Chapter 0578: Mysterious Door

Initially, Wu Yu had only wished for half a year of time. 

Suddenly having a year and a half was indeed an unexpected surprise for him. 

The crucial thing was that only 10 days would pass in the outside world. 

If the time in the Time Control Pagoda was the same as the outside, what would happen to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent in the 500 days? If the people from the Yan Huang Ancient Region did not go over to help, what would the situation be? 

He couldn't calm himself down at all. After all, his seniors, brothers, family, senior brothers, and senior sisters were all there. 

Wu Yu was exceptionally talented. From the very beginning, he knew what he was lacking. Amongst which, the most important thing he was lacking was time. 

And now, with the Time Control Pagoda, it was equivalent to gifting him 500 additional days! 

While feeling agitated, a wide grin appeared on his and Ming Long's faces. 

Wu Yu looked around him. 500 days would be enough to go through a great metamorphosis. 

This was an absolutely safe place. 

Time was ample and therefore he wasn't in a hurry. Instead, he chose to observe his surroundings first. 

When the nine colored spirit designs disappeared, the interior of the Time Control Pagoda had returned to its unsophisticated, simple, and rough look. It was as though nothing existed in this space. Only by using his Eyes of Fire and Gold could he see the numerous ancient and mysterious markings on the walls and floor. 

Perhaps a carving of the size of a palm would possess catastrophic power once triggered. 

It was clear that the Time Control Pagoda could change the flow of time because of the spirit designs. Wu Yu didn't know how many spirit designs there were to cause a 50 times time acceleration! 

"The path of spirit designs is the most mystical thing in this world! When one progresses on the path of spirit designs, dao treasures and talismans aren't an issue. Moreover, there are Heaven and Earth Spirit Designs, mechanism, puppets, and many others...." 

Mastering spirit designs would undoubtedly mean controlling the most mysterious dao in the world. Therefore, since the very beginning, Wu Yu had not given up on researching spirit designs. 

If he had gone for short term benefits and devoted all his time into increasing his strength, it would be hard for him to walk far. After all, for every cultivator, Primordial Energy and physical body weren't the core. The core was their dao! 

While Wu Yu was exploring the area, he found another door opposite of the closed main door at the entrance! 

This was a white door made of steel. At this moment, this door was shut. Various ancient and mysterious images were engraved on it. There were several beast heads, and their eyes seemed to be staring at Wu Yu as though they were alive. This made Wu Yu felt as though he was facing an immortal. 

Ancient, savage, and almighty. 

"There isn't a door like this in other Ancient Pagodas of Time. What's the secret behind this door?" 

Wu Yu wasn't intimidated and extended his arm to attempt to push the door open. However, it was clear that he couldn't move it. He gradually increased his strength. Despite using all his strength eventually, this door didn't budge an inch. 

The truth was that he had a rough idea in mind at this point. It was clear that no matter what he did, it would likely prove ineffective. This was something that was beyond what was allowed. Wu Yu had defeated that Skysilver Protector and was only allowed to remain here behind for 500 days. 

As for how he could fulfil the requirement for opening this door, it was hard to tell at this moment. 

"Everything here, including the operations of the mechanism, seems to be driven by spirit designs. Perhaps I have to trigger something to open that mysterious door. The conditions probably aren't easy to fulfil." 

He wasn't in a hurry. He had 500 days to slowly research this mysterious door. 

"What could possibly be inside this place? Treasures? Dao treasures? Immortal essences? Or perhaps an ancient legacy?" 

Harboring curiosity and doubts towards this mysterious door, Wu Yu sat in the middle of the Time Control Pagoda. This was the core of the largest spirit design on the ground, directly below the illumination of the sun above his head. It was the hottest spot and the most appropriate location for Wu Yu to cultivate. In fact, this location might hold some secrets of the Time Control Pagoda. 

"Every place in the Taigu Immortal Path is full of mysteries! Everywhere is filled with unexpected secrets! Who's the one that set all this up?" 

Wu Yu didn't know, and even Ming Long, the experienced person, didn't know a thing.


Wu Yu didn't spend too much time pondering about it. He calmed himself and prepared to maximize the use of the Fire Source Ancient Crystals first. 

Now he had ample time. 

Forging the Invincible Vajra Body was indeed a catastrophe. 

Within the Time Control Pagoda and for a very long time, Wu Yu was immersed in scorching flames. It was as though his body had turned to the same crystal form as the ancient crystals. Lava and scorching flames were spewing from cracks in his body. 

Raging lava, large amounts of objects in the form of ancient crystals, and intense, smoldering golden flames circled him constantly and rotated around his body. 

The greatest change was happening within Wu Yu's body. Unknowingly, there were already mystical dragons growling within his body. The fourth tier of the Invincible Vajra Body, the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body, was taking shape! 

