Chapter 0566: The King's Awakening

In fact, there was a simple way to test whether the stone statue was a living thing, and that was to test whether it could be put into a Sumeru Pouch.

If it was a Spirit of the Universe, how could it then be put into a Sumeru Pouch? To pull it in, the other party could not resist.

So obviously, Prince Cloud and his dao companion would fail.

Prince Cloud was right here with Wu Yu. He was a little excited and must have thought that he had found a treasure. At this moment, he did not say anything. He stretched out his hand, held onto the statue, and proceeded to put it into his Sumeru Pouch.

His Sumeru Pouch was almost at the level of a dao treasure. It could probably contain several mountains. Naturally, it would not be a problem to contain this stone statue.


Prince Cloud shouted as he lifted up the Spirit of the Universe.

Recently, he had gained a lot in this sea. He was considered to be at his proudest moment.

However, he was soon left in shock because he had used his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, but, unexpectedly, the stone statue seemed to be stuck in place. It refused to move an inch!

It was floating in the sea, drifting with the current. How could it not budge at all?

"What the hell is going on?"

Prince Cloud and his dao companion got together at this time. They were both puzzled.

His dao companion was a little nervous and said, "This means that these two things are not ordinary things. What can I do to bring them out?"

Prince Cloud said, "If the Sumeru Pouch won't work, there is no other way. Unless one of us wraps the two stone statues with a dao treasure and then crush the Taigu Immortal Talisman. This way, we might be able to bring the two stone statues out. It seems that in the past, some people used this method when they met with things that they could not move. It’s just that the Taigu Immortal Talisman cannot not bring out more than one person."

"So, are you going out, or am I going out?" The woman seemed reluctant. She said, "Maybe it's useless. If we waste our chance and bring it out, won't we get laughed at by our elders?"

Of course, neither of them wanted to go out now. After all, they were not being forced to do so now.

So Prince Cloud thought about it for a moment and said, "Then we should study it again. What the hell is this thing?"

His attention was all on the stone statue, and he did not realize that Wu Yu was hiding nearby.

"Let me try hitting it."

As expected, Prince Cloud had come to this step. For many things, you could hit them to determine whether they were good or not. The top-level things, of course, would remain unscathed.

Prince Cloud heaved lightly and punched the Fire Source Crystal Beast King on the head!


The Fire Source Crystal Beast King vibrated for a moment, but it was unharmed.

"So hard! This is definitely not a normal stone. Maybe it's a real treasure! If we can bring it out, maybe this trip to the Taigu Immortal Path will be worth it!" Prince Cloud said with a little excitement.

The woman said, "Try attacking it with your dao treasure to make sure."

Wu Yu took a deep breath. In fact, judging from the feeling he got from the surrounding walls, it was obvious that the Fire Source Crystal Beast King was beginning to awaken. The stone wall started to burn. There was a faint, golden light shining inside!

At this time, Prince Cloud very decisively took out his dao treasure and directly hit the head of the Fire Source Crystal Beast King.

"It's fine! This is definitely something good! Ni Hong, could you bring them out? You are my dao companion. If I gain anything else in the Taigu Immortal Path, I will definitely share with you…."

Prince Cloud was full of excitement and smiled widely.

The woman named Ni Hong was reluctant at first, but now she knew that it was a good thing. She was willing to leave the Taigu Immortal Path for a good thing, so she also smiled at this time.

Just then, they froze.

In their eyes, the statue they had just attacked seemed to be moving. They felt a burning breath emanating from it. There seemed to be a burning flame emitting red and golden light inside of the statue. The light became brighter as time passed. Prince Cloud and Ni Hong could see that under the swallowing fire, the stone had changed into a golden crystal in a very short period of time!

On top of it, the golden flame started to burn fiercely!

On its head, a pair of golden eyes opened and stared at Prince Cloud and his dao companion! The stone statue moved, opened its mouth, and roared loudly. For some time, that roar travelled very, very far away. The surrounding sea became violent and the water surged to the sky!

By this time, the stone statue had fully awakened and taken its true form as a Spirit of the Universe, the Fire Source Crystal Beast King. Prince Cloud and his dao companion had seen the Thunder Source Crystal Beast before. In their most shocking moment, they did not know that what they were trying to bring out had become a terrifying existence like the Thunder Source Crystal Beast King. Its huge body, turbulent flames, angry look, dazzling and huge fire crystal stone on its head - it was absolutely an existence that was no less powerful than the Thunder Source Crystal Beast King!

