Chapter 0571: Cloud Sea of Time

Swept amongst the currents, Wu Yu was absolutely unable to control his body and was washed along with the tides.

Unable to lift even a finger made him feel extremely bored. He was only able to twiddle his thumbs and bide his time. 

He had attained a precious treasure and escaped a calamity. Most importantly, the news of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had once again spread. Truly killing two birds with one stone lifted his spirits immensely.

"I had almost resigned myself to return to the divine continent. That Water Source Crystal Beast King truly met a timely death. Now I’m able to continue exploring this place and see what spoils await me. I've truly struck it rich!" He thus felt immeasurably carefree, humming happily to himself. It had been a long time since he felt such reprieve.

"However, I've not been all that lucky. I had to steal from the Yan Huang Ancient Country, and if I ever get the opportunity to wreak havoc there, those elders whom have so tightly bound these youths to their rule will definitely not give me any opportunities. I might even have to leave with my tail tucked between my legs...

"Though I've never been one to like to curry favor. Why would I give up something I obtained painstakingly?"

Thus, regardless of what happened in the future, he would not regret.

Wu Yu counted the time, and approximately a quarter of an hour later, he had been rocked dizzy. All of a sudden, the currents abruptly swerved and Wu Yu could feel his body hanging in mid air. He had probably been tossed and turned till he was pushed out of the sea entirely! 

He was in a complete vacuum, and it seemed to be a new area. Immediately, he observed the surroundings carefully as he might not have escaped danger yet. It was smarter to be careful.

In front of him hung a blue sky laced with white clouds.

Above his head was an azure blue sky, truly clear and boundless with nary a stray color in sight. It was blue as the eye could see, as clear as a pane of glass.

In the middle of the sky dangled a resplendent sun, its scorching rays of heat baking the entire world, bringing about a sense of warmth like a mother's embrace.

Wu Yu's current position was on top of a layer of fluffy, white clouds, which were also like a boundless plain. Yet at the same time, they were similar to the previous area's sea, constantly roiling and tumbling. At times it would change, spreading out and transforming into all kinds of mysterious and wondrous shapes. Truly a feast for the eyes.

An azure sky above and pure white clouds below blanketed this world.

One could see as far as the horizon stretched, but Wu Yu immediately glanced all around him. It couldn't have only been him which arrived from the sea. With the use of his Eyes of Fire and Gold, despite there being no boundaries, he could vaguely make out at least four others.

Truthfully, everyone was also looking around in shock. They were shaken by the myriad of mystical and profound changes.

The clouds and the sky looked like the one of the world outside, it was extremely realistic.

Wu Yu definitely had a hit on his head amongst the people of the Yan Huang Ancient Country and thus had to keep a low profile. He immediately sunk into the clouds, utilizing the thickness to obscure others’ vision. In such a scenario, he would only be spotted if someone got within close proximity.

"Just how thick are these clouds? What's beneath these clouds? Is it dry land? Or could it be the sea?" That wide and clear blue sky was definitely not a safe place to be. Everyone would easily spot those who were there, so he continued to submerge himself within the clouds.

He wanted to see just what was beneath.

"My doppelgangers have returned." Previously, a large number of his clones had been smote into gold hair. These golden hairs had also been washed to this area and swiftly made their way back onto Wu Yu's body. They were extremely minute and could barely be noticed, so their return was completely unnoticed.

Wu Yu's movements were small as he made his way downwards.

Approximately 60 breaths of time later, he'd moved approximately 50 kilometers, then he finally broke through the bottom of the cloud layer. What he saw absolutely surprised him. The bottom possessed a sky that was also completely azure. What was even more worthy of attention was that there was an identical sun, affixed in the exact same location which he saw previously, much like a mirror image.

"The middle is full of clouds, while the sides possess a blue sky and a searing sun? What kind of strange place is this?" Wu Yu knew that this layer of white clouds was the only place he could hide. This new location was significantly more dangerous than the sea.

Yet he saw something that was just mind-boggling.

With his Eyes of Fire and Gold, he was able to see much further than others. When he looked around, he saw the same four individuals who were in their original locations as before, looking around confused in every direction.

"Did they come to this side as well?" Wu Yu felt that something fishy was going on. This just seemed absolutely abnormal.

He immediately started to walk towards them. After passing through 50 kilometers, he stuck his head through the cloud layer and saw that the four were still there. At this point, Wu Yu quickened his moves to prevent the four from wandering too far.

"I understand now. What's above and below the clouds are one and the same. There is only one sun. The mysterious part about this is clouds. Regardless of whether I go up or down, they all lead to the same azure sky. Just what kind of spirit design is this? How can it create such a miraculous effect?" The Taigu Immortal Path truly led one to seize in amazement.

