Chapter 0567: Ancient Emperor's Demon Vanquishing Sword Talisman

The two Spirits of the Universe Kings began to fight the cultivators and the demons.

As there was an extra beast compared to the previous encounter, the disturbance here was clearly twice as explosive.

This originally dark and silent sea had suddenly burst into a place where fire blanketed the skies and tsunamis swept unchallenged amidst the ground.

Half was a sea of flames, while the other was pure water. 

Seething, golden flames enclosed an area a thousand kilometers wide. Numerous individuals did not dare approach, and even Lan Tianyu was entangled by the situation. 

This battle was even more excessive compared to the one before.

However, Wu Yu was unable to observe what was going on outside. He was also unable to spare the capacity to even attempt to do so. He was trapped within fire source. Although it had not reduced him to ashes, whenever the Fire Source Crystal Beast King raged, the fire sources within would also increase in frightening intensity. These aggravated fire sources, despite not being able to kill him, caused him immeasurable pain despite his Invincible Vajra Body.

Fire sources spewed in all directions, much like a volcanic eruption. To Wu Yu, the body of the Fire Source Crystal Beast King was like a plain of infinite blaze.

Naturally, as the beast continued to fight the cultivators and demons, Wu Yu was also clenching his teeth and biting through the pain. This would be a test of his willpower.

The pain he felt now was comparable to the suffering he had been afflicted with when he first absorbed the Fire Source Ancient Crystal. Unfortunately, the pain seemed to be increasing as the fire sources flooded every inch and crevice of his body. Fortunately, it seemed to possess a similar tempering effect.

"Inner Ape." Wu Yu clenched his teeth and maintained his position sitting cross-legged amidst the flame sea. He continued to utilize Visualizing the Inner Ape and focusing on his Inner Ape.

The Inner Ape represented calm, and when Wu Yu found his peace, he began to chant the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body's sutra.

In a blink, the interior of the Fire Source Crystal Beast King began to resound with dignified chants.

Only this sort of method would allow Wu Yu to continue resisting and allow him to survive through the fire source. It was a good opportunity for him to temper his body, and although the effects were not as wonderful as using the Fire Source Ancient Crystal, he was able to make the best of his situation and improve himself.

"I must survive." At least right now, he was able to hold on. This was just a malady of the flesh. What it truly tested was his willpower. He was clear that as his body was refined, it would only strengthen. At least his life would be guarded during this period of time. 

However, who would say that nothing outrageous would occur and disrupt the situation?

He could guess that the battle in the Taigu Immortal Path had reached a climax.

Numerous dao treasures, talismans, mystiques, and dao techniques were launched from all four directions.

There was a point where a dao treasure directly penetrated the Fire Source Crystal Beast King's body and landed in front of his eyes.

The flame sea continued to roil, and it was clear that the Fire Source Crystal Beast King's opponents were ferocious. Their very attacks shook the opponent to its roots. Towards the end, the attacks only increased in intensity! 

Bang, bang, bang!

Various roars could be heard!

A furious shout was made by the Fire Source Crystal Beast King. It was getting increasingly incensed and outraged. The fire sources in its body surged, even bringing worry to Wu Yu, increasing the danger he was in.

In such a situation, the only good thing was that the beast's attention was fully focused upon its opponents and not on Wu Yu. Even if it noticed him, it was not a concern. Furthermore, Wu Yu did not seem to be posing any threat and seemed weak in comparison.

Things had come to a head.

"Why in the world is it not dying?" He couldn't help but curse.

"Big boy, don't whine and sigh. If you don't hold on, how can you stand in an awe-inspiring fashion later? Did you think that this would be so easily obtained, by merely holding on?" Ming Long asked sarcastically.

Although it was just a few sentences, Wu Yu had never once thought of giving up. Without Ming Long saying so, he was clear that he had to hold on to the bitter end as this was the decision he had made.

Other than the threat of death, nothing else would stop Wu Yu from remaining here.

Resist! Hold on!

Even though the fire source was cruel and uncompromising, blanketing his entire body, even if the skin on his body was completely burnt off, all of it would be regenerated with the help of his Invincible Vajra Body. This process repeated tens of thousands of times, and Wu Yu had even become used to this sensation.

He continued to visualize the Inner Ape and temper his Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body whilst awaiting the turning point.

He had gradually attained complete inner peace. Perhaps he had not felt that there was much chance of success in the beginning. However, right now, there seemed to be at least a 50% probability of making it out!

Afterwards, none would be able to stop him.

"I have to attain this treasure regardless of the cost, regardless of how strong the opponents are!"

On the outside of the beast, a conflagration covered the entire sea in golden flames.

After numerous fierce clashes, both parties had separated for a moment. The situation even seemed a little disastrous. 

Jiang Qijun’s face was a sheet of white. In her eyes, an emperor of golden flames was spewing out flashes of flames as it stood almighty within its fiery throne. 

Beside her were about 30 individuals.

The aim of these 30 was the Fire Source Crystal Beast King.

