Chapter 0559: Golden Robed Lady

It finally ended.

Wu Yu was drenched in sweat, absolutely exhausted as he just floated amidst the sea.

He had just gone through a round of life and death struggle, knocking right on death's door.

In his weakness, Wu Yu gradually gained a better understanding of his body. It was something he could deeply feel. Although he had merely used one Fire Source Ancient Crystal, his fleshly body had strengthened immensely, increasing his physical ability and explosiveness.

It was a pity that he would be unable to complete the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body in a short amount of time.

Yet he saw hope that if he obtained a sufficient number of Fire Source Ancient Crystals, so long as he held on, the Invincible Vajra Body's fourth tier was just a matter of time.

Both holding on and obtaining more crystals were equally arduous tasks. The sort of pain and torture he had undergone far surpassed logical understanding, to a point where Wu Yu had even doubted that life was worth continuing.

Thinking back, he could not understand how he had managed to persist. It was basically a nightmare.

"Today's just the first time. Once you get used to it, it will be a walk in the park..." Ming Long jested.

Wu Yu remembered that as she had stood by his side while he struggled, it helped provide him with the motivation to move on. He did not thank her for this - their relationship was deeper than that, so such words were unnecessary.

"I don't believe you could have survived such torture," Wu Yu said suspiciously.

Ming Long gave a dark smile. "The body refining treasures I used were immeasurably gentle. It's just a pity that you don't have any and have to resort to these ancient crystals. Hahaha..."

Looking at her relishing in his misery, Wu Yu suddenly felt like beating her up.

He first took a short break to recuperate. He knew that he would have to continue searching for these Fire Source Ancient Crystals. This was a situation of utmost urgency. He had to quickly strengthen himself. It was not easy, but he had to go on.

In this world, there was nothing that could be easily obtained.

He was fortunate that during these few days which he tempered his body, no random currents had arrived to sweep him to parts unknown. He was kept in the same location.

Yet the moment he moved, a current suddenly swept over and sent him spiralling away!

In the subsequent two days, Wu Yu encountered numerous individuals who simply ignored him. It was clear they were looking for Spirits of the Universe.

The seas and the skies were being overturned by these geniuses in search of treasure.

Other than the Spirits of the Universe and ancient crystals, one did not know if there were other precious treasures.

Wu Yu searched conscientiously, but even with Eyes of Fire and Gold, it was clear that these Fire Source Crystal Beasts were the minority. Instead, he had encountered two Water Source Crystal Beasts, both of which were easily missed as they blended in within the sea. Sometimes, it was even impossible to catch them.

These Water Source Crystal Beasts should be the majority.

Only with the Eyes of Fire and Gold could Wu Yu even see a shadow of these beasts.

On one occasion, with his mystique, he saw a Water Source Crystal Beast merged with the sea. A normal person would be unable to spot them. This beast was merely floating around the sea, and it was clear that it did not realise that Wu Yu had already spotted it.

Furthermore, Wu Yu possessed weak Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy and was clearly not its opponent in its view. Thus, it completely ignored him.

"It's a pity this is only a Water Source Crystal Beast. It would have been wonderful if it had a fire source instead. Doesn't matter, capturing this one comes first. I might even be able to exchange ancient crystals with someone else." He quickly prepared himself to take the first strike.

The Water Source Crystal Beast was clearly unafraid. After seeing that Wu Yu had discovered it, it bellowed and seemed to be warning Wu Yu away. If Wu Yu dared to approach, it would, of course, strike without hesitation.

Wu Yu naturally approached and utilized his Unshackled Doppelganger!

Suddenly, the environment began to warp.

An expert had clearly descended.

Wu Yu could feel a tyrannical pressure suppressing him. His Great Dao Mystique was immediately suppressed and cancelled. When he looked closer, he could see that in front of him was an orb of glowing, golden radiance. He did not know where it had come from, and in the blink of an eye, it pierced through the Water Source Crystal Beast's head. 

The beast was unable to even escape and had died.

This golden radiance then brought the Water Source Ancient Crystal away. Wu Yu then noticed that this orb was actually a dao treasure, a golden ring.

This ring which captured the Water Source Ancient Crystal circled around Wu Yu once before shooting past his eyes towards his left. 

Without him knowing, a lady appeared on Wu Yu's left.

This lady wore a long robe made of gold. It was adorned with numerous peony flowers. She had a pair of pure gold eyes, her hair cascading down her back like a waterfall, dangling to her waist.

This lady was exceptional even amongst the most beautiful in the Taigu Immortal Path! Anyone in her presence would find it hard to stay calm and collected. With that mysterious might she possessed, each and every move of hers was elegant, composed, and borderline arrogant! The dao companion of Prince Cloud seemed like smut before her.