There should be a layer somewhere within the clouds that, when passing through, was like passing through a portal which reorientated the individual's directions. Thus, one would always head towards the sky.

"Just what kind of mysteries hide within this strange world with the blue sky and clouds?" He once again peaked around. looking in all four directions. At this point in time, a disturbance occurred within the white clouds.

"No one has managed to snatch the Water Source Crystal Beast King's ancient crystal as of yet. Perhaps it has fallen into some nook or cranny over here. Let us search!" 

"Go! Look around!"

Wu Yu could hear the conversation of the two closest to him. They seemed to be in an animated conversation.

"If the Water Source Ancient Crystal has fallen here, then it will certainly buy me a period of time. The people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country should also be here, still looking for me."

It seemed that this plain of clouds would serve to keep him safe, at least momentarily. These clouds were actually terrifying creations. No matter how hard he tried to disperse the clouds, his moves would at most shift them slightly or cause them to transform into all sorts of different shapes.

Thankfully, this world seemed huge, and to find him was like looking for a needle in a haystack. It would require time or he would be found almost right off the bat.

"The Water Source Ancient Crystal serves no purpose to me. If I could sell it off, it would definitely earn me big bucks. Perhaps I might even be able to gift it to Luo Pin. However, it’s best not to be too greedy. This Fire Source Ancient Crystal might not even be something I will get to enjoy." Just because he was in possession of it now did not mean that it would remain his. His pursuers were hot on his trail. 

"The most important thing is to find a location and refine my Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body. This place has to be exceptionally safe. However, there are only blue skies and puffy clouds. Once I’m discovered, I won't even be able to run. Just how can I find a safe location? This entire world is the most dangerous place I could be!" As a result, due to the strange nature of the world, it was clearly more dangerous than the sea since anyone who discovered him could chase him down eventually. There was no place to hide.

He didn't even know if threats existed in other forms here. Were there Spirits of the Universe here? That would also be deadly.

This situation was a complete headache.

"Well, it's time to take things as they come. Since I've been able to survive thus far, it's considered my fortune. Worst case, I will just escape with the Fire Source Ancient Crystal," said Wu Yu with a happy-go-lucky thought in his mind.

Taking the opportunity to look into his Sumeru Pouch, the sight of the numerous shattered Fire Source Ancient Crystals brought a smile to his face. This was definitely something the entire Jambu Realm would seek to steal!

After gazing at his gains in a satisfied manner, he began to search for a safe harbor, one that would give him the opportunity to improve himself.

Above the layer of clouds, Wu Yu was able to hear groups of people hollering, clashing, and arguing. Some were searching and some were attempting to steal a Water Source Ancient Crystal. A small group was also valiantly searching for Wu Yu.

Under such clear skies, it was easy for the Yan Huang Ancient Country cultivators to regroup.

"I hope Jiang Qijun properly explains the situation with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord!"

"The more we know, the better." However, Jiang Qijun was definitely overflowing with frustration and fury as she explained the situation. She had once looked down on Wu Yu, not even bothering to remember his name. Now she even had to explain herself to her fellow cultivators. This was a ridiculous humiliation. Of course, this was also self-inflicted.

If she had been a bit more enthusiastic, Wu Yu might have even thanked her.

"These white clouds are a little strange," Wu Yu mumbled as he made his way through them after almost another quarter of an hour. Yet he couldn't put his finger on why.

"It seems as though the movements of the cloud alternate between moving fast and slow, and sometimes they just freeze.”

"I have also noticed something similar." Ming Long's voice was full of astonishment. She widened her eyes and blinked innocently before saying, "I can only hazard a guess that the flow of time through these clouds is not consistent. They don't seem to obey the laws and are constantly in flux. The places that seem to move slowly are areas where time passes at one tenth of normal speed. Those areas where the clouds move quickly are places where time accelerates..." 

"What kind of joke are you spewing now? Time can fluctuate?" Wu Yu still thought that she was messing with him.

Who would have expected Ming Long to reply, "You bumbling barbarian. The heavens and earth are boundless and the creatures that exist are forever permuting. Although time is obscure and part of the great dao, there are immortals that can control time! There are even spirit designs that can manipulate and approximate time. This Taigu Immortal Path is riddled with complicated spirit designs. If you were to say that the Jambu Realm possesses a location where time fluctuates constantly, I would never have believed you. However, anything is possible here."

"So it seems." Wu Yu could only begrudgingly accept this.

Yet this had nothing to do with him.

He continued to muddle his way through the dark, experiencing the changes of time for himself. Truly, this path of the dao was something he could not even fathom, much less ponder and consider. 

Suddenly, his senses picked up something in front of him. With his Eyes of Fire and Gold, he was able to make out a pitch black pagoda.

This pagoda was massive. The majority of it was encased by the clouds. Only a small part was peeking through, the sun shining upon it radiantly.

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