Chapter 0573: Skysilver Protector

Although the spirit designs on the mechanism and puppets he had seen previously were complicated, they were never as numerous. 

Moreover, those inferior works had their spirit designs all carved on the surface. The effects would at most only affect the exterior of the primordial chaos treasure materials, even when taken to a peak. 

Comparatively, he couldn't see any spirit designs on the surface of the silver puppet before him. However, inside the body of the puppet, spirit designs were tightly packed. The light glowed from within, making it appear even more substantial and forceful. 

"The only question is how these spirit designs of the puppet could be engraved within the body!

"The creator of this silver puppet must at least be a Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator. Therefore, the spirit designs clearly aren't just copies, but are real spirit designs!" 

This was the greatest difference from the puppets that the Grand Architect Sword Sage had created. 

The space within the Ancient Pagoda of Time was vast and wide. When that silver puppet surfaced from the ground, it immediately locked on to Wu Yu. 

A puppet of this level could trigger the spirit designs imbued within on its own. In fact, it could even have birthed consciousness. However, within its consciousness, battle consciousness was still the overall reigning will and was its mission. Now that it had appeared here, Wu Yu would be its mission! 

As such, it wouldn't feel any fear or hesitation, let alone other human emotions. The one and only thing it had in mind at this moment was to battle! 


That silver puppet used a long spear. The long spear was made of the same material as its body and was actually a part of its body. 

As the spirit designs were circulating rapidly within its body, it was extremely fast. Clearly, it was especially adept in close combat fighting. Wu Yu happened to specialized in this too. 

He also erupted. The Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean appeared in his hand, and with the enhancement from Swift Art, Wu Yu's battle speed was also rapid and sharp. In the blink of an eye, he completed the Immortal Ape Transformation and turned into a savage and violent golden ape. 

Within the Ancient Pagoda of Time, the gold and silver, the huge, savage beast and the chilling cold mechanical puppet, clashed intensely! When the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean clashed heavily with the silver spear, a shrieking sound broke out. 

Having feeling his physical body getting stronger gradually over the recent period, Wu Yu was getting more confident in this aspect. At the very least, not a single genius within the Taigu Immortal Path would be a match for him in terms of physical body. 

Bang, bang, bang!

Neither of them could be killed or vanquished. When the battle erupted, it didn't stop as they turned into two streams of afterimages clashing! 

When dealing with puppet like this, the Purgatory Chains of the Eyes of Fire and Gold had no effect at all. This was because it didn't have a soul. 

"Spirit designs can draw upon the powers of heaven and earth and can be used to create dao treasures, talismans, and even mechanisms and puppets like these. This is truly magical! It's a shame that I haven't got the time to fully go through The Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon that Luo Pin gave me." 

When fighting with the silver puppet and seeing with his own eyes how the spirit designs on it could move and change, he was filled with anticipation for the exquisite, mysterious, and magical art of spirit design. 

After clashing for 15 minutes, Wu Yu finally relied on the advantage of his doppelgangers and his physical body to smash the silver puppet into pieces. It was then that the spirit designs stopped circulating. When the body wasn't complete, the puppet finally stopped attacking. 

It was indeed more difficult to deal with an opponent who didn't know pain. 

Wu Yu recalled his doppelgangers and was panting profusely. At this time, he noticed that the silver puppet was sinking into the ground of the Ancient Pagoda of Time. However, it seemed to have left behind some objects. Wu Yu moved over to take a look. It was a silver piece of cloth. When the cloth was opened outwards, Wu Yu was surprised to see it filled with drawings of spirit designs. Among which, there were records of the main spirit design controlling the puppets and all other kinds of spirit designs. 

"This is the method of crafting a Skysilver Protector, that puppet I just fought, as well as all the spirit designs that could be used!"

Wu Yu put this treasure away immediately. 

He found this a little hilarious. 

"In that endless sea, you could obtain ancient crystals from defeating Spirits of the Universe. Here, I've defeated a silver puppet and actually got a full set of spirit designs and the crafting method for the Skysilver Protector. Could it be that the Taigu Immortal Path is assessing us and we can obtain treasures through this assessment?" 

If that was so, the Taigu Immortal Path would be even more mysterious. 

"However, these spirit designs are too profound. I can't craft them, and they will remain useless until I reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. Perhaps others would fight over it if they encountered this Skysilver Protector!" 

Giving it further thought, Wu Yu was still really shocked! 

"There is a sea of clouds that can change time, and the Ancient Pagoda of Time can control the flow of time. Moreover, there is also a Skysilver Protector which has been hidden for eons. As long as one defeats it, they will receive a grand reward! Who is the one that set all of this up in this place? How mysterious this Taigu Immortal Path is!" 

The more he thought about it, the more surprised and shocked he felt. 


However, he was still in a pretty wretched state after clashing with the silver puppet. Now, he would have either 10 or 20 days where he would be perfectly safe. Therefore, his tensed-up mind could finally relax itself, at least for a bit. 

He took out some immortal medicine to accelerate the recovery of his fatigue and the injuries he had sustained from the several huge battles he had previously. When his body recovered to tip-top condition, a huge chunk of a day had passed. 