The two Spirits of the Universe had suddenly appeared. As the Jambu Realm's resident tyrant, the Yan Huang Ancient Country, all of the geniuses had gathered and chased away all the other rogue cultivators. Those who wanted to struggle had to face off against the Water Source Crystal Beast King. The Yan Huang Ancient Country would take the Fire Source Crystal Beast King alone.

In the Yan Huang Ancient Region, the Yan Huang Ancient Country, which owned three continents, was definitely the de facto strongest power and tyrant. The other kingdoms might only possess a single continent and could barely compare in terms of might.

Thus, the number of people that entered the Taigu Immortal Path from the Yan Huang Ancient Country was also the greatest.

At this point, the geniuses from the Yan Huang Ancient Country were a veritable deterrence force, so everyone else could only focus upon the Water Source Crystal Beast King.

Thus, only people of the Yan Huang Ancient Country were able to attack the Fire Source Crystal Beast King.

Jiang Qijun was one of those who possessed strength in the higher echelons of the group.

At this point, there were numerous injured amongst the group. Several of the core members were extremely exhausted. All of their techniques had been put on full display and they had been spent. Despite them having injured the beast, it was still far from easy to take it down. 

"Although we of the Yan Huang Ancient Country have taken the treasure of the Thunder Source Crystal Beast King, it's not enough. This Fire Source Crystal Beast King's treasure is appropriate for our people. We definitely cannot let anyone steal it or let it escape from us." 

"We have already harmed it, so if it escapes, it will only benefit others!" 

"The other scum have already been forced to fight the Water Source Crystal Beast King. They definitely will be eyeing our treasures! They might even be hiding nearby, biding their time!" 

"Continue to fight!" After a brief period of rest, the 30-odd individuals continued their encirclement. In a blink, all of their attacks rained down upon the Fire Source Crystal Beast King. It was pierced by their numerous spears, blades, and swords, further infuriating the beast. Copious amounts of flame were spewed, and some of those from the Yan Huang Ancient Country were struck squarely, forced to activate their Taigu Immortal Talismans to escape. 

It could be seen that those able to battle had gradually decreased in number.

Even if they could hold on, it didn't mean much. Frankly speaking, the 10 strongest Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators had almost run out of Primordial Energy already. They were unable to utilize their Great Dao Mystiques and could only utilize their dao treasures to contest against the opponent. Their faces were as white as sheets, but they continued to struggle. 

The original group of 30 had dwindled down to 20. Every was feeling the spiritual exhaustion, but the Fire Source Crystal Beast King was still very vigorous. At this rate, the entire group of individuals from the Yan Huang Ancient Country might very well be routed!

Frankly speaking, this was also one of the key reasons why the larger group of stragglers was willing to let them contest the Fire Source Crystal Beast King alone. This was a gamble, that those geniuses would be unable to gain victory.

In such a situation, Jiang Qijun was frowning. She felt that certain changes had to be done lest all the Yan Huang Ancient Country's representatives brought about their own downfall with their domineering ways. 

They demanded sole responsibility for the Fire Source Crystal Beast King but were unable to accomplish their task.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the elders have provided us with an Ancient Emperor's Demon Vanquishing Sword Talisman. I believe it should be used here. Otherwise, all of us might be eliminated." Almost everyone agreed. They just had not spoken up. The stronger the individual was, the less likely they were willing to speak up to say something so shameful.

After Jiang Qijun raised the suggestion, everyone else nodded their heads.

"Those not of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, leave." Those cultivators did not possess the talismans.

"Let's move." Of the remaining 10, Jiang Qijun was the weakest.

The 10 of them simultaneously reached into their Sumeru Pouches and retrieved black talismans. When the talismans appeared, a terrifying presence and strength could be felt. Within the hands of the cultivators, the complicated talismans rapidly transformed from a shiny black into a bright gold. In a blink, the talismans were completely gold and an ancient emperor's shadow could be seen on it. 

"Ancient Emperor Demon Vanquishing Sword!"

The 10 of them simultaneously pushed outwards with their talismans and all of the golden talismans radiated immense light. This light pulsed outwards, gathering above the top of the Fire Source Crystal Beast King's head. A horribly mighty divine power descended and the golden light condensed into a giant ball. It was as though a terrifying existence had personally arrived, and at this point, all of those from the Yan Huang Ancient Country lowered their heads and kneeled, with devout and respectful looks on their faces. 


The Fire Source Crystal Beast King could feel that the being above it was extremely mighty and frightening. It even had an expression of terror. It could only roar and vent the feelings of fear in its heart.

"Respectful greetings!" the Yan Huang Ancient Country cultivators chanted.

At this point in time, the golden light morphed into a gigantic sword. This sword looked supremely ancient and was completely gold. There were numerous engravings on both the upper and lower parts of the sword, which, when combined, took the form of a beautiful painting. On this engraving, one could see depictions of an immortal realm on one side, riddled with immortal palaces and spirituality. The other side depicted a hellish land, full of blood and strife.

At this point, the sword cleaved downwards!

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