On the day that Wu Yu succeeded, it wouldn't just be because of his luck and legacy. The greatest contributor would be his own willpower! 

As Ming Long had said, there were few in this world that could endure this catastrophic torment like Wu Yu. 

"The truth is that you were born as a mortal and started from the lowest level. This has brought you great benefits. Your willpower was honed while you were young." 

The hardest part wasn't enduring the momentary intense pain. Instead, it was to experience the same pain day after day and year after year. 

He was enduring endless scorching and pain every single day and every single moment. This was equivalent to torching and re-torching every single part of his body, including the nerves in his brain, with the heat from the ancient crystals. As for the chanting of the Invincible Vajra Body, it was a form of elite method. This method would induce every single inch of Wu Yu's body to transform towards invincibility! 

The forth tier alone was already at this level! 

It was hard to imagine what it would be like when he reached the 10th tier of the Invincible Vajra Body. When he achieved full mastery, how terrifying would he be? Wu Yu gave it much thought and got especially agitated. However, he could feel a blood-curdling fear soon after. Would immortals be a match for him when that day came? 

The truth was, Wu Yu had picked up his pace. Therefore, the time required for success was shorter than half a year as expected previously. He was reforging his body under high intensity and nightmarish torment from the Fire Source Ancient Crystals each day. From top to bottom, every single inch was destroyed and reborn over 100 times as large amounts of Fire Source Ancient Crystals assimilated into him! 

The exhaustion of the Fire Source Ancient Crystals was way larger than he had expected previously. Luckily, Wu Yu had taken one more than 100 times the size of a normal Fire Source Ancient Crystal. Otherwise, it might not be sufficient. 

"You have sufficient Fire Source Ancient Crystals, but you shouldn't be wasting them. You could endure it further and let it continue burning and refining. Don't be in a rush to achieve greater mastery. Through this, your Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body will be even stronger than you can possibly imagine. It will at least be stronger mine was." 

This was the suggestion of Ming Long. 


Since he had persevered for four months and had endured the torments of this world, he had become numb to it. He wouldn't be afraid to persevere for a little longer! 

At the very least, it was crystal clear to him that his physical body was growing stronger. The current Wu Yu could no longer be described as having a body as strong as a demon's body. There were few demons in this world that had a physical body as strong as the one Wu Yu had currently. 

It was now that Wu Yu started to have the conviction that although it was hard for him to defeat others because of his inferior Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, it would also be hard for others to defeat him with dao techniques and mystiques, let alone kill him. At this point, he had an unbeatable body and wasn't too far off from being able to regrow his own limbs if severed. 

After another two months, his Invincible Vajra Body reached the pinnacle and achieved the point of greater mastery. 

The usual method was first leaving an area unforged, causing the entire body to be unable to reach greater mastery holistically. During this period, he used the remaining Fire Source Ancient Crystals to reforge other areas of his physical body to the extreme. After which, he worked on the unforged area to push himself to the road of greater mastery! 

At this very moment, his bones, muscles, bloodline, meridians, and even internal organs had transformed into golden mystical dragons. They were growling and roaring furiously! All the mystical dragons gathered to form a domineering and majestic Vajra Buddha statue. That was the Dragon King Buddha! 

Finally, after waiting painstakingly and persevering for so long, the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body reached greater mastery! 

At that moment, when Wu Yu roared furiously, the roar of numerous mystical dragons came from him. At that time, the entire pagoda was shaking. 

At this moment, Wu Yu wasn't just a super huge beast. Instead, he resembled the amalgamation of super huge beasts. 

If he moved, it would shock the heavens and earth. 

If he remained unmoved, no one could sense him. 

While shouting, he vented his pent up frustration over this period and his mood improved substantially. Now his eyes carried golden, mystical vibes. His gaze was extremely intense and his demeanor and authority improved substantially once again. Although his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy wasn't strong, anyone could sense that overbearing and stifling pressure from Wu Yu's physical body. 

"My Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body has achieved greater mastery. How I wish there was someone here for me to test its might!" 

Naturally, there wasn't any other person in this place. 

If he really wanted to see the level he had reached, he would have to do it through a real battle. 

Now, half a year had passed and he had roughly a year left. 

Wu Yu did not go over the top because of the explosive increase in physical strength. He knew that the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body was powerful, but when compared to the super geniuses of the Jambu Realm, his cultivation level was unbelievable low. This resulted in his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy being far inferior to theirs. As such, for the remaining time, he was prepared to consolidate himself. This was time they he had gained by surprise. He finally had the time to gain dao enlightenment! 

"One year! Let's see what level I will reach in one year, when I leave this place or if others come to challenge me!

"At that time, they will definitely get an expert to challenge me. If I don't wish to leave the Taigu Immortal Path, I'll have to go all out in the remaining time...." 

Being looked down upon by Jiang Qijun was indeed infuriating. 

"Let's see how it goes in one year...." 

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