Chapter 0583: Mystical Taia Flames Transformation

In the Taigu Immortal Path, Lan Tianyu was Wu Yu's sole friend.

Only he was willing to wholeheartedly help Wu Yu. At that point in time, Wu Yu had not shown anything of note, but he had expressed sincerity and friendliness.

If anyone were to be threatened within the Taigu Immortal Path, Wu Yu would find it inconsequential. However, this person from the Yan Huang Ancient Country had hit the nail on the head. Wu Yu was incensed. Lan Tianyu had even called him a brother. Although their relationship was not deep, with Wu Yu's own morals, he would never involve people who had treated him well with his problems.

Thus, his main body made haste to the scene.

Of course, this was also the golden-haired lunk's true aim. Thus, he immediately informed numerous individuals.

What would happen next would depend on one's speed! Everyone would fight for every bit of time they could get!

The clones would be left to delay for time and obstruct the other cultivators from congregating.

This person in front of him held a violent gaze, his movements rippling with primal strength. His face was laced with a scar that looked like it was caused by a toxic insect. His measure was imposing and heroic and he didn't seem to possess Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. His spirit itself felt as though it had ascended through the mortal plane. This was clearly a Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator.

Although he was not as strong as Jiang Qijun, he was at least at the level of the Mizar Sword Immortal. Although he didn't count for much in the Yan Huang Ancient Country contingent, in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, he would undoubtedly be an overlord.

Wu Yu had no confidence in beating someone at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

He had previously only barely beat an opponent at the tenth tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea. Although he had made great strides, he had never attempted, nor was confident, in his chances against a Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator.

"Just who are you? I will not fight a nameless foe!" Wu Yu used his doppelganger to cause a scene deliberately, blocking the sight of that cultivator from seeing Lan Tianyu.

The expert laughed. "Don't waste my time. You are definitely a clone. With so many clones about, I don't think this is your true body. Quickly recall your true self. I'm about to act."

Lan Tianyu suddenly spoke out, "Gongshu Ku, I have never provoked you. Yet you dare to use my life to threaten my friend? This seems a little too despicable and wrong." The person then hooted with laughter. "What do you count as? The Azure Wings Hurricane Valley? Isn't it just a minor power that relies upon my Yan Huang Ancient Country? Being able to fulfil such a use is your honor. Even if I kill you, your dad is only fit to be my grandson!"

"Outrageous!" Lan Tianyu's face turned green with anger. He was so indignant that he was trembling.

"Wu Yu, this senior's name is Gongshu Ku. He is from the Yan Huang Ancient Country's Golden Sunflower Palace. His father is the Golden Sunflower Palace's Deep East General, extremely mighty, an expert at the Dao Querying Realm. Golden Luan Region Lord Jiang Qijun's father is the Golden Sunflower Palace's palace lord," Lan Tianyu quickly explained to Wu Yu.

"Though he's only at the first tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm." So it turned out that he was actually friends with Jiang Qijun. This was just like his father, chasing the coattails of the Golden Sunflower Palace.

The Yan Huang Ancient Country's palace lords were all tyrants on the Jambu Realm.

"First tier!" Wu Yu, who had been rushing with all haste heaved a sigh of relief. He had not expected to challenge a Primordial Spirit Realm cultivator so soon.

Although Gongshu Ku was young, if he were to come to blows, it was very likely that he was even stronger than the Mizar Sword Immortal.

Furthermore, he had already informed the rest. This was a disaster brewing for Lan Tianyu. However, his own morals were never to implicate his friends and thus he would not hide.

"Silence! Why are you so full of crap!" Gongshu Ku grunted with a low voice. The suppression of a Primordial Spirit cultivator acting on Lan Tianyu was enough to completely muffle him.

Gongshu Ku was only interested in keeping Lan Tianyu here to bait Wu Yu over. If he really killed him, perhaps Wu Yu might not even come anymore.

However, Lan Tianyu suddenly laughed. "You think you have me dancing in the palm of your hand?" He turned around and gave a sad smile at Wu Yu. "Just getting the opportunity to meet you in the Taigu Immortal Path was worth it. I will spread the news of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. This news will definitely be made public!" Wu Yu's heart trembled.

Both he and Gongshu Ku knew what Lan Tianyu was planning. But it was too late. Lan Tianyu crushed his Taigu Immortal Talisman and disappeared from the two's sight.

They had not expected him to act so decisively.

Frankly speaking, everyone knew that Gongshu Ku's threat was just to lure Wu Yu over. It was just to frighten him. He had never really planned to kill him off. His goal was never Lan Tianyu to begin with. If he really were to act on those impulses, he would undoubtedly be punished.

Lan Tianyu was also poignant of this fact. In spite of his own opportunities, he no longer wanted to be a burden to Wu Yu and thus acted swiftly and left. As a result, Gongshu Ku lost the chips to threaten Wu Yu with.

Yet Wu Yu felt that he truly owed Lan Tianyu one.

If not for him, perhaps Lan Tianyu might have gotten some other rewards.

Seeing Lan Tianyu vanish, Gongshu Ku was stunned before exploding in a rage. He lashed out in frustration, instantly obliterating Wu Yu's clone.

