Chapter 0580: Prince Le

The blazing sun's radiance continued to wreath the clouds with light, reflecting eye-piercing rays of brilliance. 

The cloud sea would at times congregate and then separate, its changes ever fluid.

Standing below the glaring sun and amidst the clouds, one would only feel that its luster was all-encompassing.

Within the thick, fluffy cloud layers, regardless if one headed up or down, the end result would still be the same - one could only approach the blue skies and perpetual sun.

And so the geniuses from the Jambu Realm had all been trapped within this land of marshmallows.

However, within the clouds gathered a group of 30-odd individuals. They had encamped themselves around a certain snow-white pagoda. That pagoda exuded an aura of archaic ancientness. Even the bells that decorated the outside seemed to be from a time a long time ago.

These youths flocked here, solemn expressions aplenty. They were fully focused on this pagoda. In their eyes could be seen flecks of discontent and frustration, all hidden deep within, coupled with traces of irritability and even arrogance. 

To them, the world was their oyster, yet they were off chasing a peasant who dared to declare he was king. 

"It is almost time. Although this white pagoda has a different appearance, it's interior should not be any different from what we've gathered so far. He has been inside for approximately 10 days, and in about 15 minutes, a door should open." There was female within the group, black-haired coupled with golden robes, her bearing regal. Her eyes were exceptionally cold and emotionless, especially when referring to "him". The once haughty her couldn't help but speak with more deliberateness.

She was the daughter of one of the Yan Huang Ancient Country's house lords, Jiang Qijun, also known as the Golden Luan Region Lord.

Everyone nodded seriously.

Most of the individuals from the Yan Huang Ancient Country had gathered here this time.

Of which, beside Jiang Qijun was an elegant-looking youth who nodded, "Once the time has been reached, the door will open. At that time, Prince Le will personally enter. Even if that Wu Yu possesses the battle strength of an asura, there is absolutely no chance he will be able to escape from the Taigu Immortal Path! Furthermore, with his grievous mistakes, even if the issue with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord turns out to be true, he deserves absolute punishment. This peasant from the wilds dares to take us for a ride! He truly doesn't understand how high the heavens are!"

"If we don't let him have a taste of our might, he won't understand how puny he truly is!"

The surrounding rabble burst out with emotion as they started chattering. However, one individual who clearly looked even mightier than Jiang Qijun, the one with the highest authority, spoke out. "Shut it! Prince Le, as one of the 72 sons of the Ancient Emperor, will deal with this Wu Yu as he sees fit. It's not for the likes of you to determine." When he spoke out, everyone silenced themselves. Thinking of the fact that they were just venting when they spoke out of turn, it would have been a disaster if they irritated Prince Le.

At this point, everyone lowered their heads. However, all of their gazes were directed in the direction of one individual's body, their eyes full of fervent respect. 

"Indeed. You can't even secure a simple ancient crystal and had it stolen from under your noses by this wildling. You even needed me to clean up the situation. How truly disappointing." At this point, the youth who everyone was focused on lashed out.

Hearing those words, he was clearly not with the group who had encircled the Fire Source Crystal Beast King.

After being admonished, the crowd did not even let out so much as a squeak.

"The ancient crystal isn't useful to me. However, this Wu Yu is someone I must see for myself. Of course, since he stole my belongings, I will retrieve it and redeem you fools." This individual was an even greater talent amongst the talents of the Yan Huang Ancient Country and was extremely outstanding. If the individuals surrounding him were as rare and valuable as pure gold, he was the only diamond amongst them.

This was in all aspects. Temperament, cultivation level, strength. Coupled with his innately tyrannical stature and bloodline, it was enough to cow any individual.

He wore a light gold set of long robes, imbued with numerous spirit designs that softly radiated gold light. It was as though numerous golden dragons were swimming across his robes. 

His black hair was draped across his back like a waterfall till it reached his waist. When it tossed around whilst travelling through the cloud sea, it was as though rumbling sounds could be heard.

His pupils were also pure golden, and when compared to Jiang Qijun, it was clearly of a higher purity and clarity.

What was most eye-catching was that just between his eyebrows was a golden symbol the size of a thumb. The symbol looked extremely antediluvian and, looking closely, it was the character "Le." 

The form of this word was something that people rarely used today.

The reason why he was also known as Prince Le was due to this.

Honestly speaking, this was the true proof of being part of the Ancient Emperor's bloodline.

Time went by, and Prince Le also stood outside the white pagoda. It was his choice to enter it.

Jiang Qijun noticed that it was about time and sincerely asked, "Prince Le, this Wu Yu and I have some enmity. I was humiliated by him before, and I possess untold amounts of grief and discontentment. I was wondering if Your Highness would be willing to provide this opportunity to me. I promise you that he will not be allowed to escape the Taigu Immortal Path and he will definitely cough out those ancient crystals." 

