst, trying to break free. Honestly, if a dao treasure wanted to break free, Wu Yu's clone could not possibly stop it. However, at this time, Wu Yu had pulled out the Emperor's Pagoda after sending the staff flying!

He had spent his last half year in the Time Control Pagoda thoroughly mastering the Emperor's Pagoda. It was the ultimate dao treasure in the whole Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

Its power was truly fearsome.

With the Descent of the Heavenly Emperor design as the main spirit design.

Two offensive spirit designs in support.

One of them was the Heavenly God of War's Overwhelming Despair Design.

There was a being imbued within the Emperor's Pagoda known as the Heavenly God of War. It caused the Emperor's Pagoda to possess the power of incomparable weight, as though a group of mountains were gathered together!

The second was the Nine Stygian Purgatories Design! 

This would require one to imprison the opponent within the Emperor's Pagoda and then to activate this spirit design. For the enemy, the inside of the Emperor's Pagoda was the Nine Stygian Purgatories! This would definitely burn anyone down to ash! Nine different calamities would assault one at the same time!

Just as Wu Yu had wounded his opponent, he used the chance to retrieve the Emperor's Pagoda, causing it to instantly expand. It now appeared above Gongshu Ku's head. A golden, jeweled pagoda carved with the images of many emperors. It was extremely majestic. As Wu Yu moved, the images opened their eyes, and emperors of all generations materialized!

Heavenly God of War's Overwhelming Despair Design!

Wu Yu immediately activated the spirit design with all his strength. In this instant, the Emperor's Pagoda sparkled with brilliant light. From within the pagoda, one could see a figure whose presence filled the skies. His battle will was overwhelming beyond all imagination. This person lived for battle, and his will appearing above Gongshu Ku's head hit him with an awesome pressure!

The Heavenly God of War's Overwhelming Despair Design activated. The Emperor's Pagoda spiraled crazily and then crashed down with immeasurable strength directly on top of Gongshu Ku’s head. Gongshu Ku lashed out with a powerful blow, his dao technique crashing against the bottom of the pagoda. The result was his arm being blown off into a puff of bloody mist, while the Emperor's Pagoda still had power left over, enough to almost split his skull!

This time round, Gongshu Ku was thoroughly crushed!


He was just about to voice a threat when Wu Yu acted swiftly. After the Heavenly God of War's Overwhelming Despair Design took effect, he immediately changed his attack, directly activating the even more terrifying Nine Stygian Purgatories Design!

Of course, he had planned on using this method to deal with this person from the start!

At this instant, the Emperor's Pagoda grew even larger and stronger. The bottom of the pagoda suddenly became a hole. It covered Gongshu Ku, who was still reeling from his broken and bleeding head. Ordinarily, he might have been able to avoid it, but he could not do it now with his blurring vision. Wu Yu easily succeeded, trapping his opponent within the Emperor's Pagoda.

"Nine Stygian Purgatories Design!"

After succeeding, the Emperor's Pagoda shrunk again until it fit in Wu Yu's palm. Wu Yu held the Emperor's Pagoda in his palm and channeled all his energy into that offensive spirit design. Instantly, the Emperor's Pagoda turned a kaleidoscope of colors as the magnitude of nine different calamities assailed Gongshu Ku within the cramped space, mercilessly harrying and biting at him!

From within the Emperor's Pagoda, Gongshu Ku howled shrilly.

"Wu Yu, you dare to do this to me?! If I get the chance, I will make your life hell! I will destroy your roots in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent! Including all your loved ones!"

Wu Yu did not reply. If he lived up to his words, that only meant that he did not abide by the rules of a martial cultivator. These were the methods of a ghostly cultivator, and not someone who wanted to become immortal.

The Yan Huang Ancient Country flourished thus, so they had to be the most stringent in terms of moral code. Therefore, these were simply personal threats made by Gongshu Ku.

His current goal was to have Gongshu Ku faint from the Nine Stygian Purgatories Design. This way, he could obtain a Taigu Immortal Talisman. He still wanted to go to the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

"Gongshu World Breaker Punch!"

Unexpectedly, Gongshu Ku still had energy to spare. From within the Emperor's Pagoda, he unleashed the Great Dao Mystique of the Gongshu family. The tremendous punch almost shattered Wu Yu's Emperor's Pagoda, but he managed to hold on because of the sheer force of his will! 

"Stop wasting your energy. Sleep for a while." He activated the Purgatory of Deep Slumber Design, which was part of the Nine Stygian Purgatories Design. This spirit design would cause his opponent to fall into a deep and complete sleep within the Emperor's Pagoda. This would make them even easier to kill.

Wu Yu did not want to kill him. He only wanted his Taigu Immortal Talisman.

This was his goal from the beginning. Taking one would be insurance for him.

Perhaps feeling the drowsiness kick in, Gongshu Ku became even more panicked. He howled and yelled from within Emperor's Pagoda, cursing Wu Yu and his 18 generations of ancestors.

"Wu Yu, I remember you now! In the days to come, I, Gongshu Ku, swear to have your corpse beaten into pieces to ease the hatred in my heart!"

As he said these words, he had already pulled out his Taigu Immortal Talisman.

It seemed like he was about to leave. Wu Yu could not stop him.

"I won't see you off."

He had forced Lan Tianyu away, and now Wu Yu was forcing him away. Wu Yu found this an acceptable outcome. The key was that defeating a first tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator had given Wu Yu a big boost to his confidence.

Gongshu Ku unhappily crushed his Taigu Immortal Talisman and left. The Emperor's Pagoda was empty now.

"I have to leave quickly!"

Wu Yu naturally knew that many people were hurrying over his way.

"I actually gained something!"

Gongshu Ku had gone, but the Gold and Jade Dragon Staff was still in Wu Yu's hands.

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