"Er...." Prince Cloud and his companion's faces were pale with fear. They were right in front of the Fire Source Crystal Beast King. At this time, the fiery flames on the angry Fire Source Crystal Beast King were burning furiously. It looked at them like this.

That was a very terrifying suppression and power!

This made these two people shocked to the core. They trembled and held each other. Their faces were pale and they kept saying, "How could it be.... How could it be...."

"Run away!"

They didn’t want to run, but how could they survive if they faced this giant beast alone? At this time, the Fire Source Crystal Beast King roared again. Everyone in this sea could probably hear it. Then an endless golden fire appeared on its body. The fire swept towards the surrounding sea area, directly engulfing the whole area. The grand scene that the Thunder Source Crystal Beast King had created would be seen again!


The two people who were nearly burned by those flames finally crushed their Taigu Immortal Talismans and left in a mess.

The power of the Fire Source Crystal Beast King had now fully erupted, sweeping through thousands of kilometers.

Wu Yu felt as though he was dying as he hid in this place. In fact, this was a part of the Fire Source Crystal Beast King's body. Now it was as if Wu Yu was in its body. His Invincible Vajra Body was originally fire, and he had also absorbed two Fire Source Ancient Crystals before. Hence, his body and the Fire Source Crystal Beast King's body had similar elements. If not for all this, the damage caused by the burning would be worse.

"Will it swallow me or not?" Wu Yu knew that it was just the beginning now. The real disaster had not arrived yet. Since he had chosen this road, he had to stick to it. He did not want to end like Prince Cloud.

Now it was just the roar of the Fire Source Crystal Beast King, but Wu Yu obviously felt that when the Fire Source Crystal Beast King woke up, such large movements, combined with its flames, would definitely awaken the Water Source Crystal Beast King. Sure enough, just when he thought if this, he heard the roar of another giant beast. Obviously, the Water Source Crystal Beast King also awakened!

They did not seem to have much intelligence, so when there was another powerful beast appearing beside it, the Fire Source Crystal Beast King became very alert. After Prince Cloud disappeared, the Fire Source Crystal Beast King's attention was all on the Water Source Crystal Beast King.

However, Wu Yu was lucky. Ming Long's guess was right. Maybe it was very hungry after hibernating for very long. The Fire Source Crystal Beast King swallowed the burning sun-like excrement without saying anything!

Such a huge body would not care if its essence had such a tiny creature hiding inside when devouring it.

Wu Yu achieved his goal and was swallowed by the giant beast. To be honest, there were no intestines or bones in the Spirits of the Universe's body. There were only endless sources of fire. These sources of fire were born in the ancient crystal and filled the body. Wu Yu was in its belly now, and there were terrifying golden fire sources burning around him.

To him, this was an endless sea of fire.

At this time, the Fire Source Crystal Beast King might not have noticed him, so the burning Wu Yu suffered was similar to when he hid in the "excrement" before. But he estimated that with the outbreak of battle, the furious Fire Source Crystal Beast King would enter its fighting state, which would definitely become more hot. If the beast noticed him, it might force him out, so the most important thing right now was to bear the burning flames and hide his existence.

But it was not easy.

"It's the same as when you absorbed the Fire Source Ancient Crystals. You can use these burning flames to strengthen your body. Remember to slow down, don't make any big noises, and don’t let the other party notice you. If not, it will be troublesome. You're lucky. No one else has come yet, but this fool is fighting with his companion. The two huge beasts are shouting at each other and demonstrating their dominance," Ming Long said.

These two Spirits of the Universe had water and fire elements. Water and fire were not compatible. They had just woken up and were probably a little confused. They did not think of their companions, which was normal.

Just because of the existence of the Water Source Crystal Beast King, Wu Yu was able to breathe. He did not think too much now. He focused and thought about how to survive in the giant beast's body.

There was a lot of movement here. The fight between the two giant beasts did not go on for more than a quarter of an hour before Wu Yu faintly heard some sounds. Someone had arrived. And when the first one arrived, the rest of the people also continued to arrive. Obviously, when they came here, they were absolutely excited to see the two giant beasts.

Many people arrived and attacked directly!

The scene became more and more chaotic!

At this time, the two monsters put aside their battle with each other and completely focused on attacking the martial cultivators and sea region demons. They had probably remembered who was their companion and who was their enemy.

A fierce battle broke out in an instant. Wu Yu could clearly feel it in the Fire Source Crystal Beast King's body. Because the fire inside its body was turbulent and fiery at least ten times hotter than before. From now on, it was the real test and disaster!

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