She had pondered quite a bit before daring to speak up. This was a sort of hope for her. Frankly speaking, whenever she thought of Wu Yu, she would be absolutely incensed. All of them had utilized the Ancient Emperor's Demon Vanquishing Sword Talisman for the crystals!

"Golden Luan Region Lord, that is not acceptable." Prince Le turned to look at her, giving a wry smile.

Yet this wry smile was absolutely terrifying to her. Jiang Qijun immediately shut her mouth, nodded, and took a step back.

She knew that with such a blunt reply, there was no further room for discussion.

"The issue with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord is nothing minor. I have to utilize secret methods to search his memories and understand his past, everything that he has seen and heard. Only then can I confirm the veracity of this matter," Prince Le said blandly.

"The prince is eminent and enlightened!" The individuals surrounding him could not help but praise him. After hearing his methods, they were truly impressed as the thought had never passed their minds. The prince was the youngest prince, but he already possessed such keen methods.

Following which, he continued to wait.

"Wu Yu, it was lucky that you hid yourself in this pagoda. However, you've only gained a few days worth of time. As of today, you've been trapped like a turtle in a jar!" Jiang Qijun sneered.

Whilst the people waited for Wu Yu, the ancient pagoda suddenly began to change and a door materialized. 

At this point, Prince Le disappeared without a trace!

The people couldn't help but smile and await the result. They knew that once Prince Le had confirmed the authenticity of the news, Wu Yu would no longer hold any value. At that point, he would definitely pass Wu Yu to them to handle.


Another half a year had passed.

Counting closely, these 500 days did not seem very long. However, Wu Yu's gains had been gargantuan.

It was completely unimaginable.

The improvement of the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body and his cultivation level were a given. Additionally, his Eyes of Fire and Gold had take another step forward!

From the second tier, Purgatory Chains, to the third tier, Sun Vessel!

Honestly, it was the unique environment within the Time Control Pagoda that gave Wu Yu the opportunity to advance further. However, as the sun seen within the pagoda had nothing to do with the real sun, Wu Yu was unable to harness the true power of the Sun Vessel.

The third tier, Sun Vessel, provided Wu Yu with explosive and destructive power!

The Sun Vessel relied upon the sun, which was a huge limitation. However, if the sun was present, it could channel its strength into terrifying annihilating power! 

Wu Yu had made his preparations. He knew where the door would open and stood right at the side. Regardless of who it was, once they entered, he would directly launch an assault.

Wu Yu remembered exactly when he entered, and he had approximately 15 more minutes before the pagoda would open up. Thus, he stood there and prepared himself. 

15 minutes from now, the door would open and someone would enter.

Wu Yu's aim was to attack relentlessly and drive the opponent back with a blitz attack and quickly leave. After which, he would be able to leave unimpaired.

This was the reason why he had spent so much time to develop the Sun Vessel. He would harness its powers outside!

Time was almost up. He raised his head as his two eyes peered at the searing sun.

Within his two eyes, a myriad of ancient and mysterious golden symbols were changing. The sun in the sky seemed to have been attracted to Wu Yu's eyes, and a pillar of golden, fiery rays lanced towards him with frightening speed, shooting right into his two eyes! 

The pillar of golden light was directly absorbed.

At this point, Wu Yu's two eyes had turned into vessels for the sun's truefire. The explosive might and endless energy had been stored within Wu Yu’s eyes. As time went on, the intensity and strength of it would only continue to coalesce and increase!

At this point, both of Wu Yu's eyes had turned gold, emitting the heat of the sun!

The whites of his eyes, pupils, and blood vessels could no longer be seen. It was just an everlasting blaze of golden fire. What was more intimidating was the heat that radiated outwards. 

Bang, bang, bang!

However, as the two eyes had accumulated too much energy, they were making crackling sounds.

This pair of eyes had caused the interior of the Time Control Pagoda to become even brighter!

However, it didn't stop there. The horrifying golden pillars of light continued to arc downwards towards Wu Yu's two eyes.

This was the true might of the Eyes of Fire and Gold, the Sun Vessel!

The crackling sounds increased in intensity and his eyes began to shine ever more brightly. It wasn't just his eyes - Wu Yu's entire head seemed to be used to contain this golden conflagration.

"Enough, Wu Yu. You shouldn't absorb too much on your first try," Ming Long reminded him.

However, Wu Yu did not stop. The Sun Vessel was like this. The longer he absorbed, the more of the sun's truefire he would gather. The corresponding potency of the move would be even more alarming.

He would continue until he felt that his eyes were on the verge of bursting.

Yet this was the time where the door would finally open.

If the person was too slow, that would not be a good thing for Wu Yu.

Luckily, this fellow had blazed in fearlessly!

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