Chapter 0574: Yu Xinghai

The person who had bounded in was tall and lanky, possessing black hair and pupils. He was garbed in a white robe and seemed very elegant. Every movement he made and even his smile seemed refined and well-practiced with the air of nobility around it.  

Yet when he smiled, one could see sharp canines protruding. His entire image made him seem extraordinarily handsome and even strangely charming. 

With a single glance, considering his youth and his graceful demeanor and bearing, Wu Yu could guess that this was a genius at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. To be honest, most of the individuals in the Taigu Immortal Path were at that cultivation level, so it wasn't unexpected.

More importantly, this seemingly reserved and graceful individual brought about a sense of crisis to Wu Yu that was no weaker than what Jiang Qijun exerted.

Yet Wu Yu was not shocked by that. What was astonishing was that although an air of saintliness hung around him, making him seem like some descendant of a holy kingdom, with Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold, one could see that his body was infested with ghostly cultivator energy. Wu Yu had dealt with countless ghostly cultivators and therefore knew he could not be wrong.

Although he possessed a seemingly sacred temperament, he came from the dark and despised. Under the veneer of his flawless skin lay a festering source of ghostly cultivation.

If he were to be enraged, he would turn into a ghostly god.

Without saying, this was someone that Wu Yu could not beat at this point in time. Wu Yu had not made any preparations, as it was pointless.

Thus, when he entered, Wu Yu prepared to retreat. If he was unable to do so, he would directly leave the Taigu Immortal Path.

He would have to see how the Ancient Pagoda of Time would deal with the situation.

Curiously, when the ghostly cultivator entered, the doors behind him did not close. Perhaps there was no other way for someone to enter from the outside, but at least it was easy to leave.

"Based upon the rules of the Ancient Pagoda of Time, once someone enters and challenges me, one will eventually have to leave, and the open door is always an option. Thus, I can still leave. I have to make use of this opportunity to quickly escape." The door behind the ghostly cultivator was his only target right now.

He could no longer dally here. Who would have expected the next challenger to be so obscenely powerful?

"There's actually someone here? Did you enter this place previously?" The youth clearly spotted Wu Yu when he entered.

Wu Yu nodded. "Indeed. I entered 10 days ago." The youth was not concerned with Wu Yu, but rather observed the surroundings. 

"I had only just entered the cloud sea and then managed to encounter this pagoda. I heard that within the cloud sea are 100 ancient pagodas. Some can be entered and some cannot. However, once one does, no one else can barge in. Thus, there have been numerous quarrels. I didn't manage to snatch one for myself, but, unexpectedly, I managed to stumble upon this one. Strange... truly strange!" 

Wu Yu could be considered to be one of the lucky few. It seemed as though the rules had yet to be transmitted. Although each ancient pagoda might have a different flow of time, it was likely that the limit of 10 days was consistent. Today was the day the count reset. 

He would be forced to battle or escape.

The newcomer, on the other hand, did not know of the rules, and that was Wu Yu's advantage. Wu Yu only wanted to leave, and he continued to wrack his brains for ideas.

"I'm known as Yu Xinghai. What about you?" Wu Yu had not expected the ghostly cultivator to be so arrogant, to just engage in idle banter while casually walking around the pagoda, observing the place.

At this point, Wu Yu's aim was now wide open and unguarded.

His movements were not large as he gradually made his way. He managed to keep his cool despite being in such a potentially dangerous situation. Luckily, the opponent had not demonstrated any ill intent.

This youth, Yu Xinghai, was also sizing Wu Yu up while chatting. Suddenly, he paused and smiled. "The cultivator at the fourth tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm is actually you! News of you has been spreading like wildfire. You're the one that has come from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent! Lets see, your name seems to be Wu Yu. The people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country didn't even know your name at the start and someone else had to tell them." Who would have known that even this cultivator would recognize him.

Yu Xinghai's full attention was focused on Wu Yu. If he wanted to escape, it would definitely no longer be as easy. He temporarily stopped shifting around and, considering the situation, immediately spoke out. "The people outside are spreading tales of me? How did it start spreading?" 

Yu Xinghai was very interested in Wu Yu. He flashed in front of Wu Yu's eyes, a pensive look upon his face. "Just how did it spread?  Let me think. You had the gall to hide within the Fire Source Crystal Beast King's body and resisted for a period of time. Afterwards, you even managed to snatch away the treasure from beneath the Yan Huang Ancient Country cultivators’ noses. What's most exaggerated is that you even managed to escape. Although it is said that the changing of the sea aided you, your brave performance can truly be branded a miracle. You almost frightened everyone to death. Haha. Thinking of the expressions those geniuses from the Yan Huang Ancient Country had after losing the ancient crystal was truly hilarious. Although you might have come from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, you are one that can truly create miracles!" This youth had chattered endlessly, and from his tone, it looked as though he was full of praise for Wu Yu. 

