Chapter 0581: Might of the Sun Vessel

When the person who strode into the Time Control Pagoda appeared, Wu Yu's two eyes had gathered the sun's truefire to a peak.

This mystique could fully harness the power of the sun! Who knew just how much fiery destruction was compressed into Wu Yu’s eyes.

Ming Long had chided him to stop, but he continued.

At this point, the terrifying explosive strength also carried the potential to inflict grievous self-harm. The Eyes of Fire and Gold were built upon a pair of eyes. If its limits were exceeded, it could very well waste his set of ocular glands. 

Thankfully, someone had popped up to bear the full wrath of his mystique!

He was waiting for this very moment. Once the person's shadow appeared, before he was able to reorientate himself in this unfamiliar space, Wu Yu was already primed in position at his flank.

It was then that he released the full might of the Eyes of Fire and Gold's third tier, Sun Vessel! Explode!

With sun's truefire accumulated to the extreme, a tremor could be felt as raging flames compressed to the utmost erupted outwards, forming a deep golden pillar of flames.

Moving at the speed of light, covering a distance of not more than one zhang!

Wu Yu had already made significant preparations to fire his mystique. This pillar completely engulfed the individual whose shadow had only just appeared. He was directly swallowed up by the Sun Vessel!

Ming Long had once mentioned that its name was derived from the fact that the Eyes of Fire and Gold could steal the sun's truefire, compress it, and then emit it out with a force that could even penetrate the sun!

The pillar arced across the sky like a rainbow!


After hitting the opponent squarely, Wu Yu did not pause to figure out who it was or the result of his attack.

All he knew was that this thunderous Sun Vessel had knocked the opponent flying. Whether he had killed the opponent or merely injured him had yet to be seen. 

Glimpsing by quickly, he could barely make out the person's appearance. It was blurry, but he could barely make out a piercing symbol in between the person's eyebrows.

However, Wu Yu was unable to make out what the word was. All he knew was that whoever dared to come in was not someone trivial. Yet after entering the pagoda, faced with the turbulence of time inside being 50 times quicker, the person was unable to adapt as quickly. His own body was clearly adapting to the circumstances and thus had suffered the brunt of Wu Yu's sneak attack.

"Go!" Wu Yu did not hesitate to speak, and once his eyes regained a sense of normality, he immediately made his way out of the door.

He still did not have a good understanding of the effects of the Sun Vessel.

Though seeing as the person who had been swallowed by the pillar of flame had been knocked flying over 10 zhang and even collided heavily with the Time Control Pagoda's walls, resulting in one of his shoulders being smashed into a mess of gore and blood, it could be said that its might was at the very least domineering! 

"The opponent must clearly be someone strong, and likely someone I have yet to meet. Facing such an expert, the effects of the Sun Vessel aren't bad." Even if it didn't manage to force the opponent out of the Taigu Immortal Path, the effects were still satisfactory.

Yet at this point in time, that person began to radiate an intense gold light as he flared up in flames. Just before Wu Yu escaped, he could feel the fury and how frightening the individual could be!  How could he have imagined that the individual that had entered had well surpassed the limits of his imagination!

He opened his fist and swiped at the air, his eyes emotionless. It was like a god reaching out and grasping towards Wu Yu. He did not know where this commoner had come from, actually daring to disrespect him. He would demonstrate the might of the Ancient Emperor!

However, it was too late.

Wu Yu was one step ahead and had already left. Relying on the ambush of the Sun Vessel, combined with his advantageous position, by the time the opponent wanted to catch him, it was already too late! 

When Wu Yu left, the door immediately sealed shut. It was as though it had never existed.

Prince Le, who had ironically now been trapped within, was absolutely nonplussed!

"This sort of individual in such a situation... is truly unprecedented, hehe… He even dared to try me. How amusing." Wu Yu had no idea who he had just faced and what sort of reaction he had. And what awaited him was an entirely new level of danger.

Wu Yu was relying on the unexpectedness of his appearance to gain an advantage.

Who would have expected a sneak attack that would work the moment they entered, considering the difference in strength?

After he escaped from the pagoda, just who would have expected Wu Yu to appear instead of the Prince, considering his heaven-defying might?

Frankly speaking, Prince Le had entered the pagoda with time flowing 50 times quicker. Thus, to the people outside, it had been barely a blink since Prince Le had entered and Wu Yu had rushed out!

At this point in time, Wu Yu attempted to anticipate how the others outside would react to someone coming out. Firstly, he smothered himself in gold flames, preventing others from directly identifying him.

This way, they could possibly think that he was the very same person who had just gone in, perhaps just being knocked out.

Normally speaking, this was completely unbelievable, but since the group had absolute faith in Prince Le, how would it cross their minds that it would be Wu Yu who came out? Thus, within the group of 30, no one had suspected even an inkling that it could be Wu Yu, considering the fact that even the flames looked similar to what they used!

