Chapter 0569: Speed of Life

Wu Yu's speed at this instant would determine if he lived or died.

At this moment, stealing the spoils of the Yan Huang Ancient Country experts was indeed a sour turn in his luck.

Who knew that the Fire Source Crystal Beast King had already been claimed by the people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country?

However, since things had turned out this way, Wu Yu did not back down. After stowing away the huge quantities of ancient crystals, he had no intention of handing them over quietly.

After all, this risky move, and the ambush within the body of the Fire Source Crystal Beast King, had not been easy. He had almost lost his life in order to get this treasure!

Wu Yu gave the Yan Huang Ancient Country people due regard. For example, Jiang Qijun was someone who could crush him. However, his inner pride and courage did not allow him to falter here.

As for the news of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, Wu Yu need only get the word out. What happened next would depend on their elders.

As they fled, Ming Long asked, "Aren't you afraid they'll be in a rage that you foiled them and set themselves against you? What if they agree not to tell your story to their elders? Or what if their elders treat you as an enemy?"

This was a serious matter!

The Yan Huang City Lord had also hoped that Wu Yu's future would be built within the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

Wu Yu was staunch, saying, "I am only responsible to be the messenger. Once the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord is reincarnated, it is not only the Dong Sheng Divine Continent which will be ravaged. The entire Jambu Realm will not be able to escape him. If there is not a single one amongst so many who sees sense, then the time of the Jambu Realm is up anyway. As for my ambush to take this ancient crystal, that is personal enmity, and not related to the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord."

He saw a bunch of youngsters squabbling over possessions as a personal matter. In the end, whoever got it had nothing to do with the serious matter of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. 

That was why he did not have second thoughts about snatching these valuables.

Wu Yu had segregated the two affairs very clearly!

As Wu Yu fled, the super geniuses of the Yan Huang Ancient Country were enraged!

"Catch him!"

"Don't let a single one get away!"

In a trice, the 30 odd people started chasing the 1,000!

In truth, if not for the fact that they were all very fatigued, even 10,000 Wu Yus could not have escaped.

Wu Yu had been waiting for this moment.

All was fair in war and all that.

As his clones scattered, his true form was only a miniscule speck amongst them.

There was one aspect of this sea - the currents. Once the currents came to sweep them away, Wu Yu would be safe.

That was why after his 1,000 doppelgangers had broken through the encirclement, they began to look for currents.

"How does he know the Supreme God Technique of our Yan Huang Ancient Country? Is this person from the Yan Huang Ancient Country? How have we never heard of him before?!"

As they chased, they continued to pressure Jiang Qijun.

"Everyone, please focus on catching him. I will explain the details later. If he escapes, all of our efforts will have been for naught!"

"Catch him first!"

Instantly, dao treasures filled the skies, and the scene was chaotic.

Wu Yu could feel the tremendous pressure.

His clones were currently dropping at a shocking rate. Even with the Prime Heavenly Lord Supreme God Technique, they could not withstand the onslaught of so many experts, especially the few amongst them who were terrifyingly strong. Even in their fatigued state, a casual attack slew an entire group of them!

Luckily, he was fast.

That was why there were three or four at most who were chasing his real body. The others had all been lured away by Wu Yu's doppelgangers. They would only return attention to the real Wu Yu when all the clones had been killed.

A flash of his Eyes of Fire and Gold clearly pinpointed the location of every single pursuer!

His luck was pretty good. At least those chasing him for now were not the strongest monsters of the Yan Huang Ancient Country. From their grand attire and noble manner, they seemed to be those from the Yan Huang Ancient Country’s imperial family!

Jiang Qijun was amongst them.

Jiang Qijun's gaze was cold, and potent killing intent was exuding from her! She said, "I advise you to stop immediately! You know what you are in, and you know your own identity! Right now, you are currently pitting yourself against the elite of the Yan Huang Ancient Country! 

“Trying to play the cream of the crop! You had best think this through. I know who you are and where you are from. Even if you leave the Taigu Immortal Path, you will not escape our pursuit!"

She was trying to pressure Wu Yu with her status.

Truly, she found it unthinkable. A small fry like Wu Yu - where had he found the balls to do what he had just done?

"Since you came from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, you should know your own identity and status! The Yan Huang Imperial City there is but a humble and rural branch of our Yan Huang Ancient Country! Given your status, you should kneel to any one of us! Today, you actually dare to do this, and snatch our treasure before our very eyes?! If you don't cease, you will drag down your entire Yan Huang Imperial City with you! When the time comes, your imperial city will definitely be a land of corpses when we bring the wrath of the Yan Huang Ancient Country upon you!"

As Jiang Qijun chased, she continued to harangue him. Her voice carried far, and at least the Yan Huang Ancient Country people around her roughly knew Wu Yu's identity now.

