Chapter 0576: White Ancient Pagoda

He encountered this mechanical beast less than a day after he left. Clearly, this wasn't the first that appeared in the sea of clouds. 

There were most likely a lot more mechanical beasts hidden within the sea of clouds, just like the Spirits of the Universe that were in the dark sea previously. 

The Taigu Immortal Path was a place without humans or demons. Only Spirits of the Universe and those without lives, like mechanical beasts or puppets driven by spirit designs, could survive in a place like this. 

It was clear that the mechanical beast had locked on to Wu Yu from a faraway location. At this time, it was moving through the clouds and charging towards Wu Yu! The wings of the skylark beast weren't especially big, but they were forceful when they were flapping! 

That domineering force opened up a pathway through the endless clouds, causing a huge commotion and exposing Wu Yu's location! 

Soon after, the skylark let out a sharp howl that penetrated through the sea of clouds and reverberated across an unknowingly huge area. 

"Shit! With such a huge commotion, it will definitely draw lots of people over!" 

Wu Yu realized that if he chose to fight with the mechanical beast and kill it, he might get a handsome reward. However, he would be delayed and might attract the ire of other people. 

It wasn't an appropriate time for others to see him. 

Therefore, even though the skylark had locked on to him and was charging over, Wu Yu’s first reaction was to execute the Swift Art and dive into the clouds behind him. When he escaped rapidly and fully executed the Swift Art, his speed could be increased close to five times. This was mind-boggling! 

The skylark was fast, with speed comparable to that of a Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator. However, it still couldn't catch up to Wu Yu. Nonetheless, it followed behind Wu Yu constantly. After some time of chasing, the commotion got larger, and it definitely brought trouble for Wu Yu. 

"If I defeat this mechanical beast, I might obtain the spirit designs to create it.

"Yu Xinghai has been outside for 10 days. I wonder if he encountered any mechanical beasts. If he did and killed one, he would have gotten something. When we were in the Ancient Pagoda of Time and I gave him the Skysilver Protector, he appeared to be astonished. That would only show that he is a really scheming person. Perhaps he was only willing to let me leave after knowing that the Skysilver Protector would leave these things behind, and I have given them to him...." 

After giving it more thought, Wu Yu realized that no one in the Taigu Immortal Path would be ordinary. 

Relying on his astonishing speed, he managed to shake the skylark off. 

"Wu Yu!" 

Just as he shook the skylark off, he was distracted and got into another person's line of vision. 

This was a moment of carelessness. 

It was also because the mechanical beast had caused a huge commotion which drew the people in the vicinity. 

A person suddenly appeared before him, and Wu Yu vaguely recalled seeing him previously. If he was right, he should be one of the many super geniuses from the Yan Huang Ancient Country.


This person was a 10th tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator. 

When he saw Wu Yu, he growled angrily. The first action he made was to release several dozen core-tail talismans. As he did so, he charged over furiously and roared, "I advise you against leaving! We have discussed it. As long as you are willing to hand over the ancient crystals, we will not chase you out of the Taigu Immortal Path and won't take your life on the account that you are also part of the Yan Huang Ancient Country!

"Wu Yu, you have to think carefully. You don't stand to gain anything by making so many of us your enemies! The reason why our Yan Huang Ancient Country is so strong is because we are united! The Fire Source Ancient Crystals don't belong to you. Don't ruin everything for yourself because of greed." 

Going by this argument, they weren't being overbearing. 

However, they indeed did not see Wu Yu as their equal. 

"Stop making it sound like you guys are so magnanimous. Whoever get his hands on the thing owns the thing. There's no rightful owner of anything here. If you want to snatch, do it openly. If you are successful, it will be yours. Spare me your nonsense." 

Wu Yu wouldn't want to listen to their reasoning that portrayed themselves as magnanimous and showing mercy to him. To put it very bluntly, they were still trying to use their identity to force Wu Yu against his will. 

After encountering this man, Wu Yu changed his course immediately and dived in another direction. At the same time, he released several dozen doppelgangers to confuse the other party. It was also to confuse the people who were heading in this direction after receiving the core-tail talismans from that man. 

"Wu Yu, I hope you know what's best for you! You should know that even if you escape from the Taigu Immortal Path, you won't be able to escape from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Even if you hold on to the ancient crystals, we will go look for you!" 

Soon, Wu Yu shook that man off. However, he still roared within the clouds with indignance and grievance. 

"We will welcome you to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent! We are still waiting for you guys to come eliminate the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord!" 

Wu Yu laughed loudly before diving into the layers of clouds. At this moment, nothing was really holding him back and he wasn't afraid of these threats. 

However, it was clear that every single person from the Yan Huang Ancient Country was rushing over. They were approaching in a cautious manner, in an encircling formation, and it was easy for Wu Yu to accidentally charge into the vision of some insane genius. There weren't any currents in this place that could sweep him away, so it wouldn't be easy for him to escape if he was seen by these elite few. 

Therefore, he was in a perilous situation again. 

No matter how he changed his course and minimized the commotion his actions caused, he would still sense terrifying auras sweeping past him from time to time. 

