Chapter 0564: Kings of the Spirits of the Universe

Two days later, Wu Yu received a core-tail talisman.

Lan Tianyu told him that he had already spread the word, and at least five or more people knew.

Also, these five people were at least a little familiar with him. Whether they believed it or not, they had at least agreed to spread the word as well.

If they were enthusiastic, one could easily spread to 10, and 10 to 100. Finally, perhaps most of those that remained here would know.

This was much more efficient than Jiang Qijun.

"Jiang Qijun has probably already forgotten about this matter."

Recalling her, Wu Yu was naturally resentful.

"Lan Tianyu coming to my aid was truly my luck."

In the time that remained, he no longer needed to worry about being unable to spread the word as time ticked on.

In this period of time, he searched high and low as well. He did not have the network of Lan Tianyu, which was why not many were willing to hear him out. Another thing he realized was that the Spirits of the Universe did not again appear in this limitless sea.

"Could they really all be gone?"

Without the Spirits of the Universe, many were getting anxious. They rushed around the sea, searching for both Spirits of the Universe as well as exits from the sea region.

After all, no one wished to be stuck here for a full year without reaping any rewards.

Wu Yu had also fully activated his Eyes of Fire and Gold as he searched high and low. Actually, he could also try to blood bond with the Emperor's Pagoda, but in this tense atmosphere, he decided to see if there was an exit first.

This matter needed patience and endurance.

Wu Yu did not know how many places he had explored. Every place in the sea looked the same to him, and currents very readily swept him away to a new place, completely scrambling the places that he had searched before.

He could only roam around blindly.

Not just him, but everyone was also roaming around blindly.

Another half a month passed.

It was said that not a single Spirit of the Universe had been seen in this period of time, and everyone was panicking.

The only good news was that Lan Tianyu had informed him that more than 10 people now knew of the issue. Of the few that Wu Yu had encountered, two had grudgingly agreed to hear him out, but their attitudes were about the same as Jiang Qijun's. At least they would tell their elders if they left the Taigu Immortal Path.

Actually, if he wanted to save the divine continent, Wu Yu did not need to go to the Yan Huang Ancient Region personally. As for how he would eventually go to the Yan Huang Ancient Region, Wu Yu was not that worried.

"There must be an exit. This place is filled with magical opportunities. Just where could they be?"

Each day, Wu Yu continued to search with such an attitude.

While traversing through the vast sea, Wu Yu finally saw two very huge shadows one day, deep in the sea region.

"What is that?"

The shadows seemed to be beckoning towards him. The moment he spotted them, Wu Yu could not take his eyes off them. He carefully moved towards them.

"Careful." Ming Long seemed to be getting anxious herself.

After all, although this sea was huge, nothing this strange had appeared up until now.

And when the Eyes of Fire and Gold could see it clearly, Wu Yu would still have a considerable distance between him and the shadow. He had finally seen the true form of the shadow after traveling through so much of the sea.

"What the hell is that?" Ming Long asked.

"Looks like two stone statues sunken into the sea floor. Made out of granite. But...."

"But what?"

Wu Yu's eyes were flat as he said, "The stone statues are carved in the likenesses of the Thunder, Fire, and, Water Source Crystal Beasts. Every detail is exactly the same, except they are carved out of stone. In terms of size, they're about the same size as the Thunder Source Crystal Beast King that appeared before."

After confirming that there were only two granite statues, Wu Yu was less worried, and approached with speed. When he was about 100 zhang away from the statues, he could see them very clearly. They were indeed carved in the likeness of those spirits of the universe. He did not know who had carved them, but the resemblance was remarkable.

"Who would have left two stone statues here? Was it someone before? Or one of the hundreds of those here? Or is it originally of the Taigu Immortal Path?" Wu Yu was very curious. He circled the stone statues a few times without actually nearing in. He was still wary of them.

At this time, Ming Long could also sense the presence of these stone statues. She too was looking, although her inspection was much more meticulous.

"Wu Yu, use your Eyes of Fire and Gold to inspect it carefully. Is this a fabrication? Real stone statues, or something else?" Ming Long suddenly said carefully, her tone prudent.

"Something else?" Wu Yu had not looked carefully up till now, only focusing on its appearance. He had been simply curious about its appearance. After all, it did seem like a carving of a Thunder Source Crystal Beast.

After Ming Long reminded him, he focused on one of the stone statues, concentrating his mind and body into his eyes. They blazed, and all illusions fell away before them. In his field of vision, he discovered that the stone statues had indeed changed. The granite did not seem to be granite at times. Rather, it was liquid, a type of water. As Wu Yu inspected the head, he saw that there was a vague but terrifying power nestled deep within.

