Chapter 0057: Jade-based Fire

A total of six Spirit Concentration Pills worth of power was basically concentrated within his spiritual source.

"One Spirit Concentration Pill is at least equivalent to a month of hard work. The Spectral Concubine's fortune has indeed saved me a great deal of time.

"Four more pills remaining...."

Wu Yu estimated that if he finished cultivating with all the remaining Spirit Concentration Pills and continued to strengthen himself, the Chest Meridian's spiritual source would be stabilized. He would finally be officially on the dao path, and would be able to use spiritual power.

Presently, after consuming the medicinal power of six Spirit Concentration Pills, his spiritual power was already three times stronger than before.

The Chest Meridian was like that as well. Normally, it would absorb spiritual qi from the world around him to replenish the spiritual source.

Used in battle, spiritual power would greatly augment Wu Yu's strength. As a result, he would be much stronger than the last time he clashed with Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian.

The only thing was that his spiritual source was not too stable, and unsuited for intense fights. If the Chest Meridian was injured, then the entire spiritual source might collapse. At that time, the violent spiritual power would rip Wu Yu apart without fail.

In truth, the process of cultivating spiritual power was often done in complete seclusion, with the cultivator only emerging once the spiritual source was completely successful and stable.

There was no place in Capital Wu with such ideal conditions.

"It has been 18 days from the start of qi condensation until now. I will try to complete condensing my qi within a month."

Given the current situation, the Invincible Vajra Body was still very stable.

Wu Yu was being cautious. In truth, his body's resilience and capability to absorb power should be fine even if he consumed 4 Spirit Concentration Pills at once.

However, with just four pills left, Wu Yu chose the safer approach and split it into two times.

"Another 10 days or so at most, and it will all be done. Hao Tian...."

Wu Yu's eyes shone with bloodthirst.

And now, there was the additional grudge of his Heavenly Cloud Roc.

Wu Yu held two Spirit Concentration Pills in his hand, and was on the verge of taking them.

Just at this moment....

"Wu Yu!" 

Wu You was hammering on the stone door.

Luckily, he had been slow enough and had not yet taken the Spirit Concentration Pills. Otherwise, if Wu Yu had been digesting the Spirit Concentration Pills, his fluctuating emotional state would be prone to mistakes when dealing with whatever her concern was.

He hurriedly stored the Spirit Concentration Pills in his Sumeru Pouch and then reached the door in a few strides. Opening the stone door, he saw Wu You's pale face and frantic look. She was crying angrily. "Wu Yu, I got news that Martial Wu began marching the 30,000 strong Eastern Suppression Army against my maternal tribe yesterday!"


This was crazy.

Wu Yu had already taught Yuan Hao a lesson for his last fiasco. Logically, such a thing would not happen.

Although Wu You's maternal tribe had some capability, they could not possibly stand up against the Eastern Suppression Army, which was 30,000 strong. They could not hold out for a few days, and the casualties would be severe.

"Either Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian is ready to settle things with me, or Yuan Hao's brain is filled with water and he issued private commands." Wu Yu was still calm, quickly analyzing things.

"What should we do?" Wu You was panicking. Normally, she was composed, but this matter concerned the survival of thousands of lives in her maternal tribe......

"You take care of yourself. Hide. I will go to the royal palace."

Wu Yu made her hide in the training room so that she would not be targeted when he was not around.

After confirming that Wu You was safe, he prepared to go to the royal palace.

"Don't be rash," Wu You called after him.

Wu Yu had already left before she finished speaking. 

"Although I'm still a little ways away from successfully condensing qi, the Eastern Suppression Army must be stopped."

Without a Heavenly Cloud Roc, there would be no time for Wu Yu to reach the battlefield. His best shot would be to get Yuan Hao to send a message by pigeon to order the retreat, resolving the matter.

The sky had just began to lighten. The morning court should still be proceeding, and Yuan Hao should be at Upper Qian Hall.

Wu Yu passed through the walls of the royal palace and soon arrived at the vast Upper Qian Hall. Many officials and aristocrats were at the morning court. They were mostly the ones who had watched Wu Yu broken down on that fateful night. 


Wu Yu landed outside the door.


The royal aristocrats had been given a fright. They turned to scold the culprit, but immediately shrank in fear upon seeing that it was Wu Yu. And then they all turned towards Yuan Hao on the dragon throne. They knelt before Wu Yu, crying, "Heavenly Immortal Sun!"

Even Prince Qin and the others who had rained scorn upon him were kneeling.

However, Wu Yu only saw Yuan Hao.

Yuan Hao was in a resplendent dragon robe, lounging on the dragon throne. Seeing Wu Yu, his face paled and showed signs of panic.

Back then, he had laid down the command in a fit of impulse. An emperor's words had enormous implications. He had brooded over it for a few days but had not rescinded the order.

At this time, seeing Wu Yu storming in angrily, he immediately panicked. He bid his follower go and bring Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian, while he steeled himself. "Heavenly Immortal Sun, we are discussing national matters of great importance. I trust that immortals cannot take interest in mortal affairs? We are in front of all the aristocracy of Dong Yue Wu. Don't be rash...."

