Chapter 0579: The Fifth Tier

The Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body had been completed and the Fire Source Ancient Crystals were almost depleted. From this very moment, Wu Yu had completed all pressing things he had set up to complete some time ago. 

Following that, no matter what the people of the Yan Huang Ancient Country would do to snatch them, it wouldn't matter. This was because Wu Yu no longer had the items they wanted. 

Sitting with his legs crossed in the Time Control Pagoda, Wu Yu formulated his subsequent plans. 

In the year's time, the first thing he wanted to do was increase his cultivation level - to become a fifth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator as soon as he could. 

Only then would he be able to learn a new Great Dao Mystique! 

As Ming Long had said, the new mystique wouldn't be any weaker than his Unshackled Doppelganger or Eyes of Fire and Gold. 

Without relying on dao techniques, Wu Yu would be able to go on a killing spree just with his three mystiques. 

For Wu Yu to grow stronger and become an immortal as soon as possible, Ming Long wasn't stingy with her help anymore. 

"In one year, he will definitely have to confront the other party. In fact, he might be facing the strongest one among them. Just having the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body won't be enough. Regardless of the situation, I still have to work diligently to improve!" 

Mystique, dao technique, cultivation level, and others... 

He also spent a few days researching that mysterious door behind him. In fact, he exhausted several days on it. 

Together with Ming Long, they tried various methods. They even attacked it violently and attempted to crush it using the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean and burning it with flames. Yet none of their methods proved successful. 

After persevering for a few days, Wu Yu had a rough understanding that he was likely not qualified at the moment, or perhaps the opportune moment had not arrived. 

However, he didn't give up. While cultivating, he would be struck with inspirational moments and methods. When that occurred, he would give it a try immediately. Everything he encountered on the Taigu Immortal Path was mysterious, and the Time Control Pagoda was the most mystical place in the sea of clouds. This door in it was even more mysterious. If one said that there was a secret hidden within the sea of clouds, it would very likely reside behind this door. 

In terms of cultivation level, his dao enlightenment had improved leaps and bounds over this period of time. However, it still wasn't enough. He still had to follow the guide of those who came before him. Wu Yu calmed his mind gradually and started researching the two books Luo Pin had given him. The first was The Dragon Race Immortal Medicine Book and the other was The Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon. From refining immortal medicines to creating copies of spirit designs, he deciphered and pondered his own dao. 

Understanding dao from spirit designs and refining immortal medicines were essential in the improvements in dao. However, going through trials, experiences, love and hatred, and sudden enlightenment were even more important. If one could combine both aspects and have them compliment each other, their improvements would be even more rapid and substantial. 

The reason why various geniuses could improve so rapidly was also because they moved along both paths at the same time. Disregarding if it was trials, refining immortal medicines, or crafting spirit designs, one's improvement would only be faster if he had a senior or elder guiding him or even setting up specialized trials! At the same time, the geniuses from the Yan Huang Ancient Country wouldn't have to worry about cultivation resources. Their families or whoever was backing them would likely provide them. As long as they made improvements in their dao, resources like Inner Sea Essence Pills would be unlimited and free for them to use. 

However, Wu Yu had to rely on himself for these. 

Luckily, Luo Pin had given him books from the mystical dragon race. Regardless of whether it was refining immortal medicines or crafting spirit designs, the mystical dragon race was especially adept in them! 

There were numerous immortal medicines, and each type had several refining methods. Wu Yu had obtained a substantial amount of materials from the Eight Emperors, and this was a great time to put them to good use. 

As for spirit designs, they were even more profound. There were many things for Wu Yu to learn. The path of spirit designs, or just those in The Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon, couldn't be learned completely in just several hundred years. This was even harder than increasing one's cultivation level. Any spirit design master had reached where they were after spending huge amounts of time accumulating knowledge and experience. 

Besides that, Wu Yu still had the spirit designs for the Skysilver Protector. This was something that he could work on and also learn from. These were all spirit designs that only Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators could decipher. However, Wu Yu wasn't attempting something beyond him by researching into them currently. At least in terms of intelligence and enlightenment ability, he wouldn't be any weaker than anyone in the Taigu Immortal Path. 

One had to endure intense pain similar to forging the Invincible Vajra Body on the path of cultivation. At the same time, one needed to have a resilient heart and be able to remain focused on the dry and lonely path. One couldn't relax and take things too easy. It was especially so in the aspect of refining immortal medicines and crafting spirit designs. This was a cultivation method that was extremely dry but required extremely high focus. Typically, the days would be dry and mechanical. Only the final successful moments would be exhilarating. 

Wu Yu's desire to become an immortal was the most important factor supporting him in his progress while he was enduring. 

To see things in detail, he had a loving devotion to Luo Pin, the will to resist the numerous geniuses of the Yan Huang Ancient Country, his hatred for the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, and a caring heart for the divine continent. 

All these were reasons why he gritted his teeth through hardship and enjoyed the moments of joy. Whenever he thought of giving up, it was also these reasons that supported him to continue on. 

"I escaped from the brink of death by the hands of Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian. Uncle Sun brought me this chance encounter. If I don't become an immortal, I will let this legacy down!

"What kind of domineering and elite immortal is the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, the Victorious Fighting Buddha? How could I possibly embarrass him? I wonder if I can meet people he knew when I enter the sky palaces." 

Occasionally, he would think deeper about these things. 

For the majority of his time, he would be pursuing that seemingly illusory dao amidst his dry and boring routine. 

He wanted to find the path to become a fifth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator. 