Her long hair and robe gently drifted, like a golden-robed immortal descending from the immortal palaces of heaven. What was most eye-catching was that pair of golden eyes. They looked as though they could pierce through someone.

Wu Yu knew that this lady was definitely one of the top tier geniuses amongst those in the Taigu Immortal Path. In fact, he felt like he had some recollection of this individual with golden eyes.

She casually stowed the Water Source Ancient Crystal away, but she did not seem like she planned to leave. Her golden gaze fell upon Wu Yu's body, as though she could see through all. The mighty pressure felt by him did not lose to that of the Imperial General!

Wu Yu felt a little on edge. He was prepared to utilize his Swift Art and turn tail. However, he wasn't even sure if it was enough to escape.

Thankfully, the other party did not seem to hold any negative intent. She merely gazed at him for a moment before speaking in an indifferent and icy tone. "Your body seems to possess a dao treasure from my Yan Huang Ancient Country. However, you are not one of those who entered the Taigu Immortal Path from the Yan Huang Ancient Country. If you did not steal this from one of those from the Yan Huang Ancient Country, then you better come clean as to why you possess it!"

Although the other party was a female, she threatened him directly. Her tone and demeanor were things that one would only possess if they had an exalted status since birth. 

Surprisingly, this was someone from the Yan Huang Ancient Country!

He had come here just to meet someone like her. Based on the Yan Huang City Lord's words, the Yan Huang Ancient Country's people would not possess any enmity with him. Furthermore, the Dong Sheng Divine Continent was the fourth continent that belonged to the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

"It is clear that I am unable to beat her and obtain her talisman. The only thing I can do is ask her to help. If she were to return and bring the news, although I would not be able to arrive at the Yan Huang Ancient Region, at the very least this news would reach the people who have to hear it." Wu Yu mused and silently made his decision.

This person in front of him was clearly young but at a terrifying cultivation level. Furthermore, she could be considered to be a friend. Thus, Wu Yu did not feel any hostility, but rather respect. With a serious expression, he said, "Please don't misunderstand. My name is Wu Yu. I am indeed not from the Yan Huang Ancient Country. However, this dao treasure I possess was not stolen but rather passed down by my predecessor. I don't know if you have heard that far in the east of the Yan Huang Ancient Region, there is a continent by the name of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. On the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, there is a city constructed by the Yan Huang Ancient Country known as the Yan Huang Imperial City. Whenever the Taigu Immortal Path opens, there will also be an entrance that appears there." Wu Yu clearly explained. 

The golden-robed lady let out a surprised expression accidentally. "I have heard of it, but we call it the Demon Sealing Continent. Indeed, there is a branch of the Yan Huang Ancient Country there. However, we have long lost contact with them. Since you are from the Demon Sealing Continent, then that is truly a rare sight. It's of no surprise you are only at the fourth tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea." After hearing about Wu Yu's background, her hostility completely disappeared. Clearly, she was someone of exceptional status. With that lofty aura of hers, she gave a feeling that she was unapproachable, unassailable. This was something that did not simply disappear.

After which, she sized him up. "You don't seem to be that simple. Your physical body has been tempered exceptionally well, to a point where it seems frightening? You should be capable of enduring quite some punishment; otherwise, it would have been hard to stay here for so long. Being able to come here from the Demon Sealing Continent is already not an easy feat. However, you have to rely on yourself in the Taigu Immortal Path. I will take my leave first." She didn't plan on offering any assistance to Wu Yu.   

Wu Yu, noticing that she was about to leave, immediately shouted out, "Wait! Don't leave. The reason I have come to the Taigu Immortal Path is as I bear a heavy responsibility. I have to find someone from the Yan Huang Ancient Country as I bear grave tidings which I have to pass." 

That golden-robed lady paused and returned, her golden eyes affixed onto Wu Yu. "What kind of grave news could come from this Dong Sheng Divine Continent?" That she was so disdainful was also expected. That continent was merely a desolate wasteland of a bygone era.

Even the Wu Yu of the past would feel that the outskirts and wilderness held no meaning.

He quickly replied, "Have you heard of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord that brought the apocalypse to the Jambu Realm? Do you know why the Dong Sheng Divine Continent is known as the Demon Sealing Continent?"

The golden-robed lady nodded. "I have heard of it. It is said that this Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was sealed by an immortal which descended, in a formation known as the Three Generations Yuan Deadly Formation. It has already been five yuan since that day. The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord should have long turned into mere ash." 

"No! He has not been destroyed. In fact, in 10 months’ time, he will have the chance to be reborn! Currently, the situation on the Dong Sheng Divine Continent is extremely dire. I have to pass these tidings to the Yan Huang Ancient Country and let them dispatch experts to prevent his rebirth!" Wu Yu reasoned.

If the golden-robed lady was willing to help, all would be fine.

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