Chapter 0565: Extremely Daring


Wu Yu was absolutely shocked. Just as he was about to touch it, he retracted his hand. 

No wonder the shape was so irregular and strange-looking, being found in such a weird place. It turned out it was poop.

"It's dormant and can still excrete, it indeed is quite unbelievable." This boundless world was full of bizarre things.

Ming Long laughed. "The Spirits of the Universe are filled with a myriad of possibilities. Some possess certain primal characteristics that are truly wonderful. This is because they were sculpted by the heavens themselves." Wu Yu walked around the two statues a few times.

"This feeling, being able to discover these two but being unable to do anything about it makes me feel truly depressed." Wu Yu gave a loud sigh.

At this point, Ming Long was still observing the poop. She suddenly said, "I once read in certain records some information about Spirits of the Universe. I know that when they hibernate, they will excrete a certain something. Although it's called poop, its a form of them dispelling some of their unneeded energy. Spirits of the Universe are completely different from humans and demons. Their entire bodies are used to store energy. For example, the Fire Source Crystal Beast King is completely formed from Fire Source. This thing here that looks like poop is also the agglomeration of residual fire source energy. If you don't believe me, you can take a look. This pile here and their bodies possess the same sort of structure." Listening to Ming Long's words, Wu Yu proceeded to take a look and realized that she indeed was right. 

Since the beginning, this excrement had always looked like it was part of those beasts. They truly did look to be from an identical source.

"I do believe that after these beasts awaken, they will reingest all these excreted products. This is a large portion of their energy, and they would not waste it. Haha, aren't they just eating their own shit?" Ming Long spoke vulgarly while laughing excitedly.

Wu Yu was speechless. How could a lady like her not be concerned about her own image...

However, her words seemed to ring true. This was the residual energy that was emitted from the Fire Source Crystal Beast King. Once it awoke, it would definitely reingest this…

As Wu Yu listened to Ming Long laugh, he continued to wrack his brain to think of a method to obtain the huge Fire Source Ancient Crystal.

This was an incomparably difficult question to solve.

Without a doubt, if he were to awaken the beast, he would only be able to run.

"Riches always come with danger. Sometimes, in order to break through the current stalemate, you will have to risk your life and do something dangerous. This is the path of cultivation. It is full of danger. If you don't have the conviction to strive, you cannot become an immortal. Since ancient times, those who could become immortals were incomparably brave and valiant!" Ming Long's words struck a raw nerve, illuminating Wu Yu's path. 

What was important in the path of cultivation?

Some would believe it was about resources or about one's talents. The truth was, it had to do with a bit of luck. The place where one was born played a part. Some individuals were born into a world with a silver spoon.

However, what was even more important was the ability to never give up even in the face of death. It was the determination to face danger to achieve what was wanted! This was the true root of what it meant.

Wu Yu was lucky - he had managed to obtain an unparalleled legacy.

With regards to determination, the Wu Yu today probably had few other competitors who had risen from a similar situation.

In terms of bravery, this was also something that could not be directly measured. Furthermore, bravery was sometimes also supplanted by other things, such as responsibilities and concerns. It was something truly intangible. Back to the situation on hand, the best things were usually paired with the most horrifying of dangers. If one did not possess the bravery to take the first step, how could they even take the first step on to the path of immortality?

"So... what did you want to say?" he suddenly asked Ming Long. She must have had a plan.

Darkly smiling, she replied, "I have a suggestion, but it requires some imagination. Even I don't know if it will work. Do you dare to try?"

"Is there anything I wouldn't dare to try?" Wu Yu smirked.

He wasn't afraid of a dangerous plan. He was only afraid of there being no plan.

"Small fry, you are truly audacious. Let this elder sister tell you this frightening plan," Ming Long said. She would refer to herself in all kinds of strange ways... Sometimes a granny, sometimes an old mother, and other times an elder sister... Might she even address herself as a younger sister in time...?

"Don't be polite." 

Ming Long then began to speak. "It's just a frivolous idea. You see, once these beasts wake up, they should eat these dirty piles. If you were to hide inside one, would you not be swallowed as well? Of course, the stomachs of these beasts should be extremely hot, like a smoldering furnace. If someone were to fight the beast while you hide within the stomach, all you would have to do would be resist the inferno within. Let the individuals from the Yan Huang Ancient Region kill the Fire Source Crystal Beast King, and at that point, without much effort, you should be able to escape from the mouth and snatch the treasure away! At the very least, your appearance will frighten others. If you play a little trick, you might have the opportunity to be the first to grab the fire source crystal. At that point, if you were to utilize your doppelgangers to escape, just who could chase so many?" Ming Long explained everything in a single go.

