Chapter 0577: Time Control

It was the moment when Wu Yu first stepped into the white pagoda. 

Knowing that the Taigu Immortal Path was full of mysterious things, Wu Yu still felt that this white pagoda would definitely not be a useless display. 

At the very least, it was extraordinarily unique when compared with the black Pagodas of Time! 

However, when he was fully in it, a small accident occurred. 

"Wu Yu!" 

Someone was calling him from behind him. 

Someone from the Yan Huang Ancient Country. 

When he discovered the small, white pagoda and was prepared to get in, Wu Yu had retrieved most of his doppelgangers. A portion that could not make it back was turned into golden hair and floated within the sea of clouds. 

Perhaps the return of the doppelgangers had drawn others' attention. Therefore, a man from the Yan Huang Ancient Country appeared here when Wu Yu was about to get in. 

Wu Yu didn't pay attention to him and stepped right in. However, he knew that this wasn't a great thing. Perhaps all the people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country would be gathered here in 10 days. After which, one of them would enter to deal him a blow. At the very least, he would be forced out of the Taigu Immortal Path. 

Nonetheless, since he had made the choice, there was nothing else he could have done. 

After all, when the other party appeared, the majority of his body had entered the pagoda. Only a leg was left. 

Moving past the door, Wu Yu was astonished to find a huge and extremely vast space before him. It was exactly the same as the interior space of the black pagoda. 

However, the white pagoda was much smaller than the black pagoda when seen from the outside. 

With such a huge space, it was clear that the white pagoda wasn't normal. 

Naturally, as the colors were different, the markings in the interior were slightly different too. To put it simply, the markings in the white pagoda were more complicated. Regardless of whether it was on the floor, walls, or small areas, there were numerous signs of spirit designs. It was just that these spirit designs weren't triggered at the moment and looked just like part of the display. 

Above his head, there was also a scorching hot sun. Moreover, it was even brighter and hotter than the one in the black pagoda. 

Wu Yu stepped into the center of the ancient pagoda. 

It was clear that this was the first time anyone had stepped into the white pagoda. Therefore, a human face appeared once again on the wall before him. When that human face appeared, it said in a mechanical voice, "Congratulations to you for entering the Time Control Pagoda. Please choose the difficulty of your challenge!" 

When he heard the voice, Wu Yu was stunned. What did it mean by “Time Control Pagoda?” The previous Ancient Pagoda of Time was number 93. There should be approximately 100 Ancient Pagodas of Time, but this Time Control Pagoda had no series number. Perhaps there was only one of these. The crucial question was: what did it mean by “Time Control Pagoda?”

Before he could react to it, nine spirit designs flashed brightly on the ground before him. Each spirit design had a different color: red, orange, yellow, green, dullish green, blue, purple, black, and white! The one on the extreme left was red, while the one on the extreme right was white. 

The nine spirit designs lit up at almost the same time. Unique shadows emerged from the spirit designs and eventually coalesced into form! All of them were puppets! 

However, each of the nine puppets were different from one another. 

Among which, the sixth spirit design, or the puppet on the blue spirit design, was the Skysilver Protector that Wu Yu had defeated previously. 

To the left of the Skysilver Protector, there were five other puppets. Through his Eyes of Fire and Gold, Wu Yu could tell from the material, spirit designs, and other aspects that the five puppets were weaker than the Skysilver Protector. Moreover, as he looked towards the left, the puppets seemed to get weaker! Among which, the one on the extreme left and the puppet on the red spirit design was entirely red and emitting red flames. There were roughly 2,000 spirit designs on the puppet, and it was made of the most inferior materials. 

On the other hand, to the right of the Skysilver Protector were the purple, black, and white spirit designs. The puppets on the three spirit designs were clearly more terrifying than the Skysilver Protector! The number of spirit designs on them also increased exponentially. It was especially so for the puppet on the white spirit design. It was entirely white and had three heads and six arms. The three heads had expressions of happiness, anger, and sorrow respectively. The number of spirit designs throughout its body was at least 30,000. Just one look at it and Wu Yu instantly knew that it wasn't something he could handle. 

"Choose the difficulty of the challenge?" 

Wu Yu looked at the nine puppets and recalled what that human face had said. It was clear that this Time Control Pagoda was asking him to choose one of the puppets to challenge. 

"What would be the outcome of challenging different difficulties?" 

Wu Yu sank into deep thought. 

He wasn't in a hurry at the moment as he observed the spirit designs below the feet of the puppets carefully. The circulation of the spirit designs were also at different speeds. Among which, the red spirit design on the extreme left was circulating at a slow speed. As it moved down towards the right, the speed of circulation got quicker and quicker. For example, the circulating speed of the orange spirit design, the second one, was more than 10 times faster than the red spirit design. The speed increased towards the right and would increase by 10 times each time. Therefore, the circulating speed of the white spirit design on the extreme right was insane, and the commotion it caused was also the largest. That speed was roughly 80 times faster than the first one. 

"This has something to do with the time here. Could it be I'll get different flows of time if I challenge different puppets?" 

Wu Yu felt that this was most likely the only explanation. 

With so many puppets before him, he roughly knew where his limits were after fighting with the Skysilver Protector previously. 