"Damn it! Lan Tianyu! Our score isn't settled! Just wait till I'm out!" Both of them knew that Gongshu Ku was just trying to deal with Wu Yu. However, Lan Tianyu did not give him any face.

He was now quite confident that Wu Yu's main body would no longer come over. Thus, he immediately sent out core-tail talisman messages to inform everyone of the situation and to save them the trouble of rushing over. He was, after all, to blame for this mistake. This was especially so for the Golden Luan Region Lord.

"I've messed up. When the lord arrives, she will definitely give me a scolding. I don't know just how long she will ignore me for this time! Damned Lan Tianyu. Damned Wu Yu!" He was temperamental to begin with, and at this time, he even struck his own chest viciously to vent his frustrations.

At this moment, completely out of his expectations, he felt a looming sensation of utter doom behind him. Quickly turning back, he saw a golden-colored shadow rush before his very eyes. In its hand was a long staff dao treasure, stabbing towards him. Gongshu Ku was taken by utter surprise and unsheathed his own dao treasure, attempting to block the strike. Although he had managed to block a direct hit, that tyrannical strength had sent him flying backwards, both limbs numb and his internals in turmoil!

"Wu Yu!" Gongshu Ku could barely believe his eyes. That strength from the previous strike truly proved this was the main body!

Lan Tianyu had already left. Just what was he doing?

Any sensible person in Wu Yu's position would not have come and thus Gongshu Ku was also left utterly baffled.

He had already sent his core-tail talisman message to not gather. In this brief moment of time, there was no opportunity to send yet another message. Wu Yu's assault had already arrived!

Frankly speaking, when Lan Tianyu had left, Wu Yu was already nearby. There was no need for him to appear, but he felt he had to. He couldn't hold his temper back any longer!

"Lan Tianyu has already left. I can't let his sacrifice be in vain, considering the esteem he holds in me. This Gongshu Ku will be my parting gift to him!" He didn't know how many of the Yan Huang Ancient Country cultivators had already returned home, and considering he could send one more person out to spread the news of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, why not? An opportunity was still an opportunity. Otherwise, he could possibly take his Taigu Immortal Talisman instead. Gongshu Ku looked down on him, and this was his chance to strike back.

At this point in time, he morphed with the Immortal Ape Transformation, turning into a beast the size of Gongshu Ku with his Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean in hand. His berserk, red eyes and snarling face, combined with his Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body, caused him to look absolutely savage compared to Gongshu Ku. Although his Primordial Energy was not equivalent to his opponent's, his stature and imposing presence completely suppressed the opponent! 

This was especially so for the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body. Within his body hid tens of thousands of monstrous dragons bellowing! The strength of his body was truly unparalleled in the world thus far!

Thus, even Gongshu Ku was shaken by the sight and strike of Wu Yu!

"How utterly bewildering! Why would he dare to show his face? Is his head full of air? He doesn't know the meaning of death!" Gongshu Ku clenched his teeth, pretending to look distressed, but deep down, he was exuberant. The opponent had sent himself up to the chopping block! His opportunity had finally arrived.

"Prime Heavenly Lord Supreme God Technique!" What answered him was Wu Yu's dao technique, yet another layer of physique enhancement. His entire body and skin had turned a brilliant gold, as though he was cast from it!

"Insignificant talent! What a backwater technique!" Gongshu Ku gave an icy smirk.

"Do you want to compete in brute force?" He opened his arms and a crimson red flame engulfed his entire body, forming a flaming pillar that illuminated the skies. Within the middle of the blaze, his body looked as though there were nine suns on him - one on top of his head, one on each limb, and the rest on the chest. This Gongshu Ku not only possessed mighty Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, but also a peak tier physical body.

"Body of Nine Titanic Suns!" At this point, one couldn't even see his body. It had been completely submerged amongst the raging flares. The heat and light radiating from him was absolutely blinding, attracting the attention of countless others.  

"Mystical Taia Flames Transformation!" However this was not the end. Immediately after the Body of Nine Titanic Suns, he followed up with another. In a blink, an archaic and serious chant could be heard in the cloud sea. The inferno atop his body was gradually condensing through the power of the great dao into a strange suit of armor. It was ancient-looking yet mysterious, constantly changing. It did not directly fuse with Gongshu Ku's body but instead wreathed it. It was as though he had come into being as an ancient physical body cultivator!

Wu Yu also noticed the dao treasure he wielded. Ming Long recognized it immediately. "It looks like the Gold and Jade Dragon Staff. It possesses a long history, and when I was still around, this hateful weapon was in the hands of some Yan Huang Ancient Country cultivator. That blasted person should have passed it on to his descendants!" If even Ming Long could remember what this thing was, it was clearly not a simple weapon. At the very least, it would not be weaker than the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean.

Gongshu Ku had demonstrated his considerable means. Fighting him was clearly the limit of Wu Yu's abilities.

"Onward!" At this point, there was no path for regret or escape.

This would be a direct battle!

Since seeing the geniuses of the Jambu Realm, Wu Yu had never really had a proper fight. His blood boiled with excitement and fury.

Unsurprisingly, Gongshu Ku spoke to him derogatorily. "A wastrel from the desolate and backward Demon Sealing Continent dares to challenge the honor of the orthodox Yan Huang? I will teach you a lesson on what it truly means to be strong!"

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