Chapter 0562: Heavy Coma

Wu Yu had originally felt that he was sufficiently far away from the battlefield.

This life and death disaster had come too swiftly, a bolt from the blue. Wu Yu was unable to react.

Just as he was thinking about leaving, it was too late.

It was not only Wu Yu. This Thunder Source Crystal Beast King had utilized such a pyrrhic method to harm its opponents. It had lured the opponents in before dealing a lethal strike to all. 

Wu Yu was in no position to be concerned about others.

This lightning serpent had twined itself around his body with its massive size. It had directly enveloped Wu Yu with horribly destructive force, as though he was being attacked by 1,000 swords! It immediately began to contest against Wu Yu's Battle God Armor of the Prime Heavenly Emperor! 

Bang, bang, bang!

Despite Wu Yu's accomplishments in tempering his body, a large amount of black lightning had pierced through the armor, charring parts of his flesh black!

This black lightning serpent was too berserk. It possessed a destructive energy that was hard to extinguish. As Wu Yu struggled to expel the lightning, he could hear the anguished cries of numerous cultivators.

Before his eyes, he could see numerous radiant lights appearing as Taigu Immortal Talismans were crushed!

"It seems as though many individuals have been eliminated by the threat of these black lightning bolts from the Taigu Immortal Path!" Wu Yu was secretly shocked in his heart.

This was perhaps the most dangerous situation he had encountered in the Taigu Immortal Path.

He naturally understood that only under the threat of death would people choose to leave.

"I cannot leave. I have to hold on!" Compared to the rest, Wu Yu possessed a terrifying amount of stress and belief in himself. This was where he differed from those geniuses. Others could give up, but he couldn't.

Thus, as the lightning serpents wreaked havoc, he immediately executed the Swift Art and escaped as far as he could, relying on his body's resilience to ward off the lightning serpent coiled around him, attempting to expunge it from his body!

This was a desperate attempt he made, and as he struggled, his outermost layer of skin and flesh had already been charred black.

"This is challenging! However, compared to the tempering of the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body, this lightning serpent still has a long way to go!" Wu Yu gave a cold smirk.

It has to be said that perhaps what the Invincible Vajra Body truly refined was not the body, but the mind and spirit. As Wu Yu had suffered through numerous ghastly disasters till now, today's misfortune was instead an opportunity. He gritted his teeth and continued to resist, unlike the geniuses of the Jambu Realm, who had already escaped.

"As expected!" He was very thankful to the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal and the Invincible Vajra Body. His indomitable body was only one reason for his strength. Another was the trials that he had undergone to strengthen his willpower to superhuman levels. As such, troubles and disasters did not scare Wu Yu.

His nerves were supremely hardy compared to those of any normal cultivator.

The battlefield had long descended into absolute chaos. The entire area had turned into a black lightning sea, riddled with screams and roars of pain.

In this situation, Wu Yu's ability to hold on was not noticed by anyone. 


At this point, something which Wu Yu had not wanted to see had occurred.

This was that under the continuous constriction of the lightning serpent, the Battle God Armor of the Prime Heavenly Emperor had cracked and exploded. This legacy treasure had turned into dust in the Taigu Immortal Path!

The golden fragments twinkled like the stars in the night sky amidst the backdrop of the black lightning serpent. 

"I promised to return this dao treasure to the new Yan Huang City Lord! I can't believe it was actually destroyed...." Wu Yu was absolutely devastated. This was a precious dao treasure of his.

"Forget it. If i'm able to resist, I will return an even better set of armor to Yan Huang Imperial City." If Yan Huang Imperial City was annihilated by the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, there would be no point. Thus, there was no need to fret now.

The destruction of the dao treasure had at least produced a force that mitigated part of the strength of the lightning serpent. However, what was left of the lightning immediately pierced into Wu Yu's unarmored body.


When the lightning serpent struck Wu Yu's head, he suddenly felt dizzy. It turned out that this lightning serpent also had such side effects when striking its opponents. Perhaps that was the real attack. In this situation, Wu Yu's vision turned dark and he lost consciousness.

Just before he fainted, he attempted to travel as far a distance as he could. Things were now uncertain - he couldn't even tell if he could live through this!

It seemed as though there were numerous other individuals who had resisted to this point who had also been struck unconscious. Perhaps this was the Thunder Source Crystal Beast King's intention, to give them the opportunity to escape.

As his vision completely darkened, he fell into a coma and was as though he was asleep.

Within which, he dreamed. He could hear numerous shouts and the gentle movements of sea water. The cold sea water surrounded him, and it seemed as though his injuries were gradually healing.

Finally, the surroundings seemed to have quietened down completely.

In his stupor, Wu Yu felt as though he had experienced numerous long eras. When he opened his eyes, the surroundings were dusky and had returned to the previous state without the beast. It didn't seem like there was anyone around.

He quickly inspected his body, and although it was still injured, his vigorous vitality had allowed him to recover without the use of immortal medicines.

Wu Yu had been too busy to refine any immortal medicines during this period of time. 