Even the Eyes of Fire and Gold could only see this much, which showed just how deep the other face of the stone statue was hidden.

He tried again on the other stone statue, this time using even more care to scrutinize and analyze it, especially the head. After about an hour, Wu Yu saw a bunch of fire. This was different from the water just now. This stone statue, too, hid fearsome power.

"Well? Anything strange?" Ming Long asked.

Actually, she did not know. But her experience told her that anything that appeared here would be more than met the eye.

Wu Yu took a deep breath and nodded, saying, "A little strange. Seems like there's something buried deep within. One is fire-affiliated, the other water-affiliated. Especially at the head - it seems like something extremely terrifying is hidden there."

After considering this for a long time, Ming Long suddenly laughed, saying, "I know what they are. Your doggedly good luck is truly ridiculous. However, you aren't strong enough, so it doesn't really matter how good your luck gets."

"What do you mean?" Hearing her say this, Wu Yu was starting to guess what she was talking about.

Ming Long said, "If I'm not wrong, these two stone statues should be the same as the Thunder Source Crystal Beast King that appeared before. Only, these are the Fire Source Crystal Beast King and the Water Source Crystal Beast King."

These words stunned Wu Yu. The fear-inspiring majesty of the Thunder Source Crystal Beast King was still fresh in his memory!

"How is this possible? They must be just statues...." Towards the end, Wu Yu's voice trembled. He did not want to die, so he hurriedly retreated a distance away.

He stared at the two unmoving stone statues, reeling. Battered by the currents, Wu Yu thought that they would be swept away, but they were not. This too was evidence that the two stone statues were not ordinary.

Seeing Wu Yu's disbelief, Ming Long put her hands on her hips and said proudly, "How ignorant. The Spirits of the Universe live long, much longer than even demons, because they have the ability to enter hibernation. They can cause their own bodies to completely halt, as though they were sealed. For example, these two turned directly to stone. If I'm not wrong, all the Spirits of the Universe were stone before you all arrived. The rest were startled awake, and the Thunder Source Crystal Beast King was awakened as well. And this time, you've found the other two kings. Fortunately, they're not yet awakened. Otherwise, you would be back in the divine continent or in hell already.

"The hibernation methods of the Spirits of the Universe are truly strange. Becoming stone statues is nothing extraordinary," Ming Long added.

After hearing this, Wu Yu basically no longer doubted the truth of Ming Long's words.

Which was why he was even more aghast. He looked at the two stone statues, unable to speak for a long time. At this time, if the two kings of the Spirits of the Universe were to suddenly awaken, then at such a close distance, Wu Yu could not ascertain if he would be able to escape from their grasp.

His eyes landed on the Fire Source Crystal Beast King.

"Will there be a Fire Source Ancient Crystal 100 times the usual size?" Wu Yu mused.

"Oh, yes. Very huge," Ming Long said.

"If I can obtain that Fire Source Ancient Crystal, does that mean the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body can be completed?" His gaze was hot.

Ming Long laughed loudly. "In theory, yes. But if you can't divide it up to absorb little by little, you'll be incinerated into ash. Of course, it is far beyond the quantity that you need. But you had better forget about it. The key here is that by the time you can defeat the Fire Source Crystal Beast King, you probably won't need the Dragon King Buddha Body anymore."

That was why this was only wishful thinking, but impossible.

"Should I just leave, then?" Wu Yu asked, taken aback.

The fact that he could meet the two Kings of the Spirits of the Universe like this was truly a stroke of luck. However, Ming Long had already said as much. He was too weak, and unable to use this opportunity.

But no one in his shoes would be content just leaving like that!

"What else? Wanna give them a few rubs? You can go ahead. It's not so easy to awaken them. They look to be in deep sleep. From my experience, unless you attack them full force, you won't be able to rouse them. The Thunder Source Crystal Beast King was the same way as well."

Since there was no imminent danger, Wu Yu wanted to go up close for a look. To him, the Spirits of the Universe were miraculous existences!

"If you can split your second primordial spirit and control the egg of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, then your other body will be a Spirit of the Universe. Wait for that day. Your second body might be even more incredible than your original."

Ming Long advised him patiently.

Wu Yu was, of course, waiting for that day.

At this moment, he was standing right beside the stone statue.

"What is this?" He pointed to something near the rear of the stone statue. There was a pile of stone-like things in an oddity of shapes. They seemed like a messy group of ball-like objects stuck to the ass of the stone statue.

Ming Long stuck out her tongue, saying, "Can't you tell? Of course, after all this time... the shit of the Spirits of the Universe!"

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