Chapter 0056: Eastern Suppression Army

Wu Yu was shocked. He rushed to the front hall in a hurry. What he saw then was Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian riding his Pegasus into the skies towards the direction of the royal palace with an expressionless face.  

Wu Yu focused and took a look at the front hall. Blood was flowing like a river and the snow-white Heavenly Cloud Roc was slumping on the floor, on the verge of death. There was a huge opening where its heart was and its blood was let out to flow. In just an instant, it was dead! 

"Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian...." 

He had eliminated his ride. By doing so, if Wu Yu wanted to escape, return to the Heavenly Sword Sect, or tour around, it would be rather inconvenient. 

He could only walk back to the Heavenly Sword Sect on his feet and ask for another Heavenly Cloud Roc. 

This was a show of his strength.

The conflict this time had indeed infuriated Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian for him to commit such a despicable act. 

However, he was such a person to begin with.

"Heavenly Cloud Roc...."

After the time they had spent together, Wu Yu had started to have some emotional attachment to this Heavenly Cloud Roc. And now he was looking at it dying a horrible death....

"My hatred... continues to grow."

Wu Yu looked towards the direction of the royal palace. He took a deep breath, instructed Wu You on several things, and headed back to his training room. He wanted to continue condensing his qi until he succeeded. That would be the day he took his revenge.  


Royal palace, Great Moon Palace. 

This was where Emperor Yuan Hao slept each day. 

The entire royal palace had been alarmed by Emperor Yuan Hao's injuries. Within the Great Moon Palace, more than 10 imperial physicians were on standby after treating Yuan Hao's injuries.  

However, his whole set of teeth was dropped in Carefree Palace. Therefore, they couldn't implant them back. Without his teeth, he would have problems eating in the future. Luckily, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian was around and this would likely not be a problem. 

Emperor Yuan Hao was filled with indignance. As he lay down on his bed, his face was swollen to the size of a pig's head. There were already a few imperial physicians who were sentenced to death after causing him pain over the course of treating his wounds. 

And now each and every imperial physician was scared out of their wits. Even the countless number of concubines and palace maids were shivering in fear. 

Empress Dowager Yuan Xi was sitting by the bed. Her face was pale as she held on to Yuan Hao's hands. Her eyes were bloodshot and one could vaguely feel the anger within. At this moment, the neigh of the Pegasus could be heard from outside. 

"All of you, get out." 

After all, this was not a fatal incident. Now that Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian was back, the crowd was naturally asked to leave the palace. 

Everyone felt relieved instantly and left in a hurry. They had no inclination to stay behind at all. 

In a blink of an eye, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian appeared by the side of the bed. Emperor Yuan Hao immediately tried to sit up. Although his mouth was bandaged, he still mumbled, "Dad, have you slain that Sun Wudao and Wu Yu? I'm going to hang their corpses on the city gate and feed them to the crows!" 

Just as he finished his words, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian gave him another slap before saying anything. This time, he slapped harder than Wu Yu had. Yuan Hao instantly fell onto his bed and wailed in pain.

"You are so useless! If it wasn't for you causing trouble, I wouldn’t be so infuriated!  You have brought shame to me. Moreover, you even told Sun Wudao that I'm your father. I don't have a useless son like you!  You aren't fit for cultivation and you are stupid. You are a million miles apart from Yuan Chen! In fact, you are even worse than Wu Yu!" 

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian was truly angry. 

He had two sons. One of them was especially capable and had formed great relationship with the son of the Sect Leader. As for the other, he was completely useless. Despite making him the emperor in the mortal realm, he was still useless. 


Yuan Hao was struck deeply by these words, and he cried out loud, holding his hurt.

"Master, Master, Yuan Hao is still young. Please forgive him!" 

Yuan Xi also broke into flustered tears as she hurried to hold Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian back. Otherwise, Yuan Hao might very well be beaten to death by him.

"Seeing him is enough to anger me!" Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian stared at Yuan Hao and said angrily, "You better repent on your actions over the next few days. Don't take care of him. Let him survive on his own."

"Alright. Alright." Yuan Xi quickly sent Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian away. She was badly shocked too as she had never seen him so angry before.

The two of them returned to Xihe Palace. Along the way, Yuan Xi kept trying to calm him down. When they arrived, she roughly understood what had happened. 

“Yuan Hao was truly too rash this time. This is all because I failed in teaching him." 

Yuan Xi cried in the embrace of Hao Tian as she appeared as a pitiful woman whom everyone would want to protect. 

"There's nothing really wrong in what he did. The greatest issue is that he went over there to boast about it. After getting hammered, he still dared to spout nonsense. Yuan Hao was too rash as the emperor of the mortals," Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian said with disdain. 

"In my view, I feel that that's because he admired you too much and therefore didn't develop a sense of things. On the other hand, that Sun Wudao is truly a problem. Master, how are you going to deal with him?" Yuan Xi quickly changed the topic to Wu Yu as she was afraid that he would be even angrier if they continued on the same topic. 

When he heard this name, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian calmed down instantly. He pondered for sometime before saying, "The truth is, I could have eradicated him today. It is just that the Heavenly Sword Sect is behind him. Although Jiang Junlin is here and we would be fine, there would still be problems in the long run. Therefore, I have held back.

"However, that Sun Wudao should be pretty young. What makes me wary about is not just his fearsome body but also his cultivation speed. This time, he was actually able to withstand my attack, even though he was still in the midst of condensing qi." 