The people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country were truly enraged. It was almost impossible for them to not punish Wu Yu despite claiming they wouldn't. 

After being embarrassed so utterly, they would want to vent their frustration. 

It wasn't just them. Other people who knew that Wu Yu had Fire Source Ancient Crystals with him would also come and try their luck. It was especially so for the sea region demons. They wouldn't care about the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. All they would recognize would be the treasures on Wu Yu. 

For a very long time, there were people searching for him all around him. He also opened his Eyes of Fire and Gold to the clearest state and was always able to spot his opponent in advance amidst the clouds. He would make a detour and release doppelgangers to lead them in the opposite direction if he really couldn't avoid them. 

In a single day, Wu Yu felt like he had covered all corners. He even met Jiang Qijun twice. It was just that he spotted her before she spotted him and tactfully avoided her. 

Wu Yu came up with an idea. He released his doppelgangers without restraint so as to confuse others with them. While roaming the sea of clouds, his main body would be safer and he would have a few hundred pairs of additional eyes. 

Amidst the sea of clouds, all the people together were barely half the number of doppelgangers he had released. 

When he had more eyes, Wu Yu could see a lot of things that others couldn't! 

For example, there were indeed lots of mechanical beasts in the sea of clouds. Several of his doppelgangers were killed by these mechanical beasts. In a single day, his doppelgangers and him had seen at least a dozen of them. Their numbers weren't any fewer than the Spirits of the Universe in that dark sea. 

At once point, he saw with his own eyes others killing the mechanical beast and obtaining the spirit designs to craft that mechanical beast. It was exactly the same as when he defeated the puppet in the Ancient Pagoda of Time. 

"All I can do is exhaust them and see if there's any empty Ancient Pagodas of Time." 

He used his doppelgangers to monitor the Ancient Pagodas of Time. Once the door opened, he would rush over. As for who was in it and if he could challenge them successfully, it would be dependent on luck. 

For him, only the interior of the Ancient Pagoda of Time would be absolutely safe. 

His doppelgangers had spotted most of the Ancient Pagodas of Time. He realized that the best Ancient Pagoda of Time had a time acceleration of five times. 10 days outside would be equivalent to 50 days, or close to two months, in it. However, only three such Ancient Pagodas of Time existed. Moreover, they were relatively larger, with the tip of the pagodas clearly exposed outside the clouds. It was also more eye-catching. As a result, they were basically occupied by relatively stronger people among the Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators. Wu Yu didn't give much thought to these. 

He would at most be able to try his luck on those that would give him three times time acceleration. 

A month of forging would allow him to grow stronger substantially. 

As he waited, he continued observing while keeping those that were chasing him occupied. 

"Just as expected! Everyone knows about the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord now. Jiang Qijun was probably interrogated." 

Hearing their conversation from time to time, Wu Yu was clear about the matter. This was something grave. On a typical day, others would bring up the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord frequently. 

Naturally, most of the people felt that it was a lie by Wu Yu. 

Three days passed by like this. His doppelgangers were constantly dwindling and returning to him. After nourishing them, they were released back into the sea of clouds again. 

He met up with Jiang Qijun and the others on numerous occasions. All of them wanted to soften Wu Yu up by claiming that he would be fine as long as he took out the ancient crystals. However, Wu Yu could tell the ill will from Jiang Qijun's gaze and that only a portion of the people were too lazy to pursue the matter against him. Others, like Jiang Qijun, were still thinking of teaching him a lesson. 

On this day, a doppelganger of Wu Yu suddenly found an extraordinary ancient pagoda amidst a deserted corner of the sea of clouds. 

The door to this ancient pagoda was still open. Therefore, it was clear that no one was in it. When Wu Yu found it, he rushed over immediately. 

This was the advantage of having so many doppelgangers. Without them, Wu Yu would never have discovered something that others had not discovered despite being in the sea of clouds for so many days. 

His main body arrived at the place rapidly. 

The truth was that it was indeed really hard to notice this pagoda. This was because it was extremely small, only roughly two zhang tall. Compared to the other black. ancient pagodas, it was really small. Moreover, it was entirely white, like the surrounding white clouds. 

Looking from the outside, it looked just like a toy hovering amidst the clouds. 

There was also a sundial above it. It was just that it was located deep in the clouds and wasn't under the illumination of the sun. However, the strange thing was that there was a shadow in the sundial. 

Wu Yu took a closer look. He was hoping that the speed of the shadow could be really quick. If so, he would have a large amount of time. Naturally, he was also hoping that this white pagoda would ensure his safety after being discovered by others. After all, it didn't look as reliable as the black pagodas. 

However, the shame was that he realized that the time on the sundial was just as per usual. There wasn't any time acceleration. 

In other words, he could only remain in it for 10 days.

"Forget it! 10 days is still 10 days. I could at least use the time to forge my physical body. Moreover, let's hope that no one discovers this place within the next 10 days." 

After making up his mind, he stepped into the door to the small, white pagoda. 

At that instant, he was taken aback. Perhaps this small, white pagoda wasn't as simple as he had thought. 

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