Towards the end, he started to panic and regret his actions. He could only pray that Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian would come to destroy Sun Wudao.

He had always thought that Hao Tian was capable of this, but he did not understand why Sun Wudao continued to live.

He felt that he was just lacking an excuse.

"If Sun Wudao lays a hand on me here and interferes in mortal matters, then Father will have the needed excuse to destroy him!"

This way of thinking was Yuan Hao's only hope.

As expected, Wu Yu appeared by Yuan Hao's side in a flash. Yuan Hao remembered the previous slap and fell to the floor, rolling and stuttering. "What... what are you going to do? You're an immortal, you can't kill me!"

Wu Yu could not be bothered to waste words on him. Seizing Yuan Hao by his dragon robe, he lifted him up with the prodigious strength of an immortal. He stared into Yuan Hao's mortal eyes, causing him to lose his mind.


The aristocrats were trembling with fear, and beseeched for Heavenly Immortal Sun's mercy.

Wu Yu's voice silenced them. "Yuan Hao, immediately recall the Eastern Suppression Army. Otherwise, it will not be as simple as losing your teeth."

Yuan Hao still tried to prevaricate. "What Eastern Suppression Army? The Eastern Suppression Army is the concern of mortals. Why is the Heavenly Immortal interfering? Save me! The immortal is trying to kill me!"

He decided to be clever. This way, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian would have an excuse to destroy Wu Yu.

In truth, his heart was fluttering rapidly. His control slipped for a moment, and he peed his pants.

Wu Yu changed hands, refastening his grip around his neck. "Last chance. Recall the Eastern Suppression Army."


Yuan Hao's face was pale, his limbs flailing. He was the picture of a wretch, and this made him hard to deal with.

Instantly, the palace was in an uproar.

The aristocrats were yelling and trying to escape Upper Qian Hall in a rush.

"Heavenly Immortal Sun is trying to murder the Emperor!"

"Oh my God!"

Above the chaotic cries, there was suddenly a loud crack of thunder in the Chambers of Imperial Concubines. A white flash of light crashed through the palace walls of Upper Qian Hall. It was Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian!

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian's hair was dishevelled, his gaze thunderous. He saw Yuan Hao seized by Wu Yu, and roared, "Sun Wudao, release him!"

Before Wu Yu had a chance to clarify things, Yuan Hao wailed, "He's going to kill me! He's going to kill me! Oh, I can't breathe, save me!"

He snivelled and wailed, a wretched sight.


Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian had already sent the Firestorm Horsetail Whisk in his hand flashing towards Wu Yu. The spiritual power of the blow reduced much of the furniture within Upper Qian Hall into ash. The lights on the walls were all completely smashed.

He was indeed savage. If Wu Yu had not let go, then Yuan Hao would have been doomed.

In the end, the blame would fall to Wu Yu. And now his opponent had an excuse to kill him. Things had escalated now. He flung Yuan Hao aside and used the Demon Subduing Staff to block this attack. This time around, they were evenly matched.

"Hao Tian, listen to me. Yuan Hao, he...."

Wu Yu had come over today not intending to clash with him. He simply wanted the Eastern Suppression Army recalled. After all, Yuan Hao was the emperor. Only his orders were valid for the mortals' military.

"You're asking to die!"

However, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian's pent up anger of the past few days had finally spilled over. He was in a rage now. With the Firestorm Horsetail Whisk in one hand, and the other hand poised to use his arts, he was about to unleash his dao technique!

He was going to fight!

The situation was too tense for Wu Yu to explain.

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian's dao technique was known as Jade-based Fire.

Under his spiritual power direction, his whisk again transformed into a silver snake. At this time, jade-green flames sprung forth from Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian's left hand, transforming into the shape of a green serpent. It coiled around the Firestorm Horsetail Whisk, fusing with it through clouds of mist that filled the entire palace. Within the mist, a huge, green serpent lurked!

"What a powerful dao technique. A pity I do not have one."

Wu Yu felt a pang of regret. If only Feng Xueya had imparted some dao techniques to him.


The huge, green snake was like Wan Qing. It pierced through the fire and mist, lunging for Wu Yu.

Wu Yu composed himself, gripping the Demon Subduing Staff tightly. At present, his Chest Meridian already had some usable spiritual power. Under Wu Yu's control, the spiritual power bloomed, settling on the Demon Subduing Staff. Since he had no dao techniques, then Wu Yu would have to fight just as he used to!

A Staff to Ascension!

This staff had once destroyed the Spectral Concubine.

It has to be said that the level of this attack was profound; it had enormous power and could utilize all of Wu Yu's physical strength. And augmented this time with considerable spiritual power, the blow had terrifying levels of power!


The golden staff swung, emitting a deafening sound.


This hit shook the entire Upper Qian Hall.

A few of the pillars began to fall. Upper Qian Hall, which had stood for millennia, began to collapse. The expensive construction fell, shaking the entire Capital Wu!

The green flames lingered, and Upper Qian Hall soon became a sea of fire.


Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian retracted his Jade-based Fire. Yuan Hao was held back by his horsetail whisk, already devoid of any colour.

"My Upper Qian Hall, my Upper Qian Hall!" Yuan Hao yowled.



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