"So that's how it is...." 

Yuan Xi finally understood why Hao Tian was so enraged.

After all, Wu Yu was someone he had always wanted to kill but could not kill.

She thought about it for some time before suggesting suddenly, "Master, I have some thoughts about it. We just have to act decisively in some matters."

"You are always great with ideas. Just speak your mind." With this beautiful lady in his embrace, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian finally calmed down a little. 

Yuan Xi said, "It would definitely not do if you killed Sun Wudao with your own hands. Now that Yuan Chen has such a good relationship with Jiang Junlin, Jiang Junlin should be willing to do this for Yuan Chen. Since that is the case, why don't we let Yuan Chen do something and say a few words in front of Jiang Junlin? Given Jiang Junlin's status, even if he were to slay Sun Wudao in Capital Wu, all he has to do is claim that Sun Wudao has offended him. The Heavenly Sword Sect wouldn't seek revenge on Jiang Junlin for just one disciple.

"Moreover, in the eyes of the outsiders, Yuan Chen has the royal bloodline. If he becomes the heavenly immortal of Dong Yue Wu, he could surely ask Jiang Junlin to occupy Dong Yue Wu for him. Dong Yue Wu is a poor land, so this wouldn't mean much to the large sects. Perhaps they would be willing to show some favors and gift Dong Yue Wu to Yuan Chen and Jiang Junlin!

"After that, this piece of land would be all yours. Everything that is found here would be yours.

"That Heavenly Sword Sect hasn't been paying attention to this place for several decades and only showed interest recently. This shows that they don't really care about this place.

"Moreover, there are so many kingdoms in the vicinity. For the mortals, Dong Yue Wu is strong and prosperous. However, in the eyes of the immortals, the spiritual qi of this place is low. Among all the Immortal Kingdom Supervisors, Sun Wudao being sent here, where there is the least amount of benefits, shows that his status in the Heavenly Sword Sect is not high. In fact, he might even be hated by others." 

Yuan Xi finally finished verbalizing her many thoughts. 

"To put it simply, let Jiang Junlin eradicate Sun Wudao, occupy Dong Yue Wu, and give it to Yuan Chen. After Yuan Chen gets it, it would be the same as you getting it.

"Dong Yue Wu might look like a poor place, but it has produced quite a number of treasures over the years. They have all gone into the pockets of Master. This is a valuable land." 

After speaking, Yuan Xi embraced Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian's arm and laughed lightly. Her voice was especially alluring. 

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian moved his fingers through his long beard as he said, "Great, we will do just so. Jiang Junlin and the rest are currently waiting for the Lifegiving Fruit to ripen. When they are back, I'll ask Yuan Chen to take action. Yuan Chen is indeed much better than Yuan Hao." 

"Xi is smart, right?"


"That... Master, you haven't shown me your love in a long time...."



A few days later.

Great Moon Palace.

Deep into the night, Yuan Hao sat at the edge of his bed with violence clearly in his eyes.

Just like an injured wild beast!

"I, Yuan Hao, am the great leader of a kingdom and ruler over hundreds of million of Dong Yue Wu citizens! This world is my world!

"It's fine if it's only father belittling me. My mother, as the Empress Dowager, doesn't even give me any authority to rule the country. She wants to decide on everything, making me just like a puppet to her! The two of them only see me as useless!

"That Yuan Chen acts all high and mighty. He doesn't even hold me in regard since his return!  We are twin brothers, so why are our fates so different? He's up in the heavens while I'm here on earth. As the emperor, I still have to suffer such humiliation!

"All that aside! We are brothers and family after all, yet my status is the lowest in the family!

"Now, even that bitch Wu You is trampling all over me! Using her beauty to seduce that dumb martial cultivator! And now she's showing off in front of me!

"How dare she, as a girl, slap me! And look down on me! I'm the emperor and yet she dared to look down on me. Does she think that successfully seducing that Sun Wudao allows her to do as she wishes?

"Wu You... Bitch... You dared to slap me! I, Yuan Hao, will let you experience all kinds of miseries of this world and be despised by everyone. I will sever your body to multiple parts and throw them onto the streets!"

As Yuan Hao ranted, he thumped the side of his bed. 

As he had precious medicine from immortals, he had recovered substantially over the last few days, and his mouth was no longer that swollen.

"Guards! Summon Martial Wu to my palace to see me!"


Late at night, Martial Wu entered Great Moon Palace furtively.

"Greetings, Your Majesty." 

Yuan Hao had a malevolent look as he clawed his way to the edge of the bed. He placed a military order into the hands of Martial Wu and said, "Martial Wu, I order you to head out tonight and lead the Eastern Suppression Army to Gao Lin Commandery. Kill every member of Wu You's family. If you let even one go, bring your head back to me instead!" 

"Your Majesty!" Martial Wu shivered in fear. This was serious. 

"Go. Besides that, if you breathe a word to my mother, I'll have you beheaded right now!" 


The current Yuan Hao was truly too terrifying. After receiving the order, Martial Wu left during the night. After all, he was under orders of the Emperor. If anything went wrong, it would be the Emperor's problem. 

Besides that, leading the Eastern Suppression Army to eradicate the maternal tribe of Wu You was something which Yuan Hao had informed him of previously. It was just that it had not been carried out after Wu You got together with Sun Wudao. 

That night, the flames of war headed east rapidly.

At the same time, Wu Yu was practicing in his training room. He had taken the fifth and sixth Spirit Concentration Pills. 

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