Wu Yu took out all his rewards from the dark sea and placed them on the floor. Instantly, the temperature within the Ancient Pagoda of Time rose. At this time, those markings on the interior of the Ancient Pagoda of Time dimmed, and one couldn't tell how mysterious it was. 

The spark from the ancient crystals illuminated the surrounding. Together with the blazing sun in the sky, the interior of the Ancient Pagoda of Time was blinding, and a shocking heat wave was exuded at this very same moment. 

"The Fire Source Ancient Crystal is really tough. If they had not broken the ancient crystal when they killed the Fire Source Crystal Beast King, I wouldn't be able to use these ancient crystals. It definitely won't be a problem now...." 

Looking from this perspective, he was way luckier than he had imagined. 

The largest Fire Source Ancient Crystal was the size of a human head. Wu Yu wouldn't dare to touch it any time soon. If he used it to forge his body and the energy exploded, even his physical body wouldn't be able to take it. 

Even the smallest crystal was slightly larger than an ordinary Fire Source Ancient Crystal. 

"Let's begin!" 

He didn't want to run and hide anymore. 

At this point, there was almost nothing that could stop his courage and perseverance. It wasn't his first time forging his body. He had even made it through while remaining in the body of the Fire Source Crystal Beast King. Dissolving and assimilating these Fire Source Ancient Crystals wouldn't mean anything now. 

Gritting his teeth, he began! 

Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body. 

The dragon ruled supreme, and there appeared to be thousands upon thousands of mystical dragons. When he succeeded, his physical body, bloodline, meridians, and channels would be just like those of a mystical dragon. The mystical dragons in the mortal realm were individuals. As for Wu Yu's body, it was made up of thousands upon thousands of dragons! 

Up to this point, the Invincible Vajra Body had always been the most elite means of combat possessed by Wu Yu. This was also how his body had become so tough. 

He gritted his teeth and started forging with the first shrapnel of the ancient crystal. 

That ancient crystal gradually assimilated into his body, turning into a raging fire source and smaller shrapnels that cruised through his entire body. At the same time, his physical body was constantly destroyed, forged, and rebirthed. 

Although the speed wasn't fast and each moment was torturous, Wu Yu didn't even flinch as he withstood with his strong determination and willpower to go against the will of the heavens. 

"I'm lagging behind various powerful talents from birth. If I don't work hard and persevere, what means will I have to compete with them?" 

Even within the Jambu Realm, there weren't many people who could eventually become immortals. 

"To become an immortal, I have to fight with these geniuses. Only by exceeding all of them will becoming an immortal become possible.

"The Jambu Realm is huge and there might be a place for me someday! At that time, who will dare not to remember my name? Or perhaps dare to be unwilling to tell me her name?" 

These ambitious and motivating thoughts were the drivers to push Wu Yu to persevere further. 

Even Ming Long was touched by his resolve. She stammered and said, "It's not surprising that the Ruyi Jingu Bang would choose you over me. Truthfully speaking, your attitude is something really commendable. Perhaps this is what others call an honest and truthful heart!" 

There was no distraction in his mind. Only the thought to become an immortal existed! 

Time passed by in this absolutely safe Ancient Pagoda of Time. Wu Yu didn't waste a single second and did not stop for more than 15 minutes. He pushed on constantly. After 10 days, the ancient crystal that he had absorbed was roughly the equivalent to seven ordinary-sized ancient crystals. 

In these 10 days, he had exhausted five fragments of the large ancient crystal. 

Although the process was worse than death, the rewards were huge! 

Moreover, Wu Yu realized a piece of good news. The amount of time he could remain here was, in fact, 20 days. This was because no one had challenged him and no new guardians had appeared. 

"The limit of 10 days is based on the outside time. The time inside is two times longer than outside. In other words, I have 20 days." 

With 10 remaining days, he continued his forging immediately. For things like these, the longer one lasted, the more numb they would feel. Towards the end, the excitement and fervent adrenaline would make one forget about life and death. 

"It was slightly faster initially. As time passed, you will be approaching your limits and therefore your speed won't be as fast. You will need at least half a year to fully forge the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body." 

Ming Long instantly doused a pail of cool water over him. 

In half a year, Duomingshan Shengxue would be almost out of that place on the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. 

"Regardless, I have to give it a try. Even if I leave this Ancient Pagoda of Time, I have to try looking for other Ancient Pagodas of Time. In the worst case, I shall return to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent to continue forging my body." 

Ming Long's cold remarks failed to give him the thought of giving up. 

"It has already been five days outside. I wonder what is happening. Has Jiang Qijun told the people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country about the details? If someone from the Yan Huang Ancient Country has been eliminated, does that mean that people outside know about it?”

The 10 days felt like a full year. After all, every single moment was filled with unbearable torture. Moreover, he had to be fully focused to comprehend and understand the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body. 

The subsequent days were indeed not as effective as the ones before. The speed of assimilation had slowed and was getting even slower. 

However, it didn't matter. Wu Yu was still as excited and passionate. 

When time was up, he made preparations. Regardless of whether a new person would walk in or other guards would appear, he was prepared for battle. 

In the end, the door to the Ancient Pagoda of Time opened. A figure instantly swooped in from outside. 

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