Along the way, he had experienced intense battles and killings. Now he was fully focused on refining immortal medicines, crafting spirit designs, and deciphering the dao of those who came before him. Through spirit designs, he familiarized himself with the entire world and attempted to retrieve the rules that governed the world. 

Within the Time Control Pagoda, time was passing by really slowly for Wu Yu. When he made huge progress, time appeared to have passed really fast. However, when he hit a bottleneck, each day felt like a year. 

Nonetheless, another half year passed! 

Perhaps it was because he was in the Time Control Pagoda. Perhaps it was because he was surrounded by strong enemies outside. In this half a year, Wu Yu made great use of his time without wasting a single moment. Other than not being able to open that mysterious door being a regret for him, he was pretty much satisfied. 

On this day, Wu Yu consumed a large amount of Inner Sea Essence Pills and advanced to the fifth tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. 

The dry and repetitive hard work over the past half year had finally reaped rewards. 

His Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy had strengthened once again! Moreover, on the basis of a strong and powerful physical body, an increment in cultivation level was like the cherry on the cake! 

When he reached this cultivation level, he would be able to strengthen his doppelgangers again. Wu Yu now had sufficient Inner Sea Essence Pills. These were given to him by Luo Pin, who had taken them from the Ghostly Emperor. However, with such a great exhaustion rate, all the assets of the Eight Hell Emperors might not last for long. 

After his success, he felt refreshed! 

"Ming Long, you can now tell me what the third mystique is!" 

After Wu Yu succeeded and took some time off, he asked with anticipation. 

Ming Long smirked and said, "It's not time yet. Judging from the current circumstances, time is running tight. Your initial two mystiques are far from reaching perfect mastery. It is especially so for the Eyes of Fire and Gold, where you are only at the second tier. Its effects are limited. The remaining half year is essential for you. If you spend your time on a new mystique, you will barely see any results from it in half a year. If you spend the time on the Eyes of Fire and Gold, you could at least be more confident in battle when you leave. You would also impress others a little more." 

After such a long time, she was just fooling him previously. 

Wu Yu had also kept himself fully motivated because of the new mystique. 

However, giving it deeper thought, Ming Long's point was reasonable. Learning a new mystique in half a year wouldn't bring strong results. However, if Wu Yu spent that time on his Eyes of Fire and Gold, he might reach the third tier, Sun Vessel! Undoubtedly, he would gain an additional powerful killing move. 

Sun Vessel was much more terrifying than the Purgatory Chains. 

As such, Wu Yu could only put aside his desire to learn the new mystique. For the remaining time, focusing on the Eyes of Fire and Gold would be the right choice. 

As for the Unshackled Doppelganger, Ming Long said, "For the Unshackled Doppelganger, controlling 10,000 doppelgangers requires strong mental strength. Your soul would at least have to form a Primordial Spirit, in other words, when you reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, for you to advance in it. Therefore, it's unlikely you would make improvements in it at this moment.

“Therefore, the breakthrough point will be an effective and potent attack that originates solely from your Eyes of Fire and Gold.”

Judging from the Purgatory Chains, one could easily tell how powerful the Sun Vessel would be. 

"You have made breakthrough improvements in physical body strength and Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. What remains is means to attack. The Eyes of Fire and Gold would be one aspect. As for dao technique, the two Supreme God Techniques are sufficient. As for dao treasures, it's time for you to form a blood bond with the Emperor's Pagoda.”

"Alright, you sure have thought about it. At the very least, you understand things more clearly than me." 

"That's right. You should have known who your great aunt was. In the past, there were countless people who were impressed and mesmerized by me," commented Ming Long proudly. 

"You? Could it be that the people of your time had a fetish for kids?" Wu Yu couldn't help but burst into laughter. 

"You must be courting your own death. Do you think I, your granny, was like this in the past? Do you know how enchanting and alluring I was in the past? Your goddamn head isn't even as big as my breasts were." 

Wu Yu was stunned. 

Ming Long was getting more and more unrestrained with her words. 

"What's the matter? You aren't happy? When I get revived, want a match?" Ming Long crossed her arms and looked down on him with contempt. 

"That's not necessary. I believe you. To sum up, you are the number one beauty in this world. Am I right?" asked Wu Yu. 

"That's right. All the girls you have met, including that dragon, aren't even as beautiful as a strand of my lustrous hair," Ming Long said proudly. 

There was no way Wu Yu believed her. 

Perhaps she had always been an annoying kid and was simply boasting now. 

Teasing and cursing. 

Nonetheless, Wu Yu had firmed up two things he wanted to do for the next half year. 

First, Sun Vessel. 

Second, Emperor's Pagoda. 

"The dao treasure armor that the City Lord gave me is destroyed. I have to fully maximize the Emperor's Pagoda and protect it well. Otherwise, I will let him down." 

Wu Yu once promised that he would return them to Yan Huang Imperial City. 

The truth was, he could have formed a blood bond with the Emperor's Pagoda over the recent period. It was just that he didn't have the time. At Wu Yu's current level, mastering the Emperor's Pagoda wouldn't be an issue at all. 

As for the third tier of the Eyes of Fire and Gold, the interior of the Time Control Pagoda was, in fact, an absolutely great environment. 

This was because for the third tier, Sun Vessel, he required strong sunlight to practice and execute. This was a huge restriction. However, the restriction also suggested that its might would be incredible when executed. 

Within the Time Control Pagoda and directly above Wu Yu, the scorching sun hung up high above him. The scorching sun shone right down at Wu Yu and into his eyes. 

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