"Scram!" It was at this point that the fire surrounding Wu Yu gradually dissipated.

The one directly in front of him was Jiang Qijun. She had requested to enter the Time Control Pagoda but had been rejected. Just as she was feeling dejected, Wu Yu had appeared right in front of her, Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean in hand, directly bashing it towards her cranium.

"Violent Art!" With the combination of the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body and the Violent Art, his physical prowess swelled to a level completely unseen in the Jambu Realm! A single fierce and ruthless strike! Jiang Qijun, in her astonishment, almost got clubbed straight on by Wu Yu.

When she noticed it was the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean smashing towards her, she instantly knew it was Wu Yu and instead casually blocked with her arms instead. With that horrific strength, it directly broke both her limbs!

Two sounds of ka cha were heard as the limbs hung loosely in an awkward position!

"Wu Yu!" Jiang Qijun screamed in torment, her voice laced with anger and fear. He had brought about an unthinkable situation! 

Honestly speaking, everyone was shocked. This was completely impossible and just too sudden. They were all momentarily stunned!

At the same time, people were wondering. Was this a joke? How could that be Wu Yu!?

They were thinking that it might have been a puppet created from within the Time Control Pagoda. They had first thought it was Prince Le.

However, Prince Le would definitely not harm Jiang Qijun.

However, once the fire wreathing him disappeared, they could see that this person possessed the likeness of that scum who had stolen their Fire Source Ancient Crystal.

But this was too unlikely. Their minds were completely blank. Just how could Wu Yu have escaped?

In that momentary daze, Wu Yu had beaten Jiang Qijun away and had escaped the encirclement. In another blink, his dao treasure was stowed away and countless doppelgangers materialized and escape in every single direction, with his main body well within the mob.

"Please pardon me, I have to go. I just have to say one thing. The Fire Source Ancient Crystals have all been absorbed by me. If you don't believe me, you can clearly see how much I've improved. Goodbye!" These were the parting words left by Wu Yu.

Wu Yu's single strike was able to harm Jiang Qijun. He had suddenly and mysteriously improved by strides, and he believed that once the group calmed down to analyze the situation, they would believe him.

By the time he left those words behind, his numerous clones had already scattered in the wind. With his Swift Art, combined with the improvement to his physical body and Primordial Energy, his speed erupted at an even more terrifying pace than before. At the very least, someone like Jiang Qijun would be unable to catch up.

Furthermore, he had the interference of his doppelgangers to distract them.

This time, Wu Yu had prepared to disperse his doppelgangers throughout the entire cloud layer.

Thus, it looked as though 1,000 different individuals were running for their lives.

With Wu Yu's own improvements, the clones had naturally also advanced in capabilities.

In this chaotic situation, the super geniuses of the Yan Huang Ancient Country gave chase momentarily before halting.

There was a Wu Yu running in each and every direction. Wu Yu had become stronger and the clones had improved in speed. Even if they chased relentlessly, the odds of catching him were miniscule.

Furthermore, the endless cloud layers also served to hamper their sight. It was not as easy to spot someone like in the dark sea.

"That person just now... was Wu Yu..." The geniuses began to face each other. Seeing Jiang Qijun's alabaster pale face combined with the severe injuries to both arms, it was a completely unbelievable sight.

"It should be him after all, considering the number of clones. Only he possesses such means. However, didn't Prince Le go into handle him? How could he have escaped? Prince Le hasn't come out, so could it be that the pagoda doesn't require one to fight?" At this point, they surrounded the white pagoda, but it had suddenly and mystically disappeared before their very eyes without a sound.

"It has vanished!" Everyone was in a state of stupor. It was too sudden and it seemed like everyone had become dumb.

Wu Yu still had clones that had yet to escape too far, but he had also noticed the pagoda disappearing.

"It's no wonder no one had discovered it before. It seems like it moves after after a period of time," Wu Yu hypothesized.

His main body had already escaped a large distance away.

What he was truly fearful of was that the geniuses of the Yan Huang Ancient Country would continue to stay together as a group.

"Prince Le entered and Wu Yu came out. He even mentioned that the ancient crystals have been utilized. Just what should we do?" 

"Don't listen to his rubbish. How could he have possibly used it up? Furthermore, the quantity was massive!"

"However, we just clearly saw that his performance has improved greatly. He has even entered the fifth tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea. That is his true cultivation level. Which such a cultivation level, how could he have the strength to harm even a hair on Jiang Qijun? Furthermore, who could know how far he has improved in the past 10 days!"

The audience all looked in Jiang Qijun's direction. They all knew how capable she was, and this thought that Wu Yu had improved so much was absolutely inconceivable. Yet the sight in front of their eyes was truly a heavy injury.

"What's the point of discussing this? We need to find him and obtain the crystals from him. Today, our Yan Huang Ancient Country's geniuses have once again been humiliated. This is unforgivable!" Jiang Qijun said with gravitas.

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