"He comes from the Demon Sealing Continent? There's a path to the Taigu Immortal Path there? A humble side-city of our Yan Huang Ancient Country? No wonder he knows the Supreme God Technique! But this person is really idiotic. To actually not comprehend our status, the Yan Huang Ancient Country people! Doesn't he know the price of setting himself against us? Does he not want his rural side-city to continue living?"

The evil experts of the Yan Huang Ancient Country found this a joke!

Such a pathetic person - how did he dare to do such a bold thing?

"He can evade the monk, but can he evade the temple?"

"Little brat! No matter what your status was within that little pond of a city, you have to pay the highest respect to us! We give you your last chance on the basis that you are young and ignorant. As long as you hand over the ancient crystal, we will not seek further trouble with you. But if you do not comply, you and every elder and friend behind you will not be able to escape the wrath of us, the Yan Huang Ancient Country!"

After learning Wu Yu's status, they found this amusing. But the more they thought about it, the more ashamed they felt. What was their identity? Their status? Their power?

To be so high above, and to be actually fooled by a country bumpkin. If word of this got out, they would be a colossal laughing stock. The butt of the joke within the entire Jambu Realm.

This made them even more embarrassed and furious. Their eminent status had turned against them. After all, the Yan Huang Ancient Country had claimed the Fire Source Crystal Beast King, and even used up all their Ancient Emperor's Demon Vanquishing Sword Talismans. And yet they had been tricked into this situation.

Wu Yu had also considered all these threats before.

"I was indeed born in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Yan Huang Imperial City and the Yan Huang Ancient Country are indeed where I belong, and aspire towards. But today, the treasure that I took was entirely dependent on my own resourcefulness and willingness to take the risk! It can be considered a fair and square win. Do you all know that I had been waiting for that moment? While you were fighting the Fire Source Crystal Beast King, I was already swallowed into its belly, and immolated in primal fire? Now that you are threatening me thus, are you trying to pull rank on me? If word of this gets to your elders, it's going to be ugly!"

Wu Yu used his remaining clones to banter as they delayed for time. His righteous words stemmed from a clear conscience that was unfazed by their threats.

Hearing this, they understood what a perilous thing that he had done. While they were fighting, they had not dared to approach the Fire Source Crystal Beast King. While Wu Yu had actually been within its body, enduring the heat for such a long time. How had he done it?

This undoubtedly shook them.

Although Wu Yu was still a country bumpkin in their eyes, a small fry unworthy of attention, the matter before them indeed compelled their admiration and frustration.

Indeed, to threaten the Dong Sheng Divine Continent that Wu Yu was from, they had to inform their elders. If word of what happened today got to their elders, they would indeed be further disgraced. This bunch of people would run all the way to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent just to bully the guard of the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence?

"How long before you give up?" someone shouted.

Wu Yu and his clones shouted as one, "I obviously can't give up! If you all want the treasure, by all means, come chase me fair and square! It belongs to whoever can snatch it! But stop using the threat of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent and the Yan Huang Imperial City. Doing that only causes you experts to lose face and dignity. It shames you, and makes you angry, and makes a farce of the rules. If your elders knew, they would definitely be disappointed in you lot!"

He hated those like Jiang Qijun, who would use the Dong Sheng Divine Continent to threaten him.

Right now, against so many menaces of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, all he asked for was a fair fight. The logic was simple. Whoever snatched it, owned it. But status and elders were not part of the fight.

He was alone, yet he had dared to take such a risk. Even after being pressured, he still dared to speak such bold words. These words indeed changed his impression in the eyes of the Yan Huang Ancient Country people.

However, those that were being taunted only grew more enraged. For example, Jiang Qijun.

"Very well, then we will not only take the ancient crystal, but also your life! You asked for it! By the rules!"

At least she was no longer using the threat of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, but would answer Wu Yu's challenge to take it fair and square!

At this moment, Wu Yu was not yet out of danger. In fact, he was in the thick of it. Although his real body had yet to be discovered, the number of clones was dwindling. He would eventually be exposed!

The clones elsewhere were being thinned out at speed. The menacing geniuses killed everyone they caught.

At this stage, Wu Yu had already mustered up all his courage. Using his fastest speed, he fled. Whether he could be caught or not - that was all up to his luck!

At that moment, he fled with the speed born out of fear for his life!

Although they no longer threatened the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, they would not let Wu Yu go easily for playing such a trick on them!

"Currents! Where are the currents!?"

Right now, the currents were his only hope.

He weaved and ducked everywhere. His other doppelgangers had been swept away by the currents already, but his real body had no such luck!

"Currents, please appear quickly!"

Right now, the currents had yet to come, but Jiang Qijun had already locked on to him!

However, she might not know that this was Wu Yu's true form.

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