Chapter 0560: Strict Hierarchy

129,600 years in a yuan - an astronomical number.

The immortals had spent three yuan in order to thoroughly undo the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

And now five yuan had passed! This meant that over 600,000 years had passed.

The fact that some still remembered the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord to this day spoke of the terror that he had once wrought over the Jambu Realm. It was too terrible to behold.

Exactly because of that, when Wu Yu spoke of the Demon Sealing Continent, and how the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord could still reincarnate after being sealed for five yuan, the golden-robed woman found it hard to believe.

Therefore, she could not resist a dismissive laugh after Wu Yu had finished speaking. "You would not be pulling my leg just because I look like someone easy to chat up, would you? This is no laughing matter. Do you think I will listen to your rehearsed ploy? Can you even fathom what five yuan is? Even the immortals impervious to death would be on the verge of crumbling into ash. How could the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord reincarnate?"

Her face was stiff, evidently disbelieving.

Wu Yu was anxious, but she did not seem like a patient one.

Although he felt a little irked, this was a grave mission entrusted to him by the Yan Huang City Lord. He could take a little slight.

At this moment, the golden-robed lady made as if to leave, and he hastened to seize the moment. In a loud voice, he said, "There is not a whit of deceit in me, and no need to lie either. Grant me but 60 breaths of time and I will tell all. Right now, the Dong Sheng Divine Continent is in danger. The Yan Huang Imperial City Lord is dead, and I bear the hopes of the divine continent here. There is no playing around."

Saying thus, he plunged onwards heedless of whether the golden-robed girl gave her consent or not. He began from the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, from the Ghostly Emperor's appearance, until the Battle of Ghosts and Gods. He took special care to elaborate on the powers of the Ghostly Emperor and then spoke of the father-daughter pair of Duomingshan Shengxue. He had basically laid the entire story out. But he had still concealed a few things. Firstly, he had not revealed that it was he and Luo Pin's entry into the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence which had caused the subsequent matters. Secondly, he had not spoken of Luo Pin's appearance to defeat the Ghostly Emperor. Lastly, he had not spoken about the egg in his hand.

Even sliding over these details, the matter was still clear.

Only now did the golden-robed woman pause a while, asking seriously, "You are sure it was the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence and the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord? And not something else? It is improbable that it was the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. Perhaps someone is using the name to scare you. After all, there are not many in your region who are capable at all."

In truth, Wu Yu was a little angry.

He hated to beg others, especially someone such as this woman. No matter how clearly Wu Yu explained, she would still doubt him. But fundamentally, she looked down on Wu Yu and the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, and did not regard their gravest concerns as important. She also did not believe that the immortals would make a mistake.

Compared to their authority, it did not really matter how clearly Wu Yu told his tale.

This was the same notion as a country bumpkin entering the city and telling the city people that they had discovered a real treasure in their village and that it was marvelous. But the city people would ridicule them, and feel like they were ignorant and making a mountain out of a molehill.

The same logic.

"Having come out of the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, and to have such terrifying devouring powers - how can it be unrelated to the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord?" Wu Yu exclaimed, a little exasperated.

The golden-robed woman's eyes narrowed at his belligerent attitude and said coldly, "Enough. I understand. If I meet others of the Yan Huang Ancient Country, I will let them know. But all of this is based on your word alone. We cannot squander our own chance in the Taigu Immortal Path for your sake. If we are unfortunate enough to leave the Taigu Immortal Path prematurely, we will let the elders know of what you speak and leave the decision to them."

Wu Yu chafed at the social hierarchy. Evidently, the Yan Huang Ancient Region was even more strict about ranking than the divine continent. This golden-robed woman thought highly of herself, so even her normal look made you feel her contempt.

But at least if she would speak with others of the Yan Huang Ancient Country, then even if she would not leave the Taigu Immortal Path so quickly, some of them probably would. After all, the Taigu Immortal Path was a perilous place. If those people got the news and passed the word on to their elders, then there was still a chance that the Dong Sheng Divine Continent would receive aid.

After all, he guessed that the elders of the Yan Huang Ancient Country would be a little more aware.

At least he was able to speak of this with this golden-robed woman today. There was now a possibility that his mission on the Taigu Immortal Path would be fulfilled. That was enough.

Whether the golden-robed woman would eventually tell others or not, Wu Yu would still continue on his mission, seeking out others of the Yan Huang Ancient Country and having them convey the news. Even if they were not of the Yan Huang Ancient Country, it might not be impossible.

Only now would he have the opportunity to fulfill his own motivations for coming to the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

Forget about snatching Taigu Immortal Talismans for now.

"City Lord, I will definitely not let you down." Thinking of that old guardian who had sacrificed his life, Wu Yu calmed down.