"How long was I knocked out for?" he hurriedly asked Ming Long.

"About 10 days. Your luck is good. Although you fainted, you didn't die. Shortly after you blacked out, the currents pushed you to this location." Fortunately, not much time had passed, and Wu Yu gave a sigh of relief.

"What happened in the end?" 

"How would I know?" Wu Yu was curious as to the conclusion of that battle. With how valiant and invincible the Thunder Source Crystal Beast King seemed, had anyone managed to defeat it?

Looking at his surroundings, there weren't any observable movements. This meant that either the Thunder Source Crystal Beast King had been captured, or it had escaped far, far away without any news.

Trying to find it again would not be easy.

"The Thunder Source Crystal Beast King has strength too far removed from mine. It's better if I focus my efforts on locating Fire Source Crystal Beasts. It's the fastest way for me to improve my battle capabilities via the Invincible Vajra Body." His two mystiques did not seem to have any opportunity to improve just yet.

He had made some progress towards the third tier of the Eyes of Fire and Gold, but it was nothing significant.

Meanwhile, creating 10,000 clones using the Unshackled Doppelganger was quite difficult. First, he had to gain sufficient enlightenment, and he would also require a vast hoard of resources.

He calmed himself down before traversing the dark sea to look for more beasts.

"Fire Source Crystal Beasts! Come out come out wherever you are!"

Wu Yu had not felt like this in a long time. He only possessed a simple and pure desire to bolster his strength. He was too weak. In the Taigu Immortal Path, he was bottom tier, a cockroach. No one would be willing to listen to him.

It was a pity another issue had appeared.

He realized that it was not only Fire Source Crystal Beasts, but also that the Water Source Crystal Beasts and Thunder Source Crystal Beasts had decreased significantly in number.

"Could it be that the geniuses of the Jambu Realm have already swept this place clean? It's been 10 days and I have yet to see even a scale!" Previously, in this much time, he would not only have spotted these crystal beasts, but would even have defeated a few, reaping treasures. Currently, he had already been in the Taigu Immortal Path for slightly over a month.

Time was tight and he was also anxious.

Yet the more anxious one was, the more easily they would lose their rationality. He desperately wanted to find someone who could help to spread the news in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. It was a pity he was unable to speak to anyone from there. He had met a cultivator from the Yan Huang Ancient Country, but despite taking the initiative to speak, the other party couldn't be bothered with him and had hastily rushed off. 

The cultivator was not interested in wasting time and squandering possible opportunities to discover treasures.

Wu Yu had never been looked down on as much as he had here.

"These darn dogs who inherited their elders' despicableness. It was a group of their dratted elders that forced me to death's doors! Just they wait! Once I am reborn, I will make them wish they were dead!" Ming Long scolded angrily.

Wu Yu could feel that compared to the divine continent, the Yan Huang Ancient Region and sea region demons did not possess any good relationships. They struggled for resources, to improve their battle capabilities, to strengthen their kingdoms. Battles were explosive and intense.

"It seems as though all the Spirits of the Universe are gone?" After searching in all four directions without any result, Wu Yu felt slightly uneasy.

It seemed as though things were not going as smoothly as expected.

However, not every individual that Wu Yu met was like the one before. That day, Wu Yu might have been unable to locate any Spirits of the Universe, but he had encountered a youth.

This youth was extremely tall and skinny, his skin alabaster white. He possessed two sparkling, black eyes and a head of dark blue, long hair. He seemed almost feminine.

However, he was extremely friendly. On his face hung a perpetual smile. When he spotted Wu Yu, he came over and spoke, laughing and exposing a set of perfectly white teeth."Now this is interesting. I thought that I would be the one with the lowest cultivation level amongst everyone here. Yet it seems like your cultivation level is even lower than mine, fourth tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Sea. Did you accidentally stumble upon the Taigu Immortal Path? Your luck is good!" In the Taigu Immortal Path, most of those so-called geniuses were arrogant, aloof, and spoke little. The person in front of Wu Yu was significantly more friendly, which was uncommonly seen. 

The other party's cultivation level was truly quite low, eighth tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea. He was also the lowest level cultivator he had seen so far, possibly also the weakest. With his perceived strength, Wu Yu was quite confident that he would be able to restrict and steal his Taigu Immortal Talisman before he could react.

This way, Wu Yu might finally have an opportunity to head to the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

This was his true aim!

Thus, when he spotted the friendly cultivator, Wu Yu had made up his mind to stop wasting any more time. He had to make haste towards the Yan Huang Ancient Region. He would not rest his hopes upon Jiang Qijun.

He was also at a loss. Just when should he attempt to snatch his talisman? "You guessed wrong. I didn't stumble upon this location." 

The cultivator seemed dumbfounded. "How can that be? Just where did you come from? Just what place can be so uncompetitive that even a fourth tier Violet Kingdom of the Sea cultivator can enter?" Wu Yu feigned as a harmless individual as he slowly approached. "Before you ask any further questions, why don't you introduce yourself, friend?" He had to know just how far this person's entrance was from the Yan Huang Ancient Region!

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