"Clearly, the time acceleration I'll get will definitely be faster if I win against stronger opponents! This should be the case. Otherwise, why would it be called the ‘Time Control Pagoda?’" 

Ming Long said, "In comparison, perhaps you will get two times the acceleration if you defeat the Skysilver Protector, just like the previous time. If you chose something weaker than the Skysilver Protector and time slowed down, it would be quite frightening. Perhaps a day in here would mean 10 days had passed outside...." 

"That should be the case." 

He recalled that he got two times the acceleration when he defeated the Skysilver Protector previously. 

His attention shifted onto the puppet on the purple spirit design. He said, "I'm confident in taking down the Skysilver Protector. As for this, I'm not certain, and I might be defeated. However, if I succeed, I might be able to get greater than two times the acceleration. Perhaps I'll have a month...." 

Ming Long took a look and said, "Forget it. This puppet is at the level of a Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator. Even if you could defeat it, you would have to spend 10 days to recuperate. It's better to play it safe and get 20 days of time." 

Ming Long's suggestion was for him to challenge the Skysilver Protector. 

Wu Yu pondered for a moment. That puppet on the purple spirit design had purplish mist circling it. It was huge and had more spirit designs embedded on it than the Skysilver Protector. The pressure from it was stifling. Although it was in human form, it resembled a huge beast that was incomparably ruthless. At this moment, it was growling softly. Undoubtedly, it would be an opponent that would be hard to deal with. 

"Alright. I might as well save my energy to handle the people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country!" 

Wu Yu chose the Skysilver Protector. He didn't know how to make the decision, so he walked towards the Skysilver Protector. As he was walking towards it, the other spirit designs changed and the other eight puppets sank into the ground. 

"If I have other opportunities and grow stronger, I must definitely challenge the remaining three puppets. If I could get the creation methods for those three puppets, even if I couldn't master them, they would be sources of wealth." 

Facing the Skysilver Protector once again, Wu Yu was a lot more confident. 

Moreover, his physical body had grown stronger since. Regardless of whether it was strength, or defense, or even recoverability, he was way better now. Therefore, the battle with the Skysilver Protector was much easier this time. 

Previously, he had expended all effort and energy before defeating the Skysilver Protector. This time, it was slightly better. Although the Skysilver Protector was still terrifying, Wu Yu managed to crush it completely after smashing it over 100 times with the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean. 

Similar to the previous time, Wu Yu obtained a cloth that recorded all the spirit designs to create the Skysilver Protector and the materials required. Other than that, there were descriptions of what it was capable of. Wu Yu might very well be able to craft the Skysilver Protector. 

After settling things, Wu Yu was panting profusely. 

He had suffered some injuries. In fact, his shoulder had been pierced through by the silver spear of the Skysilver Protector. At this time, it was recovering rapidly. 

Suddenly, that human face appeared and said with its cold and mechanical voice, "Congratulations on defeating the Skysilver Protector, which is five levels above yours. Obtained 50 times acceleration." 

Wu Yu had expected its appearance to announce the results. By his estimate, it should be two times acceleration. In that case, he would have 20 days. 

However, the outcome wasn't like what he had envisioned. At that instant, Wu Yu doubted if he had heard wrongly. He was astonished. Naturally, Ming Long was the same. She remarked in shock, "Did I hear wrongly? It seems to have said 50. How can it be 50?" 

"I also heard it as 50 times...." Wu Yu was even more shocked. The surprise in him only grew stronger. If only one person had heard it as 50 times, he might have heard it wrongly. However, when two of them had heard it as 50, it wouldn't be wrong. 

Ming Long suddenly shouted and exclaimed in exhilaration, "Did you hear that? You defeated the Skysilver Protector, which is five levels above yours! Five levels! I understand why it is 50 times now! Do you remember the speed of circulating of the spirit designs? The first red spirit design is the base. The second would be 10 times the first and the third would be 20 times the first. The spirit design where the sixth Skysilver Protector stood was 50 times the first!" 

Wu Yu understood immediately. 

He was enlightened and said, "So that's how it is! Who would have thought that the Time Control Pagoda would have such a set up! First, it used some unknown method, or perhaps spirit designs, to assess my cultivation level. At this point, I'm a fourth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, so nine puppets appeared. The puppet on the first spirit design probably matched my fourth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator strength. The Skysilver Protector was set as an equivalent of a ninth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator!

"Since I defeated the Skysilver Protector, which is the equivalent of a ninth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, I have exceeded five cultivation levels. I get 10 times acceleration for each level I exceed. Since I exceeded five levels, I get 50 times acceleration!" 

Both of them understood the situation. 

For Wu Yu, this was an unexpected reward. He had initially thought he would be getting two times acceleration only. Who would have expected him to get 50 times acceleration?

"In other words, I can stay here, in a completely isolated state, for a full 500 days or a year-plus?" 

"That's right. You are ridiculously lucky!" Ming Long laughed. 

The sudden luck came in the most unbelievable manner. 

However, Wu Yu was indeed able to fight opponents that far exceeded his cultivation level. This was the superiority of his legacy. Perhaps the designer of the Time Control Pagoda had not expected anyone to be capable of reaching this stage! 

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