Wu Yu was stunned by her suggestion. It had to be said that her imaginative prowess was truly limitless. He had no confidence in doing any of this. So what if the Fire Source Crystal Beast King swallowed him?

Could the geniuses actually manage to kill the Fire Source Crystal Beast King? In the end, would they even give Wu Yu the opportunity to steal the treasure?

On the other hand, what if Wu Yu was burnt to ashes within the stomach of the beast?

There were too many uncertain variables to the plan.

All in all, this was definitely an unreliable plan.

But Ming Long continued, "Even if this plan is uncertain, it is still a method you can consider. If you were to wait at the side and observe the battle, then your situation would not be significantly better than the previous one. It would be as good as wasting time. This method has a good chance of success too. Even if it doesn't succeed, you can just utilize your Taigu Immortal Talisman and escape. Lan Tianyu has already assisted you with spreading the news anyways. This might be the best opportunity you will ever get. If you miss this, then you might even regret it for a long while! It's all up to you now." Wu Yu sunk himself into deep thought.

He had already considered the different aspects of the plan, now he wanted to calculate his chances of success.

The worst case scenario would not be death, he would merely be sent back to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Thus, this plan had no risk of death.

"Don't worry about burning to death in the stomach. Firstly, you possess the Invincible Vajra Body, the most resilient body against fire. If you were any more awesome, you could utilize the stomach itself to temper your body. It might be difficult, but it's unlikely that you will be incinerated. Secondly, once this thing awakens, the genius chumps here will definitely swarm in and fight it. At that point in time, the Fire Source Crystal Beast King will be too busy fighting them off. So long as you keep your movement to a minimum, you should be fine. If you're discovered, play dead. Anyway, the worst case scenario would just be to leave this place. If you want to continue struggling, you have to find opportunities. Why don't you take a gamble? It's all up to you. I can only give you my opinions. The ancient crystal on the head of this thing will allow your fleshly body to rise to magnificent heights." At this point in time, Ming Long even seemed earnest. 

This was a madwoman's ravings, a madwoman's insane idea!

"I'm not afraid of the possibilities, unafraid of the pain. Going back to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent isn't an issue as I will one day make my way to the Yan Huang Ancient Region. I'm only concerned that despite Lan Tianyu spreading the news, it will not be sufficient and no one will go to the divine continent." That would be the biggest concern.

"This is also the worst case scenario. It's not that likely to happen." Ming Long also helped to rationalize.

On one hand, he was concerned about the danger the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord posed. On the other, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The decision was not easy to make. If he chose to risk it, he might be unable to fulfil his responsibilities and think of the broader picture. Although this was the worst case scenario, it was also assuming that the Imperial General and the rest would be unable to deal with Duomingshan Shengxue. However, this was something he wanted to do. He wanted to personally ensure that people were sent to help the Divine Continent, maybe even go along with them. He spent some time to decide.

"So what's your choice?" Ming Long asked.

Wu Yu's eyes were calm as he made his decision.

"I will do it. I will take the risk." Making this decision, he rationalized and did not go against his duties. He had already more or less done what he needed to do. Furthermore, there was the chance that despite the unreliability of the plan, he might not even have to use the Taigu Immortal Talisman to escape. He might be able to survive. 

"How audacious!" Ming Long had never thought that he would do so. Yet she smiled as she truly understood him.

"Who would have known that one day you would willingly choose to hide within the Fire Source Crystal Beast King's poop? And you'd even feel proud of it to boot! Haha!" Ming Long cackled loudly.

"Aren't you also hiding within the poop?" Wu Yu rolled his eyes.

The poop was strewn everywhere, and there were many air pockets. Honestly, it was like a rock structure with similar hardness. Wu Yu crawled into the middle of it, and he was at attention. If a fight broke out, it would be unlikely to be spotted. 

Now all he had to do was wait for someone to discover this location and awaken the beasts. Wu Yu believed that this wouldn't take long.

He closed his eyes.

Approximately six days later, he heard sounds outside.

"What is this!?" A stone statue? It has the shape of a Spirit of the Universe. Why would the Taigu Immortal Path have something like this?"

This was a female's voice, and it seemed familiar.

Following which, a guy said, "You don't have to be concerned about how it came about. Put it in your Sumeru Pouch and then we can research further. It might even be a treasure. I will take one and you can take the other." They were extremely smart and immediately attempted to do so. Wu Yu, of course, knew that this wouldn't be possible.

However, this guy's voice seemed familiar. It seemed to be Prince Cloud.

And his dao companion.

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