Chapter 0582: The Legendary Ancient Emperor

In front of everyone, Wu Yu, who had magically appeared, had almost crushed Jiang Qijun's skull. Instead, with his barbaric strength, he had broken both her arms!

To Jiang Qijun, this enraging situation which basically touched upon her reverse scale could not be explained with words.

This sight was a joke.

Most importantly, Wu Yu's single strike was truly shocking. Even till now, half of what she felt was that this situation was just too outlandish.

She could not imagine how Wu Yu could have improved so much in the short span of 10 days.

"That desolate wasteland known as the Demon Sealing Continent... how could it possibly produce a youth with such strength at the fifth tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea? Even I can't believe it. There must be some sort of secret in his body! If I can unravel this conundrum, I might possess power similar to his!" In fact, Jiang Qijun postulated that amongst this group of cultivators, many of them were thinking the exact same thoughts.

Wu Yu was able to escape the grasp of Prince Le and injure Jiang Qijun. Such a huge difference in battle strength in such a small amount of time was something anyone would covet.

After hearing news of Wu Yu, even Prince Le himself wanted to personally search his mind.

"That damned creature actually manage to attract our ire. Even if he manages to escape back to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, do you think he can actually escape from the entire Jambu Realm?" Staring at the direction Wu Yu had gone in, Jiang Qijun actually managed to give a confident smirk.

"Kill off all his doppelgangers. When he’s only left with his main body, there will be nowhere to escape."

"We will first search in every direction and scare him. Hopefully, we can capture him before Prince Le comes out. Otherwise, it will just be a humiliation."

"That brat has already caused the entire Yan Huang Ancient Country to lose face!" With the Time Control Pagoda disappearing, they also dispersed to search.

Wu Yu’s escape had truly made them look incompetent. 

Before long, Wu Yu was completely safe.

His doppelgangers had been scattered throughout the entire sea of clouds and in even greater numbers than the number of cultivators chasing him. Even Wu Yu had a greater chance of stumbling upon his own clone than another cultivator. 

He and Ming Long were currently discussing.

"Frankly speaking, the biggest treasure is not the puppets and mechanical beasts found. It’s actually the Time Control Pagoda. It can give you the thing you lack most. Time. In here, the most important thing is to locate the Time Control Pagoda." Ming Long looked pensive as she explained sincerely.

"If that expert remains inside, how can I possibly get in again? Furthermore, with how mighty that previous person was, he is clearly someone of significant stature," Wu Yu replied.

He obviously wanted to get another opportunity and see if he was able to get a 60 times quicker flow of time. 10 days in the outside world would equate to 600 days within. That would be almost two years. It was basically a free gain of two years.

This was the gap he faced compared to the rest. The others did not lack time.

Ming Long rolled her white eyes. "You fool. Even though that expert went in, he'll probably only have about 10 days worth of time. It's unlikely that he will be able to beat an opponent five tiers higher than him. Perhaps the best scenario is he gains a time flow of 10 times quicker than normal. It's not of much use to him. Once time is up, he will definitely leave and the Time Control Pagoda will shift its position again." What she said made sense. 

"What if he is interested in the spirit designs of that place and chooses not to leave?" Wu Yu asked.

Ming Long swiftly replied, "Well then this grandma has no other solutions. He's stronger than you after all. Just stay as far away as you can from him. If he can't be bothered to come out, even if your doppelgangers are able to spread out and locate it, there's not much use." Wu Yu thought about it and replied, "Actually I feel that the rules of the Time Control Pagoda could be identical to the other Ancient Pagodas of Time. Other than the first fight with the puppet, the subsequent battles were against individuals. The only difference is that one is able to choose the puppet to fight against and determine the flow of time. Perhaps it might be a case where if no one goes in, he will be forced out. The Time Control Pagoda couldn't possibly let only one individual continue to remain inside, could it?" 

"It's not unreasonable to believe so. But all of these are blind guesses. We won't know how it truly is. 10 days from now, we will be able to tell."

"Indeed." Coming up with random guesses wasn't helpful, considering how mysterious things were. One could only wait 10 days.

10 days passed in a flash.

Wu Yu remained hidden within the cloud sea, his clones constantly searching for the Time Control Pagoda's location. He had eyes and ears everywhere. Just him alone was able to search more effectively than 100 normal cultivators. Thus, he was once again the first one to discover the location of the Time Control Pagoda.

As the expert was likely to still be inside, Wu Yu did not dare approach. He left a clone nearby and his key intention was to observe.

In these past 10 days, with his surveillance net, he was able to discover that the person who had stolen the Time Control Pagoda for himself was known as Prince Le. It was said that he was the strongest cultivator from the Yan Huang Ancient Country, a terrifyingly powerful individual who was the son of the Ancient Emperor, also known as the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. This was a name that no one even dared to utter.

This Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had lived for many years and had innumerable heirs. He even had numerous generations of grandchildren. Yet he continued to give birth to numerous sons. This Prince Le was the 72nd son. Below him were over 20 others, and the youngest was merely a few months old. 