The golden-robed woman turned to leave.

"May I ask your name?" Wu Yu asked her retreating figure.

Although she had not fought with him today, it could not be denied that he had been slighted today by her.

He had to remember her name and likeness, not to take revenge, but to stand on an equal level one day. At that time, she would not be able to speak with such contempt to him.

Wu Yu watched her retreating back.

In the vast sea, the golden-robed woman's silhouette vanished before Wu Yu's eyes. She must have heard Wu Yu's words, but clearly she had no intention of telling Wu Yu her name.

This showed just how arrogant she was. After learning of Wu Yu's identity, she had no inclination to consider his feelings.

"How arrogant." Wu Yu shook his head. This would not crush him. It merely added to his resolve.

In order to earn the respect of others, you had to first gain the qualities worthy of respect. This was an age-old truism. The golden-robed woman was not wrong, just a little too practical.

"At least I've made the first step!"

Even if Wu Yu was forced back to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent right now, there was still a chance that the Yan Huang Ancient Country would hear of the news of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

Now he would prioritize two things.

The first would be to look for Spirits of the Universe in the currents. This was what everyone was doing.

The second would be to find those of the Yan Huang Ancient Country and tell them the news of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord!

Even if they were not of the Yan Huang Ancient Country, as long as they looked amiable to talk, that would do as well.

However, this was even more difficult than finding Spirits of the Universe, because the geniuses of the Jambu Realm were all in a hurry, rushing here and there to slay Spirits of the Universe. It was as though everyone was scared of lagging behind, and having the treasures snatched away by others.

Wu Yu's luck was not bad. Within a dozen days, he encountered three Spirits of the Universe, one Thunder Source Crystal Beast, one Water Source Crystal Beast, and one Fire Source Crystal Beast. Amongst them, the Water Source Crystal Beast escaped, but Wu Yu managed to kill the other two and take their ancient crystals.

Wu Yu was hyped up, especially when encountering the Fire Source Crystal Beast. He had given it his very best, and almost killed it in one direct hit to obtain the Fire Source Ancient Crystal.

After acquiring it, he quickly smelted it down to forge his Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body.

Actually, it was not as per Ming Long's description, where one would grow numb after many words. The pain of the second time was no less than the first, and perhaps even more intense. Each time, it was like a nightmare.

This pain had Wu Yu spitting every single curse he knew through clenched teeth.

But compared to the last time, he could hold the likeness of the golden-robed woman in his mind while he was absorbing. Wu Yu could not forget their conversation and her expression. And because he could not forget, he could not give up.

"That wench was really too much. Once you surpass her, I suggest you strip her naked and ravish her body by force. Make her cry until she is begging on her knees," Ming Long said uncharitably.

Wu Yu choked. "Since when did you become so vulgar? You used to be pretty pure."

"Me? Vulgar? You're the vulgar one! I'm just saying what you're thinking, is all." Ming Long gave a weird laugh.

"Piss off."

After spending a long time around her, he was scared that he would be corrupted as well.

However, Wu Yu also could not help but laugh at her words, and that lightened his mood considerably. It allowed him to consider issues more calmly!

"Reality is just like that. In a world where the hierarchy is strict, many people are unfriendly. Those without status or power will be looked down upon and discriminated against."

"How can this be resolved?"

"Only by becoming strong yourself can you be seen differently."

After consuming another Fire Source Ancient Crystal, his flesh had become perceptibly stronger. Wu Yu's physical advantage continued to increase, but Ming Long still dealt him a blow.

"Old Mother did a rough count. You're still about 30 Fire Source Ancient Crystals away from completing your Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body."

With so many people on the hunt, the number of Spirits of the Universe would only diminish. Wu Yu was suspecting whether there even were 30 Fire Source Crystal Beasts in total.

Evidently, it was not very practical to aim to complete the fourth tier here.

However, that was not for certain either. After all, the Taigu Immortal Path was a place of miracles.

Wu Yu again carried on his path. This time, he took the initiative to speak to those he met, to see if they were willing to speak with him.

For the divine continent, he was willing to do what he was originally unwilling to do. After all, this was an arduous and thankless task.

He did not meet anyone for a long time. Suddenly, one day, there was an enormous disturbance in the dark, vast sea. It was as though the entire sea was moving and churning! Wu Yu could see that electric snakes were teeming within the seawaters and purple light flickered through the waves. The more he headed in a certain direction, the denser the electric waves and disturbance!

"What's going on?"

He inwardly suspected that something huge was about to happen.

He headed in that direction swiftly.

Occasionally, he saw shadows heading in the same direction.

Evidently, everyone would head in the direction after sensing such a huge disturbance!

What would happen on this mysterious Taigu Immortal Path?!

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