Of course, he would definitely have clashed with the geniuses from the Yan Huang Ancient Country, considering his strength. Furthermore, he was a ghostly cultivator. Whenever the people of the Yan Huang Ancient Country suffered, he would relish in it. Thus, he felt extremely interested in this Wu Yu.

Yet Wu Yu knew that the amount of Fire Source Ancient Crystals on him wasn't a good thing.

"Oh, yes. I had almost planned to crush my Taigu Immortal Talisman to leave, but who would have expected the Water Source Crystal Beast King to also be killed shortly after. I escaped one trial and managed to remain here. Truly a blessing. Anyways, my task has already been completed. I can leave at any time." Wu Yu was subtly implying to Yu Xinghai to not eye his treasures. Once he suspected the enemy had bad intentions, he would quickly leave this place. Although Yu Xinghai was mighty, Wu Yu had already demonstrated his ability to flee in front of a group of similar individuals.

Yu Xinghai was a smart one and understood. "Your threats truly place me in a difficult position.  The existence of the Taigu Immortal Talisman truly makes me feel depressed at times. But as it is, many of the weaklings in the Taigu Immortal Path have escaped with numerous treasures as a result. The Yan Huang Ancient Country cultivators have been unable to locate you. They think that you have already escaped. Speaking of which, the news you spread has also passed through many ears. I wanted to ask you. This thing with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, is it really true?" After hearing this question, Wu Yu felt a little relieved. 

The first point was that the youth knew that in a moment of danger, he would use the Taigu Immortal Talisman. Thus, he would still have to act prudently. 

Wu Yu had to be cautious of any sneak attacks.

The second point was that even this fellow knew of the situation of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. It was clear that this information had spread like the plague. Perhaps even all the geniuses of the Jambu Realm had already heard of this.

This was way more effective than Wu Yu going to the Yan Huang Ancient Region himself!

The only issue was that despite everyone knowing of this, their suspicions remained.

Yu Xinghai continued, "Jiang Qijun asked if you didn't know how high the heavens were and how thick the earth was. If you even knew what crazy meant. With such a grandiose story, it's clearly meant to distract and obscure your true purpose. Furthermore, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord is from a long gone era. It has already been five yuan. Are you saying that the immortals that descended made a mistake?" 

Wu Yu smiled. "I came to this location to spread the news of the biggest threat to the Jambu Realm. Whether it's true or not can be easily verified with a few cultivators. Everything will be clear. With the experts from the Yan Huang Ancient Region, travelling to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent wouldn't take long. If I were lying, then it wouldn't matter. That expert could even take out his frustrations on me. I wouldn't even be able to escape. However, if it's true, then they would do the entire realm a great service. Such a ludicrous story does me no good. Don't you think that I would at least be a little scared of coming up with something so ridiculous? Even if I could escape the Taigu Immortal Path, could I really escape from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent?" 

Yu Xinghai, after hearing all this, sucked in a deep breath before giving a bitter smile. "With your logic, it does seem to at least hold some weight. That Jiang Qijun is truly shortsighted. You can relax regarding this point. If the world is facing a crisis, I will definitely do whatever I can. I will spread the news once I leave this Taigu Immortal Path and tell the elders of the Devilsky Court." 

He had not imagined that Yu Xinghai would be so sincere. Wu Yu quickly replied,"I truly thank you for your help." 

Yu Xinghai smiled in return. "This is also my duty. Actually, I'm quite curious. Honestly speaking, us being able to meet in this location is also a part of fate. You have already attained Fire Source Ancient Crystals in the Taigu Immortal Path, something that even I am envious of. I would even have wanted to spar with you. Of course, you'd probably just make your way back to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent in a blink. I'm just trying to say that I hold you no ill will. Thus, please tell me what you have obtained in these 10 days. Chance is a form of fate, also a friend. I don't want to force you to leave prematurely, so kindly explain everything." Wu Yu could tell that Yu Xinghai was smart and tactful. He knew that if he attempted to rob Wu Yu of his crystals, Wu Yu would immediately escape. Thus, he gave up on that idea. This was advantageous to Wu Yu. Thus, as a form of exchange, he wanted to know what Wu Yu had obtained here.

Straightforward and clean cut.

Both possessed something the other needed. Wu Yu would try to stay within the Taigu Immortal Path for as long as he could.

Thus, he replied, "You can relax. You have chosen to let me go and even offered to inform the elders of the Devilsky Court. As a result, I, Wu Yu, will also not shortchange you." These were his morals. 

Yu Xinghai had not yet said a single word further when Wu Yu explained everything about this place clearly. He even passed the method of creating a Skysilver Protector to him.

Of course, he was also trying to make a new friend.

However, this was a ghostly cultivator. Wu Yu would still keep himself a distance away.

"I will directly leave this place, and it will be considered your victory. You can remain here for 20 days. These are the basics. I don't know of any other mysteries this place might possess. You can take your time to figure it out."

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