Although he had a lot of heirs, not all were of the same mother. This Yan Huang Ancient Emperor did not merely have a single dao companion, he had numerous women. Ming Long explained that the Yan Huang Ancient Country had always done things differently compared to the norm. There were not many like him, who possessed over 3,000 beauties in his harem, all genius cultivators.  

He was truly no different from a mortal emperor. A kingdom was ultimately a kingdom. Whether it was one of mortals or immortals, they were ultimately still the same. Wu Yu had almost ascended to the throne at one point. If he had done so, the palaces and yards would be full of concubines ready for him, to the point where there'd be several hundred.

Prince Le was just one of numerous sons. However, he was the most outstanding amongst those below the age of 50. He had more significant achievements compared to some of his older brothers and was even at the sixth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

When Wu Yu first heard this, he was given a fright. The prince was naturally well-endowed with innate gifts. At his young age, he was countless times stronger than the Taixu Sage Master and Yan Huang City Lord. The very fact that his Sun Vessel was successful was first due to luck, secondly due to the advantage in the environment, and thirdly because it was potent. If any of these three factors were lacking, Wu Yu would not have been able to stand where he was. 

He was stronger than Wu Yu by 10 entire tiers and their ages weren't very far apart.

Yet he wasn't even the strongest in the Jambu Realm below the age of 50. He was just one of many. Even then, the Jambu Realm had a wondrous assortment of geniuses and demons who might not even have come to the Taigu Immortal Path.

"At the very least, this Prince Le knows of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. If he leaves and informs the people of the court, someone will pay attention to this.

"Is this Fire Source Ancient Crystal that valuable? Would a stately prince really want to steal it?" This surpassed Wu Yu's own expectations.

There weren’t many ancient crystals left and he had no choice.

He patiently awaited 10 days, and if his doppelgangers encountered any mechanical beasts, they would usually be crushed completely. If the main body encountered one, he would do his best to take it down. Within that period, he had received the spirit designs of three mechanical beasts, and that was also considered a windfall.

Honestly, other than the Yan Huang Ancient Country cultivators who were chasing Wu Yu, the majority were hunting mechanical beasts. Normal Ancient Pagodas of Time were ignored, even considered a waste of time.

Throughout this period, Wu Yu had also met countless cultivators from the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Luckily, it was only the clones that encountered them. Before the two sides could even speak, Wu Yu's doppelgangers would be struck down where they stood.

There wasn't much point in posturing after all.

On this day, one of his clones encountered Lan Tianyu. Lan Tianyu was alone and had spotted Wu Yu's clone. He had thought it was his main self and cheerily approached, even giving Wu Yu a hearty hug. Following which, with starstruck eyes, he said, "Brother, you are truly a god! I have finally found you! Who would have known you would cause such a disturbance and yet still be able to remain within here. Truly amazing!" 

"Thanks for spreading the news of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. My sincerest thanks!" Wu Yu replied. Truthfully, it was due to Lan Tianyu's original appearance that he had gained the courage to fight for the Fire Source Ancient Crystal.

"I did not do much. Ultimately, much of the credit belongs to you. Also, in these few days, I have seen the people of the Yan Huang Ancient Country search for you almost feverishly. I heard that Jiang Qijun wants you dead. Even if you leave the Taigu Immortal Path, they will chase you to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Brother, why don't you listen to me and pass the Fire Source Ancient Crystals back to them? If this goes on, your situation will be beyond dire." Wu Yu shook his head and lightly laughed. "It's already too late. I have used the ancient crystals. Secondly, even if I give it to them, they will still want to teach me a lesson. You can relax. I believe I can continue this deadlock and eventually emerge victorious." 

Although the chances weren't large, at the very least the situation regarding the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had been made clear. Now he could run rampant and do as his heart desired.

"Respect! Respect! You are truly a god walking amongst mere mortals! When you make it to the Yan Huang Ancient Region, remember to come to my Azure Wings Hurricane Valley as a guest. I will do my best to host you." Lan Tianyu didn't speak anymore and chose to believe in him.

He continued to chat, and at the end said that he was searching for the individual who had gained the Water Source Ancient Crystal. Only now did Wu Yu realize that the crystal's location was still unknown.

"It's not like it's completely lost. It's just being concealed by someone. Looking at your situation, no one would ever admit to taking it. That person is truly lucky if they manage to keep it." Of course there was a chance that the Water Source Ancient Crystal was lost in the depths of the cloud sea.

"I won't hinder you any further. I'm also going to roam and find opportunities to further my own dao. See you again!" Lan Tianyu was extremely enthusiastic, giving Wu Yu one more hug before leaving.

At this point, someone appeared in front of Wu Yu's eyes. It was someone from the Yan Huang Ancient Country, and he seemed to have some recollection of him. He was tall and robust of stature, with a head of messy, gold hair. His body was like that of a feral beast, exuding ferocity and rippling strength. His two eyes had previously been fixated upon Lan Tianyu and Wu Yu. He gave a deep chuckle, his voice coarse. "I know that this is likely to be a clone. However, it looks as though you two have a close relationship. Then let me know. So long as your main body doesn't come, I will slaughter him!" Following which, he gestured towards Lan Tianyu. 

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